Forget Me Not


*All characters in this story are eighteen years of age or older.

After failing multiple times to get the fucking key through the damn keyhole, Dean finally pushed open the door and fell into his apartment. He stripped off as he stumbled down the hallway towards the kitchen cum living room. Free from his sweaty clubbing attire, he chuckled on noticing the smudged lipstick on his cock. He’d forgotten the name of the girl that had accompanied him to the bathroom. He knocked a glass over as he took a swig from the open bottle of Jägermeister. ‘Still open from pre-drinks,’ he thought. ‘Oh shit!’ The blur of his Saturday evening was starting to return to him as he noticed her empty alcopop bottles. The sweet scent of Jessica’s perfume filled his nostrils.

‘Shit! I’ve fucking left her behind.’ Jessica used his apartment from time to time when visiting the city, and it had been a while since they last went out. He rubbed his forehead and tried to figure out which would be worse – the hangover, or his sister’s fury. Still drunk and foolhardy, he chuckled again. He collapsed onto the sofa, and passed out cold.


He was awoken again at some silly hour of the morning. Semi-conscious, he kept his eyes shut. He sensed summer dawn light filling the room. The sensation of hair swooshing over his abs, and teen lips wrapped around his cock felt both heavenly and horrible. Though his mind was a sea of confusion, he didn’t need to open his eyes to know who it was. The perfume again. Dean blamed a mixture of tiredness, drunkenness, and shock as to why he didn’t immediately push her away. He thought about pretending to be asleep, and just letting the moment pass. He didn’t know why she was doing it, but she was doing it with some conviction. Though it would be over soon, he sheepishly opened his eyes.

The wide, glaring whites of Jessica’s eyes were staring straight back at him. He had no doubt that they had been waiting for him. Her fingers lay at the base of his cock, keeping it steady in her busy mouth. Her sky-blue fingernails matched her dangling earrings. She didn’t need to talk to convey her emotions; her eyes said it all. They said ‘Don’t even think of fucking speaking to me right now.’ They said ‘I’m going to make you as uncomfortable as humanly possible.’ Dean stole another look at her before throwing an arm over his eyes. He couldn’t quite remember what she was wearing earlier in the night, suffice to say she wasn’t wearing it anymore. Perhaps, she’d had the same idea as him of crashing naked. Closing his eyes did no good. The image was paramount in his mind. As messed up as it was to see a cock bulge his sister’s cheeks, there was some small consolation in knowing it was his.

He peaked through his fingers and was caught again by her intense glare. Her angry tongue whirled. The blonde hair she had spent so much time on a few hours ago seemed a little dishevelled. ‘Possibly just from the dance floor.’ The pink strip of her fringe dangled down over mascara smudged eyes. ‘Had she been crying?’ Maybe from being abandoned. Dean felt truly awful for leaving Jessica like that. Though she was nineteen, it was a brother’s job to protect his sister. But for the life of him, he couldn’t figure out her method of punishment. He took a sharp breath as she sucked. She may have been his sister, but Dean was still a man. The shameful question of her thick lips feeling as good as he imagined was all but answered. ‘What game is she playing?’ He decided to call her bluff with a long, throaty groan.

Lips froze in place on his manhood. He opened his eyes to watch her lazily lift off him — her sliding mouth revealing more of his awakened cock. Her fingers still flattened his pubic hair. Like a cornered snake, Jessica coiled her neck and spat on his shaft. A drool of foamy saliva rolled down his already drenched skin before her frantic tongue licked him clean. Dean let his head fall back and his groans fill the room. Determined fingers took gerçek resimli gaziantep escort him back into her mouth before finding his bumpy abs. He was glad he came already that night. There was no other way he would have survived the aggressive fellatio. He held a strand of golden-pink hair in his fist. Her watery mouth discovered his balls.

“Oh God, Jess!”


As if sensing his inevitable release, he felt her reduce her effort; now more just playing with his erection. Dean began to ponder her punishment. ‘Fuck, I hope she isn’t gonna leave me blue-balled.’

“Why did you just leave me like that? Am I really that forgettable?” she said, giving him the tamest of hand jobs.

“Of course, not. I was drunk. Stupid. I forgot.”

“And you already had a girl. Didn’t you?”

“Fuck!” Dean muttered as he felt Jess slid up his body — her feminine softness irresistible.

“You had no need for me…”

Jess kept her fingers wrapped around his throbbing meat as she kissed him.

“You won’t forget me again,” she said, readying his upright cock.


The oily tip prodded coarser skin before she guided him inside. She used his lightly haired chest to push herself up. Dean groaned as she sat; taking in the last of him. Relinquishing all control, he lay his hands on soft thighs.

“Feels good. Doesn’t it?” She said.

An expressionless Dean stared up at his sister’s mischievous smile. He watched her tits jiggle and mouth fall open as she started to ride him. His foreskin rolled back and forth in her wet warmth. It felt awful. It felt sublime.

“See. I’ve learned lots at college this year.”

“Jess…” he whispered whilst squeezing her thighs.

Her hands plunged into his chest. It didn’t matter how many times she flicked her golden-pink locks behind her; they still dangled down. She seductively bit her bottom lip. For the first time ever, Dean heard his sister’s sex moans.


He found himself responding to her intense rocking with upward thrusts of his own. The line had long been crossed, so he allowed himself to get lost in the sex. Besides, he could always pull out whenever he wanted.

“Who was she?” A panting Jessica asked.


“The girl you disappeared to the toilet with.”

Dean held tight her swivelling hips.

“I dunno. Just…some girl.”

Her ass glanced tightening nuts as she bounced. She pulled his meaty palm up to her chest.

“Was…was she good?”

Throaty grunts were his only response.

“After I got you all hot and bothered, did she-“

“Jess, please stop!”

“Did she-“

“Oh fuck!”

“Make you CUM??”

Dean watched the same eyes that judged him roll back into her head as surges of warmth hit her. Her shuddering thighs would surely be bruised tomorrow from his vice-like grip. He cursed the blowjob he received in the club. It would never have come this far if he hadn’t already blown his load that night. It should have been Jess’s mouth he spilled into while half asleep. He kept her pinned to him until the last of his jizz was spent and sent.


His hands loosened on her clammy thighs as she rode him soft. Having ejaculated, the full weight of guilt started to hit him. He tore his gaze away from her body.

“Oh Dean. What a bad brother you are,” she said as she unmounted.

Jessica seemed mesmerised by the way her pussy tightened after his cock flopped out. Blonde and pink hair dangled in front of her as she gazed down and nestled her hand between her legs. Sure enough, a few spurts of grey cream dripped out onto her palm. She giggled, but Dean didn’t find the joke funny.

“Fuck. Pull the curtains if you’re going to stroll around the place naked.”

Jessica stuck her tongue out at him. She went for the Jager bottle and winced as the liquid hit her.

“Why? Can only you enjoy the view? gerçek resimli gaziantep escort bayan Awe, for shame!” she said as she picked up her crumpled, blue micro dress and folded it neatly in her arms.

“No wonder I couldn’t remember what you were wearing last night. Barely anything.”

“You seemed to enjoy in the club. The way you were…handling me! If anyone knew we were related…”

The coarseness of her tired voice was evident. Dean found it hard to properly converse with Jessica. It wasn’t guilt anymore. It was the fact there was a naked college girl strolling around his apartment. The dress did come back into memory. Not only that; the tight-fitting shower towel, her figure — the seedlings of inappropriate desire.

“That’s dancing. It’s different when it’s dancing,” he lied.

“Is it?”

“Pass the bottle,” he said, sticking out his arm.

Jessica took another swig, feigned how good it tasted and smiled. She rested the sole of her foot on the other and leaned against the counter top. Smooth legs rose up to her slender waist and perky tits. The trimmed hair between her legs was barely visible in the dawn light.

“So…Feel bad after finishing in me? Good. That’s what you deserve.”

Dean moved a cushion over his rising cock.

“Wait, hold up a sec. You started it. What possessed you to put my dick in your mouth?

Jess played with her hair as she thought.

“Well, I was still so fucking angry when I EVENTUALLY got home. By the way, you have dad to thank for my emergency credit card.”

“Do I,” Dean said sarcastically.

“I had a cup of cold water in my hand, ready to toss over you — over it,” she said, motioning to his crotch. “But then…I saw the lipstick.”

“OK,” Dean said, pretending to understand her thought process.

“And…it wasn’t my lipstick,” she said, leaving the room with the bottle.


Dean headed to the bathroom and threw some water over his face. Like his boner, a five o’clock shadow was in full growth. His gelled dark hair was just about holding shape. The mirror made him think about what he’d just done. He turned away from it and instead went in search of alcohol. He’d have all of Sunday to worry about consequences. Still undressed, he pushed the door of his bedroom open.

“Don’t even think about kicking me out. After leaving me behind tonight, there’s no fucking way I’m sleeping on that crappy sofa!”

Dean smiled to himself at her protests. It was the kind of rage he’d been expecting to wake up to. She needn’t have worried. She’d earned her place in his bed. He studied her creamy, bare legs. Jessica wasn’t nude anymore. Not fully anyway. She had taken his favourite football jersey for her pyjamas. It was much too big for her, but fitted nicely – in the way a woman wears her man’s shirt. She’d washed away all of her makeup to reveal the raw prettiness of her youthful face. Dean focused on the girl from the neck down. He placed his hands on his hips and shamelessly displayed his arousal.

“It’s gonna be weird when we sober up,” Jess said as he approached.

Dean ran his fingers through her hair. Earrings swayed as he drew her close. He let out a long sigh as soft lips found him. Jessica made cute little moans as her head motioned back and forth. The anger in the eyes staring up at him had been replaced by something different. The swirl of her tongue combined with soft, massaging fingers was a clear attempt to please him. Nipples stabbing the flimsy shirt begged to be groped. He loved how her cheek bulged from his girth. As one hand held him in her mouth, the other drifted between her legs.

“I think you got all of that other girl’s lipstick off, sis.”

He was impressed at how she could smile while keeping her lips tight on his cock. After a few visits to the back of her throat, she popped him out. Creamy fluid rolled down her gerçek resimli gaziantep bayan escort chin and onto her chest. Her hand kept him happy as she spoke.

“That’s the second time you’ve swelled in my mouth. Are you gonna cum for me again?”

“Soon enough,” he said, sliding onto the bed.

Her legs fell open as they kissed. Slender arms tightened around his neck as she grinded his sex from beneath. Dean put the strange feeling he was having down to the effects of alcohol wearing off. It dawned on him, however, when she blinked. Without makeup, she was just his innocent little sister. ‘Am I taking advantage?’ Either way, he decided it would feel weird fucking her while gazing directly into her familiar eyes.

“Dean?” Jessica inquired.

“Get on your belly,” he said, rising to his knees.

He helped flip her over, and snapped her little bum to his crotch. Lust drunk, he tossed the back of her shirt up and marvelled at the perfection of her ass – her wide hips collapsing into a slim waist. Fingertips wandered over her gleaming skin. It came as no surprise that his sister’s petite body felt just as good as it had on the dancefloor.

“You gonna take me in the ass?”

Jessica’s butt cheeks rattled from his slap.

“Do I look like a fag?” he said to her giggles.

Unlike clumsily pushing the key into the door, his cock slid seamlessly into her pussy. Hoarse moans escaped her, and blonde hair bounced to his thrusts. He enjoyed the way his cock was being mangled and squeezed by her own reciprocal back thrusts. The headboard rapped the wall as his balls smashed her hind.

“You ever gonna forget me again?” a panting Jessica said.

“Never!” he said, siding his hands under the shirt to squeeze wobbling breasts. “How could I forget my innocent little sister?”

Harsh moans escaped her as he rammed without pause.

“But I am… I’m so, so innocent. Fuck! You’re the first guy to…to… pummel my poor, student pussy!”

Sweat glistened where her butt cheeks split. He sniffed deep, filling his nostrils with her forbidden aroma. The scent drove him wild. Clutching her slick waist, he fucked her until his testicles tingled. A jolting Jessica craned her neck around to reveal her ‘do what you want with me’ face.

On locking eyes, Jessica cast an almost evil smile. Unfazed, he shot back his own devilish grin. His balls simmered as the divine tingling intensified. As darts of pleasure shot through his body, pulling out became an impossible task. Besides, he wasn’t about to destroy his good jersey.

“Oh, Dean! Christ! You’re going to do it again! I can Feee-“

Core muscles stretched as he leaned over her back to kiss her. Doing so without breaking stride must have impressed his mate. Their tongues collided to the sound of pounding flesh. His pecs grinded her greasy skin. Dean wasn’t too concerned as his initial spurts blasted. Jessica’s orgasmic shrieks became muffled as she collapsed into the pillow. He snapped her ass tight to him, burying himself as far as he could. He kept a firm grip as his cock pulsated deep within.

“Fucking take it!”

His roars exhausted, he collapsed on top of her. The damp strands of hair covering Jess’s face fluttered from her own rapid breaths. For a while, the room contained no other sound except for a brother and sister desperately trying to catch their breaths. The sister’s lips formed the slightest of smiles when the brother nuzzled her ear.

“If you wanted to blow me, you could have just asked. Instead of ambushing me in my sleep.”

“Bad, bad, brother,” she purred while slowly rolling her hips. “You going to stay in me all night?”

Her head rose slightly as if to listen. He licked her teeth as they kissed, and forced his withering penis deeper.

“Your first cock?” Dean muttered. “You’re such a terrible little liar.”

“Hmmm,” she groaned. “By the way, I need to use your computer for an assignment tomorrow…today…whenever we get up.”

“Fine. Maybe we can go to that little bagel place for brunch first.”

“Sounds good,” Jessica slurred. “Cos you’re paying for it.”

Dean found a way through her hair and kissed her on the cheek. Delicate fingers slid between his. As exhaustion hit, he wasn’t all that concerned. Jessica was one of those popular college girls. Girls that looked as good as her were probably on the pill. His cock oozed in her cunny.


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