First Bathhouse Experience


When I was 19 I had joined the army and found my first taste of freedom. I had had some gay encounters with men in public washrooms and such, but I still considered myself straight.

One summer I came back to my hometown, Montreal, on leave. One night I ended up getting very drunk and flagging a cab downtown. The driver was older and asked me a lot of questions that led me to believe he thought I was gay. I told him I was just looking for a cheap hotel. He dropped me off at a gay men’s hotel called Aux Berges. It’s probably the nicest gay hotel in North America now, but back in the mid 80’s it was sleazy and dilapidated. I didn’t know it was a gay establishment and paid for a room and promptly passed out.

The next morning I woke up with a massive hangover. One of the side effects of a hangover for me is I end up very horny. There was no bathroom in the room I had and I took the white towel I had been provided, wrapped it around me, and began searching for a bathroom.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that I wasn’t in a normal hotel. There were no women to be seen and lots of men walking around in white towels, checking each other out. As I was young and in good shape, a lot of men were looking at me with obvious lust. To my surprise it turned me on. I found the bathroom and shower room and ended up showering with men looking at me with a frankness you don’t find in your usual locker rooms. To my embarrassment I got hard and then realized it didn’t matter. I was in a gay hotel and getting hard Escort bayan with older guys looking at you was part and parcel of the environment. I went back to my room and started masturbating. Before I could cum I realized there were all kinds of men out there who would gladly help me out. I decided to go out and find a guy.

I put the towel around me and stepped out. It was still early and there weren’t that many men walking the corridors. I found a sauna and went in. I was relaxing in the sauna, letting all the toxins from the night before be purged from my body, when an older man walked in. He was about 55, balding with grey hair, and a bit of a gut. I still had my towel around me, although it wasn’t cinched around my waist anymore. We said hi and he sat down, immediately removing his towel. He continued to talk to me, asking me innocuous questions and chatting about the weather. The whole time, however, he was looking me up and down and stroking his cock. I could feel myself getting hard and the embarrassment mingled with my lust, making me light-headed. With my heart pounding, I nonchalantly let the towel drop from my waist. My cock was hard as a rock, and I really couldn’t deny the fact that I wanted this man, about 35 years my senior.

He looked at my cock and smiled knowingly. He stood up and I watched him walk over to me, his hard cock bouncing in front of him. He sat down on a level below me and started stroking me. His hands were soft and felt heavenly around my cock. He concentrated Escort on my cock and balls in a way I’d never experienced from a girl. Rivulets of sweat streamed down both our bodies, and the extreme heat from the sauna made the experience more sensual and exciting.

After a few minutes he told me to follow him to his room. We both walked out of the sauna dripping wet, and I followed him with a bulge poking through my towel.

We got to his room and he immediately let his towel drop. He then took my towel off without so much as a “please”. I didn’t know what to do and I stood there a little nervously. He swatted my ass and told me to get on the bed. I lay on my back and soon his mouth was wrapped around my cock. He sucked me and I lay there, moaning and completely exposed. After a while he shoved a bottle of poppers close to my nose. I had done poppers in high school, but I didn’t know they were commonly used during gay sex. I breathed in the fumes and soon my head was swimming. I don’t think I’d ever felt so turned on. He took my ankles and bent them forward before gruffly telling me to hang on to them. I grabbed them and his tongue dived into my ass. I know the men walking outside must have heard me, because I was moaning and panting with lust as this old man reamed me.

After a while he rubbed lube over my ass as I held onto my ankles, providing him complete access to my asshole. The cold lube felt wonderful, and as he slathered my virgin ass with it he would stop every once in a while Bayan escort and feed me more poppers. I think he liked seeing me writhe in lust and half-drugged by the poppers, since he kept putting it against my nose. Each time I’d breathe it in and he’d leave it there until I’d taken three or four deep breaths.

He slid a finger into my ass and it felt wonderful. I’d used a hairbrush handle on myself but this was another man’s fingers, and I loved it. He managed two fingers after a while, and although it hurt at first I was too high and horny to want him to stop. Finally he got on his knees on the bed and started trying to force his cock into me, moving me this way and that until he was pointing his cock directly at my ass. The pain was intense, and when I’d whimper he would simply place the poppers in front of my face until my mind was reeling from the amyl nitrate and I wasn’t concentrating on the pain. I felt myself stretch to accept him but I simply couldn’t relax enough to let him fully in. He gave up after a while and simply jerked off on my cock and balls, with my legs spread on the bed around him. I felt his hot cum land on my skin, and he milked his cock until my own cock and balls were dripping with his cum.

I lay there getting my breath back but he wasn’t quite finished with me. He grabbed my wrist quite roughly and forced me to stroke my own cum covered cock. My hand was soon slick with his cum and I exploded all over my stomach.

I got up and went back to my room. My head hurt from all the poppers and my ass felt a little sore, but I knew I’d be back to this place.

I hope you liked the story. I have had many more experiences with older men, and if you’d like to read them please feel free to write me. Thanks.

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