Escape from Chaos Pt. 01

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For Jayla

“The Intake”

Sarah finally got herself to the agency to get some help with her life. She sat down and began to fill out the intake form the receptionist had given her. The intense struggle to deal with the mounting catastrophe of climate, nuclear and global terrorism had taken its toll on everyone. All the survivors felt guilt, remorse and a deepening sense of doom. In a city that used to be overcrowded, the avenues were sparse. Food was rationed and not of good quality. It rained constantly, and with the summer ending, the cooler breezes brought more despair for the winter ahead. Water and sewer systems were constantly being shut down for testing. Gasoline was about to be rationed.

Sarah had worked as a high school teacher and was used to forms. Her life now consisted of taking care of her friends, cohorts and some students who had survived the disaster of the century. She needed help now and finally, a professional person was there for her. Her muscles ached, her headaches were fewer but still sometimes very intense, and her body was wracked with aches and pains. She hadn’t felt any bliss or even pleasure in months and now she knew she had to surrender to a system recently put in place to help the survivors. She was a survivor now, nothing more, nothing less.

Address: She was staying at her parents’ place. They had perished in the first sequence of terror attacks. It would be months before she’d possibly receive their ashes, but the scents and aura of their former lives surrounded her constantly. Rioters had burned her apartment after the subsequent upheavals in the cities. Her car was MIA and even her two cats perished, hopefully quickly.”

Age: 30

Phone numbers: non-existent anymore. Finally, a way to silence the ever-present sound of people talking on the subway to a flat piece of silicone and metal.

Medicines: the form was an altered document from an earlier time, where prescriptions abounded. Most people sought black-market connections for painkillers and other prescriptions which were unavailable due to the crisis.

Height, Weight, Waist size: Sarah had lost quite a bit of weight in the last six months. The last time she was on a scale it was around 170 lbs. Her waist size was slim at best and her hips not as wide as a few years ago when she was eating regularly. She used to be a size seven but now probably way lower and slimmer. When she looked at her body in the mirror she was proud of her strong shoulders and core muscles, which had helped her, get through the tougher times. Her sandy blond hair fell nicely over her shoulders. It needed a trim but that was not even possible due to the lack of money and places open to this anymore.

Sexuality: Sarah considered herself bisexual but with a preference towards older more mature women. She lost track of when her last orgasm was with anyone she really had time to develop something of a relationship.

Nationality: Definitely American, born and raised in New York City.

The main reason you are coming to this clinic: I am very depressed and have been considering suicide for weeks. Deep in her mind Sarah wanted some real companionship and a reason to keep going on. Sarah was being blunt. She figured some guy would probably be reading this and maybe her bluntness would help move her up in the queue to meet with a therapist.

The waiting room was filled with crying children and mothers trying to get medical services for their young children. After a modest wait of an hour or so, a woman called Sarah’s name and she rose slowly to be greeted by an older woman who was smiling.

“Hi, I’m Stacy and I’ve read your intake form already. We have a huge backlog of people with depression and severe anxiety but I can talk to you for a few minutes now. Please come follow me down the hall and close the door.” Sarah did as she was asked and was quite surprised by the low-key lighting and subdued noise factor in the room, as it was located towards the rear of the sprawling facility. A white noise machine churned away on the floor outside, making a large hissing sound similar to waves crashing on the rocks at the seashore.

Stacy was a very attractive older woman of about forty. She wore jeans and a cotton top, as the weather was still quite warm despite the month of November. Her light-colored top allowed her ample breasts to be quite noticeable. Sarah always glanced at women’s breasts and the type of bra they wore. This woman wore a workout bra or something very similar. Stacy saw herself as a confident woman who didn’t care how people perceived of her dress code, as she knew she was an excellent therapist who helped many men and women who suffered from the effects of the climate crisis.

“Sarah so tell, me how you are feeling right now and how many times a day do you think about suicide?”

Stacy crossed her legs and sat back in the big chair as Sarah sat across from her. Stacy’s first impression of this strikingly attractive woman was that she looked fatigued and stressed out like many from the months of terrible things that have occurred in America.

“Way too much Stacy.”

“Almost all the time as I haven’t had a good day in weeks!”

“Have you found someone to istanbul escort confide in around your apartment where you live? Do you have any friends or associates who you can talk to at all?”

“Not really, only a few people I work with are single and around my age, many are married or have someone caring for them,”

Stacy consulted the intake form as she listened to Sarah. She wanted to help this woman and

As quality of life issues for everyone got worse, she had to improvise her strategies and techniques with clients.

“I see you think you ‘ve lost a considerable amount of weight recently…?”

“It’s been tough to find food. I used to enjoy eating, you know we all have some problems,” Sarah said, looking right at her.

“Yes, I agree. Finding good meals or food available is getting very tough. I totally understand.”

Sarah felt her compassion as a real emotion somehow. This woman was trying her best to understand and be compassionate. She was also very easy on her eyes. Sarah kept glancing at her crossed legs wondering what type of underwear she enjoyed. The distraction of intrigue was one of her coping mechanisms she subconsciously used to survive right now.

“There is some food available but not much good stuff to eat,”

“And you’re living…?”

“I live alone in my folks’ former apartment. It’s been very isolating,” Sarah said dejectedly.

Stacy didn’t want to depress her more and have to inform her there were no more anti-depression meds available now. She tried to relax many of her patients with meditation and even some very light massage.

“Okay, I want you to sit back and close your eyes and try to relax and tell me what your fears are right now, can you do that for me?”

Sarah sat back in the deeply padded chair and put her feet up on the coffee table too. She somehow trusted this woman to help her.

“Close your eyes now and let your legs and arms go limp and try to feel the peacefulness of this room. Let your mind drift to anything you want to share about. Talk about any fears, frustrations or fits of anger that are on the forefront of your mind,” Stacy said to her calmly. She took in Sarah’s nice young body with her eyes.

“I feel scared that there will be no food to eat soon, that war will encompass everything around us. Food warfare, a struggle to survive! I’m terrified this will happen soon!” Sarah was breathing really hard. This was her reason for coming to get help. Her eyes welled up with tears.

“Okay, these are real fears and it’s good you’re feeling this. It’s normal. We are going through some of the toughest times of our lives. Your fear about survival and getting good food to eat is very real and I want to help! Do you have any other fears that are in your consciousness now?”

“Yes, I feel that I will not find another woman to love again. I miss being held and giving love to another woman.” Sarah was being honest and yet, wanted Stacy to know how gay she was, just in case there was a chance…

“I’ve always been afraid to open up to women, and be myself. It’s harder now to find someone who is compassionate, single and open to being loved,” Sarah added, keeping her eyes closed.

“I want you to know that I can help you with your problems. If people stick together and help one another there are always solutions. I’m going to give you solid referrals for places to go for food handouts in your neighborhood,” Stacy said confidently, hoping to gain Sarah’s attention away from this basic fear.

“Sarah, I know it’s also tough to be alone during this upheaval. I want you to consider allowing your mind and body to wander outside the realm of the now, maybe to some fantasy where you can find some solace. Is there a person you want to be with who you lost contact with or someone you want to be close with?”

The unprofessional therapist paused and considered saying something even more overt that could tempt her but held back, after realizing how attracted she found her patient. She didn’t want to mess this up but was very aroused by Sarah’s honesty and trust. These were exceptional times, she rationalized. Maybe she could just bend the rules a bit. No one is around to do any oversight. She was alone with all her patients now. Only her inner morality and integrity could keep her from crossing that line where a patient or client became a lover due to excessive stress on both of the people involved. Stacy decided to just touch Sarah and hold her close. Maybe they could just comfort each other for a few seconds during this difficult time, the therapist thought to herself.

“Can you feel comfortable letting your mind wander to some sexual and emotional needs?” Stacy knew she was treading on thin ice now, but she wanted to get Sarah’s trust and hear her desires.

“Yes, I can, Stacy.” Sarah moved about in her semi-reclined position and her hand instinctively touched her breast for a second, and then slowly retreated to her side. She seemed to blush but continued to try to meditate on what Stacy had asked her.

“Most people during stressful periods just want to be touched, caressed and held close,” Stacy said while carefully observing Sarah’s sensual body language.

The therapist bahçeşehir escort moved her chair much closer to Sarah’s so she was within range of her touch. Stacy unbuttoned her cotton shirt and exposed her bra. She always locked the door just in case any of her co-workers had wanted to come in unannounced. Stacy felt her abdomen warm with desires for this lovely young woman who trusted her now. She felt instinctively that Sarah wanted some physical attention and warmth. Maybe she just needed a good hug, or some gentle stroking of her back to soothe her raw nerves. Or maybe she wanted her totally. In any case, Stacy chose to bend the rules to her own physical needs for immediate intimacy. The therapist wanted to remove her bra letting her lovely ample breasts breathe, but she thought twice and did not. Stacy fondled her breast instead; behind her bra her wide, dark, thick brown nipples grew taut.

“I want you to envision being held by someone who cares about you, who will be there for you all the time, even in these terrible times. I want you to go deep inside your mind and find a quiet place where you are loved, safe and whole where you will always be loved. Can you do that for me?”

“I’ll try Stacy,” Sarah offered quietly.

Stacy reached out and caressed the top of Sarah’s hand and slowly followed her forearm up to her shoulder. She gently caressed Sarah’s hair and touched the side of her face and neck with love and kindness.

“Do you feel the care in my fingers and hands Sarah?”

“Yes, your hand is very warm. I want you to continue to touch me,” Sarah admitted shyly.

“Is it okay if give you a gentle hug right now Sarah?” Stacy asked innocently.

“Yes.” Sarah kept her eyes closed and wondered what Stacy would do if she kissed her. She wanted to open her eyes but kept them closed, fantasizing about Stacy’s firm body, her lush sandy hair and her muscular shoulders. A woman who worked out always turned her on! Sarah could feel her wetness gathering between her legs.

Stacy wanted to undress and seduce Sarah into something, but she hesitated and just held her close as Sarah whimpered softly, tears ran down her cheeks. Stacy caressed her arm and shoulder a bit and took in Sarah’s subtle fragrance. It was a nice light one, and Stacy wanted to bury her face in her bosom and let herself enjoy some solace.

“Why are you being so good to me? I know this is not part of your job,” Sarah asked her softly as she looked into the therapist’s eyes.

“I am attracted to you Sarah. I could lose my job for just touching you, but I wanted to hold you and comfort you and… I want to see you again if I can, outside of this office,” Stacy admitted.

Stacy threw her arms around the younger woman and they kissed slowly and very passionately. Then Stacy told her to stand up and take off her blouse, which dropped off quickly. Stacy took off her bra, allowing Sarah to see her ample breasts. The therapist helped her take off her bra and caressed Sarah’s bare shoulders. Stacy kissed Sarah on the nape of her neck and caressed her bare nipple. The two women embraced tightly, kissing and caressing each other.

Stacy suggested she lay back in the chair as she slowly and deliberately kissed and fondled every bit of Sarah’s firm body. She cupped her breasts and held them together as her warm tongue swathed her erect nipples.

“I was drawn to you as soon as you sat down,” Stacy admitted shyly.

“I’m so glad you did! I’m very attracted to you too Stacy!” Sarah said, with a beaming smile.

“I will be off my shift soon. I want you to come back to my place. I’ve got some food and good things we can share!”

They kissed and hugged. Their breasts met in a lovely tight embrace. Sarah enjoyed fondling Stacy’s breasts, tweaking and caressing those dark nips. Just as they were about to get into more sensuous massages, the fire alarms went off.

Loud squawks and horns, followed by an automated voice telling of an “Emergency Weather Situation developing!” “Evacuate Now!!” It announced in a broken computer-simulated voice, which sounded terrible.

The two women dressed quickly and grabbed their belongings. Fear returned to their faces instantly. The overhead lights flickered and went out, as all the people fled into the streets to see twin tornadoes coming down the long avenues in the far distance!

“We can’t even go into the subways, they’re not running today!” Sarah cried.

“Let’ s run west and try to grab bikes to go uptown, that’s where I live!” Stacy said grabbing her new lover’s arm.

“Are you okay going to my place Sarah?”

“Of course!” Sarah yelled as they ran.

They ran together west on the side street and found two discarded ten-speed bikes. Many folks just kept them around now unchained as there were an abundance of bikes and fewer people who used them.

“Follow me and be careful, for God’s sake! We’re going to West 85th street and Columbus Ave!” Sarah announced as she tried to get the bike going. Its gears were a mess but she found one that worked and went with it.

Off in the distance, the sky darkened to night and the howls of the nasty winds increased exponentially. bakırköy escort Debris flew around the sky, which made it tough to see where they were going. Stacy used her instincts to guide her up the avenue and around dangerous obstacles, including crazy drivers. Sarah was right behind her pedaling fast and doing her best to fend off the swirling debris everywhere.

Two blocks away from Stacy’s apartment, her bike fell apart and crashed into a wall, spilling the therapist on the ground. Sarah came up and picked her up and they ran the rest of the way.

“Here we are!” Stacy cried out, trying desperately to catch her breath. Stacy had torn her top and her left arm was bleeding but not badly. Sarah tended to it immediately with some paper towels she always kept in her pocket as the therapist dug for her keys.

It was a basement apartment with thick old painted steel bars on the windows. There was a backyard courtyard where she could get some fresh air when it was too hot. But these days, the place was cooler but definitely not well ventilated. She opened the door and the two women fell in and locked the door. Quiet enveloped them. They lay on the floor for a moment, catching their breath; unable to process the danger they barely escaped.

Sarah broke into tears and so did Stacy. They held each other tightly and recognized their meeting and attraction was the doing of a Higher Power. Something had brought them together to help each other survive.

After a few minutes, they calmed down as Stacy showed her the place and Sarah washed up in the bathroom. Stacy lit some candles and got some of her bottled water ready to boil to make some food for them. Sarah bandaged Stacy’s arm. They hugged and kissed and held each other, with the recognition that this was something real, determined by circumstances out of their control.

Stacy looked at Sarah and smiled. They kissed and held each other for a long time, calming and caressing each other. Sarah stopped crying. They had one another. Nothing else mattered right now.

“Thanks for coming back to my place,” The therapist said to her softly.

They continued to kiss softly, finding that nice place lovers find where lips and tongues exchange perfectly. Sensuality merged with care and evolved to love.

“We’re about the same clothes size, Sarah. Feel free to help yourself to anything here!”

Sarah sensed Stacy’s inherent goodness and care for her, and she had never been seduced like that before in her life. But was this seduction? It felt like love not just sex for sex. All these experiences seemed new and the fact that the world seemed to be ending was a good reason to make different choices.

Stacy made some very healthy soup and they both agreed to pool their finances to try to get out of the city as soon as the weather allowed.

Sarah told her about her career as a teacher and Stacy informed her of desires to have her own practice someday if they got that far along.

We can’t even guess where the storm is going can we? No cell phones, TV is out. Power is out most of the day…” Stacy said, answering her own questions. It was a similar routine everyone seemed to go through in his or her minds these days.

“You’re stuck with me I guess,” Sarah said smiling at her.

“You’re a beautiful young woman, Sarah. I want to help you. We need one another don’t we? Stacy confided.

“I think we do Stacy, I get such good vibes from you!” Sarah said taking off her top and getting completely naked. They were both exhausted and needed to sleep. That night was their first of many together and they embraced each other with much gratitude and love. The two women got comfortable and retired to the bedroom with the intention to make love all night.

“Freight trains through the neighborhood”

Around 5am, the wind was rattling the windows, but it seemed the worst of the storm had passed. Stacy woke up slowly realizing how lucky she was to bring Sarah back to her place so quickly. She lay on her back nude, next to Sarah who in a deep sleep. Without stirring much the older woman stroked her womanhood. She usually masturbated at least twice a day. She’d enjoy fingering herself before rising and having any time to process her dreams. This day she was very horny from just sleeping with Sarah, who had been so overwrought from all she’d been through, their long session and running from the storm. They hadn’t even made love yet, but all the affection and sensuous touch had left this forty-year-old woman outrageously insatiable for more sex. She licked her finger to moisten it and began stroking her clit as she glanced over to Sarah’s head, which was still buried in a pillow. She snored lightly and even her breathing sort of turned her on in a strange way. Normally, Stacy could get herself off quickly, but she took her time massaging and fondling her clit while the other hand tweaked and pinched her erect nipple. “Oh fuck, I cannot wait to go down on her and give her some pleasure,” Stacy thought to herself, making her more susceptible to that rolling orgasm that lurked in her mind. She lay there stroking and fondling her wet pussy, gazing up at her cracked ceiling, she was almost ready to explode. Time flew by; she fantasized about Sarah and falling in love. She was totally unaware that Sarah had awoken and was looking at her now. With one eye open, she spied Stacy’s arm, which moved faster and faster to completion, like a pot of boiling water ready to overflow and steam up the stove.

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