First Time Nude Sauna Pt. 08

Girl On

This is the story of our experiences in saunas and spas in Switzerland and Germany. It’s a multi-part story based on true events. If you’re looking for quick and hard sex look elsewhere!


February was upon us and the next family visit was a week away. This time it was my sister and her family coming over from the UK. Lilly is five years younger than me, her husband Frank is my age and their two children are James (19) and Sophie (18). We haven’t seen them in over four years as they live in the north near the Scottish borders.

I drove to the airport to pick them up. Lilly looks younger than her age and could easily pass for early thirties. Frank is the opposite, overweight with a white beard he looks more like a 60 year old Santa Claus. Both the kids are good looking with James around 6 foot tall and Sophie around 5 1/2 foot. Both are on the skinny side but it was hard to tell as they were bundled up in think winter clothes.

Apart from Frank all have dark brown hair like myself. We caught up on the latest news during the drive home. Both Jia and myself are not big fans of Frank. In the past he was often grumpy, drank a lot and generally lazed about rather than doing anything. I felt my sister could have done much better. It was the first time they had visited our home in Switzerland and they were amazed by the beautiful views and by our spacious and modern home.

Frank immediately asked for a beer and settled himself down on the sofa while the rest of the family unpacked their gear. I could tell he hadn’t changed and was glad they were only planning to stay a week as I’d already had enough of him. After having lunch we talked about what they wanted to do over the coming days.

As they weren’t interested in skiing or skating the choices were a bit limited. We decided on a couple of outings to mountains and some hiking trails nearby. Frank said he couldn’t go to any high altitudes and didn’t want to hike, he said he would just stay at home and watch TV. This was fine with us as the last thing we needed was him complaining all day.

Jia also suggested a visit to a water park and spa. My sister and the kids said they would enjoy that with Frank saying he hates water and would just stay home again, I really wondered why he had bothered to come before realizing that if he’d stayed at home he would have had to cook and clean for himself.

We decided to spend the afternoon in town leaving Frank to ‘rest’. During the walk to town I managed to get Lilly away from the others for a private chat. I asked her “how are things going in your life? Are you happy?”

She said “Frank’s getting more and more difficult. I don’t know if our marriage is going to last much longer but I want to try and keep it going until the kids move out.”

“I’m sorry to hear that but I understand. You know you can count on our support whatever happens. Hopefully you can still enjoy your holiday.”

She smiled and said “I’m sure I’ll enjoy it especially as Frank will probably just laze around at home.”

I decided I better warn her about the saunas and said, “hey, just so you know. The saunas and spas here are mostly mixed gender and nude!”

“Really? I’ve heard about them being like that in Germany but I didn’t know it was the same here!”

“It’s quite confusing here. In the French and Italian part of the country most are clothing required but not in the German part. How do you feel about it?”

She gave it some thought and then said. “I don’t know. I haven’t’ really considered it. Do you and Jia go nude?”

“Yes, we started about a year ago and really enjoy it now.”

“I’m surprised you have it in you – you were always such a shy prude growing up!”

I laughed “You’re right about that! Actually both Jia and I regret not trying it sooner.”

Lilly the said “well, if you and Jia can do it so can I! God, the last time we saw each other naked must have been when we still took baths together!”

“How do you feel about us seeing each other naked?”

“It’ll be weird that’s for sure!”

The others caught up with us and I ended the conversation by saying “anyway, you still have some time to think about it before you decide.”

Sophie heard my last comment and asked “decide about what?”

I was surprised when Lilly answered, “Your uncle was just telling me that you have to be nude in the spas and saunas we’re going to visit.”

James and Sophie looked at each other in shock before James blurted out “No way!” and Sophie added “you must be joking!”.

Lilly went on “I’m not joking and just to be clear its men and women nude together.”

James laughed and said “OK, now I’m sure you’re just making this up!”

Jia then told them “It’s really true. But don’t worry; it’s only in the sauna and spa areas not in the pools. So you don’t have to be nude to go swimming!”

They both looked relieved hearing that and Sophie asked her mum, “are you going to do it?”

Lilly replied, “I don’t know yet but probably. I’d love to try the saunas Escort bayan and if Jia and Tom can do it, so can I.”

Sophie blushed and asked Jia “so you have been to one of these places before?”

Jia replied, “We’ve been to lots and it’s great. I was scared at the beginning but now I love it and it’s no big deal being naked.”

James said “I still can’t really believe this! There’s no way I’m going. I don’t even get naked in the school showers and that’s without any girls around.”

We carried on walking and switched to another topic. The next few days were uneventful and I don’t know if Frank even left the house once. The night before we were going to visit the water park, Jia and I were reading in bed when there was a knock on our door. We were both naked but covered by our bedsheet so I said “come in”.

Lilly entered the room in her dressing gown and asked “Can I quickly talk to you about our trip tomorrow?” After taking a deep breath she said “I’ve decided I want to join you in the sauna but I’m very nervous about it.”

She started crying, “Frank and I have been sleeping in separate rooms for a few years and I haven’t had sex in almost as long. No one has seen me naked for ages.”

Jia immediately jumped out of bed and put her arm around my sister to comfort her. She was completely naked and had pulled the sheet off exposing my nudity as well. My first instinct was to grab the sheet and cover myself but I decided it was pointless as we would all be seeing each other naked the next day anyway.

Lilly hadn’t noticed as she had covered her face with her hands and was weeping. Jia said “I’m so sorry; we didn’t realize things were that bad. Don’t worry about tomorrow; just do whatever you’re comfortable with.”

Lilly looked up “thanks for understanding.”

It was then that she realized Jia and I were naked. She blushed and quickly turned away “Oh, I’m sorry for disturbing, I should leave!”

I said “You’re not disturbing anything, we were just reading!”

Still looking away she said, “but you’re both naked?”

“We always sleep in the nude. Anyway, we’re not ashamed of our bodies so just calm down.”

She took a moment before saying “I suppose you’re right it was just unexpected!”

I tried to lighten the mood “Well you better get used to it if you really want to join us tomorrow. Take a good look now and it won’t be such a big deal!”

She turned her head and looked at us both. Jia moved back next to my side and we both lay on the bed uncovered. I said to Lilly “tomorrow you should forget all your troubles and just have a totally relaxing day.”

She stood up and while still looking at us, untied her robe letting it slip to the floor. She stood naked before us and asked “what do you think?”

I cleared my throat and gulped “you look great!”

Jia agreed, adding “no one would ever guess you’re the mother of two young adults!”

It was no empty compliment, her body was very pale and slim, her breasts much smaller than I expected (barely larger than Jia’s) and tipped by big and puffy pink nipples. Her narrow waist led to wide hips and a trimmed pubic bush that left her nether lips fully exposed.

Lilly blushing fiercely, gave us a shy smile and said “see you in the morning” before turning around, bending down to pick up her robe and giving us a good look at her well rounded derrière on her way out.

I looked at Jia and said “wow, that was unexpected!”

The next morning the five of us drove to the water park. During the drive the kids had many questions about the facilities. James was mainly interested in the slides and thanks to the previous trip with Meilin we were able to give him a good idea of what to expect. Sophie said she was a bit scared of slides and didn’t enjoy them much. I told her there were other more gentle attractions like a wave pool and a wild river ride that she might like.

James teased her and called her a chicken, she answered she might go to the nude area to get away from him and be with more mature people. Their bickering continued for a while until they settled the matter by making a bet on who would go to the nude area with each claiming the other one wouldn’t dare to do it.

Lilly asked if there were any age restrictions for the sauna. She was surprised when I told her that in this particular sauna kids under 16 had to be accompanied by an adult but 16 and over are free to visit by themselves.

After we parked in the underground garage, Lilly told her kids they should decide now which tickets they wanted. This put them on the spot but Sophie spoke up first and said she wanted a ticket for the pool and sauna. James considered a moment and then said he only wanted the pool access as he didn’t think there would be time for visiting everything if he went on all the slides. Lilly immediately called him a wimp and claimed she had won the bet already. James retorted that she hadn’t actually gone nude yet and maybe he would still change his mind.

There wasn’t much Bayan escort of a queue at the ticket counter so it looked like it wouldn’t be too crowded. I purchased 4 pool and sauna tickets and one pool only ticket for James. Everyone went off to change and we said we would meet up at the main pool. About 15 minutes later the group was together again. We decided that we would split up and meet at the same spot 3 hours later.

Sophie and James rushed off towards the slides together and Jia, Lilly and I decided to use the pools before heading for the sauna.

After swimming, I asked Lilly “how are you feeling, are you ready to try the sauna now?”

She replied “I’m fine, but I’m glad we’ve all seen each other naked already and I don’t really care what anyone else thinks!”

“That’s a good attitude! Let’s go!”

We got out of the water and walked over to the sauna entrance. After scanning our bracelets, we entered the changing area just as middle aged couple were leaving. “This is the moment of truth Lilly, we have to get naked now!” I said.

Jia and I slipped off our suits and put them in a cubbyhole before wrapping ourselves in our towels. Lilly quickly did the same and we entered the nude area together. It was reasonably full and Lilly was having trouble trying not to stare at all the body parts that were presented.

She was blushing and a bit flustered when I asked her if she was still OK. She nodded and said “I just hadn’t expected so much flesh so soon!”

I suggested we do the usual and start with the lower temperatures before going for a swim outside and hitting the really hot ones. Our first stop was the steam room. Jia and I hung up our towels and I told Lilly to do the same. She hesitated a moment then followed suit.

Once we were all naked I opened the steam room door and let the ladies in first. As usual it was difficult to see initially so we waited until our eyes adjusted before taking the hose and washing down the bench in the far corner. Once it was ready we sat down next to each other.

There were 6 people already seated and I could tell Lilly wasn’t sure what to do. I whispered in her ear that she should just relax and not think about the others. She looked over at Jia and saw that she was leaning back with her hands at her side so she copied this position and closed her eyes.

I took the opportunity to look over her body again and noticed that her chest was slightly flushed and her puffy nipples seemed larger and darker than the previous evening. I turned away and glanced at the other occupants of the steam room.

There was a middle aged couple on the bench next to us and 3 men and a woman on the opposite side. The layout of this steam room meant there is no way to avoid looking at whoever is opposite unless you close your eyes or look at the ceiling or floor.

Two of the guys looked to be in their early twenties and were totally shaved. They had good sized cocks and balls clearly presented due to the lack of pubic hair. They seemed more interested in themselves than the others in the room and I suspected they may be a couple.

The other guy was middle aged with a bit of a gut and I could tell he was enjoying the view of the two ladies next to me as he didn’t look elsewhere. The woman next to him was probably around thirty and quite far along in her pregnancy. Her breasts were large and drooping with prominent blue veins and huge dark brown nipples. She looked to be totally shaven but it was hard to tell as her stomach was blocking the view.

I realized it was the first time I had seen a pregnant women in a sauna. I glanced back over at my sister and wife and noticed that both had their eyes open now were checking out the other occupants. I whispered to Lilly that she should just get up when she had enough of the heat and we would follow her. She nodded and smiled. It looked like she was enjoying herself.

A few minutes later the two guys and the couple next to us left. They were followed shortly afterwards by the guy next to the pregnant women. Lilly suddenly leaned over and asked her if she could speak English. The lady answered “yes” and Lilly went on to ask how far along she was. She smiled and replied that she was coming up to the 8th month. I was surprised that the heat was OK for her.

A few minutes later, Lilly stood up and said she had enough so we all left the room together. I was surprised to see that she didn’t immediately grab her towel but rather stood there taking some deep breaths before asking where the showers were.

After showering we went back to our towels and I commented to Lilly “you don’t look like you’re nervous anymore!”

She gave me a big smile and said “I feel wonderful! I love being naked in this environment, it just feels so natural and I can understand why you and Jia are such fans.”

I said “that’s great! You’re a natural at this, normally it takes people much longer to enjoy it and feel comfortable.”

She was eager to try out all the facilities so we took her Escort from one sauna to the other having rests and drinks between each session. Her favourites were the steam room and the medium dry heat saunas as well as the outside pools. Despite the cold weather she really enjoyed floating around in the hot salt water before running inside to the warmth to dry off.

All too soon our 3 hours were up and we went out to meet the kids as arranged. Lilly said she still wanted to return to the sauna and both Jia and I agreed and said there was no rush as we could stay until closing time. When we got to the pool both James and Sophie were waiting for us.

Sophie immediately asked her mother “were you really all naked?”

Lilly laughed and said “yes, and it was fantastic!”

James grunted and said “I can’t believe you’d do such a thing, I think it’s disgusting.”

“Hey, watch your attitude James.” his mother said sternly, “You should be more mature about things like this at your age.”

He gave her an angry look but remained silent.

Jia then suggested we go to the restaurant and have some food before deciding what to do next. After a light meal Lilly said “I’m ready to go back to the sauna. James and Sophie you’re welcome to join us if you want.

Sophie said she would come with us but James shook his head and just mumbled that he would stay in the pools with the normal people. We told him we would meet up at the same place as before in another 3 hours and then head home.

Lilly grabbed Sophie’s hand and said she was proud of her before leading the way to the changing area. Poor Sophie looked like she was already regretting her decision as it was full of people in various stages of undress. She asked her mum where she could get changed to which Lilly answered “right here” before quickly removing her own swimsuit.

Jia and I also stripped down. Sophie stood open mouthed looking at all of us until her mum told her to get on with it and stop staring. Reluctantly she removed her bikini top and wrapped herself in a towel before removing the panties. Her face was bright red and I felt sorry for her. Jia must have had similar thoughts as she put an arm around her shoulder and said not to worry as she could keep her towel on if she felt uncomfortable.

Lilly realized that she was being a bit unfair and took Sophie’s hand before saying “Sorry, love, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself once you relax.”

Sophie said she was OK and Lilly led her into the nudist section. Once inside Lilly said to us “You guys should go ahead and do whatever you wanted while I explain everything to Sophie and show her around.

I said “That’s a good idea, you’ll probably find us outside in the salt pool later.”

With that Jia and I left them and headed towards the outside section. On the way there I noticed a door at the side of the building that I’d never seen before.

I said to Jia “Hang on, let me just check where that goes.” and walked over to the door.

The sign on the door said “Damensauna, ab 18 Uhr” which basically means Ladies Sauna after 6pm. I waved Jia over and said “I’ve never even noticed this! It’s a ladies only sauna after 6 o’clock.”

Jia wasn’t impressed “I’m not interested in ladies only saunas anymore!”

“Let’s just take a look to see what’s in here and then we can go outside.”

I opened the door and we stepped inside. It was a small hall with two open shower cubicles and a sauna on the right and a metal door with a small window on the left.

I took a look into the sauna which was decorated to look like an old mine with wooden beams and mine cart rails. The other room was more interesting; I took a look through the window and saw a bright room filled with sand. The walls were painted to look like a beach scene with rocks and water. I told Jia to take a look while I read the description on the door.

Jia said “What’s this?”

“According to the description it’s a kind of beach room. Every hour you stay for 45 minutes lying on your towel on the sand. The air is mixed with salt and you get a vitamin D boost like being in the sun.”

“Oh, that sounds quite nice, shall we try it?”

I checked my watch and it was half past the hour so I said “We’ve missed the start, lets come back later.”

Jia agreed and we went outside to the mild sauna with bird sounds followed by a rest and another visit to a steam room. When we emerged about an hour and a half later we heard splashing and laughing in the outdoor pool. It was Sophie and Lilly splashing each other and generally mucking around. They both had huge smiles on their faces and looked happier than at any time during their visit.

Jia and I quickly entered the pool and joined in the fun. I said “it looks like you two are enjoying yourselves!”

Before Lilly had a chance to reply, Sophie began gushing “It’s amazing here and so natural. I don’t care that I’m naked any more, it just feels great. People don’t stare and aren’t weird and I love the really hot saunas…”

When she finally ran out of breath she hugged Jia and gave her a kiss on the cheek before doing the same to me and saying how grateful she was to us for giving her this experience. We were both moved by her gratitude and told her so.

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