Fender Bender Ch. 04


Author’s Note: The following is purely fiction and the property of the author. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

My name is Robert, but when I am dressed I call myself Vicki. I am 5’9″ 160 pounds, blonde hair and blue eyes. I had just turned 18.

It was Tuesday evening and I had stayed home alone all day. I had a lot to think about. I was relaxing and listening to some music on the stereo. Mom had just called to checked on me, making sure I was staying out of trouble while she was on vacation in Jamaica with my Step dad Curt.

I was wearing a pair of Light blue panties, the matching lacy Bra with pantyhose stuffed in them to fill out the cups, and an oversized white T-shirt that came down to mid thigh. I had my head back and my eyes closed as I was thinking back on everything that had happened to me since Mom and Curt had left on Friday morning.

The phone rang again and when I checked the Caller ID I seen it was Mike. After Mike and I had sex on Saturday night he had promised he would call. Part of me was hoping he would but part of had hoped he wouldn’t.

I started not to answer it but at the last second I pick up the receiver and said Hello.

“Uh, hi there. How are you?”

“Hi Mike, I am ok, how are you?”

“Much better now, I would be even better if I could come over but I am tired and need to rest tonight.”

I really wanted to discourage him, “Well I really do not feel like visitors tonight anyway.”

“Ok, well the reason I was calling, I have two tickets to the Dragon’s game tomorrow night and I was wondering if you would like to go?”

The Dragon’s were a minor league baseball team in a nearby City.

“I don’t know….”

“Please Vicki I promise you will have a good time. And it will give you a chance to dress sexy for me.”

“Now wait a minute, I am not sure if I am ready to go out as Vicki.”

“Oh come on, you are pretty and a natural, unless someone got up close and personal, they will just think you are a very pretty girl. Personally I think you are super hot and very sexy.”

I giggled, “Thank you, you do know how to flatter a girl.”

“So will you go out with me tomorrow night Vicki?”

“I am still not sure, let me think about it ok?”

“Tell you what, I will pick you up around 5 tomorrow, you can go as Vicki, or if I show up and you are not dressed, It will just be two guys catching a game.”

Mike was being so nice, “OK Mike, I will see you tomorrow at five.”

He seemed happy, “Oh, before I go, Uh tell me what you are wearing, please?”

I decided what harm would it do if I flirted a little, “Mike you naughty boy. I am wearing a blue bra and panties, and a white T-shirt.”

“Oh My Vicki you sound so sexy, I am hard just thinking about you. I know that image will be in my head all night.”

I just giggled.

“OK I have to go, see you tomorrow beautiful.” and he hung up.

I spent the rest of the night trying to decide what to do. I admit that the idea of going on a real date was tempting. Was I ready to go out as Vicki?

The ball park was over an hour or so away, and I really doubted if we would run into anyone I knew, but still….

I decided to take along hot bath, then shave what little hair I had off of my body. I sat on the bed and redid my nails, then painted my toenails a bright pink. I hope Mom doesn’t notice I had been using her makeup, lipstick and perfume when she gets home from vacation.

I wrestled with my decision all morning, I wanted to call Susan and talk to her about it but I was not sure how she or Mark would react if they knew I was fooling around with another guy.

I did not think they would be too mad but I was not sure. Finally around 1 I call Susan and asked her if I could come over because I had something I really needed to talk about with her. She said she was on her way out but she would only be gone for an hour or so and if I wanted, She could stop by my house when she was done.

I told her that would be great and I would see her in a little bit.

When Susan stopped by later she could tell I was nervous so she got straight to the point and asked me was making me so fidgety.

I took a deep breath and blurted out every thing. About how Mike and Gary caught me wearing panties on Saturday night and how Mike came back later and we had sex. How, now Mike wanted me to go out with him dressed as Vicki.

Susan sat there patiently and let me ramble on until I finished. When I finished I looked at her and pleaded with her not to be mad at me.

She put her hand on my shoulder and told me it was ok, There was no reason for anyone to be mad. That her and her husband really enjoyed playing with me and that, yes they were some more things that she was sure Mark would require from me before I would get my step dad’s car back, but it was all in fun and they understood if I wanted to fool around with other people.

I let out a sigh of relief then told her I was still not sure if I had the confidence mardin escort to go out in public as Vicki quite yet. Susan asked me what time Mike was suppose to pick me up and I told her at 5.

“well we have a little time, why don’t you let me help you get dressed and we will see how pretty you are. If you still don’t think you can pass in public you will have time to change back.”

That sounded good to me, I had never had anyone help me with make up before. All I had learned so far was from the Internet and trail and error.

I got Susan a glass of wine and went to take a quick shower. When I had showered I met Susan in my Mom’s bedroom. I knew what outfit I wanted to wear and started taking out items and explaining what look I was going for.

I told her that since it was just a ball game I wanted something casual. First I chose a red lace bra and the matching silk panties. Next I chose a pink tank top and a pair of white shorts. I was going to add a long sleeve white shirt as a cover that I had planned to leave unbuttoned.

While I was getting dressed Susan was looking through the closet. I finished and then modeled my outfit. Susan told me I looked cute but then she held up a white skirt.

“I think you will look better in this. It is still modest but it will show off those sexy legs of your.”

I slipped off my shorts and put on the skirt. I wasn’t sure if I looked better but I had to admit the skirt made me feel sexier. I found a pair of open toed sandals that showed off my pink toenails.

Susan sat me down at my Mom’s vanity table and told me to watch and learn. She started applying my makeup. Then she put on a bright shade of pink lipstick that matched my tank top and my nails.

After I fixed my blonde wig into place Susan brushed it out for me and fixed it into a ponytail with a pink bow. When she allowed me to look in the mirror I saw a very pretty young girl looking back at me.

I was so happy I gave Susan a big hug and thanked her for all of her help. Then I kissed her on the lips lightly. When I pulled away she was smiling at me. She told me to be careful I would smudge my lipstick.

I was walking Susan out when the phone rang. It was Mike saying he was running late but that he would be here soon. I gave Susan another kiss and thanked her again for all the help. She told me to have a great time and she wanted to hear all the details tomorrow.

When I opened the door for Mike I could see the surprise on his face. The surprise turned into a big smile as he looked me up and down, “Vicki, You look great!!”

I smiled back at him, “Thank you.”

Then he took me into his arms and kissed me. Not a gentle kiss either, it was a deep passionate kiss and I felt his tongue pass my lips and explore my mouth. I felt his hands squeezing my butt through my skirt and panties.

Mike is around 250 pounds, 6’2″ and he had wrestled and play football in High School. He had red hair and freckles. Today he was wearing a black and blue T-shirt with the Dragon’s logo on it along with really tight jeans that showed off a nice bulge. Remembering what his cock looked liked made me lick my lips. When hard Mike’s Cock is almost 7 inches long but not thick.

I was afraid if I did not stop him soon we would get carried away and not leave the house so I pulled away and told him we better go or we would miss the start of the game. He apologized for being late but he had to stay late at work to finish up. He said he had planned on taking me out to eat first but we did not have time. I told him it was ok and we could get something at the game.

When we arrived they were already singing the national anthem. Mike came around and opened my door for me like a gentleman. Hr reached behind the seat and grabbed a blanket, he said it might get chilly before the game was over. Mike was holding my hand as we entered the stadium.

There were not many people at the ball game and it was a blow out. A lot of people were already leaving after the fifth inning. Mike said we should change seats so maybe we could have a better chance of getting a foul ball.

We chose a place down the third base line, halfway up the bleachers. we had the section all to ourselves. Mike covered us up with the blanket and I snuggled close to Mike, resting my head on his shoulder. After another inning Mike asked me if I wanted to leave. I told him no I wanted to stay a little longer then I kissed him. I whispered in his ear that I thought we could have fun right here.

I looked around and made sure no one was watching us. Under the blanket, I reached over and unbuttoned Mike’s jeans. I pulled the zipper down and squeezed his cock through his underwear. I heard Mike gasp as I pulled it free and slowly started running my hand up and down his growing cock.

I took my time. I would vary the speed at which I was jacking him off. I would go slow for a few minutes then work my hand up and down faster. This went on for a while. When I van escort felt him getting close I would stop and wait for his cock to settle down before I would start again.

It was exciting but I was nervous and every little bit I would look around making sure no one knew what I was up to. Once when I had stopped for a few minutes I felt Mikes hand on my thigh. He rubbed my inner thigh for a few seconds then his hand moved up to brush against my panties.

Mike surprised me by squeezing my cock through my silk panties. I looked up into Mikes face and he had an intense but caring look in his eyes. He kissed me again as he started rubbing my crotch harder.

I took his cock into my hand again and started pumping it. I decided that this time I was not going to stop until he cum. His hand messaging my panty clad cock had me close to cumming and I was trying to hold off until he was ready to cum.

I could not hold back any longer and moaned into his mouth as I shot my load into my panties. When Mike felt the cum soak the front of my panties he pulled his hand away. I doubled my effort to make him cum. I was tempted to put my head under the blanket and finish him off with my mouth but I was not that brave yet.

Mike pulled my hand away and buttoned and zipped up his pants. He told me we were leaving NOW. He all but pulled me to his truck and opened the door, putting his hand on my ass as he helped me into the cab.

He was unusually quiet as he drove me home. Suddenly Mike took an exit off the interstate and pulled onto a back road. He turned off onto a dirt road that lead into a peach orchard. He came to a clearing and stopped the truck.

Mike all but ordered me out of the truck as he grabbed the blanket again. I knew what was going on but decided to play dumb so I asked him why we had stopped here. He gave me a look that excited me but scared me at the same time. “You teased me all night and I can’t wait until we get back to your house. I am going to fuck you NOW.”

When he let the tailgate down I assumed we were going to spread the blanket in the bed of his truck. I was wrong as he sat on the tailgate and dropped the blanket on the ground. Putting his hand on my shoulder he forced me to my knees.

“You know what to do little girl.” Mike growled in lust as he started sliding down his jeans and boxers exposing his hard throbbing cock.

Mike hand his fingers in my hair pulling my head toward his cock and I opened my lips to allow him to push it into my mouth. I started sucking the head then bobbing my head up and down his cock. I admired the pink rings of lipstick around the shaft as I pulled back.

I sucked on his cock a few more minutes then he pulled it out of my mouth and grabbed me by the arm pulling me to my feet. Pushing me against the truck he bent me over the tailgate. When I felt Mike pushing my skirt up and my panties to the side I started begging him to go slow, I told him I did not have any lube with me.

He said I had better hope that I had lathered up his cock enough with my tongue because there was no way he was going to stop now. I felt Mikes hands around my waist pulling me back to him. When I felt the head of his cock press against my ass I was afraid that this was going to hurt a lot.

Mike pushed forward and I had to bite my lower lip to keep from screaming as I felt the head of his cock enter me. He started off with slow long strokes pushing more and more into me each time. I was afraid how bad it would hurt but to my surprise it was just a little uncomfortable at the start and the longer Mike fucked me the better it felt.

Mike was starting to pick up speed. The sounds of crickets and night creatures mixed together with the sounds of our bodies slapping together and Mike’s grunting each time he slammed into me.

I doubted if Mike could hold out much longer. I know I was still new to this but He was fucking me with an urgency I had not known before. Mike drove his cock deep inside me and emptied his load.

He rested for a minute before he pulled out of me, pulled his pants up and turned me around. Mike took me into his arms and started kissing me. He kissed my neck then whispered in my ear how much he enjoyed what we had just done and he hoped I was not mad at him for getting carried away.

I told him that the setting could have been better, maybe a little more romantic, but I enjoyed it also. We made out some more and he said we had better leave before we were discovered by someone.

We were both quiet on the drive home. Mike walked me to the door I invited him in. We sat on the couch and talked for awhile. Mike said he should probably leave, but I kissed him again and shyly said, “Well you could spend the night.”

He smiled, “are you sure that is what you want?”

I know I should have been mad for the way he treated me earlier but I was starting to like Mike and to be honest I was quickly becoming a slut and cock whore. I did not answer him but walked to the door ankara escort and locked it, taking his hand I led him to the bedroom. Kissing him I grabbed the hem of his T-shirt and started pulling it up and over his head. I kissed his lips again then kissed my way down to his chest.

I pushed him down on the bed and slipped to my knees. I reached down and untied his shoes and removed them. Then I slipped his socks off of his feet. easing up I kissed his tummy, swirling my tongue around his belly button as I unsnapped his jeans. Unzipping them, Mike raised his butt allowing me to pull them down and off. Next came his boxers and Mike was completely nude.

I took the head of his cock into my mouth and started sucking gently. As I sucked the head I cupped and messaged his balls. I start working my head up and down slowly making his cock rock hard again. I let it slip from my lips and started licking and sucking his balls as my hand stroked up and down the shaft.

I kissed the head again then pushed back and stood up. Smiling down at Mike I slowly started swaying my hips as I slide white button up shirt off of my shoulders. Next I pulled the hem of my tank top from under my skirt and pulled it over my head and off.

I turned my back to Mike as I unzipped my white skirt and I wiggled my butt at him as I bent over and slid the skirt down my legs. I tried to strike a sexy pose as I looked back over my shoulder to see Mike with his fist wrapped around his cock stroking it.

I was not sure how Mike would react to what I was going to do next. I reached behind me and unhooked my bra throwing it onto the pile of clothes I had already taken off. with my back still to Mike, I shook my butt again and pushed my red silk panties down and off.

For the first time I was completely nude in front of a guy. I shyly turned to face Mike trying to act modest, my right hand covering my small “clit” and my left arm across my chest covering my “boobs”.

I was afraid Mike might be mad at me but He smiled, held out his hand and told me to come there. I walked to the bed and threw my leg over Mike straddling him. laying across his chest I kissed him again. As we kissed I felt his hands on my ass.

I raised up as Mike spread my butt cheeks. Positioning my ass over the head of his cock I slowly lowered myself down. I was still sore from earlier so I took a deep breath, then plunged down taking the entire length of his cock into my ass.

I sat there a minute getting use to having my butt filled with a hard cock again. After a little bit I started raising myself up and down fucking Mike’s cock as he laid there with his eyes closed and moaning.

As I was bouncing up and down and trying to milk Mikes hard cock he reached up and started squeezing and pinching my nipples. I know I did not have breasts like a woman but my nipples were still hard and sensitive as he pinched and twisted them. I felt my desire grow as I started bouncing up and down on Mikes cock like the slut I knew I was becoming. My small cock was hard and throbbing and I knew I was about to cum.

I soon felt waves of pleasure wash over me as I sunk down on Mikes cock and started shooting strand after strand of cum all over Mikes belly. I sat there in a daze until Mike twisted my nipple hard to get my attention.

“You had your fun, now fuck me little girl.” He seemed to enjoy calling me little girl.

I started fucking him faster and faster, riding his cock for all I was worth. I felt Mikes hands on my waist slamming me down on his cock harder and harder. I felt the head of his cock going deeper inside of me than any time before.

Mike let out a sound that was a mixture of a groan and a growl. Pulled me down hard and held me there as he emptied his cum into my ass a second time that night.

When he had finished shooting and his cock started to go limp, I rolled off of him and then I kissed him again. After breaking the kiss, I kissed my way down his body to his belly where I lapped up the sticky mess I had made earlier when I had cum.

After his belly was clean I continued down to lick the residue off of his soft cock. I licked around the base of his cock cleaning the cum from his pubic hair, then started licking the shaft of his cock from the base to the head.

Mike must have been exhausted because even as I was licking his cock he drifted off to sleep and was soon snoring. I cuddled up beside of him and laid my head on Mikes chest and pulled his arm around me. I closed my eyes and soon I was a sleep in Mikes arms.

Mike had told me that he needed to be up by seven the next morning so he could get to work on time. The alarm woke me up at 6:30. I quickly slapped at it and was glad to see that Mike was still a sleep.

I smiled to myself as I pulled the sheet down to look at Mikes naked body. He was in good shape. I wondered what Mike had been dreaming about because his cock was already hard.

I was still feeling naughty so I leaned down and took his cock into my mouth. After sucking his cock several minutes I felt Mike’s hand on the back of my head and heard him mumble, “Damn, what a way to wake up.”

Between sucking his cock and messaging his balls, it did not take Mike long to fill my mouth with a load of delicious cum. I swallowed it all and licked my lips as I smiled and said Good morning.

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