Finding My Way Back Home Ch. 02


I could not believe it was such a tug of war mentally. I had to stop this right here and try to forget it ever happened. Claire had made it plain despite my protests that she expected me to come back over the following night. I had already pleaded with Claire to reduce my child support based on my current income level. I just had to try to loosen her up. Maybe playing her little game would help those negotiations. I told myself that it was the only reason why I let her persuade me to jack off in front of her. If she was in control, she just might ease up a little on me. After all I was fulfilling my role as father with our son. Maybe she would have a soft spot.

Still, I had to find a way other than giving her the power over my sex life. Well, actually there was no sex life now. I would find another way. I could not be manipulated by her. I was going to use all my power to resist. All I had to do was think about other things for one whole day. If I could just break the initial spell, I should be able to continue my life. I just had to start going places and mingling with other people more. Then I should meet another woman, right? But for me to attract another woman as beautiful as Claire would be nearly impossible.

She was just so beautiful and her personality was overwhelming. Nearly everyone she met was mesmerized by her. The problem with her was that her interest level seemed to wane after the bloom was off the relationship. Even some supposedly close friends from her past shunned her. It was like her childhood friends grew up and Claire did not. She was always the energetic instigator that kept everything fresh. She made new friends so easily that she never had to worry about what her old friends found so immature about her.

That was it. My mind was made up. When I showered the next evening around seven o’clock, I was not showering for her. When I got dressed it was to find a bar or club to hang out. When I drove past many such places, I was just looking for the right place. When I arrived at my old address, I was just seeing if her new lover’s car was really in the drive. There was no way that she would fuck this man again the day after she had allowed me to cum on her body.

And yet, the same car was parked at my old used- to -be-half my house. In my old parking space. It was just eight thirty. I was going to go on and find my new life. I drove out of our street and over to a nearby park. Just a minute to collect my thoughts and I would leave. But I just sat there until nine o’clock. Then I cranked up and started to turn right, but I turned left. Back up my street I went. Car was still there. Damn. I made the block several times. I had to get out of there. This was so humiliating. Just as I was leaving, I saw the car pull out of the drive. I had to pass it up and maybe get a look at this guy. Bad idea. As I got level with the drive, my car seemed to turn on its own. NO. I told myself. LEAVE. I told myself.

I reached for the ignition, but tugged the door latch instead. My mind was made up to go back to my apartment. I pushed open my old front door instead. Just like she said. It was left unlocked. I pushed it closed quietly and turned the lock. I began removing my clothes. My cock was hard. There was no way she would let me fuck her. Would she? If she would, would I? Could I? I crept my way across the living room and back down the hall to the bedroom door. It was half open and a dim light emanated from the room.

I crept up to the door. A table lamp was on near the bed and I could see Claire plainly. There was a softer light across the room which would help me enter without kicking something over.

“Ah, good. You’re here, Barry. I guess you did enjoy yourself last night. God, that Jeffery is insatiable. I had him come straight over here and we have been fucking all evening long. Thank goodness we started early. Come closer and let me see.”

I eased closer to her bed and held my hands over my hard, but still small cock.

“Come on, let me see that little stiffy.”

I dropped my hands and revealed my hard cock to here.

“Yeah, Barry, I have been thinking about last night. I bet you have too. It was probably good to get to release all that pent up sperm. I am not opposed to helping you out a little until you find a woman, uh, well, uh, I guess a little more your speed. I still want us to be friends, like I told you at our divorce. It is good for Danny if we don’t bicker with each other.”

I could think of nothing to say. So she continued.

“I know it is rough getting divorced and losing your job shortly after. I might be amenable to helping you out a little, but we need to have an agreement.”

“What kind of an agreement, Claire?”

“Not so fast. I know you enjoyed cumming on me last night and licking your cum off my body. You came back for more. I want you to acknowledge that while I did cheat on you, I had a good reason. My sexual needs were not being fulfilled. I am sorry to have to tell you that now, but it is true. I don’t want you to hate me for şahinbey escort the rest of your life just because we were sexually incompatible. When I cheated on you with men that were, shall we say ‘very well endowed’, I finally came to realize that there was so much more to sex than what I had been getting.”

“Why are you telling me this now?”

It is just that I feel sorry for you and your situation. I hope you find someone, I really do. And I want you to be as close to Danny as you can be. Now, last night was great for me. I mean getting fucked by a big cock and then helping out my poor little ex-husband all in one night was really a big boost for me. And you are back again, so I want to up ante just a little. I want you to clean my pussy for me.”

“What the fuck, Claire? Are you fucking crazy? You want me to go down on you after you have been fucking all evening?”

“That’s what I said.”

“Fuck you, I am leaving.”

“I don’t think you should, Barry. I mean, you need to stick around and see what we can work out. All you have to do is eat me out like when we were married. I did get some satisfaction out of oral sex and I miss it. I love sucking Jeffery’s big cock, but he is not quite up to par on oral sex. I guess he doesn’t have enough practice what with that big cock always doing his heavy lifting.”

“I can’t believe that you divorced me and now you are trying to humiliate me further.”

“I know. But sometimes I still get turned on when I think about how I cuckolded you. I don’t mean that in a bad way. It was just that the excitement of fucking someone else was half the pleasure. The other half was when I found a man with a big cock. I guess I just turned into a size queen. After some of my girlfriends told me about their affairs, I was just too jealous and decided to try it for myself.”

“I don’t mean to humiliate you and I am just trying to help. So how about you clean my messy pussy up. You can try to imagine that it was like when we were married. I know if you put your mind to it, you can do it. Just think of it like you were eating your own cum off my body last night.”

God, this bitch is crazy. I was standing there naked. I had been in a trance all evening after I showered and then headed over there. It was like I was hypnotized. Before I knew it I was kneeling between her gorgeous spread legs and going down to her ravaged pussy. Cum was everywhere. It was all over her ass and running down from her pussy. What the fuck was I doing?

And down I went until the aroma of freshly fucked cunt stung my nostrils and made my mouth water involuntarily. I licked her pussy. The cum tasted much like my own from the night before, but it had a more heady, musky flavor. I guess it was the combined love making potion which tasted so potent and strong. I was surprised at myself for even considering this and yet more surprised at how erotic it now seemed. Soon, I was lost in my endeavor. I began to lick and slurp the cum from her. My face was covered in juices and I found her clitoris. She came violently.

“Oh, god, yes, yes, fuck, eat my cunt. God, yes, eat that man’s cum from my pussy. His cock was so deep and he came so much in me. Clean me out. Yes, yes, get it all.”

Fuck. I was intoxicated. Every bone in my body wanted to eat her and fuck her. I was about to cum. She sensed that and slowly began winding down her orgasm.

“No, no, Barry. Not on me. Stand up and finish yourself off. Hurry.”

Like a robot, I raised up and started pounding my hard cock.

“No.” she shouted. “Get off the bed. I don’t want your cum to mix with Jeffery’s. Shoot you stuff in your hand.”

I was caught between. I did as she instructed. I pumped several shots catching it all in my hand.

“Eat it all up, Barry. Hurry before you spill any.”

Without thinking better of it, I licked it all off my hand.

“Now get dressed. I am going to take a shower. Wait for me.”

I went back into the living room and put my clothes back on. When Claire came out of the shower, she came into the living room wearing a short robe. She sat across the room and crossed her legs. I could see that she did not have anything else on and I could almost see her red and puffy vaginal lips.

“Barry, you have been whining and complaining almost from the start about paying your child support.”

“Claire, I lost my well paying job. I am working wherever and whenever I can. Between my part time service work which pays well and my part time cashier job which sucks, I hardly have enough to eat on. What little savings I got after the divorce is almost gone and I am going to have to move into a ratty apartment soon.”

“Okay. I have given this a little thought. You might not want to do this, but I am going to consider letting you rent a room here. We can eat dinner occasionally together with Danny, but I don’t want you to get him thinking that we are getting back together. When your job situation changes, you are back out. Get it? OUT.”

“Furthermore, I don’t want a lot of men in my house around our son, so you will be sort of a baby sitter. That is your other way of working off your rent. I will not tolerate you judging me about my sex life. If you behave properly, I will let you do what you did tonight. That way you can get yourself off and I get another orgasm. Not that I needed more after Jeffery got through with me, but it felt good in a sort of perverted way to cum while you were eating my lover’s cum.”

I was stunned by this turn of events. I should have said no, but I just sat there in dumb silence. Claire got up and went back to the bedroom without saying another word. I let myself out and drove back to my apartment. What kind of a sick fuck I had turned into. And it was all on her bidding. I was powerless to resist. The offer of a room in my old house was easily the best financial solution I could ask for. But living under her roof as a tenant was repugnant to my sense of decency. Then it dawned on me. My sense of decency had taken a back seat when I masturbated in front of her and then licked my cum from her body. Having eaten another man’s cum from her pussy pretty much closed the door on my sense of decency. I simply could not allow myself to sink that low.

When I put my little bit of furniture in a storage facility and moved some of my clothes back to Claire’s, I felt just as uncertain as I had when I moved out. She let me have the bedroom on the downstairs next to the master bedroom. It ideally would have been a nursery; close to the master, but not directly part of the bedroom. The upstairs had three bedrooms. For me the other downstairs bedroom would make a good study or office. Claire said that moving me upstairs might not be a good idea for Danny. The rules were explained to me. When she had male guests, I was to remain quietly in my bedroom. She would date more away from home, but on certain occasions she wanted to be in her own bedroom. I was to be invited into her bedroom for cleanup duty whenever she desired. If she wanted to be alone after sex, I would have to take matters in my own hand. That was it. Take it or leave it.

I told myself it was only for the financial considerations that I had accepted her offer. I would wean myself off of cleaning her up after she had been fucked. I just had to find a new friend and develop a relationship first. Claire, on the other hand, had no trouble finding willing men to fuck her. She attracted the cream of the crop, too. I was not allowed to meet them or interact with them. In fact she said that the whole deal was off if just one of her lovers heard me breathe in the next room. The next date she had at home was one Friday evening when Danny was at a sleepover. I was to pick him up the following day at noon, so all that mattered was that the stud was gone by Saturday afternoon. I am sure she was keen on hearing a pin drop in my room. I was so nervous I was afraid my shaking might cause sound vibrations.

It was a different guy and they fucked almost all night. Around three in the morning I finally got some sleep. What with the furniture creaking and her screaming and moaning, I could not fall asleep. I just hoped that our neighbors did not call the cops. Our next door neighbor on one side Tammy was having an affair with her black boss and she would not care if Claire screamed too loud. I even thought she might be listening since her bedroom was on the side of their house which was just across from our bedroom. Correction. Claire’s bedroom. Tammy thought it was kinky that I had moved back in. She knew the circumstances and teased me unmercifully about being a cuckold twice removed.

The next morning, Claire’s new stud left around nine o’clock. She knocked on my door and told me to come clean her pussy and then change her sheets. I had passed the stage of humiliation. I was happy with my eased financial burden and accepting my role. I had to admit to myself that the taboo, erotic stimulation I got from cleaning her pussy was enough to keep me ready to jack off all the time. I even began eating my own cum each time I masturbated. I was developing a real taste for cum and marveled at how each man tasted just a little different.

She managed to find some occasions when Danny was at his grandparents or other activities. After about the third time, Claire wanted to talk to me after I cleaned her pussy. I was beginning to savor the taste of her used pussy even more that eating my own cum. It was the bold and musky metallic taste of the two contributors that made the difference.

When she came back from the bathroom, she said, “I really appreciate your cooperation when I have my male guests over. You do such a good job cleaning me up afterwards. I am getting to where I enjoy the after sex orgasms I have with your mouth almost as much as getting fucked by the big cock. Well, maybe not quite that much, but you are really good at servicing me afterward. Anyway, I want you to have a little treat if you want. You are very handy and if you installed a two way mirror in my closet you might be able to see the big studs who fuck me. Just think about it. I understand if you don’t want that.”

She never ceased to amaze me. I wandered back to my room pissed off at how crass she was. She was actually inviting me to watch her get fucked in what used to be our bed. As a steamed on this, I remembered that I usually masturbated after I ate her creampie. I got over my mood and took hold of my hard cock. As I pumped my little shaft, my imagination ran toward seeing her in the bed with her legs wrapped around her lover’s waist as he pounded her pussy. I came ever so quickly thinking about actually seeing this.

After I cleaned my hands, I began thinking about her suggestion. I did get so horny thinking about her getting fucked right outside my wall. Maybe I could install a two way mirror. The more I thought about it over the next few days, the more intrigued I became. Claire was going to take Danny to her parent’s lake house over a long holiday weekend. I thought that I could easily install the mirror then. The more I considered this the hornier I became. Why not make a door to her closet. I looked at the layout and the master closet actually joined the little closet in my bedroom. I could install a door between the two closets. A swinging rack would hide the door and it would be at the very back also. When Danny and Claire left on Thursday evening, I had my list ready. I went down the next morning and got all the materials I needed. I cut a rather large hole in the wall and installed the big mirror. It looked good on her side and was just framed on the closet side. I cut out the sheet rock and framed the door. When I hung the new door, all I had left was to paint. It was all ready by Saturday noon and I relaxed afterward thinking about my new coming adventure.

Claire was surprised when she got back.

“Wow. You went whole hog. I guess next you want a cushioned barstool so you can sit and watch?”

That sounded good to me. She went down and purchased a very plush barstool and had it delivered. I thought it was nice of her to pay for it herself. She seemed very hot on getting fucked while I watched. She wasted no time either. Danny had a scout sleepover the next weekend. She mentioned on Friday morning that I should be out of the picture around seven that evening. I had no idea who the man would be but Claire had many connections at her work and plenty of horny housewives who spread the word about her new lifestyle. She was trying not to fuck the neighbors although several of the men had come around to see if she needed anything after the divorce.

I worked at my menial job that early morning until noon. I came home and got everything ready in the closet and tried out the lighting necessary to get the best effect through the two way mirror. She got home around five thirty. I was already tucked away in my little man cave waiting for the show to begin. She showered and put on a red thong with a baby doll top. It was sheer and see through. I had a ribbon tie at the low cut neck and another under her breasts. She slipped into a pair of high heel sandals with no back and answered the door when it rang. I could only hear what was going on, but it seemed like she was serving her man wine and cheese. A little snack before they got down to business. I went into the closet and took up my seat.

It didn’t take long until she appeared holding onto her new guy’s hand. Her top was undone and her breasts appeared to have already been the center of attention. Her puffy conical areolas were red and her nipples formed another little bump on top of that. She was excited. She quickly helped her stud out of his clothes. When she kneeled to remove his thong, his glorious manhood sprang out touching her chin. She really was a size queen. This guy was about six feet tall and had clearly defined muscles. His cock was long and thick. It must have been ten inches long and hard as a telephone pole. She could only get the head in her mouth. It was uncut and she pulled the foreskin back and licked down the shaft. She sucked the shaft in as far as she could and then bathed his entire length with her tongue. She licked his big balls and took them into her mouth one at a time. God this guy was huge. I looked down at my little boner and knew why she had wanted a divorce. I was getting turned on by just thinking of her experiencing big cock. I guess some couples could make a little cock work, but Claire was not one of those wives.

After she sucked and licked him, he lifted her up and placed her on the bed. He went down on her and licked her pretty shaved pussy. She was moaning and rubbing his head guiding him into her wet sex. She moved around and got on all fours with her head facing the mirror. The guy got the idea and crawled onto the bed. He mounted her doggy and placed his cock slowly into her pussy. She was looking straight into my eyes and had the biggest smile on her face. He reached around and held one of her breasts as he entered her fully. Her eyes rolled and her expression changed to one of pain and ecstasy. As she got used to his size, he began to pound her pussy. Her body thrust forward with each stroke. She came and then came again.

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