First 3-some at the Swingers Club

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I’ve had a few threesomes during my life and each one has been memorable for different reasons.

The first time was at a naturist sauna that had been rented out by a spanking group. Now that’s not the sort of sentence you might expect to read, but these stories aren’t your regular Mills and Boon novel content, they are true tales of my exploits.

I was on a break from a relationship at the time and we were in the process of separating. Like many people, I’d not had very many partners and I believed that I needed to “catch up” to a notional average amount. I don’t know where I read about that number, but I’m glad I did. Cue a period of my life that was full of crazy sexual experiences.

During this time, I joined a BDSM swingers munch group.

For those who don’t know what that is, a munch group is a group of like-minded people who meet up socially for drinks and some food at a pub somewhere. Our group met up in a pub on Canal Street, the heart of Manchester’s Gay Village. During these meetings, there’s no spanking, sex or messing around, it’s just a group of people chatting and working out if they like each other or not.

What happens next is usually that if people like you, then you get invited to other things, like private sex parties or to their house for some fun. Those are the places where the real fun happens!

Shortly after the munch meeting, one of the ladies that I’d been chatting to, got in contact and told me that she’d been invited to a I got invited to a party at a club. She explained that her husband wasn’t able to attend, so maybe I wanted to go with her? That sounded like a great idea to me, so I arranged to pick her up from her home and take her to the club.

The club in question was a naturist club, which the swingers group had hired for their party. I’d never been to one of these places, but I’d seen some pictures of the place online, and it looked exactly like what you might expect. It was basic but clean and tidy, a cross between a health club and a private members club.

We checked in at the door and paid our fee to enter the club. We got a locker key each and a towel. kaçak iddaa The club rules were that guests wore nothing, a towel, or lingerie, but beyond that it was pretty much “anything goes” apart from the usual illegal stuff and “no pestering”.

We both went into the changing room, stripped and changed into towels. I wore mine around my waist and she wore hers in a way that covered her up like a minidress. When we met after changing, I could see that her towel was hiding a pair of huge breasts, and I hoped to get a better view of those, and maybe more, later in the evening.

We walked around the place, just to get a look at the layout. There were different themed rooms, some with beds, some with sun loungers, a sauna area, a jacuzzi and a bar with a pool table.

One of the rooms had a massage table and I asked her if she’d like a massage. She replied that she would love that, so I arranged some towels and asked her to lie on the table. I arranged some towels to keep her warm, then spent about 30 minutes giving her a really nice, relaxing massage. She sighing and moaning gently at the right times, indicating that she was enjoying the experience. I didn’t try to touch her intimately or sexually, but focussed on giving a great non-sexual massage.

I finished the massage and she just reached under the towel and grabbed my cock through the towel I was wearing around my waist. I responded by bending down and kissing her passionately. She said “that was so wonderful, I’m really looking forward to you fucking me with that cock of yours now”.

I didn’t need much encouragement other than that. I loosened her towel and cupped one of her breasts, squeezing the nipple, then let my hands wander down to her pussy. I worked her lips and clit, while still kissing her. She was wet and spread her legs to give me better access to her. I moved down between her legs and started to lick her clit. She moaned in pleasure as my fingers caressed her pussy gently but firmly, gently probing at the entry to her hole.

Within a few minutes, she was coming hard, writhing on the massage table and moaning. She said “Oh God, now I really need kaçak bahis your big fat cock inside me”. I felt the same way too. I moved myself up the table, positioned myself and pushed inside her. Her pussy was exquisite. I knew she had kids but I’d never fucked someone who had given birth. It was perfect, wet, slippery, gripping me firmly but not too tightly. Her legs were spread wide open and in the air and that allowed me to plunge my cock deep inside her and bang her hard. As I was fucking her, she was biting her lip and squeezing her breasts firmly and pulling her big, hard nipples. As I came, I gave one last thrust and shot my load deep inside her pussy. She squealed with delight as the hot cum hit home.

Once we’d had a little more kissing and cuddling, we decided to go and get a drink. She saw a couple that she knew and I was introduced and was recommended to the woman of the couple with the phrase “he’s got a really nice cock, you should give it a try” as we sat and had a drink with them. It was so weird, sitting there just drinking and chatting, knowing that we’d just been fucking in the other room and I was being recommended by her. What an ego boost!

After about 30 minutes, she said “I’m going to have a walk around and see what’s going on”, which I interpreted as being that she was going to go and see who else she fancied fucking. I stayed and chatted for a few minutes, but I realised that the recommendation wasn’t going to be successful, so I made my excuses and went for a wander.

One of the rooms was a dark room with a window in it, looking onto a room with a bed in it. There were people fucking on the bed. My date was bent over, with a guy rubbing and fingering her. She pulled me close and started sucking my cock. After a few minutes of that, I left and went into another room where there were two couples fucking on a bed. Both the women were getting licked by the guys and clearly having a really great time. On it’s own, this would be an awesome sight, but around the edge of the room there were about 30 people, just watching with interest.

I stood and started watching, but within seconds, a couple illegal bahis had caught my eye. The guy was watching the action on the bed and the woman was fingering her pussy with one hand and rubbing her breasts and nipples with the other. The woman was what you’d call a BBW. She was dressed in a really short miniskirt, which didn’t cover anything at all, stockings, and a bra. I thought she looked hot. She saw me looking, looked at me, and immediately beckoned me to come over. Without hesitating, I stepped over and started kissing her. I put my hands on her waist but quickly found her pulling my hand to her pussy. Who am I to argue? I parted her lips and started massaging her clit, my other hand firmly squeezing her ass cheek. After a minute or two, she said “I want you to fuck me”, grabbed her hand and pulled me out of the room.

We ended up in a room with a buffet table on one side of the room and a chaise longue on one wall. Her hubby sat in an armchair and started to watch the action unfold. She was on all fours, with another guy in her mouth and me banging her from behind. The hubby was just sat there, he was totally silent, wearing sunglasses. He didn’t say a word. Might even have been asleep. All I know is that he didn’t say anything, show any emotion or move.

The guy she was sucking off said “she loves it up her ass, she’s a right dirty fucker, this one”. I was contemplating the idea of anal but for some reason stuck with her pussy. I think I might have said that I wanted to come inside her, in front of her hubby, but I can’t remember my motivation at the time. I just carried on fucking her, slapping her ass, pounding away while on the other side of the room, people were walking in and out, getting a plate of buffet food, maybe watching for a minute or two and then wandering off.

After what seemed like an eternity, I was able to come for a second time and left her with a come-filled hole for her hubby to clean up later. I hope my come tasted good.

By this time, it was the end of the evening and I found my date again and we drove home, discussing our experiences of the evening. I dropped her at her home and went back to mine to process what had just happened. I still remember that experience fondly. It’s not something that I’ll probably ever experience again, but I’ll never forget it. What an experience it was!

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