Freeing Samir


I’d waited so long because I knew it was the last time. We were in the special place I had created. The sea lapped against the shore and the sun was setting on the horizon. It was casting beautiful warm colours across the sky. His hot, naked and toned body pressed against mine beneath the white cotton sheets. On our four-poster bed, surrounded by sheer drapes, my paradise island was around me, but the location didn’t matter because all I could feel was his huge phallus penetrating into my very depths. My nails clawed at his back in an desperate effort to keep him inside me. I knew the moment wouldn’t, couldn’t go on forever, but to his credit he was trying to make it last as long as possible. I looked into his perfect deep green eyes. They were slightly obscured by his long, soft brown hair, which fell forward with every plunge of his magnificent cock. Never before had I seen a man that was so perfect. He was everything I’d ever looked for and he was giving me the greatest pleasuring of my life. Without saying anything we both knew the moment was upon us. He tried to slow his pace to give us more time, but it was always going to be impossible to stop something that was inevitable. No matter how much either of us wanted it to continue the rules were clear. A single tear ran from the corner of my eye and my body shook not only from my impending orgasm, but from the sadness of knowing that I would never get to see him again. “Thank you, Samir. I will never forget you,” I managed to croak out. He smiled down at me and held a hand to my face. I was unable to hold it any longer and as the first shockwave of pleasure burst free inside me I felt him erupt and shoot his load. The previous two times had been incredible, but I had never felt anything like it in my life. It rolled on and on. Just when I thought the feelings were slowing another wave would hit and my body trembled from the pure love and joy that I felt. He held me and I clung to him, desperate to keep hold, but even then I could feel him fading. I knew in moments I would be taken away from my paradise island and would be back in my reality. Part of me worried that I’d never meet a real man who could live up to what Samir had given me, but then I also knew that if Samir had not given me the confidence I wouldn’t even be going out to look. My eyes grew heavy and instead of fighting the urge to close them I let my lids drift shut. My last glimpse of that world was of his smiling face and the soft sound of his voice, “Goodbye, Gloria.” *** The explanation should have been easier; he’d certainly had to give it enough times over the past god knows how many thousands of years, but no matter how many times he had said the words he always dreaded the reaction of his new keeper. “My name is Samir. I am a jinn spirit and at the command of my custodian…” He was about to reel off the rest of his spiel, but found himself at a loss for words at the beautiful woman in front of him. Her chestnut locks surrounded the perfect Ankara escort heart shape of her face, which took his breath way. Around her slender neck she wore his pendant. It was open and she had obviously worked out how to free the catch, but then he wouldn’t be out from his prison if she hadn’t. Her mouth was gaping in shock, but she didn’t seem frightened by his sudden appearance in front of her. “Oh my god! She wasn’t lying,” she said when she’d finally been able to find her voice. He was standing still as she walked around him. Her shock had turned to an amazement and intrigue. He felt strange being subject to such close inspection. She reached out tentatively and touched him on the arm. “You seem to have an understanding of what I am already,” he said. “Gloria left me a note with the pendant.” His face lightened and a smile came to his lips. “Gloria,” he remembered fondly. “Is she okay?” he asked. “Oh, well… I’m afraid she died a month ago. I was with her when she went and it was peaceful. I cared for her towards the end, what with her being on her own and all. She had lived in the apartment opposite me since I was a little girl.” “Had she always been alone?” Samir asked with a real sense of concern in his voice. “She never mentioned anyone… Well, she often spoke of you in her last days. At the time I thought they were just confused ramblings of an old woman, but now I see she was speaking the truth… Except, you don’t look how she described.” “How old was she when she passed?” “Eighty-Six.” “Oh my. Well she kept hold of the pendant for many years after I last saw her. She was twenty-two when we were together.” Samir turned and regarded himself in the mirror over the mantelpiece. He ran his hands through his well-cut, short, dark hair and he stared into his piercing blue eyes. Even though they had been every possible colour they always looked like his eyes to him. He smiled when his gaze moved from his own reflection and took in the full picture with her next to him. They did make a striking couple and he thought that her taste was well suited to her own beauty. If he had been able to choose his own appearance and not be transformed into the dream of the woman in front of him, then he probably would have picked something similar. He’d been so many faces over the years that he had forgotten what his true face actually looked like. “There are a lot of misconceptions about my kind. We don’t all have the same purpose. Most of us aren’t even trapped in a prison. We are of your world, but most of us decide not to show ourselves. My purpose is to give pleasure, so naturally I appear as someone that is pleasing to you.” “And there was me worrying you’d come out blue and have a predisposition for bursting into song,” she said, with a smile. Samir looked confused and was about to question her on why she thought he’d be blue when she told him of a letter that Gloria had left with the pendant. “One of them was for me explaining Ankara escort bayan what would happen if I opened it. The other was addressed to you.” She walked over to the coffee table and picked up a small white envelope. After handing it to him, he opened it up and read the letter out loud. “Dear Samir, I tried my hardest to set you free from your prison, but I am afraid that my heart would not forget and I couldn’t let go of what we shared. Your words gave me the confidence to go out and try and find a man. I looked high and low, but could never find anyone that matched up to you. I hope you’re not sad for me, as the thoughts of times shared with you were enough to lighten even my darkest of days. I knew from a young age that I would pass the pendant onto Audelia, but I couldn’t let go of the pendant until I really had to. She a strong girl and if anyone can help you, it’s her. I will always love you. Gloria.” He took a seat in the chair that was behind him and just regarded the letter for a moment, before speaking. “I always hoped she’d find someone. Not so that she could set me free, but because I knew she’d always feel like she’d let me down.” “I don’t understand. Why would she have let you down?” “Sit Audelia. Let me tell you.” “Just call me Delia, please. Only Gloria and my Father called me Audelia. I never really liked it.” He nodded and she took a seat, waiting for this mystical man to explain how he’d ended in her living room. “As I explained, not all jinn spirits are bound to a prison like your pendant. Most of us live in the deserts away from people. The elders don’t like us interfering with your lives. The trouble is when a jinn watches you it’s hard for us not to want to use our powers to help, or sometimes even hinder what you’re doing.” “I don’t understand. How is it we can’t always see you, or where you live?” she questioned. “Can you see the air you breathe? No, but you don’t question its existence. There are lots of different planes within this world, but your senses aren’t tuned into all of them. We have the ability to be able to travel between them.” “Okay, that makes sense, but how did you end up in a prison?” “A long time ago I was betrothed to marry a very powerful sílā jinn priestess called Alima. She found out on our wedding day that she had lost my heart to a mortal girl, whom I had been sneaking off and spending time with. Alima was understandably furious and hurt, so she cursed me. I was to spend the rest of my days giving pleasure to mortal woman. Using her powerful magic she trapped me in the pendant. Each new keeper received three wishes for me to pleasure them in whichever way they wanted.” “That doesn’t sound so bad.” “On the surface it might seem like a great thing, but when the women fall madly in love with you, only to have their hearts broken, never being able to see me again after our third encounter and end up spending a lifetime alone, the deal doesn’t sound so great.” Escort Ankara “But, Gloria mentioned in her note that there was a way to get you out.” “It’s true, there is always a way to break the priestess’s curse, but Alima was clever and made it almost impossible to achieve.” “How? How do you break it?” “After having the most amazing three experiences with me, you have to completely let me go. Find a new man to love and love him with all your heart.” “Wow, that’s a lot to put on a girl and not to mention the man that’s got to follow you. Couldn’t you have just made yourself really ugly, or something?” He laughed and it sounded like music to her ears. “If only it were that simple. No, you see I have no control over what I look like, or where we go. That’s completely up to you and your desires.” “What if I just said, no? I just won’t do it. I mean, I don’t have to take my three wishes do I?” “You can’t pass on the pendant until you have, so it sort of puts me in limbo.” “Oh, okay. Well, maybe you won’t be any good. How do we do it?” “You just imagine where you want to go and I’ll make it happen.” “That easy, huh?” She thought for a moment. “What about the beach where you took Gloria? That always sounded so beautiful.” “That came from Gloria’s mind, so it wouldn’t be exactly the same. You’d never be able to imagine it quite like she did.” “Oh yeah? Want a bet?” she said, with a cheeky grin. He was caught up by her infectious excitement for the situation. “Okay. Close your eyes.” She followed his instruction. “And open.” “Holy Fuck!” she screamed, as she got up off the sandy beach floor and looked around in amazement. She had been instantly transported from her dark, stuffy living-room, to a sunny beach, with the cool salty air blowing in from the sea. “How did you get it so close?” Samir asked her. “Gloria became quite the artist and would often paint different landscapes from her time with you.” “She obviously never painted the bed because that parts missing,” he said smiling, as he looked behind them. “She may have done, but she never showed me that one. So, you’re saying if I just close my eyes and imagine something it will appear?” “Yeah, that’s pretty much how it works,” he chuckled. She closed her eyes and he could see the concentration on her face. “Ta-da!” she beamed. He turned around interested to see what her imagination had come up with. Gloria’s had been simple, with a solid four-poster bed on the sand. The soft red and orange drapes blew softly in the breeze and at night when the sun was setting candles would surround the bed. Delia’s creation was a little more substantial. Her bed, which was also four-poster, was made out of thick solid dark wood. Her drapes were pure white, but she hadn’t stopped at the bed. To the right was a large seating area with comfy looking chairs and a bar. There were sun loungers and a grill with food barbequing. “You can’t expect a girl to free a jinn spirit from a thousand year old curse without eating first, can you?” she said, before she ran barefoot through the sand to get some food from the grill. He followed and couldn’t help but laugh, as she dug into some sticky barbeque ribs. “Arh man, if sex with you is as good as these rib then you need to be prepared to be stuck in that pendant for a bit longer.

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