Friday Night Fun


The sticky sperm was dripping off my breasts and onto the carpet. I waited for the next load to hit me. I was leaning back on my hands and wearing only my heels. My legs were spread and my shaved pubes also covered . Opening my eyes I saw a hand working on a large thick cock. He was straddling me. When I saw the first stream I opened my mouth in an attempt to capture his juice.

Three hours earlier I was leaving work to meet my lover for a drink at a nearby hotel. Our meetings on Fridays had been going on for over a month now. The lounge was crowded and I found him standing at the bar chatting with friends. Tony has been my lover for four years now. He is financial secure and provides a lifestyle for me I couldn’t afford otherwise. The more important aspect of our relationship is his understanding of my insatiable desire for sex.

“Here she is guys” he said as I approached. I smiled at the group. Several eyes surveyed my open blouse and my large breasts which were partially exposed. I had removed my bra and panties in the restroom before leaving my building. My business suit and blouse were my only clothing.

“I believe you know most everyone. ” Troy said to me. I looked at the bar and saw others looking at me. I knew several of them very well. Tony had started the group with four of his friends and each Friday it seemed to grow I felt a hand on my thigh and my skirt being pushed up. A finger looped in my labia rings and tugged gently. I liked it.

My meaty labia is so protruding it often is in the way when someone tries to enter my pussy. I told Troy I needed to find a way to open myself without the awkward fumbling it often requires. The rings are the solution. I saw a photo on a porn site of a woman’s inner labia pierced and the idea was perfect. Now two gold rings dangle from my lips and serve as perfect handle to open me.

“Have a glass of wine while I talk to the others.” Troy told me. I looked at the bartender and he placed a glass of wine in front of me. I sipped the wine as I watched Tony circle the bar and talk to other men. The tugging on my rings stopped and I felt a finger tip opening my lips. I shifted my weight and opened my legs slightly. I didn’t look at the men standing around me. One of them was probing me and I didn’t care which. Tony returned and looked at me. Smiling, he announced, ” Cici and I are going up to suite 705. In thirty minutes you all are welcome to visit us.” Before meeting Troy I dated a very nice gentleman who treated me as a queen. He wanted me dress in only the finest of clothing and be his trophy girl friend. When he found my propensity for wild sex he was appalled. He didn’t want a woman who sought her own pleasures and I knew it wasn’t to be.

Troy took my arm and we walked out of the lounge and to a bank of elevators. We were accompanied in the elevator with another couple who kept looking at my exposed chest. At seven we got off and found the room. Troy opened the door and I turned to kiss him. He held me and we kissed as we tore at each other’s clothing. I gaziantep bayan escort pushed down his trousers and found his penis already hard. I took it in my mouth and soon had him in my throat. I worked on him for several minutes.

“On the bed,” he said. I moved to the bed and laid down. He positioned himself about me and I guided his cock in to me.

“Yes, oh yes!” I whimpered as he began to move inside me. He was braced above me. I raised my hands and began to pinch my nipples with my finger nails. With each thrust I knew he was getting closer to cumming. “I want you so bad, Your feel so wonderful. Yes, give it to me.” I tried to meet his thrusts but I was bouncing so hard on the bed I couldn’t. He started to cum. I tried to catch up to him but I failed. Damn it! I pushed against his chest and he slide up and placed his tool in my mouth. I ran my tongue around it, tasting our juices. My right hand found my wet pussy and I began to work on my clitoris with my fingers. In a few moments my screams were muffled my his semi-flaccid penis still in my mouth.

“You want to call this off?” he asked.

“No, we both enjoy this. I’m sure there would be some disappointed men if we did. Don’t you think?” I want the excitement of the evening probably more than anyone.

When we first started our “game” we both were hesitant and worried about all that could go wrong. Troy knew my lust for sex and these Fridays were something I looked forward to. My somewhat submissive approach is in total contrast to my work day position. I head my own real estate firm and are a demanding woman, or as some say “bitch” to work for. These Friday evenings I am a cum queen for use by men.

I got up and went in to shower. When I got out Troy had laid out my make up and a sheer short white robe with a pair of red “fuck me pumps”.

I brushed my blond hair and began to apply my makeup. Dark eye liner and silver highlights make me look like a vamp. A dark red lip stick completed my appearance. I decided against the robe and found a pair of crotchless panties in the over night bag. My large heavy breasts, clearly exposed, gave me a “ready” look I knew the men liked.

Troy came out of the bathroom as I surveyed myself in the mirror. “Do I need the robe? My boobs are hanging so, maybe I should wear it” I commented. “Baby, those are the most fantastic tits in the city. They’ll love the way they move and pulling on those thick nipples always gets them going.” he replied. My breasts had always been my most attractive attribute. I wore a “d” cup in high school and since then they had retrained their fullness and now they only sagged slightly.

I sipped a glass of wine and moved to the large window looking out over the city. The view was primarily of other office buildings and I wondered if anyone was looking at me.

“Do you want your blindfold?” Troy asked. The first Friday I had worn a blindfold. It was exciting to wonder what was going to be happening to me next but lately I enjoyed the fact I could see the owners of the cocks using me. “No, not this time.” I told him. Troy was more nervous that I was. He enjoyed watching me with the others and I knew he wouldn’t let anything get out of hand.

I was returning to the small bar when the knock came at the door. I stood there while Tony opened the door and three gentlemen entered, followed by three more.

On all fours with my breasts hanging, I was being pounded. A large cock in my wet vagina and another one buried in my throat. Two other men were standing nearby with hard penises awaiting my attention. Unexpectedly a load of cum quickly filled my mouth. I swallowed as much possible but felt a majority of the fluid escaping onto the floor.

Tony suggested the three of them get undressed. I poured another glass of wine and moved to the couch near the window. I partially laid against the end of the furniture with one foot on the couch and the other on the floor. My position revealed my pubes through the opening in the panties. The first of the men moved over to me with a semi hard on and showing great possibilities. I reached out and grasped his penis and guided it to my lips. I felt his fingers probe inside the panties and find my labia rings. He used them to spread my opening and insert his fingers. I looked up at him and saw I was having the proper effect as his eyes were closed and enjoying my mouth. I bobbed on his cock for several minutes while he toyed with my clitoris and he eventually exploded into my throat.

“Very nice, and very sweet.” I told him as he moved away. I reached out and got another sip of my wine and got up off the couch. The other two me were standing a few feet away, stroking their tools. “Come here Honey and let me help you with that.” I said.

I moved to the rear of a padded chair and leaned over it with my legs spread. “Come over here and let’s have some fun guys”. I cupped my breasts and pinched my nipples with my thumbs and forefingers. One of the men moved behind me and touched his cock to my wet opening. I could tell the panties were going to be a problem so I said I would remove them. Again in position I felt him begin to probe me with the head. “Yea, Baby go ahead give it to me”. He pushed and I felt the tip of it enter me easily. He continued and soon he was “balls deep” inside me and starting to move. He began to find a rhythm and soon I was getting with it.

Another knock on the door and two more men entered. I looked up and smiled. “Give it to me Big Guy!” I said. I was getting close but I knew he wouldn’t last. He groaned and shot his cum inside me. I looked at the third of the first group and said very seductively “I want you to fuck me Honey”. He responded by moving over and slipping into my freshly used pussy and slammed his penis in to the hilt. “Oh, yea. I liked it hard. Show me what you’ve got”. He began to pound into me with force. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the animal lust he was using to please himself.

I was surprised to feel someone touching my cheek and opened my eyes to see another cock. Already hard and wanting my attention. I turned to take the head in my mouth and felt the first wave of my climax begin to go through my body. I turned away and began to push against the penis in my box as hard as I could. I shuttered with the pleasure coursing through my body.

I raised my head to see other men watching me Smiling, I said. “Guys give me a few minutes while I go to the bathroom and we’ll have so more fun.”

In the bathroom I surveyed my makeup and brushed my hair. I retouched my lipstick and dappled the dripping cum from my pussy with a wet wash cloth. I used the toilet and smiled at myself. I love this!

Tony had refreshed my wine and I saw the men waiting for their turn. I sipped my wine and moved between the men chatting and allowing them to touch my body. I enjoy the groping and the banter. Finally I moved over to the window sill and sat down my glass. “Guys. I want you to enjoy yourself. In turn I want Tony to take some photos for us to remember this by. Don’t worry, no photos of your face. Just your cock and me. OK?” No one objected. “Great. Anyone want to play?

I waited in the sauna of the swing club for the next man to enter. I was splayed over the wooden beach and my open pussy waiting. “I ready any time you are, ” I informed the man. His cock was bouncing as he approached me. “Put it in” I told him. He pushed the head past my wet lips and slipped into me in one stroke. “Yea, Baby, give it to me.”

Two of the men walked over and began to run their hands over my body.. I closed my eyes and felt one’s fingers enter me and a hand cup my breast and raise it to be kissed. I moaned softly as they ushered me to the couch and positioned me so I could be entered while the other fed me his cock. I saw the flash of a camera. I opened my eyes and looked directly at Troy’s Canon as the next photo was taken. Later, I viewed the results and it would show me with my red lips around a large cock and my eyes full of lust. I soon had the penis in my mouth, it exploding its load and I managed to swallow it all. My lover was using my pussy but I was no where near ready. “C’mon Big Guy, harder.” He pushed against me with all he had. “Let me suck that thing” I said. He withdrew from me and moved up to give me his tool. I licked our juices like a lollipop and swirled my tongue over its head repeatedly. Looking up into his eyes I could see I was causing the right effect. I reached up and ran my fingernails across his balls and lowered his cock into my throat. I didn’t stop until his testicles touched my chin. Continuing to claw his balls, I soon received his load. The next hour or so was filled with cocks. Several sizes but all wanting to use me in a variety of ways. Or was it me using them?

before leaving I took a long warm bath and pondered the evening. I don’t know how many men I had been with but the number was greater than previous Friday nights.

Tony and I left the hotel after midnight. I left knowing my urges had be satisfied for at least a few days. Next Friday I would again be the object of sexual pleasure for a group of men and the thought of waiting till then was already stirring my desire for cock.

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