False Imprisonment


Having visited a morning magistrate’s court in one in one of the UK’s major cities some years ago, I was a little surprised at the way many cases especially of prostitution were pushed through at such high speed. Thinking back on my visit day the bones of this story emerged. I am sure what happened below is surely not possible, or is it?

Tony woke up with a start as the cell door clanged and a police officer walked in with his breakfast.

“Here you are miss, you had better hurry up and eat, you are in court in fifty minutes.”

Tony sat up slowly, his head was thumping and then he realised that he had a bandage on his arm. He could remember nothing clearly about the previous evening, except that he had drunk an awful lot of wine. He sat up carefully his head thumping and looked down at his clothes and he realised that he was still wearing a skirt and blouse and he still had his black fashion boots which were his pride and joy. On the other bunk were his fur wrap and a handbag which was also part of his female clothes.

Tony struggled to think about how he had got here and realised that the gaoler had called him “Miss” and Tony knew that was definitely wrong. He had a very big and very active 18 year old cock under his skirt constrained by a pair of ladies briefs. He looked at the handbag and realised that it belonged to Rita. It was full of her make-up and her driving licenses with her a photo. Tony had to admit that the photo did look very like him. In fact Tony had always modeled his female appearance on Rita, and they were much the same size.

Although Tony was a transvestite. He was not gay, but like many men he enjoyed dressing as a woman and last night had been a meeting of like minded chaps of the Beaumont Society. Rita was his girl friend, she was nineteen and a part time prostitute and a neighbour of his. She had a strong interest in the TV community and attended meetings to help and advise members with their make-up and dress. She gave Tony especial attention and in fact they were also casual lovers as well. Quite frequently they would swap clothes and she would help him with his shopping to buy his girls clothes.

Tony knew Rita had been in court for soliciting a few times and she had a young daughter of three, who he was very fond of, so if she went to Jail her daughter would be taken into care by Social Services and he knew Rita would do anything to avoid that. Tony began to remember now that when the police had arrived on the scene of the fight, she had pushed her bag into his hand and snatched his bag.

They had got a sort of loose arrangement, that one day they would perhaps marry. She had for a long time had a key to his apartment and Tony guessed that was where she would be hiding now. After a few moments and a cup of nearly cold tea his memory of the night before started to become clearer. He remembered, how that they had both been arrested and the police had taken them to casualty to have their slight injuries dressed after they had been attacked by a bunch of young thugs and a fight had developed. At the hospital, Rita had pleaded with him to keep the change of identities with her as she could not afford to go to prison and have her young daughter placed into care.

The hospital had been busy and the change of identity was no problem as they had their injuries treated. Rita had used his femme name of Jane and had produced his credit card with his feminine name on as proof of her identity. It was one of those cards with a photo on which was not terribly clear. As Tony’s name was not known to the police she had been released with a warning and Tony now impersonating her, was being charged and prosecuted as a common prostitute.

It seemed terribly unjust when the fight had been deliberately started by trouble makers, none of them had been arrested and Rita or Tony having being charged as a prostitute, when she was not soliciting, or had even been the subject of a complaint by a member of the public.

Tony vaguely remembers later being charged as Rita Stubbs and being brought to this cell. He presumed that very soon his real identity would be discovered and they would have to release him, but he was almost sure the police could not charge Rita after making such a big mistake over his identity when he was arrested. So in fact she would be in the clear. Tony was a little surprised that his true sex had not been discovered last night, either by the hospital, or here at the police station.

As he was pulling himself together the cell door opened and a policeman came in with a bag of clothes and toilet gear.

“Your sister brought these in for you.” he said, as he dumped the bag on the floor.

That must have been Rita, bless her she had sent him changes of clothes and toilet gear and make-up, together with some safety razors, so Tony quickly washed and renewed his make up, changed his blouse and skirt into something more modest and waited for his court appearance.

Tony stood no chance mersin escort in court, the lady magistrate in summing up said after Tony had pleaded “Not Guilty”

“You are a menace to the people of this city. You have had plenty of warnings in the past, Rita Malloy and you even lie about your identity, therefore, I have no hesitation in sentencing you to three months in prison and one year’s suspended sentence. Let us hope that it will teach you a lesson. If you offend again then you will be rearrested and returned to prison to serve the full term.”

Tony had been given no real chance to speak at all and so here he was now at Parkgate open prison for ladies, with three other girls also sentenced for soliciting at the same court. One girl looked at him and said.

“You ain’t Rita Stubbs.”

Tony put his finger to his lips and went “shhh.”

She smiled and guessed Tony was up to something and had a little giggle as she whispered to the other girls.

Tony whispered to her “I am a bloke in drag.”

He explained what had happened and they thought it was a big giggle. They were not going to shop him for certain and were obviously looking forward to the fireworks when it was discovered that Tony was a man. They were taken inside to face two middle aged aggressive lady warders and a male warder. They were told the prison rules and were told they could keep their own clothes as this was an open prison. Their entire personal luggage was searched.

Then came the command “Strip off girl’s time for your search.”

The first girl went into a cubicle with a female prison officer and came out looking a little flustered her face all red “the fucking cow” she murmured.

The second girl went and Tony knew that soon the game would be up for him because as soon as he was undressed they would soon know that Tony had an eight inch cock where there should be something much more feminine.

Then came his turn as Tony started to slowly undress in the cubicle the woman prison officer stood impatiently muttering “come on girl”. Then suddenly a loud bell sounded “stop there” she said and went rushing out. Tony finished undressing, but after about five minutes he decided to dress and went back into the reception room. The girls were grinning as they guessed Tony had not been searched.

“The one girl whispered “You lucky bastard, saved by the bell.”

Tony was also thinking that if he could gain a little time it would give Rita a better chance to get away if that was what she wanted to do. Tony noticed that the girls were treating him like a hero and one of the girls whispered that this was the normal weekly fire drill and each officer had to go to a predetermined fire station. Tony stood waiting and eventually one officer came back smiling to herself.

A senior warden came in and asked “Do you need any help Mary?” No Liz thanks, we are all ready to take them to their rooms, we have done the searches as she initialed their record sheets and they can have the medical with the others tomorrow.”

After a few moments having been read the rules of the establishment again which showed the chaos of the prison that day? The three other women Liz, Mandy and Lee were put in the same room as him. The door clanged shut and Liz obviously the leader closed in on him. She kissed him boldly on the lips and as she did so she was feeling under his short skirt. Her hand embraced his cock which was now well and truly excited.

She turned to the other two “Wow girls we have something very special here.”

She turned to Tony “The one thing we miss here is a little bit of cock now and then, so darling you are going to be kept very busy.”

She pushed him back on the bed stripped his girlie panties off and took his cock between her lips, stretching her mouth wide. It was incredible, so hot and wet; she ran her tongue around the head of his cock. It felt good but he wanted more of his cock in her mouth. He could hear the other girls giggling and laughing as they waited their turn with him. Tony knew that he was probably in for an exhausting time. As Liz started sucking, with just the head in her mouth her mouth seemed stretched to extreme. Her cheeks hollowed as Liz increased suction around the tip. Still the need to push deeper in her mouth was overwhelming.

That is when he snapped, with his hands gripping her hair, Tony pushed his hips forward. At first he was not very forceful and only a half inch more of his penis slipped past her lips. Liz was resisting further intrusion causing him great pleasure. It was a chain reaction, the harder Liz resisted him the harder Tony pushed and the deeper he got. To his mind Liz looked beautiful as she did with him trying to cram his cock down her throat. As hard as Tony was trying though, he barely had two inches in her mouth. As it was, her mouth looked impossibly stretched.

His orgasm started to boil and when Liz looked up at him with kocaeli escort her gray eyes, Tony started to spurt. “Oh Liz!” was all that Tony could moan as Tony let loose. Tony not sure if Liz tried to retreat from his cock, his hands were straining to pull her face even closer to his groin. The orgasm shattered his brain, each spurt of cum rang through his spine sending him to oblivion. Tony felt Liz swallow each load Tony was giving her. He was in heaven; he never wanted it to end. But it did.

His senses slowly returned to him, yet Liz continued to milk the last drops from his spent cock. Tony was in love with Liz’s mouth. Finally, Tony released his fingers from Liz’s hair. She gingerly slid her lips off his cock, causing another tremor to hit his body.

“You are going to be a real joy with that thing aren’t you,” she said with surprisingly little malice. “You mean if I get past the medical somehow tomorrow.”

“We will get you past that – no problem.” Liz replied, “But you have to understand that favours have to be paid for and one cock between about 300 women – wow are you going to be busy”

Liz giggled at her statement. While she had been talking Liz was now spread eagled herself in front of him. Tony was between Liz’s legs and his still hard prick was banging against her wet panties in an instant. He did not want to kiss her because he did not want to taste his own sperm. So Tony went for her neck and ears. Tony continued to push against her panties covered pussy while Tony bit her neck and nibbled her ear, for a short time.

Then Liz whispered, “You’re a bastard.”

But her hands spoke a different message and not only moved her panties to clear his entry; they also guided his cock to her wet hole. Even just the tip sliding inside of Liz’s pussy was amazing. So warm and wet, not to mention she was incredibly tight. Instincts over took him and Tony continued to press his hips forward. Liz’s pussy was tighter than her mouth but gave way much easier to penetration. Liz was panting so loud in his ear that Tony could hear nothing else.

It seemed Liz yelled in his ear. “Wow you are big you are stretching me too much.”

Instead of slowing he down her words spurred him on. Liz’s pussy stretched to fit all of him.

“You are my slut now aren’t you Liz,” Tony asked.

“Always Rita dear anytime… you want,” Liz rasped.

Tony pounded that pussy hard then. His only concern to relieve his self the burden of his orgasm. It did not take long before Tony started shooting again. Tony pushed himself as deep as he could, spraying the depth of Liz’s pleasure channel.

Liz yelled at him. “Don’t cum in my pussy you bastard.”

Of course it was too late, so Tony said,” It’s too late now and I’m filling you up slut!”

Both Liz and Tony were breathing heavily with his thick cock still deep in her stretched pussy. Tony was not finished though, his penis was still erect and he began to once again slide back and forth inside her tight pussy. Liz was trying to push him off but Tony continued to pound as deep as he could.

Liz’s eyes rolled back in her head, her body started to shake and “Bastard” was the only intelligible thing that came from her mouth. Liz’s body was arching against him, giving him better access to continue. Tony was not in a hurry now that he had already blown his load twice. Liz’s pussy was grabbing his cock tightly and Tony could feel every part of her love tunnel running along his cock.

Then Liz stopped moving under him as her body tensed for a moment and then relaxed and then tensed back up. Tony knew that she had orgasmed. His orgasm started to build in him, unlike before when his body just reacted. His slow pace was no longer enough and Tony again began to pump his cock faster into Liz’s sloppy pussy. Liz was so wet that it sounded like waves slapping against a dock every time Tony rammed into her.

That is when Tony came again for the third time, a jolt of pleasure went through him and he lost consciousness in sleep. When he awoke Mandy was lying by his side, whispering, “You little bastard. It’s my turn now and you are all shagged out but I can wait.”

Mandy smiled at him and without using her hands took his slick cock into her mouth. Tony slid up enough so that she could get at him. But he knew that it would be some time before he could be ready again. Eventually Tony managed to satisfy all the girls although Lee had to wait until after the evening meal. Then they talked and Tony explained his situation. The girls thought it was all fun and then Tony said.

“Yes but “But how about the medical tomorrow?

“Don’t worry honey that can all been fixed.” Liz said.

Tony began to realise that the girls had a vested interest in keeping him well hidden. They were the keepers of his identity and they could control and use him to get favours for themselves.

The medical next morning went quicker and easier samsun escort than expected. The list for medical inspection was twelve girls of which three of them including Tony were blondes. The doctor was a local retired GP who acted as prison doctor part time. He was assisted by two qualified nurses who were also inmates and who very efficiently organized the deception. One girl named Sybil had two inspections one posing as Tony and the whole procedure went quite smoothly.

Sybil and both nurses came for payment in kind that evening and during the next day, Tony began to realise now that being a stud in a female prison had its down side and even the girls began to worry how long it would be before someone snitched his identity to the Governor. It would be a miracle if someone did not tell. However, the girls kept Tony well occupied and for some six weeks the secret held, until one day a new warder arrived at the prison.

Tony saw Miss Tina Robins the new senior warder looking intently at him one day and he felt a little uneasy. His suspicions were confirmed when the following day she followed him back to his room.

“Who are you girl?” she asked quite aggressively. “I know you ain’t Rita Stubbs. I know her from way back.”

Tony having decided that the game was up and beginning to think a rest from the continual demands on his services would be welcome.

“No, you are right I am her boyfriend. I told the courts that I wasn’t Rita but they would not listen.”

So then Tony told the whole story to Tina. Tina saw the funny side of the story and said with a wry laugh. “Well I guess we are going to have a few surprise pregnancies round here shortly.” that should really piss off that cow of a governor.”

Tina was a nice looking mousy blonde girl of about 26 years, nice features and a good body. She thought for a moment.” I will do a deal with you. Look after me properly and I will keep quiet Rita.” She said with a smile.

He looked at her and quickly got the message. She stood on tip toe and kissed Tony on the lips and at the same time had a quick feel of his groin. She had a big smile on her face when she stepped back.

“See you later Rita.”She said with a smile as she left.

It was about 3.00pm that day when Tina sent for him. The working parties in the garden had finished for the day and the tool store was locked and empty. She had arranged a bed in the corner from old potato sacks and covered it with a sheet. Locking the door from the inside she turned to Tony. Her hands went under his blouse and up his chest, feeling him and removing his false breasts. Their lips came together and they were soon kissing passionately.

“Take me, Tony. Right here. Right now. I need you to, to, uhh, uhhh, so good, that feels sooooo good.”

Tony quickly had released her bra from behind and it slipped down to the floor. He unbuttoned her blouse and her nipples were already hard and distended. She moaned as she leaned against him.

“Get undressed, Tony. Now!”

As he unbuttoned his blouse he felt her undoing the belt on his skirt, his skirt dropped to the floor quickly followed by his panties releasing his cock into full view. He kicked his shoes into the corner to face a fully nude Tina who wrapped her body tightly round his. After a minute she dragged him by the hand to the makeshift bed in the corner. They lay down close to one another enjoying the warm feel of each others body

Tony then moved down and started to suck and nibble on her breasts. “Oh, Tony! That’s lovely she muttered.” As her body started to respond.” She let out a low pitched moan of pleasure and started squirming. He lowered his body to suck her “Oh My God!” Tina exclaimed as she felt Tony’s hot breath, soon followed by his mouth, on her cunt She began shaking and groaning in excitement as he got to work in earnest..

Tina was no virgin; she had been dumped by her long term boyfriend also a prison officer and she had asked for a transfer. She had in the past had several lovers, but none had treated her like this or given her this level of pleasure. She was receiving more pleasure from Tony, than she had ever received before. Soon her body was bucking and thrashing wildly, her pelvis rising up to keep in contact with the lips and tongue of her new lover. Soon the pleasure became almost unbearable and she could feel her orgasm building…

Tina’s body became stiff, her legs wrapping round his head to try and keep him there, “Yes, yes! I’m coming, Tony, I’m coming!” but he worked loose and was able to watch her as she came down from her high. He bent over and started to smother her face in kisses, followed by her breasts which he nibbled, eventually moving to her neck. She opened her eyes and stared at him. She now realised that she had never before had a proper orgasm. Now she knew what an orgasm was.

Then Tina started to fondle his cock, she was amazed as it grew to full size as she masturbated him Tony pulled away from her and pushed her back on the makeshift bed. She became even more excited as she knew what was coming. Tony knelt between her parted legs guiding his massive cock to her love tunnel. When he made contact, he rubbed the head up and down her wet slit, teasing her, just a little. He knew he could not hold out himself much longer.

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