Fist to the Heart Ch. 05

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Chapter Five – Old Mistakes

It felt surreal to let himself manhandled like that. By the looks of it, Johnny knew what he was doing. The man wrapped with expert precision and pulled the strips of cloth over Ruslan’s arms pressed together at the back.

“So you into bondage?” he asked, skipping a beat and a word, dizzy with the promise of what was to come.

He was famished. Johnny the fighter was promising him he wouldn’t be, at least for a while. As if he could believe in promises of the kind.

Johnny stopped for a second to kiss him. Ruslan was starting to love his mouth something extreme. Far from being some classic beauty, Johnny was an example of raw masculinity that Ruslan craved like water in the desert.

“Do you have a thing for bad boys?” the memory from a few years back came unbound.

“They’re the only ones who don’t care,” Ruslan had shrugged the question at the time, preferring a cookie cutter, Psychology Today inspired, answer.

The old man had shaken his head.

“Just promise me you’ll be safe. If not for your sake, for mine.”

He had had a mind to protest. But the old man was his lifeline, always had been since he had pulled Yanis and Ruslan from that terrible place.

“Of course, papa,” he had promised and meant it.

At that time, yes, he had made the promise and believed in it. Yet, right now, he was surrendering to the whims of a man who looked able to snap him in two like a twig, should he have fancied that.

Johnny checked the ties, pulling Ruslan’s elbows just a bit apart. “On your back,” he ordered.

It was a bit uncomfortable, with his arms bent from the elbows and tied together like that. He was flexible. He would live, Ruslan thought, his mind already going places.

“Wait,” Johnny frowned for a second and pulled one of the fluffy pillows to stuff it under Ruslan’s back. “Better?”

It was strange to see a smile on that rough face. Ruslan felt he was being treated differently. This wasn’t Johnny’s usual MO. He probably always fucked hard. Ruslan craved that, too.

But he seemed set on doing this his way, and Ruslan wouldn’t protest. A calloused hand caressed Ruslan’s cheek and a rough thumb brushed over his mouth. He wanted to laugh. “Please don’t treat me like I’m made of glass,” he said.

His voice was different, deeper, waiting, on the point of an exhale that was kept from coming. Did he forget how to breathe? How much of this was what he wanted?

Johnny met his faint protest with a small chuckle. “Don’t be afraid, sweet lips,” he said gently.

“Afraid? What could I be afraid of?” Ruslan faked bravado.

“Indeed,” Johnny’s dark eyes flashed with deeper understanding.

This was a dangerous game. Was it only dangerous for him? He shook his head. How many men had he bedded in his life? Too many to keep track, right? He wouldn’t break from being treated too gently.

The calloused hand resumed the caress. It was dropping lower, and Ruslan knew, although he could not see, that his chest was rising and falling with it. The tension broke when Johnny teased his belly button, making him snicker and jerk away. He was ticklish.

“Ah, you do have a sweet spot.” Johnny laughed and leaned in to give Ruslan another breath of fresh air, straight from his lips. “C’mon, legs up.”

Ruslan grunted more in surprise than anything else as Johnny bent his knee and began tying his legs, one, then the other, in the same fashion. It was tight, but not too tight.

“You should see yourself right now,” Johnny’s lips twitched. “Have you ever thought of modeling for skin magazines and the like? You’d make a fortune.”

“Well, I like being an accountant,” Ruslan said wryly.

It was more than keeping books what he was doing for the old man, but that didn’t make as a good conversation topic at the moment. Especially since a practiced hand was now wrapping around his cock, waking it back to life.

Between getting tied up and having his belly button tickled, he had somewhat lost track of what they were there for. He shivered as Johnny knelt in front of him, threw him a brief look, and then took his hard cock in his mouth.

“I thought this type of position was all about me acting subservient for the rest of the night,” Ruslan said.

Johnny stopped for a second. “It is.”

It was true. He was all tied up, and couldn’t protest. But he was handled with care as if he was a china doll.

Ruslan needed to take control of the situation. That wasn’t his MO, either. Yet, right now, the delicious feeling of surrender was making him melt on the inside. A single point in his entire body was anything but.

Johnny was taking him deep, giving his cock swipe after swipe with his tongue, squeezing it at the back of his throat. It was like any moment he would come. Ruslan groaned, moving his hips slightly.

Strong fingers dug deep into his thighs to keep him in place. So he wasn’t the one in charge, after all. “I need to come,” he complained.

“Why didn’t you say so?” Johnny laughed, pulling his expert throat and mouth Gaziosmanpaşa Escort away from Ruslan’s cock. “But you’ll do it while taking me raw.”

Ruslan trembled with both apprehension and excitement. For so much time, he had been a vessel for men to pour their desire, frustration, and even anger. What was this all about? He could not think anymore; and it didn’t matter, like come hell or high water, because the way Johnny was now gently reaching inside him with his slick finger was making this train of thought stop cold, and he couldn’t, he couldn’t …

“Hard or gentle?” Johnny asked, and Ruslan searched his midnight eyes.

“I thought I was the toy.” Ruslan pretended to pout, but his lips twitched, giving him away.

“Hmm, so gentle it is,” Johnny teased and grinned.

“Ah, you got me.” Ruslan giggled, and licked his lips, to hide his frustration.

“I got you,” Johnny said, and it no longer sounded like a joke.

Johnny reached for his neck, caressing it lightly. Ruslan swallowed hard. They were walking on a thin rope, and so far, the acrobats they pretended to be seemed steady on their feet. The night was young. No one could tell if, by morning, one or both players would fall or not.

Ruslan counted on his safety net. So he closed his eyes, and shivered, as Johnny pushed inside, stretching him, making him open wide, and now he could focus on the physical sensation which was, after all, everything he craved.

Their breathing fell in sync. He could count the beating of his heart by the pace Johnny’s ragged breaths followed. Johnny was taking him in short, shallow at first, deeper later, thrusts, making Ruslan’s entire body shake.

Ruslan adjusted his position just slightly. There had to be a way to show the other he wanted it harder without using words. And Johnny understood.


How could it be? This pretty man loved it both hard and gentle, and Johnny hadn’t asked just for the sake of it. The way Ruslan was squeezing him with that perfect hole was fucking amazing. He still expected the other shoe to drop. No idea what he meant by that, either.

Ruslan was way out of his league. Johnny liked to think he wasn’t impressed by the huge ass house, the monogrammed cufflinks, or how Ruslan’s slightly tilted voice seemed like he was just out of some boarding school in Switzerland or something like that.

But the truth was he was damn fucking impressed. It wasn’t like he hadn’t fucked prissy princes before. He knew how that went. In the morning, he was usually ushered with the hush-hush advice to keep his mouth shut, plus with some money in his pocket, payment for what he had done.

It hadn’t been his speed to be used as a prostitute by high-class assholes who wanted a good pounding once in a blue moon. So he had expected to have learned his lesson. Who the fuck was he kidding? The moment Ruslan Kent had fluttered his pretty curly eyelashes at him, he had wanted to fuck the guy into the mattress.

Tonight was real. They were real. So, next or Monday morning, hell could come, and he couldn’t care less.

“I’m gonna care for you.” Johnny leaned over Ruslan, and those angel eyes stared at him from below, as if they belonged to a drowning man. “Yeah, I’m gonna take care of you,” he reinforced the promise.

The bondage play was all a ruse. Not that Ruslan didn’t look great tied up like that. Johnny just wanted to be the top dog in this. At least for the time before he would get thrown out the door like a stray dog.

He pushed inside deeper. Damn, it felt good to have Ruslan like that, without the rubber. That tight ass was a living thing around his cock. The pretty man knew how to milk a hard dick, and he was doing a fine job.

He grinned at Ruslan. “Ready for the first round?”

“Fuck, just rub it for me.” Ruslan hurried him, and Johnny’s hand rushed over his trembling cock.

“Nice.” Johnny chuckled and began moving to the rhythm.

“Fuck, yes, fuck, fuck.” Ruslan encouraged him, and he was all up for granting this pretty man’s desire.

“I’m so fucking filling your ass,” he said each word through his teeth, as he pumped the other’s ass hard.

Squirt after squirt, Ruslan’s cock spurted, making Johnny feel, in the weirdest way, that it was like he was shooting the wave after wave of jizz filling his ass. Damn. Coming together? That was pretty frigging awesome.

He felt the beautiful ass as he pulled back. Moving the ass cheeks a little, he noticed with satisfaction his wad coming out. Now that was a sight to behold. “Filled to the brim,” he said.

Ruslan looked at him, and his beautiful lips dropped in a pout.

“Don’t tell me that’s it,” Ruslan said. “I thought you promised something.”

“Hmm, do you think it’s okay to make demands?” Johnny pulled playfully at one nicely tied leg.

“Ah, don’t tell me you tricked me into tying me up so that you could go to sleep,” Ruslan half-joked.

“Hey, if you thought this was some SM play, well, it isn’t,” Johnny said back, playing slowly with Ruslan’s Gaziosmanpaşa Escort Bayan slick hole. “So I’m not gonna punish you like that. I just had a full set of balls and needed to empty them. From now on, it’s getting real,” he added with a smirk.

He pushed his half hard dick inside the other. It would grow fully hard again. All it needed was the perfect stimulation, and Ruslan was making an effort to squeeze him. Yeah, that was all that was required for him to get it up again.


Ruslan had to admit that he was at least a little bit surprised with Johnny’s bounce-back abilities. For all that he had been partially disappointed to feel him coming, he was now rethinking what his first evaluation of Johnny the fighter, aka Snake, had been.

Plus, the sense of satisfaction to have his ass filled with no condom in the way was almost enough to forgive Johnny. The way he was now playing with a slowly hardening cock in his ass was also making up for it. If he was in it for the long haul, Ruslan wouldn’t say ‘no’.

He adjusted his position to feel Johnny better and used the control he had over his ass muscles to make him feel him. They were two in this game, and maybe he was the one tied up, but that didn’t mean that he would stay there, like a cold fish.

“Gimme some of that sugar,” Johnny asked roughly, and, for a second, Ruslan wondered what that meant.

Ah, Johnny loved to kiss. It was so counterintuitive to think that this rough boy had it bad for kisses. Ruslan didn’t mind. Johnny was a great kisser, knowing how to tease, and give, and pull away. They were making a certain kind of obscene noise as they were feeding off each other’s mouths.

Ruslan enjoyed it, too. Johnny was moving his tongue into his mouth, like a different way of penetration. It was a two-way, and there wasn’t anything dirty or wrong about it. Ruslan began sucking on his tongue.

“Out,” Johnny demanded, pulling away a little more.

“Um, what?” Ruslan mumbled, taken by surprise.

“Put your tongue out. Let’s play like this.”

Ruslan felt a bit odd to kiss like that, and he was pretty damn sure he didn’t like it too much, but that until Johnny licked his tongue playfully. Ah, cool, he wanted that. He did the same, and soon enough they were fighting in the open, each one keeping to his side of the field, but unafraid of sending jabs over the net.

And then they began sucking each other’s tongues, and Ruslan felt a pleasant sensation starting to spread from the center of his chest. Their bodies connected, and they were as close to making love as Ruslan could remember.

He hadn’t had much of that over the years. At first, clients had just fucked him, praised him for his looks, giving him extra cash and small gifts, yes. But in the end, they were only paying for a service.

Yanis had been a different thing. They had done it, in the beginning, out of boredom, and sometimes like a necessity. It wasn’t a service, but it wasn’t lovemaking either. And any trysts Ruslan had had through the years had been nothing but straight up fucking, and nothing else.

So this was new. He had no idea if he was supposed to quench the new sensation. Was he kidding himself now? They were just having fun. At best, he had to enjoy it while it lasted.

And it looked like it lasted, he groaned, as Johnny began pumping his cock again, making him come messily, all over the place. This time, Johnny didn’t come and didn’t pull out. He continued to fuck Ruslan raw, without letting him have a break like before.

Not even he could be back on track so quickly. Johnny was using his ass, and he was quivering with the fading waves of his release. The extra stimulation was only making him feel like it was almost too much.

Almost. That was the keyword. Because Ruslan could not care less that he was being used. A few rebellious strands of hair over his eyes, murmuring sinful words, Johnny was fucking him on his own pace. Ruslan could almost tell that Johnny’s cock was growing harder and larger in his ass if that was possible.

It damn was, because Johnny was now driving his cock deep and staying there while praising Ruslan’s tight ass and using the most shameless repertoire he had ever heard in his life.

Seeing where he was coming from, he had heard plenty. “Two for two?” he smiled.

Johnny crashed over him, nuzzling his neck.

“Do you think you can take me out of this nice and fitting get up so that we can shower and grab something to eat?”

“Hmm,” Johnny purred into his ear. “So you want to wash away both loads I shot in you tonight?”

Ruslan giggled. “I could try. Although I think you shot deep enough. I don’t think just one shower will make it all disappear.”

Johnny bit his ear playfully. “Good.”

He moved and proceeded to remove Ruslan’s ties.

“It was a nice touch,” Ruslan said while massaging his arms to make the blood come back.

Johnny kicked his hands away and began to do that himself. “It was nice that you let me,” he smiled. “I was expecting Escort Gaziosmanpaşa you to throw a hissy fit.”

“Oh. And why is that?” Ruslan quirked an eyebrow.

It felt nice to have those rough hands on him, touching him everywhere.

“You know. I’m not blind. You’ll kick me out. After you got your fill,” Johnny said.

Ruslan frowned. “Why would I do that?”

“Hey, I might have taken enough kicks to the head, but I’m not stupid,” Johnny said roughly. “You’re high class. No way you’re in my league.”

Ruslan burst into laughter. “All right, I wasn’t expecting that,” he commented.

Johnny looked at him, eyes at half-mast. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Ruslan shook his head. “I’ll tell you when we’ll know each other better. Wait, don’t tell me you want to fuck me because I’m some kind of high class? Rich and everything?”

Johnny grinned. “No way. I’d fuck you in rags, pretty.”

Ruslan sighed. “Ah. Somehow I don’t believe you,” he teased.

“Believe it, or you’ll get round number three in your ass before you get that shower.”

Ruslan pushed Johnny away playfully and rushed to the bathroom, with the other after him.


Pretty men with big ass houses liked to be liked for themselves. That was no surprise there. And Johnny had been totally honest when he said that he would fuck Ruslan if he were in rags. But it kind of annoyed him that such spoiled brats pretended to know how it would be if they didn’t have daddy’s money.

He had a weird feeling, though, that Ruslan had been on the point of saying something, and stopped right before continuing.

Whatever. He liked Ruslan Kent as he was. Pretty, rich, spoilt. It was fine. Even if he were sent out the door with a boot in his ass, it would still be totally worth it.

They fit in bed, like two guys from different worlds weren’t supposed to. And no matter if Ruslan decided that it was not worth it to fool around with someone beneath him, the pretty man would remember this weekend for a long time.

Ruslan took him by surprise as he began to send splashes everywhere, jumping around in the in-ground bath, slowly filling with water.

“I thought you said a shower,” Johnny jumped into the water, grabbing him.

Ruslan laughed. “I like chilling in the bathtub, what can I say?”

“Chilling, huh? I see you splashing around, like a kid, that’s what I see,” Johnny said, and slid his fingers through the firm butt cheeks, satisfied with what he found there.

He took Ruslan into his arms, forcing him to lift his legs and put them around his waist. “You’re so much like a kid, you make me want to ground you.” He laughed, as he dropped them both into the warm water.

“Oh, really?” Ruslan said, keeping his arms wrapped tightly around Johnny’s neck. “And what would this ‘ground’ thing mean?”

“Hmm, you’d not be allowed to leave the house. Or the bed. I wouldn’t let you play with other kids. There would be no TV. I would confiscate your phone. I would make sure you eat everything. Especially your daily dose of jizz on both ends.”

Ruslan began laughing so hard that Johnny wondered if he might choke or something.

“That would be bad parenting,” Ruslan eventually managed to say.

“Who says I want to be your dad?” Johnny snorted.

“What do you want to be?” Ruslan pushed his head back, and then straightened up enough to stare Johnny into his eyes.

Johnny chose to remain ambiguous. “Hmm.”

He could smell a trap from a mile away.

“And I thought you wanted me to be your main squeeze.” Ruslan drew invisible lines with one finger on Johnny’s wet shoulder, intentionally guarding his gaze.

Johnny feigned disinterest. “I wonder how come you know everything that’s going on around your place.”

“It was just hear-say. I hoped to get real confirmation from you while looking me in the eye,” Ruslan teased, and this time he stared at Johnny.

Ah, damn, the pretty man liked the idea. Nah, that couldn’t be. He was just fooling around.

Johnny shrugged. “I was just going for the shock value. You know, they weren’t expecting me to say that.”

Ruslan laughed. “I thought so. Hey, how about you wash my back and I wash yours?”

“I’d say you need it more than me.” Johnny manipulated Ruslan in such a manner that the guy landed with his back at him. “I told you I’d take care of you.”

Ruslan said nothing, but purred in delight, as Johnny began working some kinks in his shoulders.

No one was washing his back. Or scratching his back. Or having his back. In this world, Johnny knew that strength came from no other place but yourself. There was no point in depending on others, and he was no fool, no matter how pretty Ruslan Kent was.

Or how much, for a very short moment, Johnny had wished to hear him that he wanted them to be more than just bed partners for a night or two.


Nothing ever went under the radar with him. Johnny had evaded all of Ruslan’s attempts to reciprocate in the bathtub. Not that he hadn’t enjoyed being caressed, kissed, washed, and massaged everywhere.

Who knew Johnny the fighter, a man who went by the name of Snake in the ring, had some pet peeves of his own? It wasn’t just curiosity nagging him now. Ruslan felt like he was entitled to know a thing or two about someone who was so casually rocking his sex life right now.

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