Eve Ch. 01

Alexa Pearl

Eve was nervous as she walked towards the diner. Her black stiletto boots clicked against the wet pavement of the inner city sidewalk. She was getting eyed up by everybody she passed, however she was pretty sure they were assessing how much they could get for her belongings and not just appreciating her good looks. She caught a glimpse of herself in a shop window; her long dark hair was starting to revert back its natural wave in the damp post-storm air.

There were still a few blocks to go and Eve was getting tired. She had worked all day and had planned on going for supper with her friend Alexis. Unfortunately when she got home from work she found a note from Alexis stating that she had gone to stay with her brother in Montreal for a few days because her and Darren had started fighting again. Her friend also asked if she would go pick up her car keys from Darren at his work. Eve was pissed that the dinner she had been looking forward to all day was cancelled. She was even more upset about the fact that she had to drive downtown in a thunderstorm. Luckily, by the time she found parking, 7 blocks away she might add, the storm had passed. She left her purse in the trunk fearing that it might garner more attention than the 26 yr old upper middle class woman wearing a designer mini dress in such a rough area already would on its own.

Pushing open the door to the diner, Eve was met with the stagnant smell of french fries. The place was pretty empty; an elderly couple sat in a corner, and a lone balding middle-aged man sat across the room doing Sunday’s crossword puzzle; nobody looked up when she walked in. She looked around some more; it struck her as odd that there wasn’t any staff around. Just then she heard a shuffle and looked down the storeroom staircase at which she stood atop of. A fit dark haired college aged boy stood at the bottom of the stairwell. He was staring up her skirt, but didn’t notice that she had spotted him. There was a visible bulge in his jeans. Eve didn’t like to wear panties. While most people would describe her as proper, she was slut to the core. It turned her on to know that were she to make an unladylike slip, her bare pussy would be on display to all. She shifted her stance slightly to give her observer a peek at her pink gash.

He craned his neck to get a better look. He could see the glisten of moisture. He reached his hand into his pants, never taking his eyes off of this stranger’s magnificent slit. He groaned audibly, but she was careful not to let on that she heard. Her audience was turning on her on. It was not often she was in an area of town where she was a completely unknown, she decided to take advantage of it. She still stood in the entrance to the diner. The patrons still seemed to have not taken note of her. She looked through the glass door to the street outside. No passerby’s, only a cop car parked on the opposite side of the street. Time to have a little fun, she thought.

One of her bracelets seemed to have slipped off her wrist. Straightening her legs, Eve bent at the waist to pick it up. The dress she was wearing was too short to conceal her firm ass as she leaned forward. The fabric rode up slowly, revealing about half of her ass. The tanned globes framed her cunt perfectly. The view was too much for her voyeur. He wrenched his hand out of his jeans only to assist in unbuckling his belt.

Just then there was a loud crash from the kitchen, as if a rack of dishes had just broken. Whatever it was, it startled Eve and she lost her footing at the top of the stairs. Esenyurt escort She tried in vain to grab for the railing. Realizing her efforts were futile she braced herself for her inevitable landing on the concrete floor. Her landing was not as harsh as she had anticipated because her young voyeur had moved to catch her. The force of her fall had pushed them against the wall. She was pressed up against him facing away from him. His grip was strong but reassuring. She could smell the day’s work on him. Men had this must about them that drove Eve wild. She took a deep breath.

The man had not yet said a word. She felt the bulge in his pants that she had inspired moments before. She had been about to verbally thank him for breaking her fall, but a better idea came to mind. She pressed her partially covered ass back into him. Inhaling sharply, his cock strained further against the fabric of his pants. He started to speak, but she would have none of it. Instead she grabbed his hands and placed one on each of her breasts. She could feel the roughness of his hands through the thin fabric of her dress. He didn’t need instructions. He was quickly kneading her firm breasts aggressively. He pinched her nipples hard. The little nubs were hard and anybody could see them. He twisted them both at the same time and she let out a cry of pain. She liked it.

Eve continued to grind her ass against this beautiful stranger’s raging hard on. She reached behind her back and finished unbuckling his jeans. Slipping her hands underneath his boxers, she wrapped her small well-manicured hands around his throbbing member. She could just barely make her hand around its girth. With her other hand she moved to cup his balls. Then she felt him snake his hand down her body and run two fingers along her slit, sending just the smallest jolt through her clit.

The unexpected pleasure caused her to tighten her grip on his package and throw her head back. She made eye contact with him; there was a primal look in his dark gray eyes. His short shallow breaths were warm against her face. Eyes still locked she began pumping her hand up and down his shaft. She felt two fingers at the entrance to her hole. They were met with resistance at first, but Eve was dripping and they eventually slid in. Her muscles tightened at the invasion but the thrusted forward to meet his hand. She couldn’t help herself, she let out a throaty ‘Fuck’. A grin of satisfaction crept across his face.

She could hear people upstairs. They were yelling but this didn’t bother her. All it meant was that her and her new friend needed a change of location. He must have been thinking the same thing, because he removed his fingers from her hot cunt and started to look around. Eve started to move towards the first door she saw, but the stranger wrapped an arm around her tiny waist bringing her back up against him. “Wait”. He brought the two fingers that had been inside her up to her lips. She knew what he wanted her to do, and she was only too happy to oblige. Using her own hands to guide his large hand, she parted her lips and inserted his fingers into her mouth, careful not to let her lips close around them just yet. Using her tongue she played with his fingertips, making slow circle around them. She got a taste of her juices. She wanted more. She closed her lips and sucked the last of her juices off. Quickly. People were coming.
He led her by the hand to the door she had been heading for earlier. She had been worried it would be locked, but it wasn’t. It opened easily Esenyurt escort Bayan and he stepped in and pulled her rather forcefully with him causing her to tumble into a pile of what seemed like tablecloths. He locked the door and turned to look at her. She had fallen on her back and her legs were spread invitingly. She was still wearing her stilettos. A look of curiosity was written across her face.

“Aaron” he replied, sure that is what she was bewildered about.

Eve gave a sultry laugh. Reaching between her legs she used two fingers to open her pussy for a better view. “No. I was wondering why you weren’t over here fucking me yet.”

Aaron removed his shirt to reveal a tanned chiseled abdomen and broad shoulders. His boxers dropped, his member finally free from restraint. At a thick 7 inches it was nothing to laugh about. Eve’s eyes fixed on it. Her ass swayed sexily as she crawled on her hands and knees towards her goal. Aaron was stroking it as she made her way to him.

“Before you get here, take that dress off. I wanna see those firm little titties I felt earlier. Then, you can suck my cock.” Eve was surprised by his sudden dominance but happily obeyed. She lifted the dress over the rest of her body, leaving her completely exposed. She was about to remove her boots, and then she thought better of it. There was something about being fucked in high heels. She reached down to her wet gash and began tracing circles around her clit. She was turned on. If this guy started fucking her , it wouldn’t take much to send her over the edge.

“You are quite the little slut, aren’t you?”, He stepped forward and lifted her chin with his hand. Her dark hair was disheveled but her delicate features were beautiful and the devilish look in her eyes was more than sexy. Holding her head still he brought the tip of his cock to her lips. She worked her tongue around the edge of the head. Slowly, tantalizingly, she licked from the base to the tip on the underside of his shaft. She was teasing him and she loved it. She moved to his heavy balls. She took one, then the other, gently into her mouth. Aaron let a low groan slip. She moved back to the shaft. Enough with the teasing. She took the head into her mouth and sucking rhythmically, worked her way down the shaft, inch by inch. She couldn’t even take him all. She locked her lips together, creating a tight seal. She pumped her head up and down, bring her lips all the way to the tip and then back down with each stroke. As she increased intensity he began to meet her with thrusts. She felt his hand grab her by the hair to control the rhythm. Suddenly he stopped, even though she had yet to feel warm cum in the back of her throat.

Face still planted at the base of his cock, Eve looked up. She was finally going to get the fucking she longed for. She drew away from his cock letting her teeth gently rake along the shaft as she did so. Wiping her lips, she awaited further instructions. She didn’t get any. Aaron picked her up roughly jutted her towards a counter.

Eve hit the counter hard and moved swiftly to straighten herself only to knock her head on an overhanging object.

“Careful there gorgeous, I don’t like my whores too bruised up”. He was right behind her whispering in her ear. He bent over her and moving her hair over kissed her lightly on the neck. It was almost affectionate. Then he took his hand and forced her head sideways down on the cold surface.

“What the hell was…”


“Don’t backtalk, Escort Esenyurt slut.”

“Who the fuck do you think you …oww fuck”

He was twisting her arm behind her back and it hurt. She struggled against him. He was only using one arm to pin her, but she was still overpowered. Every time she tried to escape it just hurt her more. She stopped. He laughed. She could feel his cock behind her. He was running it lightly up and down her slit.

“ Little uptown slut. You like this, don’t you? Been a while since anybody roughed you up? I know what you want. Your drenched little cunt doesn’t lie, but I want to hear it come from those sweet cocksucking lips of yours.”

He stopped moving his cock up and down and settled at the entrance to her hole. She tried to push back, to drive him into her. He was right, she did like this. She wasn’t about to give into him just yet. However, she did need some release. She reached her free hand in front of her and started to strum her clit. She was soaked. She sighed gently as she stroked herself.

Realizing what she was doing, Aaron grabbed both of her arms and spread them both on the counter in front of her, using an arm to pin each of hers down. Her tits were crushed deliciously against the surface. The counter was cold, and her nipples were still rock hard. Using his knees, he spread Eve’s legs even wider. He repositioned himself at her entrance. He didn’t say a word. Not even a slap.

Much to Eve’s dismay, she found that she wanted a slap. And more than anything, for that cock to be buried inside her. She gave in.

“I want you to fuck me”

No response.

“I want you to fuck me.”
He dipped the head of his cock inside her, teasing her, and pulled out. Her breathing was erratic. Her body craved him.

“Please fuck me. I’m begging you, I want your cock inside of me”

In a single thrust he was inside her. She cried out in mixed pain and pleasure. He was thick and he was stretching her to the max. He paused for a moment allowing her to adjust. Her pussy was tighter than some virgins’ he had fucked in the past. He pulled out a little and then rammed back in, this time burying his sex to the hilt. She could feel him deep inside of her, it was amazing. He let go of her arms, satisfied that she would no longer be trying to flee. He grabbed her hips and started pumping into her. She looked damn fine, round ass and killer legs in black stilettos. Hips rolling, she began meeting his every thrust. She wanted him to fuck her harder.

He pulled out and Eve turned around to face him. Fingers digging into her firm but plush bottom, he lifted her up onto the edge of the counter. Supporting a leg above each shoulder he plunged back into her. He was hitting her in a whole new way now. Eve was going crazy. He was hitting her G-spot with each thrust in this position. Her inner muscles were clenched tight. Using one hand to keep herself upright, she used the other to play with her clit. She was in ecstasy and fast approaching climax. Aaron could feel her muscles starting to tighten further around his member. Keeping them above his shoulder’s he held her legs closed together and continued to pump away. He increased his tempo and fucked her so hard he could hear stuff falling off surrounding shelves. She threw her head back in pleasure and her muscles seized as orgasm raced through her. Aaron couldn’t take it anymore, and released a load of hot cum into her.

For a moment they both stood still, his semi-hard cock still inside her abused cunt. There was background noise from upstairs, but the room was silent aside from eachother’s heavy breathing. They made brief eye contact as he pulled out.

Still recovering from her climax, Eve managed to slide off the counter, and felt his warm seed dripping down her thigh. She smiled to herself, what a slut she was.

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