Friday Night with Mr. Burke


I knew this wasn’t gonna work out. Something inside me kept telling me the tutoring I was getting from Erik wasn’t working out. The whole time we went through the equations, my eyes peered off towards his chest. He smelled good too. Maybe he was wearing whatever because of me, but I don’t think so.

I’m Sara and a member of the school’s drama club. I’m a senior and one of its leading members. In other words, as a leading member I get first shot at leading or supporting roles, depending on the character. But since this is my senior year, I’ve slacked off on everything. The only thing I’ve taken seriously is my senior project and partying. I’ve been accepted at Marquette in Chicago, but if my GPA drops below 3.0 they could rescind it. I’ve dropped to a 3.1 from a 4.2.

I’ve been partying, staying up late and chatting or blogging, or hanging out at friends. I got my grades and not so good a surprise. My parents, especially my dad, were all over me. He called the school. Even though I’m 18 and have been for 5 months, it was fully explained to me I didn’t make any personal decisions until I could support myself; I would not make any choices for myself, unless deemed necessary.

Being tutored after school, I loved his help. Erik was nice. He overlooked that I was a chubby girl. He overlooked my grungy appearance. He tutored me regardless because he took pride in his grades, intellect, and knowing he could help others. He treated me fairly. But I didn’t pay attention enough.

Erik to me, although preppy and athletic, was also a hottie. Yes he was. He’d smell good every time. I was in one class with him last year and he never smelled so nice. We sat behind one another too, so I know he didn’t wear whatever it was he put on then like he did for tutoring me.

He’d look me straight in the eye. He smile and when he did, I melted. His dad was a teacher at the school. They looked a lot a like. Erik always looked older and his dad never looked as old as he was. His dad was around 50 but didn’t look older then maybe 35? He was a former athlete too and is an assistant football coach. He keeps in great shape. Erik’s dad is the one who put me onto Erik.

Now it was test time and I thought I was ready for the test. After taking it, I was called up to speak with Mr. Burke. He told me Erik thought I was making good progress. He said Erik thought I was a little distracted and wanted to know why.

What was I gonna tell my teacher? That his son was a hottie and I wanted to get it on with him? No, I wasn’t gonna tell him that but then I noticed something after talking to Mr. Burke. He smelled just like Erik did. He had the exact same scent. I loved that scent. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it on him, but he is a good looking guy for 50 years old.

And since he wore that cologne or whatever it was, I thought “Wow, he smells awesome. He’s cute too even though he’s a lot older.” Looking at him I noticed how attractive and even sexy he could be. I thought he’s actually in good shape too. He had broad shoulders, slender like frame, manly squared chin, and nice big hands too. He even had that same friendly smile Erik had. He could be dreamy I guess, if I thought about it.

Now I know that sounds crazy, but after he questioned me, and I didn’t really listen to his questions too much, all I did was think about how good looking he was in comparison to his son Erik.

I know I didn’t probably have a chance in you know what in getting together with Erik and Erik probably wasn’t interested in me at all, but I didn’t know one way or the other, but I did hear one thing Mr. Burke said that caught my attention.

“Sara, there’s a way you can help me out. Erik lives with his mom part of the week. Erik’s dating a girl, but I don’t like her. There are two things I want you to do for me. I’ll assure you that if your grade doesn’t cut it this time, I can make sure it improves and big time.”

I was leery but I agreed to it whatever it would take, unsuspectingly, to get my grade up and improve my GPA. He asked me to dig up the dirt on this mysterious girlfriend of Erik’s. He asked me to come to his house this Friday after school and update him on what I knew. If I did that, then for sure I’d see at least a B+ if not an A on the test, regardless.

I expected an A anyways, but since I had been having problems overall, I doubted myself and as naïve as I was I guess I agreed to his requests. I went ahead immediately and started calling my friends, looking online on ‘My Space’ and other similar web sites. I found out a lot about her. Friday came and right after school, I went home, changed into a different outfit which was a little preppy for my style.

He was there and his door was open and I rang the doorbell. He walks up in a polo shirt, jeans, and a glass of iced tea. Smiling, he opens the door, invites me in, and offers me one too. We sit down and get down to business.

First he compliments me on my grade. He stands up, walks over next to me, and Ankara travesti shows me my test score. Damnit, he smelled awesome. He wore that same scented fragrance he wore the other day and that Erik, his son wore all those times. “Mmmmm god it was distracting but incredible” I said to myself I don’t know how many times.

He saw I had a ‘disturbed’ look. He asked softly and politely if something was wrong. I bet he knew, but I didn’t let on except my focus sucked. I couldn’t focus. All I could think about was that fragrance on him. “But he’s 50 years old damnit” I would say. “I know, yes I know he’s attractive, but he’s 50 years old!”

“What is wrong” he asked me again. I didn’t tell him. “Alright tell me about this girl Sara; tell me everything you know.” I went ahead and gave him the full skinny on the girl. He seemed satisfied. “One last thing and you can leave. You seem upset or something’s bothering you. What is it Ms. Kerry?” I wouldn’t say what it was. I wanted to tell him, but I didn’t want to give him the wrong idea. I didn’t want him to think, like Erik, I thought he smelled sexy and it was attractive on him.

He was a young looking 50 year old man. But regardless, even though he might look only 35, still 35 was way too old for 18. Any way it’s sliced and diced, 35 was too old for me too.

“I’m all alone tonight. My friends aren’t around either; what do you say to dinner with me? I make a mean chicken casserole. It’s delicious. I’d love to know more about your plans, goals, and aspirations too. I’ve always loved you as a student. By the way I’m giving you an A for the quarter.

But either way, stay the evening and have dinner; let yourself get to know me better. I’m not what I seem to be you know Sara. He sweet talked me, somehow, into having dinner with him. It was incredible how I let myself say yes. I felt at ease with him. It was a little like being around Erik. Their mannerisms were so similar. They sounded alike. He was cordial, sweet, and so polite, and that scent broke down my emotions too.

“Did Erik ever tell you how pretty he thinks you are” he asked me. “Do you think you’re an attractive girl?”

What the fuck I thought to myself. Who is this guy? I’m a chunky 5′ 5″ with thick ankles, thick calves, stout thighs, and round ass along with a chubby upper body. My tits aren’t all that big, but I’ve been told I am pretty. I have real pretty eyes and a cute smile. Even my hair is silky and pretty, but I’m fat.

“I’ll take that as a no and you’re wrong if you think otherwise. I like what you look like. Looks aren’t a big thing to me. People come in different shapes and sizes Sara. It’s whats here and here that matters most” as he pointed to his heart and mind respectively.

I smiled and agreed with him as I nodded my head. “I like this guy. He’s cool I think” thinking to myself. We sat down to dinner, and he pulled out a bottle of wine, but second guessed himself. He put it away. “Oh its okay sir, I drink it at home often.” He said it is illegal and couldn’t serve me. I went along with him and we ate dinner.

He was sweet, complimentary, and he gave me the once over, many times. His eyes followed my figure from my hair, face on down to my chest where it couldn’t go any further since the table stopped him from checking me out. I wasn’t sure what to make of it. He brought out two coffee cups. Initially I didn’t know what was in them. He wanted wine with his dinner, but gave me a cup with something in it too. It did taste good what was in it; it complimented the meal. I drank the sweet concoction down while eating the chicken casserole. Finishing up, he offered one more cup of the said concoction. I accepted and happily too. I offered to start cleaning up. The air smelled of his cologne. The atmosphere was great. I felt at home. He made me feel at ease too. He could converse with the best. Carrying out the dishes to the sink, I began washing them. He asked all sorts of questions while bring in the last of everything.

Standing behind me, I didn’t know he was there. He must have been looking at me from behind. I was rinsing and putting some dishes in the dishwasher for him.

All of a sudden two hands wrapped themselves around me from behind. I couldn’t escape and I wasn’t expecting him to do anything like he did. I was scared. I was worried. I had never been involved with anything like this before. I wanted and tried to escape his light hold on me.

“It’s okay Sara, I understand. But you are pretty. You are, well I’d even go as far as saying you are a sexy girl too. Yes, yes Sara you are. I can prove it to you too.”

“NO, please don’t Mr. Burke. I know you think I’m pretty, but well I’m not sure I think I feel the same. I don’t think I feel right. I mean, yeah I like how you smell. I like the scent you are wearing sir, but I’m not sure I’m attracted to you.”

“I feel some chemistry Sara. I do and I’m not a desperate man. No, no I’m not. I just think, and I feel you Konya travesti are one sexy young woman but, you don’t realize it yet. Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself or tell yourself ‘I am sexy, yes I am.’ Do you ever get out of a shower and look at yourself and wonder if boys think that about you?”

“During class I have. At night I have. I think about a few of you. I think to myself what a pity it is some of you don’t see how much of a woman you really are. It’s a pity that you might not realize how sexy you are or could be. I’ve wished I could prove that to you. I’ve wished from the bottom of my heart I could show you what I mean Sara.”

Stunned and scared to death, I turned to face him. Desiring to be shown what he meant, my face was easily readable. I think he knew I wanted to be told. I yearned for him to prove it to me. I couldn’t say “Show me.” but I desired it, craved it, and yearned for him, since he was willing and there, and he is a sexy looking man, to show me what he wanted to show me. I wanted him to prove to me what he meant.

How should I say yes to a man who’s my dad’s age but looks young enough to be an older dude? How do I say yes to my teacher who is so sexy to me all of a sudden? How do I say “Yes, yes, show me how sexy I am supposed to be?”

“Come with me; leave the dishes” he said. “Come to the hallway and let me show you who you can be Sara.” I walked hand in hand following his lead. He placed me in front of a door which was closed. He went back and turned off some lights. I was nervous and even more worried, but anxious to be shown that deep dark secret of my sexy nature he spoke of. I had to know and see for myself how my chunky, chubby body was in fact so sexy. Walking back after turning out half the lights, his house was dim. He had a smile on his face. He walked casually but looked into my eyes. I became more excited as he came closer.

I intentionally smelled that fragrance on him I loved so much. Finally and boldly I said so to him what I thought. “Mr. Burke, sir, I absolutely love how you smell. It’s, well it is nice” but I wanted to say “sexy as hell” and couldn’t.

“Oh really, you like it, thank you Sara. I wasn’t sure I should put it on, but I’m glad I did.” I smiled and told him he was welcome. He opened the door and in it was a huge mirror on a sliding closet door. All the blinds were shut. He switched on two switches. One was for the lights, but I had no idea what the other was for.

“Look at yourself in the mirror and smile” he told me. “Go on, smile at yourself. Look and see how pretty you are.” I didn’t think so but I wanted him to prove to me I was.

“How are you going to prove to me I am ummm sexy like you said earlier?”

“That depends on you Sara. Do you trust me is the question. If you trust me, then I can prove it to you. So, do you trust me? Can you trust me?” I told him I would. “Close your eyes then and picture yourself at home all by yourself and it’s just you all alone looking at yourself in a mirror, okay?” Quietly I said okay. “Now if you were at home visualize yourself there. What would you do, think, and say? Keep in mind to keep your eyes closed. I won’t do a thing, I promise.”

I didn’t say anything because I couldn’t get up the nerve. “Is everything alright” he asked me. I told him I guess so. He asked what I was thinking. I hesitated.

“Umm, well I think I’m not as pretty as you say I am. I mean I would stand in front of my mirror and try to convince myself I’m pretty enough and hope boys see me as a pretty girl, like Erik for instance.”

“Well first of all he thinks you are, but he isn’t interested right now. But if you want, we can imagine he’s here right now. You could imagine I’m him for now, if you wanted to.”

I said no that was too weird. I told him everything’s cool. I told him let’s move on and prove to me I’m sexy like I was told.

“Well do you want to know what I really think deep down in my heart and soul” he asked. I said yes, yes I did with a little more confidence. “May I do something which may make you feel very uncomfortable?” I asked him what. “May I touch you?”

I said I guess so but hesitated again, but I repeated myself confirming he could touch me almost anywhere. Why the hell I agreed to letting him touch me I don’t know, but knowing the man was my teacher, I felt more at ease. My body yearned more. My desires grew more intense. I had no idea what he intended to do, but I knew I wanted to be fulfilled and I knew I was weak enough to even let Mr. Burke fulfill me. I wanted to be sexually satisfied and in the back of my mind I didn’t care who satisfied me sexually, for the most part. How it was done was a different matter.

“Yes, touch me sir, touch me anywhere you please. Show me what it is you feel like showing me. I want to know how sexy I am. I have to know how sexy I am. I want you to show me how sexy I am. Will you do that sir? Will you show me how sexy I am sir?”

“Sara İzmir travesti I will do that and more if you want to dear” in a commanding but soft voice. Let me show you something extremely important. Stay here. He came back with an envelope. “This is me when I was a boy. I was fat wasn’t I? Still I had my pride. I knew I was handsome. I knew girls found me attractive regardless of what I looked like. So let me show you who you are.”

Reaching over me I was both excited and scared still. I let him do what he wanted. I wanted him to do what he wanted. I wanted to see what he wanted. I wanted him to know what I wanted now.

He became increasingly more desirable to me. Mr. Burke was becoming a god in my mind and I wanted to show him what a goddess I was too. Although I was chubby and chunky, I began to believe I was sexy and nothing had been proven to me yet.

His hands slid underneath my arms and alone my heart rate must have jumped a 100 fold. My eyes closed tightly as I felt an emotional rush. He didn’t even touch me yet. Then I felt it. I felt them. My body, specifically my boobs felt his hands land on them and rest against them.

“You love your boobs don’t you? You feel them when you look in the mirror, isn’t that right?” I stuttered but said yes he was right. “You think to yourself that you have nice big boobs and hope others think so too?” I told him he was right.

“Well you are right Sara, they are sexy. They are sweet. They are so beautiful and if given a chance, I’d be in heaven kissing, sucking, and licking them as much as possible. That goes for the rest of your body too. Sara, it is a beautiful body. You think it’s ugly because it’s fat, but it isn’t ugly. There is so much sexiness to it and I want to make love to all of you; your entire body baby. Every last ounce, every part of you, regardless of what you think and feel, is sexy.”

I want to get naked, let you see me naked, and I’d love it if you’d get naked too so I can kiss all of you, everywhere” as his eyes and face seemed to melt. He was crazed for her. She became hornier then she expected and turned to look at him.

“Ohhhh god Mr. Burke, oh my god sir, show me what you mean! Please make love to me.” “Let me suck your cock. Please, oh please fuck me! Oh yes, yes sir I want you to fuck me so much, so hard! Will you sir, fuck me hard. Please be sexy with me and please show me how sexy I am. Show me what a real woman I am sir?”

“Not yet, oh no not yet, but I think, yes I do think I’d love you to suck me, fuck me, and oh yes we’d be good together. Oh god, let me show you how sexy you are. May I remove this” referring the sweater vest she had on. Smiling comfortably she helped him remove it. “Mmmmm Sara, I love your… tits. Yeah I love them. You have so many beautiful sexy features and I want you to know about each one.”

“May I unbutton this” and she said yes so he began undoing her blouse. She looked at his image as he undid her blouse and watched how he smiled. Her hands rested by her sides as she watched. His smile grew wider. Completely unbuttoned, he caressed her bulging tummy. It wasn’t too big, but she had a noticeable roll about her. “Now see this” referring to her belly, “I absolutely adore this. I could kiss this all day and night Sara. Oh my god I get turned on by it. Oh my god this is what… It, it” and he closed his eyes.

“Does it turn you on sir? Does my tummy make you uhhh horny actually?” He nodded his yes as if ashamed to say so. “Do you really mean it sir? My tummy, my belly makes you horny? Oh my god sir, no way; I can’t believe it sir.”

“It is so sexy. You are all woman and you don’t know it Sara. Everything about you is sexy. Let me show you something else too. May I take off your jeans?”

“Uhhh yeah, sure uhh yeah but I’ll take them off. Can I take off your clothes too?”

“Yeah, oh yeah for sure you can. You can take off anything you want. I wanna be naked and hold you close if you’ll let me.” I fell apart.

I took off my jeans and left on only my unbuttoned blouse, bra of course, and undies. He was down to his undies too. Once he was in his underwear, I looked at his chest. He was built. He had pecs to die for. I wanted to kiss, rub, scratch, and lick and even suck them like he wanted to kiss my tummy. His stomach was incredible too. There was hardly an ounce of fat on him and here is a man who lusted for me and my chubby fat figure.

It was unreal. I wanted to grab his crotch. I wanted to squeeze the living fuck out of it. I wanted to slide my hand inside his underwear and caress and stroke it until he was hard. I wanted to ask him, but I didn’t want to overstep my boundaries.

His hand stretched out and grabbed my bra. He felt my fat boobs. He smiled right at me when he did. He turned me on so much I started to take off my panties. I took off his undies without asking. He helped me. He stepped out and there we were almost completely naked, except I still had on my blouse and bra.

I removed them and we were ready. Instead of the bed room, we went to the main room. I went down on my knees and put his limpness in my mouth. I swallowed it whole but before I knew it he was hard and I couldn’t keep the long cock in me. It wasn’t thick, but it was long.

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