Fake It to Make It Ch. 03


Continuing more, I’d like to thank my volunteer editor, adelante39, for her assistance. Aside from some glaring mistakes, she helped me breathe some life into the story as well as providing some direction for where it goes next, if it does.


Behind the closed door of the office, Sonia was feeling trapped, but trapped by the man to whom she would give herself in an instant. If she thought of her plan in phases, this would be about number four.

For his part, Dave put on his game face, but he was anxious about how this would play out. It was an all or nothing plan. Vanessa’s admonition haunted him, pressing him into a realm that he was uncomfortable with, but also fortified him with a steely arousal.

“Miss Chase, you can’t be bending over like that in my classroom. First, it is unladylike. Second, you wear that skirt impossibly short. I am sure it is not regulation length. And third, your underwear is very provocative. Finally, you are creating too much distraction with the male students. If you expect to succeed here, you are going to have to take this much more seriously.”

“But, Mr. Hunter…”

“No buts, Miss Chase.”

It’s all about her butt.

“But, Mr. Hunter…” The purr was breaking him down. “Please understand…I don’t do that for those boys.”

“MISS CHASE! No more justifying. Come to my desk.”

As she walked over, her skirt swayed slightly. She knew just what she was doing. Mr. Hunter had been the focus of her attention for the whole semester. She had amped up her inner kitten and her hastily conceived plan was bearing towards success.

She was careful to slowly shorten her skirt over the semester and recalled the delight she felt when she found the white fishnet stockings and the panties in a tartan to match her skirt. Slowly, fewer buttons were done up on her blouse, her cleavage framed by the loosely knotted tie. A little extra blush, redder lipstick, darker eyes…all part of her plan.

My god, that girl drives me crazy.

“Miss Chase, you need to understand that this kind of behaviour can’t be tolerated. Bend over the desk.”

“But, Mr. Hunter…” Ankara travesti she complained, as a smile flickered across her mouth.

The tingles are spreading all over me. He’s actually gonna do it. Oh my god… I didn’t even imagine this the first time I saw him.

“Miss Chase. Your behaviour in my class is not acceptable. I am authorized to correct this by whatever means necessary. Do you understand?” Mr. Hunter the teacher was annoyed with her but Dave the man was playing a role with her, hoping he was right about his observations.


“Now. Stay still.”

“Yes, Mr. Hunter.”

His hand came down against her trembling ass but slipped against her skirt. And again, but it hardly felt like anything.

This is kind of disappointing.

“Miss Chase. This is not working. I need you to adjust your skirt for me.”

“But, Mr. Hunter!”

This might just really happen.

“No buts, Miss Chase.”

There’s that butt again.

“Lift your skirt.”

Slowly, deliberately, seductively, she reached down, long past the bottom of the skirt, her hands caressing her stockinged thighs as she moved them up to catch the hem. She gripped the hem with only her thumb and forefinger on each hand and pulled it up with her palms flat against her ample cheeks.

This girl is enjoying this. I’m enjoying this.

His hand came down with a satisfying crack. Sonia gasped as the tingles spread from her cheeks to her pussy. Again, came the crack, right across her ass cleavage. The tingles built as she involuntarily wiggled.

That skin feels so good against my hand. And that ass, it’s so plump and round.

She felt the smack again, but his hand didn’t move after. Then, there was a slight movement.

Was that a caress? Is my teacher feeling my ass?

This is very good. She’s staying put. Such a perfect vision. A little modesty betrayed by something smoldering underneath. She’s been a good student, apart from the distraction she’s been causing lately. The dark eyes and hair, the luscious shape…and now this? I can’t control this hard-on.

If Antalya travesti he squeezes, I am going to cum. Having HIM take me like this is too much to bear. I hope he can’t smell my desire. Wait…that’s exactly what I want to happen. He’s pretty much mine now, now if only he’ll make me his…

His hand came down again. Her cheeks were turning red and started to sting relentlessly.

Oh my god. I don’t think I can control it. It feels so good!

And again, “CRACK!” But again, the hand lingered and squeezed.

Is that a finger between my ass cheeks?

“Miss Chase.”

She was drawn back at the sound of her name.

“Yes, Mr. Hunter?”

“Have you learned your lesson?”

“Ummmm, sir. I am not quite sure what lesson it is I needed to learn.”

The hand firmly squeezed.

Yes, that is a finger between my plump ass cheeks.

“Miss Chase. I am quite displeased at how you have been showing yourself off to the class, and the whole school for that matter. Do you like dressing and behaving like this?”

The grip of his hand got even more firm.

Does he feel how wet my pussy is?

My god, this girl’s pussy is wet.

“Sir, I do admit that I like looking like this. I used to save it for at home sometimes, just to see myself. But…” her voice trails off.

“But what, Miss Chase?”

“But, ummmm, well…”

Ohmigod! His finger’s in my pussy!

“I do it for you, sir.”

She gasped as the finger plunged fully inside her yearning vagina.

“That is a good answer.” Her ear shivers at his hot breath.

“However, Miss Chase, this could get us both in a lot of trouble. So, it seems I need to continue your correction.”


Oh my god. He used his soaked hand on me.


Sonia heard slurping sounds shortly after his hand withdrew from her ass. Then, she felt the squeeze again and his hand grasping her shoulder.

“Stand up and face me.”

She complied somewhat weakly, but eagerly.

“Sit up on the desk.”

As she started to move, he interrupted. “Wait. Hike up your skirt first.”

She İstanbul travesti reached down and again caressed her stockinged thighs, repeating her earlier display.

She’s mine.

She parted her legs as she sat. A few feet away from her, Dave undid his pants.

The clink of the belt buckle, the zzzzz of the zipper…ohmigodohmigodohmigodohmigod

“Miss Chase, I believe you understand the gravity of this situation. Now, I will give you instructions.”

Breathlessly, she managed to whimper out an “uh huh”.

“Miss Chase, look at me.”

But I need to see it! He’s moving closer!

As he moved toward her, Dave commanded. “First, you WILL dress more conservatively in class and at school – longer skirt, blouse buttoned, tights and flat shoes. I will not have the boys distracted and ogling you. You are mine now.”

Her legs parted more in explicit invitation as she felt him press into her.

“You have been a good student. You will keep up your grades. I will be tutoring you, starting tonight.”

Is that his cock against my pussy?????

She felt the head of his cock against her parted, wet pussy as he gave further instruction.

“However, the required dress code at my house will be more to your liking,” he said as she felt his hands on her stockings, then against her panties, pulling them to the side, revealing the entire state of her wet, fragrant arousal.

BLESSED RELIEF! His whole cock FINALLY inside my pussy.

God I want to be his cockwhore, his little slut. And he’s making it happen.

A tear rolled from her eye as she clutched his back and pressed her heels against his ass, pulling him tight, fully submitting to him in her willingness.

He’s not thrusting?

With her face buried in his shoulders, he whispered, “We will meet once a week for instruction.”

He’s not moving! I need to grind!

Sonia felt his hands grip her ass, giving her the leverage to begin thrusting in an undulating rhythm against him.

“You can request extra help on occasion.”

Ohmigodohmigodohmigod! I am going to cum so hard!

Just as Sonia started to furiously grind her wet cunt against her new master’s cock and pelvis, Dave pulled away.

Nooooooo!! I was almost there!

“Lick it clean. We will continue instruction later. 7:30 tonight at my house.”

“And Miss Chase, you look very good. Don’t change.”

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