Fresh Gayman


A rough hand shook Billy’s shoulder, waking him up from his slumber. Instantly, his nostrils caught the whiff of dick musk and sperm. When he opened his eyes, he met the gaze of Arthur, the fraternity’s leader, and the man who had turned Billy into what he was today.

“Wake up, beta bitch, my dick isn’t gonna suck itself.”

Billy rubbed his eyes and then propped himself up on his shoulder to get a better look around the room. Chadwick, Jonathan and Ulysses were also in his room, their hands firmly holding their large erect cocks.

This was Billy’s life now; He had become the freeuse beta cumdump of the Phi Alpha Gamma fraternity.

Seeing the huge manly cocks in front of him, he couldn’t help but reminisce about how he had ended up here.


Billy had always been a bit of a pushover. Most of his life had been dictated by other people, from his hobbies to his job to his education choices. He played the violin because his mother had wanted him to. He worked part-time as a clerk for the bank that his father’s friend owned. He studied finance at a prestigious Ivy League school because that’s what his parents had wanted him to do.

His dad had pushed him to join the Eta Epsilon Tau fraternity, because he had been in it when he had been in college. But one afternoon hanging out with them had informed Billy that these guys were a bunch of judgmental fuckboys. On top of talking about women like they were objects made to serve men, they had turned out to be pretty homophobic. The last part especially did not bode well for Billy, a closeted homosexual.

The only thing of value that he had gained from sitting in the Eta Epsilon Tau lobby had been a piece of information. Some of the fuckboys had trash-talked another fraternity, calling them a bunch of snowflakes, as well as several slurs that made Billy’s Anadolu Yakası Escort skin crawl. That other fraternity had been Phi Alpha Gamma, and Billy had been intrigued by the idea of a fraternity of ” gay snowflakes “. After all, he was one.

Joining the Phi Alpha Gamma fraternity had been the first real major choice he had made for himself. And what a life-changing choice it was.

The frat bros of his new house had welcomed him with open arms, and he had instantly felt comfortable around them. All of them were taller, and bigger, and so much more confident than Billy. His first day amongst them had been eye-opening, as the jovial and extroverted men of Phi Alpha Gamma kept calling him boy, playfully teasing him and touching his arms, shoulders and hair. Billy had done his best to try and hide his boner, but he later learned that every bro had seen it, and that had fueled their desire to tease him further.

His intention changed drastically on the day of his initiation. He was surprised to see that he was the only pledge, and even more surprised when he was told what he had to do. Twenty-three members of the fraternity stood around him, and he had been told to suck them off. Every single one of them.

Billy, of course, agreed to their request, sealing his fate. Doing so outed him as a submissive beta boi, and the men around him found great delight in abusing his mouth. By the nineteenth cock, his throat was too sore to suck anymore, and he finished the last four with his hands.

That night had been one of the best nights of his life, and he looked forward to his new place amongst his fraternity brothers.


Billy focused back on the present, on Arthur’s huge cock hanging inches from his nose, and the three other bros jerking off in front of him.

He opened Kurtköy Escort his mouth and wrapped his lips around the wide tip. He couldn’t get Arthur’s dick very deep in his mouth, so he compensated with his hands; He moved them up and down the shaft vigorously, trying his best to pleasure his superior.

Arthur’s hand went down onto his nipple, pinching and pulling it. Billy’s nipples were quite sensitive, and the bros had an ongoing bet about whether it was possible to make him cum just by stimulating his chest. Orgasm or no, just having them touched was enough to coax out a bunch of humiliatingly girly moans out of Billy’s stuffed mouth.

From the corner of his eyes, Billy watched the other three guys. Ulysses had grabbed one of Billy’s facemasks and rubbed it all over his dick; He was planning to use it as a cum tissue.

Chadwick and Jonathan were both approaching his bed while jerking off, and the look of euphoria in their manly faces told Billy that they were getting dangerously close to an orgasm. Arthur saw them too, and his hand left Billy’s nipple to reach for his tiny beta dicklet. Or, rather, he reached for his underwear, pulling them down to unveil Billy’s ridiculously small cock.

Chadwick and Jonathan climbed on the bed, kneeling on either side of Billy. They stopped jerking themselves, but only because they instead moved their hands over each other’s dick, pleasuring one another while sharing a deep passionate kiss. Billy, his mouth still full of dick, felt a tremor of jealousy at the sight of his two bros kissing. The beta boi wasn’t allowed to kiss anyone in the frat yet. Well, not on the mouth. He had kissed, licked and sucked the dick, balls, taint and asshole of pretty much every other man in the fraternity. Almost every Saturday night at Phi Alpha Gamma was rimjob night, Pendik Escort and that was pretty much the closest he had ever been to kissing anyone.

All four of his superior bros came together. Ulysses blew a huge pungent load in the facemask that Billy would be made to wear all day. Chadwick’s and Jonathan’s huge veiny dicks erupted on top of his tiny shriveled cocklet, covering Billy’s cock and balls with fresh smelly semen. And, of course, Arthur filled the beta boi’s mouth with his potent nutsludge. The taste was divine, and Billy almost came from it alone.

Billy’s dick twitched in the sea of gooey man-milk it was drowning in, and he looked helplessly as Arthur pulled his underwear back up, covering the splooge-covered dick. He would spend the rest of the day with the two men’s sticky jizz in his boxer, while his own dick wouldn’t be allowed an orgasm.

When he got up, Ulysses handed him the stained face mask, which he obediently put on. This way, he would have a reminder all day long that he is but a lowly cock-worshiper.

“So, beta boi, what do we say?” Arthur’s tone was authoritative, but there was some love in his voice.

“Thank you for the gift of cock and cum, and thank you for reminding me of my place,” Billy said. He could still taste Arthur’s thick cum. He would probably still taste it for the next few hours.

“Don’t come home too late now, you know what day it is.”

Billy knew what day it was. Thursday night was laundry night. He would have to clean all of his bros’ dirty clothes. Hours of manipulating and smelling filthy clothes full of alpha pheromones and sweat. He would probably spend a good part of that time sniffing and huffing dirty underwear.

Once Billy stood up, Arthur slapped his round girly butt quite hard, sending him forward. “Don’t miss your classes, boi!”

“I won’t!”

“Good boy.”

He squirmed joyfully at that. Billy loved being called a good boy. He loved being a good boy for Arthur and the other alphas. All in all, he loved being Phi Alpha Gamma’s beta bottom bitch. Joining this frat had been the best decision of his life.

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