First Draft of an Autobiography


Recently started my career as an Author.
Be kind!!!

My name is Ben. I doubt you will forget it.

I don’t even remember how we had met… no, that’s a lie. Apparently, our parents had known each other before we were born. We joke that we had been friends since the womb.

We must have been the most perfect opposites. I am a classical pianist. I go to school for it. And slide effortlessly through a social structure without friction. My high school is known for its frequent brawls, but I insist that I can’t spare the energy to fight, though I certainly expend enough on the boy’s tennis team. Numerous girls had come and gone, drifting quietly through my life without any intimate contact. I got that from occasional one-night stands between relationships.
To make a long story short, I was laid-back and indie. Ryan was tightly-strung, and hardcore.
He was taller and more muscular, being on the wrestling team of our rival school. His burgundy hair lay across his face like silk, and he kept it styled in that silly little swoop that’s popular nowadays. His sharp green eyes shone brightly as if challenging everything they gazed upon.
Not that he went looking for fights… But his life always seemed to be filled with some sort of hostility that could have otherwise be avoided. Maybe that is my purpose in his life.
To provide him with some sort of escape from a harsh, self-induced lifestyle.

My parents were out of town, visiting my sister at her college, and only through some divine miracle they had allowed me to stay at his house for the weekend. He had recently gotten a green Mercedes convertible, which needed major work, so we planned to chill out, work on some music, the car, video games, etc.
He had a new girlfriend, who was a great girl, don’t get me wrong, but she undoubtedly did coke, which I didn’t approve of at all. I make a girl brush her teeth before kissing me if she’s been smoking. This was mainly why I was single for the moment…

I won’t enclose every detail of the day. I’ll fast-forward to a time you may be interested in.

We were wiped. It must have been three in the morning, and we were wrestling in his room. Both in our boxers, and in dangerously close proximity. He knew every hold, and had pinned me securely down.
I could feel his legs pressing uncomfortably against my own, and his hard chest and stomach weighing me down. His body was always hot as if he had a fever. I could feel the contrast of my own chilly limbs, we were so close.
I grimaced with effort as I twisted an arm backwards and lodged it between our sweating bodies, pushing him up, bringing my knees to my chest, my ass pressed against his stomach…
“Yrrggh!” I heaved him off me, and then collapsed in exhaustion from the effort. Ryan climbed right back on top of me, laughing with his eyes.
“You’re tired already?” He grinned inches from my face. He tended to be a little too ‘touchy-feely’.
“Well, you try to lift an elephant off you!” I breathed heavily. Every time my stomach rose with a breath, it would lightly stroke Ryan’s. our chests slid easily across each other, lubricated by the sweat that condensed on our hard bodies.

I didn’t get to show it off much, but I was extremely proud of my firm legs and ass, tight abs and chest, powerful tennis arms, and what Ryan called my “Jewish cock.”
I was about seven inches, but I can’t think of how he would know that.
Despite my efforts, however, Ryan still outclassed me in physical capacity and looks. (Or at least I thought)

I managed to roll over and stumble to the couch that sat perpendicular to his single bed. “Ok, ok…” I mumbled. “Stop keeping me up. I need my beauty sleep.”
“Hah. Yeah right. Studs don’t need sleep.” He flipped on his Xbox. I groaned half-jokingly and obligingly continued to play until—

I suddenly woke up to complete darkness.
I lay in absolute blackness, the near silence in the room almost suffocating me.
There was the rasp of his breath only a yard away. He had thrown the covers off in his sleep and his perfect, masculine body lounged exposed across the bed. Light from a streetlamp shone down on the contours of his hard body.
I caught myself staring. I tried to relieve myself quietly, but every time my hand rustled against the sheets as I stroked my hard cock, he would stir restlessly, mumbling quietly in his sleep.
I was so terrified of discovery that I had to settle back to sleep without release…

Talk about torture.

The next day was a blast. It was his birthday, and we had lunch with his mother’s family. Apart from my parents and sister, I had no one else. I envied my friends with large families.
Driving home afterwards, I told him that I was jealous. He merely laughed.
“What for?”
“You have such a good relationship. My parents hate me!”
He laughed again. “Ah well, Sex hikayeleri You can live with me.”
“You wouldn’t get tired of me?”
“I never get tired of you.”
I tore my eyes away from the road for a split second to look into his. I shivered with electricity, hands shaking on the wheel. He was always dropping hints like that. But I could never trust myself to believe anything—

We went to bed late again that night. When his parents were asleep, we snuck into the liquor cabinet and I mixed us drinks. I’d read my parents ‘Bartender’s handbook’ when I was a kid.
With a happy buzz of alcohol drifting around in our systems, we settled down to sleep.
“Happy birthday, Ryan.”

He was talking in his sleep again. I had woken when his cat jumped on me in the middle of the night.
I caught snips of his words.
“…hmmm…” He groaned, arching his back and squirming around, skin straining against the muscle.
“…that’s right…” He mumbled. “Heeey…”
At this point, I thought he was awake, so I rose, arranging the bulge in my boxers, and stood over his sleeping form in the bed.
“…hmmm… oh, Ben… fuck…”
I bent down. “What’s up?” I asked… no reply…
“You awake?” Suddenly, his arms shot up and latched around my neck, pulling me down, crushing my face into his abs, my head spinning from arousal and the heat from his body. My ear stroked the top hem of his boxers. My heart raced as he subconsciously moaned and slowly moved his hips across my face.
“Ryan.” I whispered. His eyes shot open. Powerful arms releasing my head, body jumping in surprise, eyes wide…
“What the FUCK?” He backed away in surprise. “WHAT THE HELL?”
I retreated back to my couch like a frightened mouse. “Sorry! Sorry! You attacked me in your sleep!”

He calmed after a while. Laughed, even. “It’s my fault, Ben. Sometimes I just… I dunno. I’m not in control of my actions when I’m asleep.” He flashed a perfect smile my way.
I managed to grin nervously as well. “We need to finish up this vodka.”

One half-bottle later, we were wrestling again, and as usual, I was pinned down between his body and the floor. I am irrevocably erect in such proximity with him. The alcohol does its part to make it worse.
As the last of our strength is spent, we both collapse, his body falling down on me, and we were finally in full, uninhibited contact. In that instant, my senses flew into overdrive and every atom of my being recorded the sensation:
Our bodies were slick with sweat, our hair plastered to each other’s brows. We breathed in tandem, stomachs colliding rapidly in a chaotic tangle of muscle and skin. His legs lay lightly across my own. One bent, bringing a knee to stroke my inner leg all the way up to my ass.
Understandably, most of my attention was focused to what was between our legs.
Our cocks were both fully erect and pressing uncomfortably into each other as he lay on top of me. I marveled at the sensation as his length shoved mercilessly against me, my own returning the favor.
I collect enough breath to speak.
“Damn.” I whispered in his ear, as he rested his head against my shoulder. “I must really turn you on.”
A chuckle rose from the body on top of me. “Yeah you do.”
He lifted himself up on his elbows, and we stared at each other… then bringing our faces grew close, we kissed for the first time.

It was experimental at first, but quickly grew into a hungry mashing of teeth and lips and tongue. We rolled around the floor together. Suddenly, I was on top, and knelt above him, unwilling to break the kiss. We explored each others mouths like animals in a new territory. My tongue twisting its way down and dancing with his in a wet grind.
His hands were planted firmly on my waist, but I let mine roam freely. I had dreamed of touching this perfect body. He was like a golden god. I stroked his face and neck, then defined chest and six-pack, then invaded his boxers to knead the firm, round ass within. As my cold hands devoured his body, he shivered delightedly at my touch, timidly allowing his own hands to edge across my body.
Our personalities had reversed, myself becoming the more dominant as I let my built-up sexual hunger take over.
He broke our kiss, and I contented myself to suckle on his neck as he ran his rough, hot hands across my chest and abs, then my back, and then he pulled away to concentrate on my boxers.
Slipping each thumb inside the fabric, his slowly exposed my ass and allowed my straining dick to spring free from beneath me. He stared at my cock for a long time, just sitting there smiling. I was proud. My full seven inches stood at attention, and he grinned at me.
“Look at that Jewish cock.” He said.
I swallowed his grin in a kiss.

I dove down to his waist and eased off the clothing that covered him as well, over-eager to bring an old fantasy to Sikiş hikayeleri life.
His cock was beautiful. It was just a fraction shorter than my own, and a little less thick; but it was his. I looked up into his eyes. They were wide with expectation. The world had stopped breathing altogether.

I hesitantly stuck out my tongue and licked the head lightly. At once, his whole body racked with intense electricity that added to the healthy pulse of heat that came from his dick.

“Tell me if I’m any good.” I commanded, and then accepted his rigid cock properly into my mouth.
I swirled my tongue around his head, cumulating spit, and let it dribble all the way down his shaft, licking down to the base, and slowly coming back up before falling into a steady rhythm of bobbing up and down on his hard dick, stroking his shaft with my hands. He was holding my head lightly, eyes closed, and face contorted in pure pleasure.
I let my head sink deeper down on his rigid cock, my throat working the head as it slid down until his hairs were tickling my lips. He let out a low groan as my tongue and throat massaged his dick before I released him, his cock popping out of my mouth, gasping for quick snatches of air as he squirmed beneath me.

He brought his face to mine. “Holy fucking shit.” He breathed, lips brushing against my cheek. “You’re amazing.”
“How amazing?”
“Almost as amazing as me.” In one swift movement, he picked me up and lay me gently on the bed, climbing on top of me, and planting his beautiful ass on my stomach. He held my pulsing cock like a tender child, kissing and stroking it, and then swallowing as much as he could.
“You have a lot to live up to.” I whispered. He chuckled, sending vibrations down my cock and giving me butterflies in my stomach. I was completely captivated by him sucking my dick, watching him bob up and down, and then running his tongue along the sides and base, squeezing my balls. My senses went into overdrive again.
“You suck dick like a bitch, Ryan.”
I suddenly groaned, arching my back in pleasure as he penetrated his throat with my cock, deep-throating me, accepting my entire length into him. He swallowed; the walls of his throat massaging my dick blew my mind.
“What was that about being a bitch?” he asked with a smile as he rose up off me. I leaned over and kissed some saliva from his mouth. But as soon as we were close again, we fell back into our wild passion, depending on each other’s mouths for survival. We pressed out bodies together as hard as we could, as if trying to fuse. The spit that had spread across our dicks and legs and stomachs slid wetly across each other, cocks grinding in their own dance to match our tongues as we kissed.
“Hmmm, you’re cold.” He shivered beneath me. I was sad to lose contact with his mouth as he spoke, so I settled with exploring the rest of his body.
“Can’t you warm me up?” I started moving lower, and I knew he was having trouble piecing together words.

“Am I the man, then?” He breathed as I straddled his stomach and began licking his dick again. My heart fluttered as he asked. I knew where he was going.
“You can go first, but keep in mind what’s waiting for you later.” I gave several small nips to his abs, and then continued sucking, arching my back and allowing him my bare ass.
He laughed, his abs contracting, hardening against the length of my dick that slid across the ridges. “You’re so sexy, Ben, I can’t get enough.”
He placed his big, rough hands on my bubble butt and kneaded the flesh. It felt good, but I was already harder than I’d ever been before. I couldn’t get any more turned on. He sighed in pleasure as I absently licked and sucked and nipped his big dick, lost in the attention my own ass was getting.
Ryan slid himself out from beneath me and pushed me down flat on my stomach. I was soon sandwiched between him and the bed, his cock resting along my ass crack. He slowly began to move his hips, his dick working its way along my cheeks, until I chuckled softly.
“You going to tease me, or give it to me?”
“You want it?” He asked the question like a schoolboy asking out a girl.
“Yeah.” I said.

I rose up onto my elbows and knees, presenting my ass for him plainly, then, closing my eyes, I handed myself over to my senses.
He held my butt softly but firmly in those burning hands, kneading the flesh. I felt the tip of his cock probing uncertainly. I winced slightly as it pressed against my hole, unsure of what to expect. We stayed there for a while, Ryan gently pressing against my hole with his dick, and with me lightly pressing back onto him.
Finally, he shifted away from me and I felt warm breath on my ass as his mouth hovered close by. A thick stream of spit came from his mouth and was rubbed into my hole. I shivered again with pleasure and anticipation. This was it.
I felt a pressure build, confusing my senses, making me ache all the way up my spine. He pressed hard against me, grunting with the effort, both Erotik hikaye of us terrified by the pain.
I thought it was cute that he didn’t want to hurt me.
But I wanted it.

Suddenly, my body seemed to tear in half, a scream caught in my throat, gagging me as the head of his cock entered me. My eyes shot open wide, my mouth forming wordless shapes.

“Ben?” He draped his body over mine, hugging me close, concerned.
“You okay?”
I nodded, still unable to make a sound.

We stayed like that, motionless, for a while. The moon shone through the window on the two of us; him bent over me; me propping myself up on the floor with my ass in the air; connected.
“Go.” I whispered once I had found my breath.
Ryan still didn’t move, so all at once, I flipped over to face him, and pushed him down on his back, then sat on top of him, completely sinking down agonizingly on his dick.
His eyes grew in ecstasy and his body vibrated with sensation. I smiled at him, loving how I made him feel.
“Fuck me.”

His hands slid to hold my ass as I began to rock back and forth on his long dick, feeling it stir me up inside, giving me butterflies.
Soon, he was moving me with his own strength, lifting me up, his biceps crushing my sides, his big hands lifting my body up, and then letting me fall like a jackhammer; letting my slide all along his hot dick, taking it deep within myself.
I was in heaven now. I lay down on top of him, moving myself now, loving the feeling of him inside me. Our bodies fit together like a perfect puzzle, mine cold, his unbearable hot. Our muscles flexed and relaxed in perfect concert as we fucked each other. I was sweating. He was shivering.
“Holy fuck, Ben. I never knew you were so sexy.”
“Yeah you did.” I said. “I only got sexier.”
My anus flexed and spasmed around his cock as I laughed, giving him stronger sensations then ever. His eyes rolled back and he picked up the pace, holding me suspended above him, and now slamming his dick op into me.
Our mouths found each other again, and I ate him up, kissing so passionately, I never wanted to change. I never wanted to leave. My tongue dove deeper into his mouth battling his own, and our teeth mashed together hungrily.
Still, his balls slapped against mine painfully, as he fucked me and fucked me. I pressed back against him hard, unable to get enough cock in my ass. I craved it, now. I needed it.
“Deeper… Faster.”

Never breaking contact, he rolled us over so I was on my side with one leg over his shoulder, and he thrust into me again and again, deeper, faster. It felt like his dick was filling me up; reaching into me, up through my body.
We were both drenched in sweat now, but I still felt cold. I let my eyes close again as I felt our hard bodies sliding across each other. His abs clenching in effort as he fucked me. His eyes had gone out of focus. He was an animal now. I wanted him to swallow me whole.
He picked up the pace, and I suddenly found the pleasure unbearable. My brow furrowed in confusion. It was too much.
My brain stopped functioning. I couldn’t analyze the situation. My body froze, clinging to his. Deeper. Faster.
“Wh—What’s…?” My rearranged into nonsensical groans. “Ahh. ? Ah… Haah…?”
My eyes opened wider and wider, but I didn’t see anything. I was lost in myself.
It felt like my entire body had turned inside out with the force of it.
I came.

And as the muscles in my ass contracted, so did Ryan. My sperm exploded over the two of us, gluing our stomachs together; and his cum filled me. Filled me to the brim.

For another five minutes, we weren’t alive. Our hearts had stopped.
We were just a tangled ball of limbs and sweat and cum; him on top of me; both of us struggling to breath.
His dick was softening, and slid out of my sensitive hole along with some of his own cum. We were a disgusting mess. I was content with it.

“Hey, Ben.”
“You’re gonna have to wait to fuck me. I’m wiped.”

I didn’t have the energy to move my head, so I let my eyes swivel to look at him, bemused.
“I’ll give you a break.”
We laughed, our chests, still connected, heaved together. I smiled, and couldn’t stop. We just lay there, staring and grinning like fools at each other.

“Hey.” Ryan whispered, bringing his lips to my ear.
“I love you.”
“Go to sleep.”

His pouted his lips, then collapsed on top of me, nestling his head into my shoulder. He was only down for a moment before I heard little snores drifting up from that beautiful head.
I rested a hand on his face, and wrapped my arms around him.
“I love you too.” I whispered.
I was asleep only moments later.

I don’t know if this is relevant, but,
it was his idea to write this down.

{to be continued… maybe!}


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