Evacuee 13 – David takes his Mum at last


Rose lay in her bed, bathed in the afterglow of what had just happened with David. She was determined to carry out her threat and separate David and her daughter, but was having second thoughts about leaving the house herself. There was really no need for her to go as Helen had told her she could stay as long as she liked. She had mentioned that she might be called away at some stage but had been very cagey about this. Rose had known better than to enquire further.

Caroline attended a private school in London which had been evacuated to North Wales for the duration and in a week’s time she was due to take the long train journey ready for the next term. She idly wondered where David would be going once the new school term came around.

Helen had said something about him attending a local village school, if a space could be found for him, as his own school in Southampton had been damaged in recent bombing. She knew of course what she longed for. She hoped that David would attend the local school, and thus, presumably, stay living in the house with Helen. She turned on to her side and gazed into the darkness. She was being selfish, she knew, but she wanted David for herself.

She had taken him twice now and knew that he was more than capable of satisfying the urge between her legs. He was a gorgeous young thing with a fabulous cock and she was loath to let him go!

She slept fitfully that night and the next morning, as David came downstairs to breakfast he glanced nervously at her. She tried to give him a reassuring smile that only seemed to startle him even more. She had noticed Caroline was not at the table and found out later she had gone for an early morning cycle ride.
“What’s the matter with you two?” Helen asked with a grin, staring at the pair of them.

“Nothing….” Rose replied and thought quickly. “I’m afraid I was ribbing David yesterday about his friendship with Caroline, you know suggesting he had a new girlfriend and that, and he found it a bit embarrassing. Didn’t you David?” She turned to look at him. He nodded, red faced.

“And why not?” retorted Helen. She turned to look at her son.

“You’ve been good company for Caroline this last week or so and I’m sure she’ll miss you when she goes to school next week. And I expect you’ll miss her to won’t you?” David muttered agreement through a mouthful of toast.

“Anyway you’re back to school yourself in a couple of weeks time.” She turned to Rose. “I’ve managed to get a place for him at the local village school. So he’ll still be living with us here. It’ll be nice to have a man about the place won’t it?”

Rose’s heart leapt and she tried to conceal her relief. David seemed to be looking at her, as if searching for signs of her reaction but she tried to give nothing away. At least now she knew that, provided she could keep the secret from his mother, David may well be hers.

Once the breakfast things were cleared away David disappeared upstairs and Rose helped Helen with the washing up.

“I think it was a bit cruel of us teasing David like that wasn’t it? After all they are cousins and strictly speaking…”

“Yes I know.” replied Rose. “I was thinking that too…poor boy!” The two women laughed together.

“Has he got a girlfriend do you know?” Rose asked lightly. Helen shook her head.

“I don’t think so. He occasionally mentioned a girl called Elizabeth back in Southampton but now he’s here…well I don’t know.” She turned to Rose. “Perhaps he’ll find someone in the village school. I think he needs company of his own age don’t you?”

David was thinking the very same thing…

He was in his bedroom, staring out the window, wondering what he had done to deserve all this. He felt he should be the envy of his friends, bearing in mind what had happened over the last few weeks, but it always seemed to end in tears. Once Mrs. Wilson back in his last billet had found out about him and the girls he felt he had to leave and now that his aunt had found out about him and Caroline…well who knows what would happen.

He had been puzzled by his aunt’s reaction when she came down to breakfast. He was dreading seeing her again after last night but she seemed reasonably happy and he wondered if the fact that Caroline was leaving had reassured her that nothing else would happen. From his point of view, he was looking forward to going to the village school and perhaps meeting girls his own age. He was eager to carry on where he had left off with Caroline!

He decided to go to the lake and trotting downstairs he told his mother where he was off to and Rose watched as he disappeared down the drive. She wondered if perhaps he and Caroline had secretly arranged to meet. She had been surprised that Caroline had gone out so early and guessed they might have arranged a rendezvous. Would David dare to go there after her warning last night?

“I’ve got an idea.” Helen broke into her reverie. “Let’s pack up a bottle of lemonade and some of those biscuits I made yesterday and go and join him. What do you think? I’ll leave a note for Caroline so when she gets back she can come down too.”

What could Rose say? She could hardly explain that if they went down the lake she might see her son making love to his cousin! Helen seemed to notice her hesitation.

“Come on Rose it will be fun! We can take our cossies down and have a swim. Have you ever swum in the lake? It will be fabulous on a day like today”

“Yes why not.” Rose agreed, trying to sound normal. To be fair her sister knew nothing about what was happening and, more importantly, did not know that Rose knew, so she could act all innocent if they did discover anything. In any event after last night she felt sure that David wouldn’t dare…

Ten minutes later found them approaching the lake and to her relief Rose could only see one person splashing round and as they got nearer they could see it was David. They were about 50 yards away when David started to climb out of the lake and, to Rose’s horror, she saw he was naked. Both women stopped in their tracks and turned to stare at each other.

“Crikey perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea…” Helen exclaimed, her hand to her mouth. David obviously hadn’t spotted his mother and aunt as he stared out into the lake drying himself down with his towel and then, putting the towel down on the grass he lay back enjoying the sunshine.

To Rose’s surprise, Helen couldn’t take her eyes off her son.

Even when he began to idly stroke his cock.

To Rose’s horror it became apparent that David was going to masturbate, unwittingly in front of his mother!

“Helen shouldn’t we…” she muttered. There was Sex hikayeleri no answer and Rose turned to look at her sister who was staring glassy eyed at her son, her face red, and not just from the sun.

“Helen?” She raised her voice slightly, but not wanting to be heard by David.

“He’s beautiful.” Rose could not believe what she was hearing.

“But Helen…”

“I know, I know. He’s my son. But he’s beautiful isn’t he?” Helen turned to look at Rose, an odd expression on her face.

“Is it so bad to admire my beautiful son?” Rose didn’t know what to say. Both women turned once again to David who was now happily playing with himself, one hand cupping his balls and the other sliding vigorously up and down the shaft of his cock. His head was thrown back and, to her surprise, Rose watched as Helen carefully moved forward, as if to get a better look.

They were now only 30 yards away, slightly behind David so that even if he opened his eyes he wouldn’t see them, and then suddenly he jerked once or twice and Rose could clearly see the splash of semen arcing on to his tummy. Helen gave a little squeak and once again put her hand to her mouth. She turned to look at Rose.

“God, Rose what’s wrong with me? Am I really wicked?” She turned to look back at David. “That turned me on so much I can’t explain…” Rose knew exactly what she meant. The familiar feelings were already causing her legs to quiver slightly and she suddenly wanted to drag Helen back to the house.

Meanwhile David quickly jumped up (luckily without a backward glance) and splashed back into the lake, presumably to clean himself off.

“Come on…” Rose turned to go back to the house and was surprised when Helen marched boldly up to the blanket were David had been resting and called out to him.

“David! We’ve brought some lemonade and things.” The look on David’s face was a picture. He quickly sunk under the water, just his head visible, and looked at the two ladies.

What the bloody hell were they doing there? How long had they been there? Had they see him…oh God had they seen him…?

“Helen for heaven’s sake he’s not wearing anything. He’s not going to come out now is he?” Rose whispered hoarsely to her sister, her concern turning to exasperation. Helen turned to her with a mischievous grin on her face.

“Fancy a swim?” To her mounting horror Rose watched helplessly as Helen dropped the shopping bag on the blanket and quickly started to unbutton her blouse. She assumed Helen would keep her costume on but no…

Within seconds Helen was stark naked and with a whoop she ran into the lake and dived in. David watched this, as horror stricken as his auntie, not quite believing that his mother, stark naked, was swimming towards him. Did she know he was naked? She stopped within a few yards of him and trod water. She grinned at him mischievously.

“You don’t mind to you? It’s such a lovely day. You don’t mind seeing your old mum naked do you?”
“Um…” was all David could say. Helen then turned around and called to Rose.

“Come on Rose, the water’s lovely!” David looked at his aunt and wondered what she would do.

Rose herself was wondering.

What the fuck.

Almost giggling to herself Rose quickly stripped off and waded into the water. She had already decided in her own mind to let matters take their course and if it meant she could have David again…well quite frankly she didn’t care.

“Wow, what do you think of your auntie Rose then?” Helen asked her son as they watched her gently swimming towards them. “Hasn’t she got a lovely body?” She turned to look at her son with a mischievous grin. David blushed again.


“Oh go on I don’t mind.”

“She is nice.” said David, somewhat inadequately. Rose had now joined them and glanced at each of them uncertainly.

“It’s lovely once you’re in isn’t it?” exclaimed Helen, kicking back until she was floating face up in the water, the tips of her breasts just visible. David found himself gazing at his mother as she floated in the water, surprised and a little embarrassed at the fact that, despite the coolness of the water, he was getting aroused.

It would be wrong to deny that David found his mother attractive. He was at that age. However this was…how did the Americans put in their films? A different ball game. That was it. This was a whole new experience for him. He glanced at his aunt who grinned back at him and winked.

“It’s all right David.” Glancing at her sister she reached out her hand and gave David a squeeze on the arm.
“I saw that!” Both turned guiltily towards Helen who was smiling at them. She started to tread water again and floated towards them.

“I suppose it’s all right for you isn’t it? You’re only his aunt.” She grinned at Rose. Then she turned to David.

“Am I allowed to touch my beautiful boy?” It was now Helen’s turned to reach her hand out and, to David’s shock, she gently rubbed her fingers across his chest. “So beautiful…” She whispered. Then she seemed to come out of the trance.

“Shall we go and sit in the sun?” Before either of them could reply Helen turned and swam back towards the shore, followed by David and Rose. The three of them had to share a towel as they dried and David found himself gazing at his mother’s body. It was very different from his aunt. It was much slimmer and her breasts, although much smaller, were beautifully shaped. He was also surprised to note that she had no hair between her legs, unlike his auntie Rose.

“It’s all right David I shave it. Some women do you know.” David looked up guiltily. His mum had spotted him gazing at her groin. Could the day get much worse? She was grinning at him mischievously. Rose immediately recognised that Helen was teasing her son and there was a flash of jealousy. However she daren’t give any hint that her relationship with David had been much more than Helen could ever imagine, and this gave her a smug feeling of satisfaction. She smiled benignly at her sister but thought to herself… I’ve had your son and he was brilliant!

The three them sat down to dry off in the sun and David found himself between his mother and his aunt. He had just about got used the fact that they were all naked and he was concentrating hard on anything but the two bodies either side of him. He dreaded getting an erection.

They lay quietly for a few minutes and David was able to turn his mind to other things. However suddenly his mother turned to look at him.

“So Caroline isn’t your new girlfriend then?” David shook its head.

“No mum I told you. Anyway she’s going back to school next week isn’t she?”

“Will Sikiş hikayeleri you miss her?” David nodded.

“A bit.” He didn’t want to give too much away. Rose, meanwhile, smiled to herself. She knew exactly how much David would miss her!

“So what do you two get up to down here by the lake? Does she swim naked as well?” David closed his eyes, feeling myself blush again. “I bet you do don’t you? I bet you both swim naked down here don’t you?” He turned to look at his mother who had a mischievous grin on her face.

“Sometimes.” he admitted.

“It’s not quite the same with two old ladies here is it?” Helen laughed.

“We’re not that old are we?” Rose retorted from the other side. David turned to look at her and Rose winked, remembering what he had said to her when she had raised the same question. Unfortunately Helen caught the wink.

“What is it with you two?” she asked. She could sense an undercurrent. She wondered… They both turned to look at her. Then the penny dropped.

“My god…you two have…you have haven’t you?” Suddenly Helen was up on her knees and staring at the pair of them. Their expressions said it all. She couldn’t believe that right under her nose her sister had…been with…her son. To her surprise however, rather than feeling disgust or dismay she felt nothing but jealousy.

David wanted the ground to swallow him up. He wondered how much his mother had guessed, or indeed knew. Rose lowered her eyes to the ground and then looked back at her sister again.

“Helen… I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything…I don’t mind really…I’m just…God…well it feels strange but…well I’m jealous more than anything else.” David looked up at his mum sharply. Had she really said that?

“Helen what are you saying…”

David was wondering the very same thing.

“What I’m saying is…” She turned to look at her son. What was she saying? What were these feelings that were starting to stir in her body? Was she really aroused at the thought of making love to her son? She swallowed hard. “What I’m saying is…if you want to…you know with me…” her voiced tailed off somewhat forlornly.

The expression was almost beseeching and David found he couldn’t resist it. Now the whole thing was out in the open about him and his auntie, he really didn’t care anymore.

“I’d love to mum…really.” Helen put her hand to her mouth and gulped. Had he really said that? She composed herself again.

“How about here…now. Before we change our minds?” She said brightly, knowing that if she lost the moment she would never do it.

“Helen!” Rose looked over at her sister.

“Why not? Why not enjoy ourselves? Why not, for one bloody moment in this bloody war” she threw her hands up. “We can’t do this because of the war. We can’t do that because of the war. Always the bloody war. Well quite frankly I’m sick of this bloody war and I’m going to enjoy what I can now!”

Rose watched in astonishment as Helen then proceeded to straddle her son. She took his cock in her hand and began to expertly play with him.

“Come on then David! Get hard for your mother!”

David had to admit he hadn’t been so turned on in his life! The various sexual experiences he had enjoyed this summer were pretty amazing but seeing his naked mother astride him topped them all. He became stiff very quickly and without thinking brought his hands up and gently cupped his mother’s breasts. A flood of relief went through Helen.

“That’s lovely David…hold them…feel them…” He gently squeezed and caressed his mother’s breasts, rubbing his thumbs across the nipples. She closed her eyes and guiltily felt her pussy moisten almost immediately.

“God I’m so ready…” she shuffled forward and David watched mesmerised as she raised herself above his cock and lifting herself, nuzzled the head against the lips of her pussy.

“I had no idea you were so big until I saw you just now! It’s a long time since I’ve bathed you!” Helen gave a nervous giggle as if the reality of what she was doing had suddenly dawned on her. Mother and son and gazed at each other and Rose felt the atmosphere change almost imperceptibly. Then without a word Helen allowed her body to sink on to her son’s cock and David watched entranced as it disappeared into his mother’s pussy. Her face grimaced a little until he was all the way in and then her body relaxed. His hands were still clasping her breasts.

“Is that alright?” She said quietly. David nodded.

“It’s lovely mum.” Helen grinned. She couldn’t quite believe what was happening. She was making love to her son. And she didn’t care. Quite frankly she just didn’t care…

She lifted herself up slightly and then let herself fall again, getting used to the size and David brought his hands down and curled them around her waist. He closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of her tight pussy around his cock. Then he opened them again. If he closed his eyes it could be anybody. If he opened them he would see his mother. His own mother sat astride him. His own mother with her pussy clamped around his cock. The thought of this excited him beyond compare and he knew he was very close to coming. He thrust his cock up a few times.

“Mum…” Then suddenly it was over. He could not help now but screw his eyes shut as with a jerk he erupted, pumping semen deep into his mother’s pussy.

“Oh David yes…” Helen could feel her son’s juice gushing into her, and she quickly brought her hand down to her groin, flicking her finger across her clitoris. Within seconds she too came. She gave a cry, the combination of her son, the heat and the open air bringing her to a wonderful climax.

After a few seconds she opened her eyes and looked down at David, somewhat dazed. They had done it. They had actually done it…

David looked up at his mother with a new love.

Rose watched this with a mixture of feelings. She still couldn’t quite believe what Helen had done but there was no denying the love between these two and once again a pang of jealousy hit her. She wondered if David would still want her after this. As if in answer Helen turned to look at her sister.

“I expect he’ll recover soon if you want him as well?” Rose looked down at David.

“I don’t know.” she said doubtfully. “He’s already come twice this morning.” David lifted his head sharply.
“Oh God you saw me…” Both women laughed. David winced as the laughter trembled through his mother’s pussy and around his cock.

“I’m afraid we did. As soon as I saw you I knew I wanted you. Is that really so wicked?” Helen stared down at her son. He didn’t know what to Erotik hikaye say. He shook his head.

“I guess not.” His cock was starting to wilt and his mother carefully eased herself off and lay down next to him. Rose gazed enviously at the slick cock as it rested on David’s tummy.

“I could do with another swim after all that.” announced Helen and she strode off towards the lake. Rose quickly turned to David.

“Look about last night…” She smiled to herself. It sounded like something from a film. “I was a bit hard on you wasn’t I? I was angry about you and Caroline but…well it doesn’t really matter now does it? After all this?” David smiled, relieved.

“She’ll be gone next week anyway.” Rose nodded.

“But you still have me…and your mum!” They both laughed at this as they turned their heads towards the lake where Helen was splashing and waving at them. Helen shook her head slowly…what was happening to them all?

“Come on you two!” Helen called out. Rose and David quickly stood up and were soon luxuriating in the cool water. After a few minutes the three of them stood together, none of them saying anything. Rose gazed down and noticed with some satisfaction the white glow of David’s cock just beneath the surface. With a quick glance at her sister she slid her hand beneath the water and curled her fingers under the shaft.

“I knew it! You want him now too don’t you?” Helen exclaimed. She turned to her son.

“I don’t mind honest. I can’t really say anything can I?” Despite what had happened so far that morning, and the coolness of the water, there was no mistaking the fact that his aunt’s fingers curled around his cock were having an effect and it began to stiffen rapidly. Both women watched.

“The recovery power of young boys never fails to amaze me…” Helen muttered. Rose idly wondered how much experience her sister had had of young boys but pushed this thought to the back of her mind. She was busy concentrating on David’s cock!

“Go on you two, back to the shore…” Feeling somewhat embarrassed David and Rose waded ashore, turning to see that Helen was following them. Rose was a little unsure about doing this in front of David’s mother.

“Go on Rose…” Feeling a little helpless Rose obediently lay down on the blanket and looked up as David nervously knelt between her legs. He couldn’t believe he was going to make love to his aunt in front of his mother! However he felt that nothing could really shock him that morning.

“Shall I get her ready for you David?” To his surprise and Rose’s horror, Helen lay down next to her sister and casually ran her fingers over her still wet body. Rose closed her eyes in embarrassment. She had thought this would be a secret shared between sisters. David watched as his mother ran her fingers across Roses breasts, teasing the wet nipples already stiffened. If he thought he had been turned on watching his mother play with him, this was something else entirely!

Rose closed her eyes and gave myself up to the feelings that were running through her as her sister ran her fingers down her tummy and slid them inexorably towards her groin. She felt her fingers probing her pussy lips, and instantly she felt herself moisten. Then a finger gently inserted itself between her lips. Rose gave a long sigh as her sister’s fingers delved into her most private folds and slid inexorably into her. Two fingers were soon moving slickly in and out of her pussy and she absentmindedly lifted her hips up to meet them.

“I think she’s ready David.” Helen said quietly.

Rose kept her eyes firmly shut as she felt David ease himself between her legs and then the familiar feeling of his cock at her pussy. After a few seconds probing he started to slide into her and then suddenly with one movement he was embedded in her.

She felt David’s body lying on hers and wrapped her arms around him, sliding her hands down to grasp the taut cheeks of his backside. She was surprised to find she been beaten to it!

Opening her eyes she saw that David’s mother was kneeling beside them and her own hand was squeezing and caressing the cheeks of her son’s backside. Rose grinned to herself and closed her eyes again as David began to ride her.

Now she forgot everything. She forgot where she was, she forgot her sister, David’s mother, kneeling next to her. All her thoughts and attention were focused on the 8 inches of cock that was sliding in and out of her sopping pussy. Whether it was the heat, the open air or the audience, she had no idea – all she knew was that she hadn’t felt so turned on for a long time and knew she was going to come very quickly.

Suddenly it started. The feelings tingled through her pussy and began to radiate all parts of her body, down her thighs, up to her nipples and into her brain until suddenly she exploded. She stifled a grunt as she came, embarrassed to call out in front of her sister,

“Oh God you look lovely when you come…” Her sister’s voice whispered in her ear. She turned to look at her bleary eyed and saw she was lying next to her on the blanket, gazing at her with a look of pure lust. She closed her eyes again, concentrating on the last vestiges of her orgasm and then opened again them to look at David who was gazing down at her, almost stationary.

“That was lovely David…carry on please…” David quickly started up again, knowing that he too was close to his third orgasm of the morning. Even when masturbating he hadn’t managed more than two in one day! Once again he felt his mother’s hand on his backside as she slammed into his auntie but by now he felt no embarrassment, no fear. Then suddenly his orgasm seemed to creep up on him and with a grunt he came.

Rose closed her eyes again, enjoying the familiar sensation of sperm pumping into her pussy. There wasn’t much this time, just a few splashes, but it still felt wonderful and complete. After a few more twitches she felt David lie down on top of her and once again she curled her arms around him. Then her sister spoke.

“God that was one of sexiest things I’ve ever seen!” Both turned to look at her.

“Mum!” David muttered, protesting.

“Well it was David. It’s one thing bouncing up and down on my son’s cock but it was even better watching him fuck my sister!” It was the first time David had heard his mother swear and he had to admit he found it strangely arousing.

“I get the feeling this won’t be the last time you see it.” Rose gazed up at David who was now leaning up on his hands.

“I do hope not. It’d be a shame to stop now we’ve done all this wouldn’t it?” Helen replied looking at the pair of them fondly.

David’s mind was a whirl. From the sounds of it he wouldn’t be short of sexual partners for the foreseeable future, providing he was happy to sleep with his mum and his aunt! He still couldn’t quite believe it was happening…

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