Finding a New Doctor


I had just decided change doctors, that is how all this came about. I was unhappy with how my current doctor was treating me, so taking his advise I looked for another doctor. I talked to friends and several guy friends really recommended Dr Smith. I really didn’t know why they recommended this doctor, but my friends had nothing but praise for the doctor. I told them I would call and they smiled and said I wouldn’t be disappointed.

I called the office on a Wednesday, and the receptionist was very pleasing to talk to on the phone. She had a silky, sexy voice. I told her of my problems with my former doctor and she replied that Dr Smith was very easy to get along with and that all the patients really liked the services. She wanted me to set up an appointment later in the week to get the paperwork started. She reminded me that all the paperwork had to be in order before I would be seen as a new patient. I agreed and set the appointment for Friday at 4pm.

Thursday afternoon the receptionist called me and confirmed the appointment. That struck me as a little weird, seeing how I made the appointment the day before. I asked her about it and she said that it was office policy to call to confirm, she agreed that it was silly to call one day later. I hung up the phone and fantasized about her, her voice was very sexy and I laughed thinking that she was more then likely overweight and normal, nothing like the sexy lady that the voice in my mind would belong to.

Friday came and I did my work a little faster, knowing I had the doctor’s appointment later that day. The receptionist’s voice hung in my head and soon my cock was swelling dreaming of a totally hot woman behind the voice.

I finished my work at 3:30 and cleaned up a little before my appointment. I headed over to the office and found the parking lot nearly deserted. Only two cars and Dr. Smith’s reserved spot was empty. I walked up to the door and was greeted by a normal looking lady wearing nurses smocks. As soon as she spoke I knew she was the sexily voiced receptionist. She was above average in height, maybe 5′ 8″ had dish blonde hair and that was all I could tell due to her outfit fitting very loosely. She greeted me and told me that Dr. Smith was called away and that the nurse had been instructed to do anything that was needed, to make sure that I stayed as a new patient. I smiled thinking “anything” but was brought back to reality when the receptionist added, paperwork wise, with a smile.

The receptionist locked the outer door behind me as I walked in. she walked around me quickly and took her seat at her desk. She noticed my wondering look and told me since I was the last appointment of the day everyone would leave from a side door when I was done, adding that it was closer to the parking lot. I noticed that her name plate said Cindy and looked again at her, noticing her face more. She had green eyes and a very pretty complexion. She handed me a clipboard and asked me to fill out the first page then the nurse would see me for my check-up. I sat in one of the chairs and filled it out to the best of my ability, some of the questions seemed pretty private, asking about my relationship status and sex drive. I knew I was blushing a little and heard a little snicker from Cindy. I was startled by the nurse standing behind the desk asking me if I was ready. I stood up and brought the clipboard with me, several questions unanswered.

The nurse introduced herself as Kathy as she led me down a hallway to the exam room. Her nursing outfit fit tighter than Cindy’s and I couldn’t help but notice her ass wiggle gaziantep escortları as she walked. She stopped and opened the door telling me to go inside and to remove my clothing and put the smock on. She closed the door and told me she would be right back. I removed my shoes, socks and shirt then remembered that I had went to work commando, not wearing any underwear. I removed my pants and my cock swung free, being half hard watching Kathy’s ass from before. My cock grew in the cool air of the exam room, the thought of Kathy didn’t help. My cock was to half mast when Kathy knocked on the door, asking if I was ready. I blurted out just a minute and barely slipped the smock over my shoulders as she walked in. My cock was causing the light material of the smock to tent slightly and Kathy looked right at the tenting. Smiling she began to ask me questions. Why was I changing doctors? What problems were concerning me? Was there anything specific that the doctor would want to know?

The exam continued pretty much normally. Kathy asked me to stand so she could get my weight, 235, my height 6’2″ she noted my eye color, blue and my light blonde hair. She then instructed me to sit on the exam bench and checked my reflexes and took my blood pressure. She made small talk with me as she tightened the blood pressure cuff and held my arm tight to her body. My arm was tight against her breast and I swore I felt a hard nipple under the loose smock. Kathy moaned lightly and smiled, or so I thought.

I have always been a very sexual person, easily aroused and just feeling her tight hard nipple made my cock begin to swell. My cock began to tent the smock higher as she took my pressure and finally broke the silence by asking if anything else would like squeezed.

I looked away and blushed trying not to answer her question, hoping it would pass. That thought was short lived when Kathy dropped her hand to my crotch and took hold of my rising member. I looked right at her and her eyes gleamed like a kids on Christmas morning. She licked her lips sexily and moved closer to kiss me.

Her mouth was on fire, our tongues flicking around each other’s mouths like animals possessed. Her hand continued to massage my hardening cock, finally moving the smock off to the side and taking it tightly in her wanting hand. She broke our kiss and turned her attention to my cock. Precum was leaking like a river from my cock head and she took her thumb and rubbed it all over my expanding head. She then dabbed her index finger into the liquid and brought it slowly to her wanting lips. Kathy moaned as she greedily licked her finger clean and all I could do was smile as she worked my cock and balls. I was now the one moaning lowly as she sucked my cock with the expertise of a porno star. She used her tongue with amazing skill, licking over my swollen head and running it along the length of my 8 inch cock when she took me deeply into her mouth. Kathy deep throated my cock like no other woman ever had, she was definitely enjoying herself from the sounds of muffled moaning coming from around my cock. My cum was definitely close to exploding into her warm mouth when a quick knock came from the door and Cindy walked in.

Cindy stood there for what seemed like forever, taking in what she was witnessing. Kathy hardly missed a slurp, just glancing up from my cock to see Cindy standing there. I had a look of severe shock on my face when Cindy just turned to the door, closed it and walked over to Kathy and I on the exam bed.

You aren’t supposed to be doing that, Cindy told Kathy, you know how pissed Dr Smith can get.

Kathy finally removed my cock from her mouth and responded, Hell with her, why should she get all the good meat around here? All she ever leaves us is the plain guys, the normal guys, I don’t know about you but I deserve some real men sometime. Besides, she is that one not here, and didn’t she tell me to do the preliminary exam?

Cindy nodded then added, yes she did but I doubt she would have had she know what a great guy he was.

I was totally dumb founded by now, first a nurse just begins blowing me, then the receptionist walks in, finally I find out that Dr. Smith is a woman. I really didn’t know where to start with my questions, so I let my meat lead the way.

Ladies, I began, I don’t know where to start but I think that whatever happens here should be kept between us. I certainly do not want to cause anything to happen here that might hurt either of you or your jobs, now cant we just all get along?

Both ladies smiled at the last line, breaking the tension that was growing in the room.

I stood up, my cock bouncing at half mast. Both women looked at each other and smiled and began stripping. Cindy was a little quicker removing her smocks, taking her top off she exposed a very sex and sheer bra holding a great set of C cup tits. She wiggled out of her bottoms revealing a sexy pair of panties, that showed a little dampness in her crotch. Kathy removed her bottoms first, she was wearing an almost not there thong that was definitely wet from her wet pussy. She pulled her top off and her B cup boobs swung free, she wasn’t wearing a bra. He tits pointed upwards, defying gravity, with the nipples hard and deep red. Cindy looked into my eyes as she undid her bra, freeing her ample tits topped with huge dark red nipples, they were the size of large pencil erasers. I finally shrugged the smock off my shoulders and stood there proud, my cock standing straight out.

Cindy walked over to Kathy and grabbed her tits, kissed her deeply and apologized for what she said before. Kathy returned the favor and tweaked Cindy’s rock hard nipples. I moved between them and hugged them both tightly, kissing Cindy first, then Kathy. Both ladies kissed me deeply and I felt their hands roam lower and both began stroking my hard meat. I leaned over and sucked Kathy’s tit into my mouth and bit lightly on the hard nipple. She moaned loudly now. I used my hand to massage Cindy’s huge and wonderful tits, causing her to moan as well. Both ladies moved to their knees and took turns licking at my swaying member. I took all I could handle, maybe 10 minutes worth, then took a step back. Both ladies sighed their disappointment and shot fake frowns at me.

I patted the exam table and asked who wanted fucked first. To my surprise Cindy won the race to the table and laid back. The table was the perfect height and my cock slid easily into her wet tunnel. Kathy moved beside me and began licking at my cock and Cindy’s slit as I fucked her. This was driving cindy crazy with lust and her pussy tightened around my meat as she climaxed quickly.

You bitch!! Cindy yelled, you know I cum faster when you lick me as I get fucked!

Kathy just smiled a nasty smile, Well you got yours, now it is my turn. She said.

Cindy unhappily got up from the table and moved toward me, kissing me deeply and moved to her knees to lick her juice from my cock. My cock jerked from her touch and I almost shot my load into her mouth.

Stop it you whore, Kathy yelled, he still has to fuck me!!

Cindy rode to her feet and kissed me again, slower and deeper then before. More of a lovers kiss than before.

Kathy moved to the exam table and got on her hands and knees, beckoning me to fuck her doggy style. Cindy pulled out a step at the base giving me the added height to mount her.

My cock slid into her tight pussy. Her pussy gripped at my cock like a velvet vise. I held her tightly as I picked up pace and really began to fuck her hard. Her smaller tits swayed to every thrust into her and she began moaning in rhythm to my strokes. She was moving her hips backwards to meet my thrusts into her and her moans were becoming louder.

Cindy watched with a glazed look in her eyes as her friend came closer and closer to ecstasy. Kathy’s pussy tightened around my cock tighter than before, she was climaxing and Cindy moved closer to the exam table. Kathy was moaning loudly begging me to fuck her harder and Cindy brought her hands to cup Kathy’s tits, playing with her nipples. Kathy turned toward Cindy, pulled her down and kissed her hungrily.

Her climax finally subsided and she looked back at me as I slowed my strokes into her tightness and smiled. She then looked at Cindy and patted the unused bench in front of her. Cindy smiled and hopped on the bench opening her legs for her friend. Kathy settled between Cindy’s legs and licked her pussy gently. I resumed my fucking and she began to moan into her friend’s pussy. Cindy grabbed Kathy by her short dark hair and held her mouth tight to her wet pussy lips. I was fucking her with everything I had, really plowing into her, and Kathy knew her way around a pussy judging from the look of satisfaction on Cindy’s face.

Cindy came first, moaning loudly and pulling at Kathy’s hair. Then Kathy climaxed around my cock again, falling away from my cock as she pulled up from Cindy’s pussy. My cock throbbed from the friction of Kathy’s pussy and my load wouldn’t take much coaxing to unload.

Kathy turned over on the bench and reached for my cock. She stroked it slowly as Cindy moved off the bench and stood beside me, she began stroking my cock with her friend. My load was really close and the ladies sensed it. Cindy stroked harder and felt my cock tighten from the impending load. I let out a bellow and cum shot from my cock and landed at Kathy’s chin, the next spurts landing on her tight tits. Cindy placed her mouth over my cock and captured the last few spurts in her mouth. Kathy was moaning and rubbing my cream all over her body, licking some from her fingers to get a taste. My cock pumped the last of my cream into Cindy’s waiting mouth, she stood up, smiled at me and kissed Kathy deeply, sharing my juice with her.

With my cock now wilting and me smiling watching these two friends share my gift and truly enjoy each other as well as me. I stepped down from the bench and sat down, finally looking down at my watch and noticing that it was almost 7pm. Kathy and Cindy both sat on the bench with satisfied looks on their faces, Cindy swiped up the last of my cum from her friends chest and happily placed it into her friends mouth. Kathy moaned and smiled at both Cindy and I.

We got dressed, both left their panties off and Kathy left her bra off. We walked back down the hall, with me holding each one’s hand. We walked out the side door and I offered to buy dinner, both girls giggled and asked if I was really hungry. I just smiled and we all got into the car, heading to Kathy’s place because it was closer. Kathy went down on me and Cindy asked if I wanted to make another appointment.

I smiled, yes, I said, maybe next time we can include the good doctor.

Cindy smiled and said that she was pretty sure that Dr Smith would want to be there the next time…

to be continued…

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