Eudora’s Awakening

Female Ejaculation

Leon gasped as Marjorie massaged his penis gently. Ignoring her naked, bound husband’s reaction, Marjorie gently lectured her friend Eudora. “You see, he’s so excited, and that’s mostly because he’s not had an orgasm since Thursday two weeks ago.”

Eudora smiled, and looked at Leon, who blushed. Eudora worked in Leon’s office, and he’d always been quite attracted to her. Marjorie was attractive enough, she had thick short black hair and full breasts encased in a polka dot tank top, but Marjorie was Leon’s bespectacled wife of seventeen years…and Eudora, svelte, with long soft curling brown curls and dancing eyes, was really SOMETHING.

Leon and the other middle aged managers had often discussed Eudora around the water cooler, speculating how she was in the sack and how hot it would be to see her naked. Leon would die if the guys ever discovered that, after befriending Marjorie, Eudora had seen Leon naked several times in the past few weeks.

Eudora had witnessed Leon crying after Marjorie gave him a blistering strapping with his own belt, and was now witnessing a tease-denial session. AND Leon had still never seen Eudora with even a stitch off…but unfair as it all was, Leon was in fact quite aroused.

Marjorie looked up over her lenses at her sweating, humiliated husband as her long fingers continued to stroke and tickle his swollen member. “And before the orgasm two weeks ago, Leon hadn’t cum since Christmas…and it’s August now.” Marjorie stroked a little faster and then pulled her hand away quickly, as Leon quivered a little too much. She didn’t want Leon having an accident.

Eudora shook her head, smiling. She gave Leon a sympathetic look,which made the naked, obese accounting manger wonder if Eudora wanted him.

“And Leon asks for this? He likes this.” Eudora said, with a bemused smile. “I mean, you sound like you’re having a great time—Leon massages you, he’s always performing with his mouth, guys I date never reciprocate—”

How cute, that Eudora refers to cunnilinguis in that shy, Italian girl way, Leon thought. “Performing with his mouth” Shit, I’d reciprocate, I’d love to serve between Eudora’s legs. Marjorie felt Leon’s cock grow even more in her Vaselined hands as he pictured himself kissing Eudora’s soft baby loins.

Marjorie snorted. “Leon’s no different from other men, except that he had fantasies of submission, and I found his BDSM magazines in his closet some years ago. He had a subliminal urge to serve me…but he was as lazy as any other guy, and would be quite content to let me blow him, and turn over and go to sleep.”

Marjorie began tickling the sensitive underside of Leon’s rock hard cock…he bit his lip. It had been so long since he’d been allowed to cum…two weeks was like two centuries. And yes, night after night Leon spent hours between Marjorie’s legs, bringing tecavüz porno his wife to countless orgasms, while his cock was locked in the Iron Maiden, the cruel chastity tube.

Eudora stared at Leon, bemused. She was astonished at how placidly he was taking all this. She was a little revolted by Leon’s big stomach, and she thought he cried rather easily after only a few lashes with a belt.

Considering, after all, what a hothead he was at work, screaming at receptionists and female co-workers. Talking about what a great ex-Marine he was. Eudora had heard Leon going on about being a prisoner of war in Vietnam, and all his tortures, but when Eudora twisted Leon’s nipple half an hour ago, he’d screeched and begged “Mommy” to let him off.

Eudora cocked her head as Leon began begging Marjorie to let him cum…but Marjorie was implacable with her slow manual teasing of Leon’s organ.

Eudora wondered why she couldn’t get Terrence to be as sweet as Leon was…listen to him begging! And Eudora knew for a fact that Leon was regularly cuckolded by Marjorie…Marjorie loved tall, handsome young guys, and Eudora had gone out dancing with Marjorie and watched the girl collect phone numbers.

One night, Eudora had dropped by Marjorie and Leon’s rather late, and she’d walked in on an appalling scene—Marjorie was necking with Chuckie, the barback at Brewmeisters, in the front living room, while Leon, naked except for an apron, was making some kind of hors d’ouvre in the kitchen.

Eudora had actually seen Marjorie get up in a rage because the food wasn’t out fast enough, and go into the kitchen, picking up a bamboo cane from the mantel. There had been terrible screaming and whacks in the kitchen, and Leon had burst through the kitchen door with the tray of pigs-in-blankets and creampuffs, as Marjorie had followed him, whacking Leon’s bare butt and thighs behind the tied apron.

Today, Eudora was flabbergasted that Marjorie wouldn’t let Leon cum, considering what she put the poor bastard through.

“P-please Miss Marjorie.” Leon was begging, as he looked down at his wife’s long red nails, gently beating his glans like a tom-tom. “It’s been so long, and I’ve been so good, haven’t I?” Marjorie stuck her tongue out at Leon and he pooched up his mouth as if to cry.

“Aw c’mon, Marjorie.” Eudora said gently. “Give the poor guy a break. You’ve given him a helluva week, in my opinion.”

Leon looked at Eudora with gratitude, though he doubted it would change Marjorie’s mind.

Marjorie laughed. “Leon has to learn patience…why cheapen his orgasm by letting him cum right now, when he can really value it in a couple of weeks or months?” Leon closed his eyes, and his lower lip began trembling, though his cock stayed as hard as an MX missile.

“Well God, you üvey anne porno cum all the time, Marjorie.” Eudora smiled, thinking of it. Marjorie came when the guys fucked her, and then again when Leon licked the previous cum out of Marjorie’s twat in the middle of the night.

And then also, there were the nights that Marjorie stayed home and Leon licked her for hours…Marjorie had talked to Eudora on the phone in a breathy voice as Leon was licking away, and Eudora could just imagine how Leon’s cock must’ve been twitching and pulsing in the Iron Maiden.

“It doesn’t matter, Eudora” Marjorie said firmly, as she let go of Leon’s erection for just a moment. “Leon’s orgasms have nothing to do with mine. And the fact is, he’s got no control over his cock.” Marjorie took Leon’s cock again and pulled it a bit, and began gently massaging one of the big blue veins as her husband moaned loudly.

He didn’t have control over it before I enslaved him, when he was known as Leonard Levenstein the Lounge Lech in the bars, constantly cheating on me, and he has no control now that I’ve enslaved him….and that’s why I must be strict with him.”

“He has no control” Marjorie repeated. “Watch this… Leon, lose your erection. I’m sick of it.” Eudora noted that as Marjorie said this, she continued to rub Leon’s dick faster and faster, and even pulled down her halter top a bit. “Well? Why aren’t you going soft, you asshole?”

Leon begged Marjorie. “Ma’am, I just can’t…I can’t go limp, it’s too hard, I’m too excited. Can you let go of my cock?”

Marjorie looked up at Leon, annoyed. “What do you mean, why should what I do have any effect on how you obey me? What an asshole you are!”

Suddenly Marjorie picked up a ruler from the end table and whacked Leon’s dick harshly with it. WHACK! WHACK! Leon screamed, but his cock did not go down. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Finally, Leon burst into tears and his cock showed some signs of weaking, and finally became a limp noodle in his wife’s hands.

Leon sobbed heavily as Marjorie lectured him. “Can’t you control yourself, Leon? Must you constantly want to fuck everything that moves? Aren’t you embarrassed to be seen by one of the associates at your firm, behaving in this ridiculous fashion?”

Marjorie began stroking Leon’s flaccid, wounded penis again with her long nails. Suddenly she wiped her forehead. “You know, Eudora, giving my husband this generous 3 hour handjob has made me rather hot. I hope you won’t mind if I take off my top.”

Eudora was speechless as Marjorie removed her top, tossing it on the floor. Now Marjorie’s 34DD breasts were encased in a powder blue bra, and even after seventeen years, Leon’s eyes were bugging out. Eudora’s were, too. She had a respectable B cup, no complaints from any man she’d ever dated, üvey erkek kardeş porno but this was incredible.

Marjorie also took off her thick glasses and placed them on the end table, and now both Eudora and Leon were treated to her startlingly beautiful brown eyes. God, she’s really beautiful, Eudora thought.

Marjorie shook her boobs a bit. “Could you get me that cocoa butter, please Aline? It’s on the mantel.” Eudora handed Marjorie the container, and Marjorie opened it up and began spreading cocoa butter oil all over her cleavage. “It’s so hard for them, you know, in this heat.”

Finally, Marjorie put the container down, and returned her attentions to Leon’s penis. As she rubbed the remains of the cocoa butter on his shaft, Leon’s dick began growing to large proportion. “Do you like Mommy’s boobies” Marjorie said in a singsong voice as she continued to rub and stroke Leon’s lengthening organ.

Tickling the underside of the now quite tumescent erection, Marjorie bent over and pulled her soft cleavage close to Leon’s purple glans. “Mommy doesn’t let her Lee-Lee touch her boobies very often…it’s for boyfriends only.” Marjorie looked up wickedly at Leon, who was looking quite bitter.

But then Marjorie leaned over and engulfed Leon’s dick in her cleavage, rubbing the soft round boobs around Leon’s long-denied erection until he was gasping and moaning. “Do you want to suck my boobie, Leon?” Marjorie asked, pulling down one bra cup, and rising to her handcuffed husband. She showed him a pink nipple, but as Leon leaned over, Marjorie pulled back suddenly.

SLAP! Marjorie’s hand crashed against Leon’s jaw. “You little pervert! When have I ever, EVER let you suck my tits?” SLAP WHACK SLAP WHACK! Eudora gasped as she watched Leon’s face bounce back and forth.

Marjorie dropped to her knees and took up the wooden ruler. “And what about this erection, huh?” WHACK WHACK WHACK! Leon gritted his teeth, and finally broke down crying as once again, his lovely wife beat his dick back into a tiny, hanging piece of flesh. Eudora’s stomach rolled a bit as she noted that Leon was bleeding slightly at the glans.

“You see, Eudora? He’s just a fucking PERVERT!” Marjorie said firmly.

Marjorie looked at Eudora quite sincerely through her horn rims. “Let’s try an experiment, shall we?”

“What kind of experiment?” asked Eudora, amused. She looked at Leon and gave him a wink.

Marjorie smiled wickedly. “Let’s see if we can get Leon to go limp under better conditions…he’s got to get a good challenge, and see if he can go limp under orders…take off your top, and shake your boobs at Leon, and I’ll make him go limp every time his dick gets hard!”

Eudora looked at the quivering Leon and took off her top…it was to be quite an afternoon!

Some days later, Eudora and her boyfriend Terrence were enjoying an evening at home. Eudora had taken off her work clothes and was wearing a cute little body stocking, and Terrence…well his hands were cuffed. And being a handsome, rich, but not very bright youth, he was puzzled. “What’s the deal here, Eudora?”

He was even more puzzled by her throaty laugh…

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