Four Exposures


His offer:

I have four frames remaining in my old manual drive Olympus. Each time you see me with this camera you may nod assent or call it quits. If assent is given, I will advance the film one frame. You may offer no further protest until the shutter has been released. I choose the locale, the background, the costume, the action and the pose. Each shot will be progressively more interesting. Do we have a deal?

I gave this some thought before replying. I love the way my husband’s inventive mind keeps sex fresh for us and I could tell from the way he emphasized “interesting” that he had special photography in mind. He knows as well, the importance exhibition has in my fantasy life. The thought of four “exposures” certainly pressed one of my hot buttons. The knowledge that I had some measure of control over proceeding or stopping convinced me, and I answered with a seductive smile and a forward nod of my head.

I expected him to loop the camera strap over his neck and begin right then, but he merely smiled back at me and placed his camera up on the shelf with the others.

“Need different light,” was his only explanation.

We made love that night (at bedtime of all times)!. Thoughts of what might lie ahead made for a very pleasant encounter.

The next morning, Thursday, was a foggy summer morning and we both went through the morning routine and then on to our respective jobs with no further mention of photography. The weather was much improved on Friday. Our bedroom is on the west side of the house and summer sunrises warm our room and fill it with bright yellow light. One could complain that the light comes too early in the day, but on this day we pulled open the drapes, kicked back the sheets and soaked for a time in sunshine and caresses. I love to stretch out beside him and lazily trail my fingers though his chest hair, across his belly and then furrow through his pubic hair before encircling his cock in my hand. I never cease to be amazed by a penis. So soft, small and vulnerable one moment. So mighty and virile moments later. I give thanks for being able to bring about and witness this magical transformation.

The sight of his hardening cock was awakening a strong intent on my part to sample some morning delight but he had other plans. He hopped out of bed and mentioned he’d be back in a moment. He returned with his camera and a questioning look on his face. I nodded my head and watched his fingers advance the film by one frame.

1. The Sunlight

He explained that he planned to go to work later than normal today and that he would drive with me to the university. He told me to go ahead with my breakfast and shower, that he wanted to jog a couple of miles while I got ready. I wondered what was planned for the morning but went ahead and prepared breakfast and took my shower. When I returned to the bedroom I noticed that clothes had been set out for me. I suffered a moment’s dread as I wondered whether I had to face my coworkers in slutty clothing but, on closer inspection, saw that these were items I might well have chosen myself. Bra, panties, shoes and a summer dress. No pantyhose had been left for me but my legs were tan enough to get by.

I dressed and finished with my makeup. I had a short wait while Brian took his shower. He shaved and dressed and we set out on the fifteen minute drive to work _ Brian at the wheel, the camera by his side. We did not head directly to my building. Instead we drove downtown to Birch avenue, one of the busier streets in the commercial part of town. It was only 7:45 but there was already a fair amount of activity with people walking to work and delivery trucks unloading before traffic made things difficult.

Brian pulled over to a parking spot by the sidewalk and motioned for me to get out. He handed me a dollar and asked me to pick up the morning paper at a newstand about a block away. I strolled down the street and greeted a couple of university staff that I knew. The sun was still low in the sky and beaming directly into my face. The warmth felt wonderful and I regretted turning inside to enter the newstand. I purchased a copy of the morning paper and walked back to join my husband. He was in the middle of the sidewalk, camera in hand, framing a shot as I walked towards him.

A three-fold realization hit me at that moment. The sun was directly behind me; my dress was very thin; Brian had not included a slip among the items prepared for me. There could be little doubt my husband was focusing on the outline of my legs and crotch as clearly as had I been standing in my underwear. I wondered how much of myself had been exposed on the brief walk down and back. There was a man behind Brian. He looked with interest for a moment at Brian taking his picture but his attention then turned towards me. I did not recognize him, so teased him with a brief smile as he passed by. The camera was still at Brian’s face and I knew the picture had not yet been taken. I stopped Escort bayan about twenty feet before him, placed the paper on the ground and struck a pose, shoulders back slightly, breasts tight against my dress. I placed my hands on my hips and spread my feet slightly apart.


The shutter released and Brian showed me the huge grin the camera had been hiding. “Very good,” he said. “Have a nice day at work.”

He dropped me off and headed on to his job. I concentrated on work as best I could, with perhaps a bit more daydreaming than usual.

2. The Mirror

The next time I saw the camera was late one evening as I was heading upstairs to bed. The camera was mounted on a tripod and a large telescopic lens had been attached. I was tired from a hard day and more in the mood for sleep than for photography. Brian sensed my mood and quickly explained that all that would be required would be to wait ten minutes and get ready for bed _ he would do the rest. With this established, I gave my go-ahead and watched, perplexed, as he left the house.

When I reached the bedroom I saw that two preparations were in hand. The drapes had been removed from the bedroom window and were nowhere at hand. The overhead lights were on and the light switch had been taped stuck in the on position. I sat on the edge of the bed to give the photographer the time he had requested and to consider the situation. Our bungalow was on a slight hill with our bedroom facing the street. There would normally be little of me to see given the angle of view through the window, but in a bright room on a dark night, with a viewer properly situated up the street, I could not be sure what would be revealed and what would not.

I stripped to my bra and panties and walked about the bedroom as if searching for something. I found a brush, went to my mirror and began brushing my hair with long slow strokes of the brush. I was well aware that I was likely framed and magnified by the zoom lens but wondered as well whether anyone else might be watching. A neighbour out with his dog perhaps? A horny teenager experiencing a wet daydream? I finished with my hair, removed my bra and began a breast self examination. There was little of a clinical nature to this exam. I placed my left hand behind my head, causing my left breast to lift high on my chest. I reached over with my right hand and cupped the bottom curve of my full tit. This left my thumb in position to brush slowly over the nipple, a motion I repeated several times until the nipple hardened and stood out. I brought my hand to my mouth and briefly sucked on my middle fingers and then returned my wet fingers back to the hard nipple. I moved my fingers in lazy circles around the nipple. I repeated this “examination” on my right breast and then lifted and cupped both breasts together producing impressive cleavage. Due to the calm stillness of the night I managed to hear a distant


3. The Beach

A few days passed before I saw the camera again. Brian phoned me at work mid-morning to ask if I could get the afternoon off. I had some flex-time available to cash in and mentioned that it wouldn’t be a problem. He said he’d stop by near noon to pick me up. Around 12:15, he breezed into my office, camera in hand. With no further prelude I indicated I was ready and eager. We left my car in the lot and hit the highway in his vehicle. Nice day for a tan was the only hint he’d give me.

We drove for an hour and it became apparent from the route he was taking, we were on the way to our area’s only nude beach. We reached the parking lot and set off along the trail _ about a ten minute walk to the cove favoured by the local sun worshippers. My curiosity was aroused. I wondered what possible opportunities for exhibition could occur on a nude beach! We’d been here before and I had never associated the place with sexuality. The only thing that felt a bit awkward was the way I was dressed. I cannot recall the last hike I took in a business suit _ a light brown skirt with matching jacket. I removed my shoes for much of the walk.

There was the usual collection of 40 to 50 people on the beach, probably about ten or fifteen women, the rest men. Most everyone was naked, except for one young woman still wearing her bikini bottom. Brian picked out a spot, not far from the largest group there, and spread our blanket. I sat down and began to remove my clothing when Brian asked me to wait. He quickly shed his clothes and then leaned over and whispered what he wanted me to do. The awkward feelings I had experienced earlier were suddenly magnified. Let me relate what was asked of me by explaining how I complied.

I stood up, walked down to the water’s edge and felt the water with my fingers. As if unable to reach a decision, I pulled my pantyhose off, took them in hand and waded tentatively into the surf. I slowly moved deeper into the water until the waves were cresting just above my knees. I lifted Bayan escort up the hem of my slip and skirt, high enough to keep them dry, perhaps higher than needed but also low enough to cover my panties. I sampled the water a few moments longer before turning quickly around and returning to our blanket. As I suspected, I noticed several men quickly glance away. They had a notion that I was about to strip and this had grabbed their attention far more than the already naked female bodies nearby.

I returned to my husband and mentioned in a voice loud enough to carry, that the water felt wonderful. While standing, and still facing most of the beach crowd I dropped my pantyhose and then slowly removed my earrings. I placed them in my jacket pocket which I then removed the jacket and placed on the blanket. With deliberate hesitation, I removed my belt and then pulled my blouse loose from my skirt and slowly began to unbutton it from bottom to top. When the last button was undone, I let it fall open to reveal my bra and then reached down and leisurely pulled my half slip down to my fee and kicked it aside. I reached back to lower the zipper of my skirt. I let my skirt fall and lifted it with my toes back to my hand. I took my time, neatly folding the skirt before dropping it down on top of my jacket.

I often wear bikini style panties and today was such a day. They were plain white cotton with high cut hips and a V front. The vertex of the V did not quite cover the top of my pubic hair. The shape of my mound was clearly defined by the tightness of the panties. I took a moment to undo the buttons at each cuff of my blouse and then removed it entirely. I felt a surge of the power I’ve always craved from exhibitionism. Many men were staring openly now at the slow show unfolding before them. This was so different from the hunched and hurried undressing that normally occurs on a nude beach. At least a couple of men had twisted their bodies to hide their embarrassment, but one bold fellow met my gaze and then glanced down at his hardening cock. I followed his gaze and when he looked back at me, I gave him a quick wink.

I debated which of the remaining two items left should come off last. I reached a decision and removed my panties first, stepping out of them in a manner that exposed my pussy in the most dramatic fashion. I saw that Brian had snuck his camera from the back pack and that it was now pointing at me. I pulled my bra off without undoing the hooks. I crossed my arms, grasped opposite edges of my bra and lifted it over my head slowly as though I was pulling off a sweater. This moment lifted my breasts and thrust them forward. I paused briefly with the bra in hand over my head.


4. Eighteen Wheels

Our day at the beach must have inspired Brian because the camera made a reappearance the next day. It was Saturday and a hot humid day. We do not normally need air conditioning where we live, but today was proving to be an exception. I was hot and sticky from the regular Saturday morning chores when Brian came into the kitchen, Olympus in hand.

“How about a nice leisurely drive in our air-conditioned chariot?” He asked.

I knew that having totally and publicly exposed my body for the previous shot, that the last frame would involve more daring. On the other hand, the photos to date had been harmless fun or pleasant experiences for me. I agreed but suggested that a shower beforehand would be in order for each of us. We showered together, teasing each other with our soapy hands. My husband made sure I was thoroughly clean and I returned the favour for him. I did not wish to diminish the fun that might lie ahead so refrained from climax and made sure Brian did as well. His cock was still hard as he finished towelling off. I dried off all of my body parts save one (why bother) and then picked out some lightweight clothes _ panties, bra, a thin low-cut dress that buttoned all the way down the front and a pair of sandals.

Brian started driving and it was not long before we were on the highway. This was not an interstate but a two-lane highway with occasional passing lanes up long hills. Despite the danger to life and limb, we passed the time flirting with and caressing one another. He kept gliding his hands between my legs and lightly probing my pussy through my damp panties. I spent my time with my fingers dancing over his stiff cock that was plainly outlined beneath the short pants he was wearing. This kept up for nearly forty minutes and combined with the interrupted shower earlier was truly starting to get to me. I escalated the tease somewhat and slid my hand up his pant leg opening, under the elastic of his underwear and encircled his large cock in a tight squeeze. I loved the look on his face and just had to make him suffer more.

Please _ no lectures about highway safety. I trusted him to keep his eyes on the road and the car steady. I wanted him inside me but knew my pussy was out Escort of the question. I undid my safety belt, yanked his fly down and pulled his hefty organ out and quickly took as much of him in my mouth as I could comfortably handle. His freshly showered cock tasted wonderful. I wrapped my right hand around the base of his cock and began to pump with the same tight grip and fast stroke I’ve watched him use on himself. I let saliva collect in the front of my mouth and swirled this hot wetness over his cock head with my tongue. I bobbed my head up and down rapidly, exerting suction with my cheeks to keep firm contact on the sides of his shaft.

His body became rigid and I knew I could bring him off in short order. Fortunately his sense of personal safety prevailed and he pushed me away. He called me a devil and said he had never backed away from a climax so imminent.

“You’ll pay for that,” he said. “Unbutton your dress!”

I did as he asked. I felt I was still decent as oncoming vehicles could not get a good look inside our car. In fact I’ve had my dress undone on several trips prior to this. I would usually pull it closed if we were passing another vehicle or being passed _ especially if a transport truck was involved. Today was to be different. He asked me to pass the camera from the back seat and then told me to remove my dress completely. I did so, laying it the space between our seats. Before I could protest, he picked up the dress with his right hand and flung it to the back of the car where it landed on the rear windowsill. I folded my arms in front of me to provide some modesty and we drove on like this for sometime.

I began to notice that passing drivers, many of them male, were peering into our vehicle as they went by _ no doubt they had seen the dress lying in the back window. One vehicle in particular seemed to overtake us very slowly and when I glanced across noticed there were two men staring in at me. Brian told me to place my hands at my side which I did with some embarrassment. The tops of my breasts were exposed. The nipples were covered but two dark semi-circles were open to view. I was embarrassed but was turned on too. My nipples were stiff against the material of my bra. My panties were beginning to soak through to the car seat. The passing lane came to an end and the car along side completed overtaking us. Brian slowed our vehicle somewhat to let the two travellers get a safe distance ahead.

Remove your panties, he said and hand them to me. I slid them off my hips, pulled them down my legs and carefully stepped out of them so they did not catch on the straps of my sandals. I wadded up the panties and passed them to him. He made a fist and squeezed them for a moment, smiling as he felt how moisture laden they had become.

“My my,” was all he said.

He shook them out, brought them to his face and inhaled deeply. He repeated this, told me they smelled delicious and then tossed them back with my dress. Bra next he ordered. I removed it, and in a moment of boldness, flung it to the back window myself.

“Excellent!”, He continued. “I want you to open your legs and close your eyes. Do not close your legs or open your eyes unless I give permission.”

We drove on like this for at least fifteen minutes. It was torture keeping my eyes closed. I could hear other cars pass us and occasionally we would pass another vehicle. In due time, Brian asked me to play with myself. I brought my left hand to my breasts and my right hand to my sopping cunt. I was desperate for relief from the sexual tension and began to massage my clit in a serious fashion. I felt our vehicle begin to go up a steep grade and could hear the loud labouring engine of a transport truck ahead of us. I felt our vehicle move left into the passing lane but rather than accelerate, Brian overtook at a pace close to that of the truck just next to us. I knew the trucker must be getting an eyeful of my naked body and my fingers began to race faster. Open your eyes! He said. I did and looked over to see we were now parallel to the truck. I looked up and saw the trucker staring down at me with an undisguised look of need in his face. His eyes were jumping from my tits to my pussy. I spread my legs wider, pulled back on the hood of my clit, covered it again with my fingers, looked back into his face and then exploded!


Within two minutes, Brian had pulled into a logging road and pushed his seat back to the full extent possible. He pulled his pants down and pulled me on top of him. I stuck my tits in his face and slid my cunt down the full length of his hard prick. I just bottomed out when his mouth hungrily fastened on my right tit. The moment his tongue touched my nipple I began to climax again. I continued to rock back and forth on his cock, squeezing my cunt as tightly as I could. Before my orgasm was done, his began. He groaned long and loudly as his semen pumped from his balls and splashed inside me.

I cradled his face against my breasts and languidly waited for life to return to normal. In due time, I could once again hear the sounds of the nearby traffic. I gave my husband a long, deep, tongue-filled kiss.

“Can we start with a full roll next time?” I asked.

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