First Time Swingers


My wife Katie and I lived in our old neighborhood for 8 years. We became good friends with Don and Frankie. Our kids were friends from school and sports. We both owned boats and spent our summers on the local river. During those hot summer weekends, we would boat all day and then party all night when we got home and then go boating again on Sunday. Katie and Frankie became great friends very quickly. They spent many days shopping, lunching or just hanging out talking. Don and Frankie were and attractive couple but I think it was their personalities that really drew us to them. . We all could talk about anything and feel comfortable with it. Of course, many of our party night conversations centered around sex. We knew all about their likes and dislikes and they knew about ours. There we several nights where Katie and I would fuck like mad after a dirty conversation with Frankie and Don.

Whenever we parted ways, Katie and Frankie would hug each other goodbye. I never thought anything of it until one night; I decided the hug was not enough. After a night of drinking, we decided it was time to go home. We walked out of their front door and the girls hugged and said goodbye.

“That hug thing isn’t working for me anymore, you’re gonna have to start giving a goodbye kiss from now on.” I blurted out. “That way, I have something to envision later tonight when we are doin the wild thing.” I continued and we all laughed.

The girls looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and said “OK”. Katie stepped back up onto the front step with Frankie staying on the sidewalk. Katie is a full 7″ shorter than Frankie and this put her face to face. At first they just gave each other a little peck on the lips and then laughed like a couple of little 5th grade girls.

“Sorry ladies, but you’re gonna have to do better than that.” Don responded.

So they looked at each other for a moment and began a deep passionate kiss with plenty of tongue. They seemed to actually get into it as they began to caress each others ass and boobs. This was a first for us as Katie and I never really talked about any lesbian tendencies. I just kinda stood there in awe with Don doing the same. It ended with some giggles and goodbyes. Again, we went home and fucked like mad.

For the next few months, nothing particular happened and nothing was really said of that night. However, one night while partying, the girls wanted to know how Don and I would rate the various women we know on a scale of 1-10. Maybe it was the booze, but they could not figure how we could rate 2 totally different women with the same rating. We tried to explain that it just depends on the individual and we are not comparing their ratings to any other women. I told Frankie, that I thought Katie was a 9. Katie is only 5′-1″ tall, dark hair, full 34B boobs, with a very tiny waist and very curvy hips.

But I also told her that I would rate her a 9 even though she is about 5′-8″ tall, dyed blonde, A cup boobs and a little more proportionate and not as curvy. Both women had incredible tans from the bikinis they wore all summer. As a matter of fact, both women wore them well, despite the fact that they have each given birth to 2 kids well that was all she needed was to start comparing and that is when the fun began.

“How can we rate the same when my boobs are so small and hers are so big?” she asked. “Just look at these.” she said as she lifted up her shirt to reveal her braless little tits. “Hers are so much bigger, show them Katie.”

Without hesitation my wife lifted her shirt and revealed her milky white boobs also. They both kinda checked each others boobs out and Frankie actually began cupping Katie’s just to see what her bigger boobs felt like. In turn, Katie ran her fingers across Frankie’s hardening nipples. Frankie seemed mesmerized by Katie’s boobs and got caught up in the moment. She bent down and began to lick her nipple and Katie squirmed in response.

Frankie got a little more engrossed in the moment and just kept going licking and nibbling all over both of Katie’s boobs. I got behind my wife and pulled her shirt and bra all the way off. I grabbed her hips and pushed my hardening cock into her butt cheeks and began to grind away. She moaned in approval as her hands were exploring Frankie’s body. I reached one hand around and into the front of her shorts. I dragged my finger up her moistening slit and she spread her legs slightly anticipating more. I quickly removed my hand and said…

“I think we need to do a little more comparison studies,”

And with that I quickly pulled Katie’s shorts off before she even knew what was happening. Frankie wasted no time in getting out of her clothes either and just like that, both women were completely nude standing before us.

Again, they are so opposite, with Frankie having a naturally bald pussy, with full pouty lips and exposed clit. Katie on the other hand has a very small Mohawk of dark black hair, and more of a camel toe type appearance urfa escort to her pussy. But as I said before, even though they are so different, they are both so beautiful in their own way.

Both women just kind of stared at each other taking it all in and seemed kind of hesitant for a moment. I decided to persuade them to make a move by pushing Frankie back onto the couch in a semi reclined position. I told her to slide her butt forward to the edge and get comfy. I assisted Katie onto her knees and between Frankie’s spread legs, with Katie almost laying on top of her, with Katie’s boobs pressing onto Frankie’s boobs. They immediately began to kiss and caress each other. Don and I made eye contact and gave each other a shit eatin grin and then a very hearty high five.

“Way cool.” I exclaimed…..

“It sure is.” Don replied.

I got down on my knees next to Katie and began to rub her lower back and butt with one hand and massage her dangling boobs with the other. I ran my fingers up her juicing pussy and she flinched at the touch. My finger entered her without any resistance and she rocked back slightly to get my finger as deep as she could. I noticed that Don had moved onto the couch and was removing his shorts. He stood just above the girl’s faces as they were still embraced in some deep French kissing. He pushed his rigid cock in between their mouths and then began to lick up and down his shaft from both sides. I must say, it was pretty hot seeing my wife lick another guy’s cock for the first time ever. I made the next move by removing my clothes and getting behind my wife to enter her doggy style. Her juiced pussy accepted my cock quite easily as I pushed balls deep into her in one easy slow stroke.

I grabbed Katie by the hips and began to pump her with gusto. She likes it fast and hard and usually orgasms from it. I looked up to see that she had Don’s cock completely in her mouth and sucking him off. Again, I found it to be very hot seeing another mans cock in my wife’s mouth. She came quickly as she must have been quite excited with all the first time activates. I responded with shooting my load all over her sweet ass and lower back. Don was next by blasting his load on Frankie’s tits and we all watched as my wife licked and slurped it up. She loves cum and never passes up a chance to chug it down.

Frankie looked lost as she was the only one who hasn’t had a turn yet. Katie and I pulled back and allowed Don to get between Frankie’s legs as he started eating her out. Her favorite thing is for him to use his tongue and draw the alphabet on her clit. She had a massive orgasm by the time he got to the letter “R”. We all just kind of sat there for a short bit and didn’t really say anything. Eventually we got dressed, drank a few more rounds, laughed and carried on as usual and then just went home. Katie and I were both so spent from the evening that we just went to sleep without having any more sex.

That previous sexual experience with Don and Frankie was neither planned nor thought out. It was just one of those things that happened. Deep down, I was hoping that we could go a second round, but I didn’t want to sound too aggressive with pursuing the idea. Katie and I had talked about that night and both really enjoyed what happened, but again, we didn’t want to appear overly eager to it again. After several more boating weekends and parties, we just kind of figured that it was a one time thing and we just let it go. We all still talked about sex all the time, but things just never progressed. But we found that we were in for a big surprise.

After a typical boating day, they ended up at our house. Frankie seemed a little giddy all evening like she wanted to say something but didn’t know how.

The she finally just blurted out.

“We really had a good time that night and we talk about it all the time. We wanted to know if Katie and I can do some more of the same again.”

Katie and I looked at each other in a bit of surprise, but very glad Frankie asked. Katie didn’t even bother voicing her response, she just lunged for Frankie and they began kissing passionately. Katie was getting into the girl/girls stuff which was fine by me, she really liked the way that it brought out more aggressiveness in our fuck sessions. The clothes were flying off as the girls were all over each other in a heated romp.

They ended up in the same position as last time with Frankie reclined on the couch and Katie on her knees between Frankie’s spread legs. Now this is where things went a little further, again, without plan or thought, it just happened. Katie began kissing, sucking and nibbling all over Frankie’s white titties and tanned tummy. Eventually she worked her way down to the smoothness above her pussy and just licked all around her pussy without actually hitting the bull’s eye. Frankie finally had enough and grabbed my wife by the back of the heard and shoved in face into her wet cunt. Katie balıkesir escort licked her cunt with enthusiasm and Frankie thrashed around wildly.

I got on the floor with Katie and whispered in her ear. I asked if it was ok for Don to fuck her from behind and she said ‘yes’ with a very excited look on her face. Don’s cock is about the same length as mine but larger in girth. That thickness is what Frankie loves most about it. I looked at Don and offered him the chance to ride my wife while she was lapping his wife’s cut. He wasted not time at all getting undressed and in position.

He bent down and gave Katie’s pussy a good lickin from top to bottom and her body spasmed in response. He grabbed his cock in hand and slowly guided it into her wet slit. She thrust her ass back to maximize penetration and looked up at me with a very appreciative and satisfying look. I think she has been hoping to fuck Don as much as I have been hoping to WATCH her get fucked by him. Don put his hand on her lower back and began to fuck her with a very slow deliberate rhythm. Her mouth only came off Frankie’s pussy long enough to moan.

“God that feels so good, go faster.” she begged.

Don would have nothing of it and kept with the slow pace. I moved onto the couch and began to kiss to kiss Frankie and used my hand to rub her clit. I made eye contact with my wife several times and could see the ecstasy in her face. My wife reached another new first as she began to rub her own clit. Since Don was not going to pound her hard and fast like she wanted, she decided to take measures into her own hands. She has never touched herself in front of me but boy was she going to town, getting herself off right there for all to see. She was so deep in concentration with rubbing her clit while Don slow dicked her, that she couldn’t even go down on Frankie any more.

All of the sudden, her body tensed as she announced that she was Cumming. That was all Don needed to do some shooting of his own. He unleashed the biggest wad of jizz I have ever seen. Katie was looking back at him over her shoulder watched the spunk land all over her backside. She proceeded to reach around and scoop up as much as she could so she could lick it off her fingers. Katie and Don Fell back and collapsed onto the floor leaning against the other chairs. Seeing Frankie there all alone, legs spread and juicy pussy ready, set me in motion.

I crawled over and while on my knees, placed the head of my cock on her moist pussy. I used my cock like a toy and began to rub all over her slit and clit. Her body jerked with excitement each time my knob hit her clit. She reached down and pushed the head of my cock so that it just penetrated the entrance to her velvety fuck hole. She contracted her pussy muscles which seemed to draw my cock in deeper. I grabbed by the hips and thrust my joint as deep as I could and she screamed.


I didn’t bother playing any games; I just gave her the hardest fastest fuck that my body could produce. She was cumming and her juices were flowing out and all over my balls and onto the couch. I was so caught up in doing my thing, I didn’t even notice that Don and Katie had moved into position to get a better view. Katie even reached in and grabbed my cock to help jam it in further and harder. That did it for me and I pulled my cock out and Katie finished stroking it as I shot my load of spunk all over her Frankie’s tan tummy and hot tiny tits. That was the biggest wad that ever came out of my cock at once and I was proud of it. Katie jumped up and began slurp, lick and suck all the cum from Frankie’s body as she squirmed in delight. That, in itself, was worth the show. Chapter 2 had concluded with us talking about how much fun all this was. We agreed that we would not plan things, but if the situations presented themselves, we would act upon them. We went home that night, totally spent, but we were so pent up with excitement that we fucked again. This was shaping up to be a pretty cool arrangement.

We had been together with Don and Frankie several times since our last excursion, but without any sexual activities, just the usual smut talk. It was kinda fun not having the expectations of doing things, because it made the actual activities a little more impromptu instead of planned out. However, this upcoming next round of ‘FUCKFEST’ was planned without our knowing it. Typical boating weekend and Saturday night was shaping up to be a biggie. There just seemed to be a lot more excitement in the air while out on the boat. Couldn’t put a finger on it exactly, but just seemed to be there.

Frankie seemed to be incredibly flirty and Don just kept sitting right up next to Katie and kinda brushing his hand up against her anytime he got the chance. Kinda like the people that always have to touch you while talking, but his touch seemed a little more sexy. Katie was obviously liking it as she kept scooting closer every trabzon escort time he got near. However, nothing happened while on the boat, but they dropped the bomb on us when we showed up at their place for the typical Saturday night partying.

We barely made it in the door and it was crazy in the way that Frankie was extremely giddy. Almost as if she had a secret she was dying to tell but swore to secrecy. Anyhow, they asked us to come in and sit at the kitchen table which was a first for us. We usually just stood by or sit at the breakfast bar or in the family room. Without hesitation, Frankie boldly asked.

“Don and I have a proposition for you. We would like to know if you guys want to do some trading.”

“I think we already did a little of that last time.” I responded.

“No, I mean trading of some specific thing’s” she added.

“What did you have in mind?” Katie asked.

“WWWELLLLLL……..for starters, I thought that maybe you could give Don a blowjob and then swallow all his cum.”

“And then?” Katie asked

“THEEENNNNNN……..Pat could fuck me in the ass.”

Katie and I just kind of looked at each other for a moment trying to absorb the idea. See, Frankie will blow Don, but she hates cum and will not swallow, but she loves being fucked in the ass. On the flip side, Katie refuses to let me fuck her in the ass, but she will suck cum like its going out of style. I think we both had our minds made up in less than a second even without discussing it with each other.

“We’ll do it.” Katie said while looking at me to acknowledge with approval.

“Sure, why not.” I agreed as my heart raced with the idea of my cock deep in Frankie’s gorgeous ass. “How shall we get started?”

“I thought we just would put on a show for each other since this is our idea.” Frankie offered. “Katie can just start with Don whenever she is ready.”

With that, we all went to the family room and got settled in the comfy furniture. Don sat on the couch and Katie did a seductive walk towards him. She had on a very tight tank top that had a built in bra-shelf, so she did not need a real bra underneath. She also had no panties on underneath a pair of terrycloth shorts that were also a little tighter than usual. Her pussy mound was sort of on display, but did not produce a real camel toe like I thought. She was ripe for a fucking; just by the way she looked.

Don reclined on the couch as Katie sat next to him and began to kiss him in a very slutty way. Usually, we have had a few drinks by now, but we haven’t even been in the house for 10 minutes and we are already getting into it. Katie’s hand roamed all over Don’s body, and made regular stops on his cock for a quick feel. She pulled off his shirt and began to kiss and lick his chest and paid special attention to his nipples.

Don began to feel up my wife’s ample boobs and she loved it and began to moan slightly to his touch. His other hand was trying to reach around and rub her pussy from behind. She scooted closer and adjusted herself which gave him better access to her crotch. Katie unzipped Don’s shorts to find his cock already hard with the head sticking out above the waistband of his boxers. She licked his cockhead and gave it a few small sucks.

She giggled as she did this and said “Hope you enjoy what is about to happen.”

Don lifted his body and removed the last of his clothes. This gave Katie unlimited access to everything she needed. He slid his ass to the edge of the couch and his ball sack was hanging off the end. Katie continued to slurp on his cock head while her hand strayed down to his saggy scrotum. She massaged his balls very lightly while occasionally running a finger across his taint. His body would stiffen as she hit it and she would remove it quickly so as not to get him to cum too soon. She slowly lowers her mouth further and further down his slobbery cock and eventually had her lips down to his pubic hair.

By now, don had his hand inside Katie’s shirt and was rubbing her boobs. He lifted her off his cock long enough to pull her shirt off, spilling her lovely tits out in all their glory. I am a boob man and love her tan lines and the gentle sag of her boobs. Hers were top notch, due to all the boating and she has the greatest tan lines. We made eye contact and she blew me a kiss, which I blew back. She kept looking at me very hard as she grabbed Don’s rigid member and began stroking him a little harder.

She got on her knees on the couch next to him and impaled her mouth with his cock. She sucked him off as if she was competing for a million bucks. Don’s hand was working its way into the back of her shorts and again searching for her pussy from behind. I never did see, due to the angle of where I was sitting, but I am more than sure his fingers found the target. Her ass was pushing back every so often which told me she was trying to meet the thrusts of his fingers. Katie motioned for Frankie to come closer.

She grabbed Frankie’s hand and placed in on Don’s cock. She wanted Frankie to stroke don while she sucked him off. Her drool was running down the sides of his member and all over Frankie’s hand. Frankie just yanked away as my wife was sucking and slurping. She would moan or coo every so often as Don’s fingers hit the right spot in her pussy.

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