Filipinas: Hope


Author’s notes.

My stories are based on my personal experiences. They are NOT fiction or fantasy. Each story is as close to accurate to what actually happened as I can remember, and I have a pretty good memory (even many years later).

These stories are posted in the order that they happened, so if you want to read them first to last, just read the story with the oldest publish date first and then move through the stories from oldest to newest, and you will be reading them in order.

Nobody in this story was underage.

* * * * * * * * * * *

No pun intended, but I was pretty gun-shy about developing long-term relationships with Filipinas after I lost both Maria and Princess. I still needed female companionship, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted another real relationship yet. So, I thought I could just have some casual relationships for a while. At least, that was the plan. You know what they say about plans. They never survive first contact.

I was in a deep funk for a while after Princess was killed, and I was hesitant to go out too much. When I got over that, I decided to look for girls around the universities, churches or wherever I might find them. It turned out that I met Hope on the sidewalk outside of the entrance to Cebu Normal University (CNU).

The funny thing was that instead of me approaching her, she approached me. “Hi. My name is Hope. Are you looking for something?” she asked.

I smiled at this cute girl speaking to me and replied, “Hi Hope. My name is Pete. I wasn’t actually looking for anything, but I appreciate you taking the time to ask.”

“No problem,” she said and turned as if she would walk away.

I touched her shoulder and asked, “Would you like to go to a late lunch with me … or do you have someplace you need to be?”

She turned back to face me and smiled. “I would love to go to lunch with you. I haven’t eaten anything since early this morning, and I don’t have to be anyplace until Monday when I go back to school.”

I named a restaurant about a block away (near my apartment) and asked if that was OK with her. She said she had never been there, but gave me the Filipina “up to you” reply. We walked to the restaurant and took a booth in the back, so we could talk away from the noise on the street or any other customers who might come in.

I ordered us drinks to start with while we were looking at the menu. I actually already knew everything on the menu for this restaurant, but I wanted her to have her choice, if she wanted something in particular. It turned out that she was in sticker shock because the prices were higher than she would normally pay for food. I told her not to worry about the prices. This was my treat.

We ordered, and while we were waiting for our food, we got to know each other better. It turned out that she had been watching me on the sidewalk, wondering what I was doing in front of her school. I told her that I lived really close, and that CNU was a good place to catch a jeepney going to Fuente Circle.

After learning that she was from here in Cebu City and studying to be a teacher I asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No,” she replied. “I have never had a boyfriend. Boys have never been interested in me.”

“Hope, I find that hard to believe,” I said. “If the boys you know aren’t wanting to know you better, then they are either immature or blind.”

She blushed but smiled. “What about you … no girlfriend or wife?”

I replied, I have had relationships, but I have never had anything work out. She wanted to know why they hadn’t worked out, so I told her about Maria and Princess. There were tears running down Hope’s cheeks by the time I finished the story. “This may sound strange to you, but I think I knew Maria. She was a nursing student here at CNU, wasn’t she?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

Hope smiled. “I thought I had seen you before. I was at her funeral. We went to high school together.”

“OK,” I said. “Did she ever talk about me?”

“I didn’t know it was you at the time, but yes. She loved you very much and was very happy living with you. She said that God had blessed her when you came into her life.”

“I’m pretty sure that I was the one who God blessed” I said. “She made me very happy while we were together. I could easily see myself spending the rest of my life with her.”

“You are a good man, Pete,” she stated. “Any girl would be blessed to have you by her side.”

“Do you really think so?” I asked.

“I know so,” she said. “I would love to be your girlfriend. I would think I had died and gone to heaven.”

“Really?” I asked. I hadn’t expected her to say something like that.

“Yes, really,” she replied. “But I’m not pretty enough. I know that.”

“Hope, you are a beautiful girl.” I said. “Don’t let anybody tell you that you aren’t beautiful.” I would be honored to have such a girlfriend.”

“Are you teasing?” she asked.

No,” I said. I am dead serious.

By this time, Hope was in full blush. şişli escort It was fun watching her react to the waitress bringing our food to the table. I’m sure that she was embarrassed that the waitress might know what we were talking about. We started eating our lunches, but I was thinking. This girl wanted me.

“Would you like to see my apartment after we are done eating?” I asked.

“I’ve never been alone with a man in his apartment before,” she answered. “but yes, I would like to see your apartment. Is it nice?”

“It’s just an apartment,” I replied. The only thing that is unusual is the bed. It is a resort king, which is like two queen-sized beds side by side.”

“Wow,” she said. “I would love to lay on that.” Then, she blushed again when she realized what she had said.

“Don’t worry,” I answered. “You can lay on my bed all you want.” She smiled and blushed even more.

The rest of our meal together was wonderful. We spent most of the time getting to know each other better, and by the end of the meal, I felt a definite connection forming with Hope. When we were done at the restaurant, we walked the half-block to my apartment building and rode the elevator up to my floor.

I let us into the apartment and had Hope remove her shoes as I removed mine. I told her it was a tradition for me, that everyone removed their shoes as they entered my apartment. Then, I gave her the nickel tour of my apartment. I showed her the kitchen and dining area. She commented that Maria was a good cook, and I told her that Maria usually served me breakfast in bed. She said, “That is something a woman in love does for her man.”

She loved the bathroom (CR) and immediately noticed the large shower. She smiled when she commented, “It is easily big enough for two people.”

The last stop was my bedroom and her reaction to seeing my bed for the first time was priceless. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes grew wide. “Wow,” she said. “You said it was big, but this is huge. You could fit a dozen girls on this bed.”

I had to laugh at that. “A dozen girls might be fun, but I would rather just have one special girl. Would you like to try it out?”

She looked up at me and blushed again, but then she crawled up onto the bed and lay on her back in the middle of the bed. “Join me?” she asked. I certainly wasn’t going to deny a request like that, and I crawled onto the bed to lay next to her. I was on my side facing her as she lay on her back, and I snuggled into her side and wrapped my arm over her. We lay there for a few minutes before she said, “This is nice. I could get used to it.”

“So, could I,” I replied. Your hair and body smell really good.”

“That’s just my shampoo and body wash,” she said.

“I don’t think so. I can smell the shampoo, but I am also smelling your scent … and it is very sexy.” I said.

“Really? You think I am sexy?” she asked.

“Of course, you are sexy,” I replied. “That is obvious.”

“It was never obvious to me before, and nobody has ever said it to me. Can I be your girlfriend? I don’t want this dream to end,” she said.

“Mmmm… That might come, but let’s take this one step at a time.” I replied. “First, let’s see if we are compatible.”

“How do we do that?” she asked. Instead of replying, I just tilted her head toward me and kissed her lips. The first kiss lasted for maybe thirty seconds, and she was gasping when it ended. “That was nice. Can we do it some more?” she asked.

I leaned in again for another kiss and cupped her breast over her blouse with my hand as the kiss progressed. When my hand contacted her breast, her mouth opened, and I took the opportunity to explore her mouth with my tongue. If she had intended to say something, it was lost as the passion between us built and she returned my kiss.

By the time the second kiss came to an end, she was all-in, committed and willing to go wherever I wanted to take her. It is amazing how some Filipinas fall in love as if a switch in their brain has been flipped. One minute, they are just attracted to you, and the next minute they have fallen deeply in love.

Students at CNU wear a uniform with a light-yellow blouse and maroon plaid skirt. Without any prompting from me, her hands went to the buttons on her blouse and she was unbuttoning them. When all of the buttons were all open, she pulled her arms from the blouse, so she was just laying there in her bra.

My hand slipped up under her back to unclip her bra, and then she pulled it up and off her body. “I’ve never done anything like this before, so you will have to be patient with me,” she said.

I replied, “You have already exceeded my expectations, so don’t worry about me. You are making me very happy. I am feeling somewhat overdressed, however.”

“That’s no good,” she replied as she smiled and then unbuttoned and removed my shirt. Then, she again surprised me by reaching for my belt. It was quickly loose, with the button and zipper on my dress shorts quickly following suit. Then it was an easy matter for her to slide my shorts and boxers down my legs and off my feet to complete my disrobing.

We were left with only her skirt and panties still on, so I asked her to remove them as well. She hesitated and blushed again, but then nodded and popped the catch on the side of her skirt, pulled the zipper down and slipped both her skirt and panties down her legs and off. By this time, Hope was really blushing and said, “Well, I have definitely never been this far with a boy. Please be gentle with me.”

I responded by kissing her again and then sucking her nipple into my mouth. All Hope could do was gasp as her sensitive nipples started pouring pleasure into the rest of her body. I shifted over her, so I could switch between her nipples, giving each nipple equal attention. I made sure that I also visited the soft tit-flesh around the rest of her breasts as well. I knew that the rest of the skin on her breasts needed intimate touching as well, so I left little hickeys scattered over the lower half of her breasts.

She thought she was ready for penetration, but when she tried to pull me up to her face, I kissed her lips, but then quickly slid down to where my mouth could find her vulva. Before she could react, I was already licking and sucking her there, so by the time she might have objected, her pleasure level had already gone through the roof. Her thighs clamped my head in place, but I spread them again with my hands. I continued licking and sucking her labia and clit and then allowed my fingers to explore her vaginal entrance. Her hymen was about an inch inside of her vagina, so that meant I could use my finger to stimulate the inside, but that it would likely be difficult to stretch her hymen out with my finger.

Pretty soon, Hope’s hips were rocking against my tongue and my finger as she let out a continuous stream of coos and sighs. It didn’t take long before her sighs turned into squeals and she was orgasming under me. I slid up over her and once again kissed her lips. I found her hand and guided it to my cock. It was already at her vaginal entrance, but I wanted her to guide it the rest of the way in.

When she caught on, she hesitated again, but then took a deep breath and rubbed my cockhead around in her natural lubricant and seated it against her entrance. Hope then moved her hands up to my back and pulled me toward her. I thrust into her vagina, sliding quickly through her hymen and into her depths. I didn’t stop pushing until my cock was pressed firmly against her cervix.

She screamed into my mouth as her hymen was torn, but then she continued to pull me to her. When I bottomed out, I released the kiss and softly kissed her face. She looked up at me and asked, “Does this mean I am your girlfriend?” I laughed.

“If you want to be my girlfriend, then you are my girlfriend,” I answered.

With that, she rocked her hips to press me even deeper into her body. “The pain is gone. I can’t believe how full I feel with your cock inside of me. That thing must be really big.”

I replied, “That thing is called Bubba.”

Your cock has a name? Maybe my pussy should have a name too,” she said.

I smiled. “I will call her Miss Kitty.”

She laughed, “OK. Miss Kitty it is. I think she likes Bubba.”

Again, I laughed, but I started thrusting and retreating, at first slowly with short strokes and then building to higher power and tempo. After a few minutes, my cock was slamming into her with sloshing sounds, and my balls were slapping against her ass with every thrust. Several more minutes of that culminated in her body being gripped by a strong orgasm and me feeling the sperm rising up in my balls. I pressed my cock firmly against her cervix and released my seed deep into her womb. I was once again lifted into paradise on Earth.

Our orgasms finally subsided and I rolled back to the side, but as some other Filipinas had done, Hope rolled with me, keeping my cock firmly trapped in her pussy. I always wondered what the thought process was when Filipinas did that. Somehow, it had been ingrained in their minds that the path to happiness lay in getting pregnant and then holding tight to their man. Anyway, my cock was still trapped inside of her vagina, and she was slowly flexing her inner muscles to keep it hard. I guess it must have felt as good to her as it did to me.

Some guys have asked how I get girls to fall in love with me so quickly. If I knew why girls did what they do, I would be the richest man in the world, but it is as much a mystery to me as it is to anybody else. Nevertheless, the next words out of Hope’s mouth were, “I love you, Pete.”

We were three hours into our relationship, and she was already declaring her love for me. Oh well, I replied, “Thank you for that. I like you a lot, and who knows where this will lead?”

She smiled. “One place it will need to lead, if I am going to move in with you, is that you will have to meet my family. I live at home, so I can’t move out unless my parents know I will be taken care of.”

I coughed. “Yeah, let’s take our time before getting to meeting family and moving in. I want to get to know you before I get to know your family.” I knew that was a dangerous path, but not as dangerous as just letting her immediately lead me to the altar (and that was clearly her intent).

“Oh,” she said, “Did I misunderstand? I thought we were becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. I never would have given you my virginity if I had thought otherwise.”

“We are becoming boyfriend and girlfriend,” I replied, “But the emphasis is on BECOMING. We need to take this slow and not rush into things that are difficult to reverse. I know that we have already made love, and if anything happens because of that, you can count on me taking full responsibility for you. However, before we start talking about marriage and family, we need to know each other a lot better than we do now.”

“OK,” she said. “I guess that is a start. Maybe I was assuming too much. When we made love, I thought I would be moving in with you immediately, as in today. It doesn’t sound like that will happen.”

“It could still happen, but it might not either. I just haven’t made that decision,” I replied.

“What could I do to help you with your decision?” she asked as she squeezed my cock with her vaginal muscles. I would have to admit that it felt pretty good having my cock inside of her body.

“Sleep with me tonight,” I replied. “Tell your parents you are staying with a friend from school. That won’t be a lie, since we met at your school. Then, after the weekend, we will know better if we are actually compatible. Life includes more than just sex.”

Hope agreed to text her mom to see if that would work. She texted while straddling my hips, letting her pussy slide slowly up and down on my cock as she texted. Her mother asked who she was with, but Hope managed to sidestep that by talking about a project they were working on together. She told her mother to not worry about her as she would be safe. That went about as well as could be expected. She ended the text exchange by telling her mom she would be home sometime on Sunday and her mom agreed to it.

When she put her phone down, Hope leaned down and kissed me on the lips. “I hope that you are serious. I already know that you are right for me, so I hope that you will feel the same at some point. I am making a big commitment here.”

I smiled at her (it is hard not to smile when a woman’s tight pussy is massaging your cock). “Let’s see how this weekend works out and then go from there.” I reached for her hips and rolled her onto her back, my cock never leaving the confines of her vagina.

I started pumping her with my cock, thrusting and retreating and increasing the tempo and power of my thrusts as we continued. Several minutes in, and Hope was starting to orgasm. It didn’t take long before I could no longer withstand the sensation of her vagina milking my cock, and I pressed the tip against the entrance to her cervix to allow my seed to flow directly into her womb.

“I certainly hope you were serious about supporting me, because I am probably pregnant from you cumming inside of me over and over again,” she said.

“Don’t worry.” I replied. “I was serious.”

With that, Hope reached around me and hugged me to her body. “As long as I have that assurance, then my body belongs to you and no other.”

“Mmmm… I like the sound of that,” I said. “How would you like getting a shower with me? We should be able to have some good clean fun in there.”

I took the towel Hope had been laying on into the bathroom with us, and stopped at the sink long enough to spray it with Shout and then soak it in Oxyclean while we were in the shower. Hope didn’t even realize that she had bled until she saw the red spots on the towel.

We got into the shower and I adjusted the water temperature. Hope, like so many other Filipinas, had never experienced a real shower. She had spent her life using a bucket bath, and she was amazed at how good a warm shower felt (but she was also concerned as to how much water we were using). Since water was included in my rent, I never worried about how much was used in the shower.

I scrubbed her down thoroughly, but she didn’t want her hair to get wet, so we left that. I used one of the nicely scented body washes I had left over from when Princess was with me, so she wouldn’t have to smell like Irish Spring (which was my body wash of preference). Then, Hope scrubbed me down using my Irish Spring. She said that she really liked the way it made me smell.

Once we were dried and back on the bed, I asked her if she would like to go to Ayala Center Mall with me. I wanted to get her a few clothes, so she wouldn’t be wearing her school uniform all weekend (not that we would be wearing much of anything while we were in the apartment). My suggestion made her smile, and she started getting dressed. I had less clothes to put on, so I was dressed and ready when she stopped in the bathroom to fix her hair and make sure she was presentable.

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