Escapades of Eva Ch. 74


Still trembling from the fantastic orgasm, Chelsea moved back into line with the other slaves of Master Blaze. Mistress Syn began to chuckle as she watched the girl struggle to compose herself.

“Sir Brandon,” she grinned as she looked mischievously at the man who had just rocked Chelsea’s world, “You seem to have started another kind of fire in our Chelsea’s sweet little pussy. Your hot wax seems to have created a hot slut.”

Everyone laughed as she added, “And, I see that it is still smoldering in her.” Then Syn reached around to her side and patted Chelsea’s pussy with her crop. As Chelsea closed her eyes and parted her lips she shuddered visibly once more.

“My, my Sir Brandon, perhaps you should be the one to put her fires out completely when the bidding begins,” Mistress Syn said to the Dom with a wicked look as she blew him a kiss, adding, “Would you like that little Chelsea?”

“Oh yes Mistress,” Chelsea sobbed.

Then Chelsea’s gaze locked on the power and dominance of Master Brandon again. And Eva could see the girl’s hungry eyes glaze over with lust as she licked her lips and whimpered, “Please Sir Brandon. Please bid on me. Your powerful strokes in my pussy have set me ablaze mind, body, and soul. Please let me feel your fiery unyielding touch on my tender skin once again. Make me burn for you Sir. Buy me please that I may give my submission to you alone this night. Please, I beseech you, Please!”

“Ooooo! She begs ever so prettily doesn’t she Sir Brandon?” Syn teased as she gave Sir Brandon a wink.

Eva saw the raven-haired beauty tremble in her need as she melted again, enraptured by Sir Brandon’s steely gaze. Eva recognized that look as the Dominance in all the Masters’ she had met. She knew that Dominance could immobilize a submissive woman in her tracks in a second.

And she knew that Chelsea must be feeling the invisible hold that a true Master can have on a slave’s cunt. Eva knew she was helpless to even look away when her own Sir gave her that look. She also knew that Chelsea, like herself, would do anything to please a Master who could make her feel that way with a single look.

Sir Brandon crossed his arms over his chest and continued to gaze steadily at the begging slave. Then with a mischievous little grin he quietly said, “Don’t make me tell you again girl. Just hold that thought and save some for later my wanton little slut.”

“Yes Sir,” Chelsea whispered. And then she held her back a little straighter and proudly pushed her titties out a little further. She spread her knees a little wider and held her head a little higher as she knelt back on her heels in pleasure slave position once again. Then she demurely lowered her eyes with a little smile on her lips. Eva knew that Sir Brandon’s remark was an acknowledgement that the lovely slave would feel his touch again.

Eva couldn’t hold back the little tear of sympathy and joy for the delightful slave as she recalled how proud and humble she always felt whenever Sir Dan dominated her like that. She wondered if the dominant Masters knew just how proud, or how loved and cherished it made a slave feel whenever her Sir asserted his dominance over her?

Then Mistress Syn interrupted the heavy, and meaningful, silence in the room, saying, “Well now gentlemen, if you think our Chelsea was hot I want you to now meet our pretty slave Sierra. She is not only a vision to behold, her little twat burns just as hot as the desert land she in named for.”

Then Eva saw a slight little slave with the most beautiful creamy complexion raise her head from where she had been quietly and patiently sitting with her eyes lowered. She lifted herself up off her heels and as she knelt she raised her arms, reaching behind her and lifting her long thick bright red curls over her head.

Even though the slave was of slender build Eva could see that she had rather large perky breasts with nipples that almost winked at the audience as she licked her lips and shook them lasciviously at the crowd. There were loud moans of lust from the men and once again Eva could see hands adjusting thickening dicks in the trousers of Doms all over the room.

“So, do you like what you see gentlemen?” Syn cooed.

“I like. I like,” came a response from the audience. And, some of the men made more bawdy remarks about how much they liked what they saw.

“Well lets see how you like this,” Mistress Syn whispered into the microphone. Then with a motion of the crop slave Sierra began to move.

With the most beautiful and entrancing serpentine moves the lovely redhead rose ever so gracefully and literally slinked around the stage floor. She moved in and out among the men at the front of the stage.

Some of the men began to groan and grasp their crotches. She moved up close to one of the men and waved her lovely titties at him. Then while he held the cock, which was raging beneath his sex izle pants, she rubbed her sweet nipples against their chest. And as he reached out to touch her she quickly danced away laughing and blowing kisses at him. And Eva had to chuckle as the man pitifully groaned out loud.

A slow Arabic tune began to play and she reached out for something from Syn. And then she began to twirl as she held her arms high over her head. The naked barefoot slave writhed and wriggled seductively like a belly dancer around the stage, shaking and rolling her hips in time with the music, and clicking the castanets in her hands.

After a few moments of swirling and teasing the audience she reached for a cotton tipped baton about eighteen inches long. She held it over her head and did a slow bump and grind as she circled the stage floor once more, showing it to the men in the front row.

And then she twirled to Mistress Syn who was holding out a long lighter, like one would use to light candles or logs. She took Sierra’s castanets as she clicked the instrument. And as the fire leapt forth the lovely Sierra touched her baton to it. When the end burst into flames and holding it high over her head with both hands, she twirled around the floor once again.

She stopped a few times to run the flame up and down an arm. Then she twirled again and stopped to pose with one leg out in front of the other as she slide the fire up and down her fair skinned leg.

Swirling again she stopped mid stage and bent her body backward as she ran the flame up a leg and across her belly to the cute titties with the tight nipples. She stood up and bent slightly forward while she ran the blue and white fire underneath those titties so that everyone in the front of the stage, and those crowding from behind, could see.

She stopped in front of several Masters’ who were crowded together to see what she was doing. And then as they watched she knelt on the floor in front of them. With her knees spread wide, and holding the flaming baton high, she leaned her body backward until her shoulders were on the floor.

Then to the gasps of the audience she began to run the flame up and down quickly from her titties, down her tummy and all the way to her naked little pussy. Lifting her body up then she held her hair up on her head with one hand as she spread her knees even wider and ran the fire along the inside of her thighs, up to her pussy once again, and around her titties again. As she held her head back, still holding her hair, she rapidly ran the flame around her titties, up her neck, down her tummy and between her legs again.

The men seemed enraptured as she rose again to her feet. Holding her fiery baton high she swirled, and slithered, and danced seductively once again, sliding the fire swiftly over a body part now and then. As the music slowed she returned to Mistress Syn who had brought a small bucket in which she doused the fire.

The seductive slave twirled around once more and gave the men a smoldering look. And as the music played a final note Sierra slipped quickly back into pleasure slave stance at the end of the line with her sister slaves. She looked up from beneath her eyelashes and smiled once more before lowering her eyes to the sound of all the men pounding their fists against their shoulders.

Eva had to squeeze her pussy to quiet the lust she felt every time she heard that seductive masculine applause. Oh where was her Sir? She wasn’t sure how much longer she could hold out. She needed him to quiet the raging fire that had grown in her own pussy while she had watched the scene with slave Sierra. She looked out at the audience and saw Sir Dan who seemed to be a little glassy eyed as he squeezed his own cock.

But there was no time to indulge her longing to feel his wonderful cock in her pussy for since Mistress Syn was speaking again. “Okay, okay, thank you little Sierra.” Then beaming with pride she looked at the audience and grinned, “Was I right? Is she not a superb blazing slave?”

Again the men pounded their shoulders as she continued, “Our precious Sierra is more than a fire dancer though. She literally loves fire. She loves playing with it. She loves having someone else play with it on her. And tonight, even though she is slave through and through, Master Blaze has agreed to allow her to teach one of you how to do fire play with her once she has been bought and paid for.”

Mistress Syn continued, “I hope you have all enjoyed seeing what the slaves of Blaze have to offer for the right bid tonight.” She knelt in the middle of the slaves again and lowered her eyes just as they had.

“WHOA!” Eva heard, and like everyone else she looked toward the sound. It was Sir Silly. He fell to his knees and as he held one hand over his heart he reached out with the other beseeching slave Syn, “What about you Mistress Syn? You said you would sikiş izle be up for bid as well.”

Mistress Syn stood up and put her hands on her hips. Shaking her head she looked at Sir Silly and said, “Sir Silly, I think I should just put you over my lap right now and spank you hard for being so silly tonight.”

Sir Silly fell to his tummy then and reached out toward Syn as he begged, “Mistress, please don’t tease me. I have been a really bad boy and I need for you to have your way with me tonight.”

“Okay, okay, Silly boy,” Syn said while rolling her eyes. “You win, but I hope you brought lots of money because I don’t come cheap.” And with that she walked over and spanked his head with her crop while he moaned and made sexual gyrations as he put his forehead on the floor.

Eva couldn’t decide if Sir Silly was a Dom or a slave. Maybe he was a switch she thought just like Mistress Syn.

“Now my friends, I hope each of you has determined which of these delightful slaves you would buy for your use tonight.” And, as Syn went to kneel among the other slaves she said, “And now I will turn the negotiations over to my Master. Our wonderful Master Blaze.”

And then the slender man dressed in black with the slick dark hair, moustache and goatee threw his red lined cape behind his shoulders as he took his place at the front side of the stage. Eva was amazed at how this Master’s energy was so strong that she could feel it just looking at him

“My friends,” Master Blaze began as he spoke into the microphone, “Dave has permitted me to handle the auctioning of my slaves tonight.”

“But first, as you all know, we are here to help some fellow Dominants and their families who have fallen on hard times. I want to let you know that Ted, who lives downstate is still recovering from the burns he received while rescuing his family from the fire that burned his home to the ground. His son is still in the hospital as well. So, not only has he lost everything he owned, he will have some hefty hospital bills.”

“And, Will, who lives a couple of counties over lost everything in his house as well. He wasn’t hurt since he was working the night shift when the fire started. But his slave wife broke her leg in several places when she jumped out of the burning second story window. Now he is living in a small hotel room that the Red Cross helped him with. But, they lost all their belongings and his children are still in shock from being thrown out the window by their mother.”

“So, lets did deep, because it could have been any one of us in their situations. And as you know in the lifestyle we take care of our own. So, besides the money we will raise tonight, we will need as many men who can to come to help these guys rebuild. They each own their own property, and besides raising money for materials we will need builders of all kinds and trades to help.”

“As soon as I know when they can go back home I will let you all know. In fact, I think it would be a good thing as well if you all look around your own home and see if you have any extra home goods to help them with until they can replenish their own. And, I also think it would be great if all your slaves could come to the building parties with food and drink for the workers.”

“You’ve got it Blaze,” Sir Randy called out. “I know my girls and I will be there.”

“So will I,” and “Us too,” and “Count us in,” rang out from all corners of the audience. And Eva saw her own Sir Dan joining in as well. She felt more hot tears rise behind her eyes as she witnessed the incredible camaraderie and commitment from everyone.

“Ok then,” Master Blaze said, “Lets get on with the auction.”

Eva looked quickly toward the part of the room where she had last seen Sir Dan, but he was not there. She wanted him to touch her so badly, but since he was not there she tried in spite of her disappointment to focus on the auction.

Just then Sir Dave stepped up to Master Blaze and whispered something. Taking the microphone he announced, “I know every man in this dungeon knows how well Master Blaze’s slaves are trained. And we all know what a delight they are to play with. So, I am going to take the initiative to let you all know that I want bids to start at a minimum of one thousand dollars each.” And with that he handed the microphone back to Master Blaze.

Master Blaze’s voice came out loud and clear again as he took the microphone and said, “Okay you heard the man. Bids start at one thousand dollars. Now what do I hear for this cute little freckle faced blonde?”

“Carina,” Master Blaze urged as he held his hand out to the beautiful slave, “Show these men what you’ve got baby.”

As the lovely Carina stood up and offered her hand to her Master he brought her forward, and with a movement of his arm he spun her around and moved her forward toward the crowd. Laughing she danced around turning türk porno herself in various sexy poses. And then she gave the crowd a salacious smile and slowly licked her lips as she held her huge titties up for the crowd to admire.

One of the men in front was licking his lips voraciously and making little lewd kissing noises at Carina. Then before anyone knew what she was doing Carina moved up close to the man and on her tip toes she held one titty up and grabbing his head she poked her stiff little nipple into his kissing lips.

The Dom grabbed her around the waist and sucked her tit hard and fast taking her breath away. And as he held her closer Carina leaned her pussy into his crotch where Eva could see her rubbing her cunt around on his erect cock. When he lifted his head she grabbed him again and stuck her other titty into his mouth.

“Oh Master,” she squealed to Master Blaze, “I want this one please.” And she continued to hold her pussy against his cock as he let go of the nipple he was sucking and rubbed his face hard between the full titties with their erect nipples. Carina was moaning and she let her head fall back as the Dom nibbled and sucked all over her titties.

“Hold on there Carl you Greedy Gus,” a man in the audience yelled as he adjusted his trousers, “Give the rest of us a chance before you use her up.”

“Nooo Waaay?” Growled Sir Carl as he chewed on Carina’s nipple. “I want to eat this sweet little slut all up.” And he bit down hard enough to make the cute slave squeal as she threw her arms around him and held on tight.

While the other men laughed the man who held Carina took one last suck of her tight little nipple before pulling her arms away and reluctantly releasing her with a moan. Eva could tell they were both hot and she had to hold her cunt as she realized that watching them had made her slave hot as well.

As Carina tried to collect herself she turned to her Master who was chuckling and nodding his approval of her behavior. With a nod of his head she stepped back to the center of the stage and lowered her eyes sweetly as she knelt before the men.

One of the men in the audience called out, “Fifteen hundred.”

“Two thousand,” said another.

“Three thousand,” said Sir Carl, the man who had sucked Carina’s titties.

“Three thousand five hundred,” called someone from the back of the room.

Eva saw Carina take a quick peek at Sir Carl whose eyes were riveted on the sexy blond. She quickly lowered her eyes as she blushed and smiled to herself.

“Four thousand,” said someone next to Sir Carl.

“Five thousand,” someone else yelled out, “I want to get my hands on that sweet honey pot.”

Sir Carl turned to see who had bid. Suddenly, he howled with laughter. “George who are you kidding? You wouldn’t know what to do with her,” he joked.

Then turning to Master Blaze Sir Carl stepped forward as he removed the wide black leather belt from his trousers. Folding it in his hand he motioned toward Carina. “This one is mine Blaze,” he cried out. “I bid ten thousand dollars for her.”

“Well, not to be outdone by Carl,” Sir Brandon called out as he moved toward Master Blaze with his eyes still riveted on little Chelsea, “This one is mine. I will help move this thing along by bidding the same thing as Carl. I mean to teach this cute little slut what it means to serve a real hot wax Master. I bid ten thousand on Chelsea.”

All the men gasped in surprise as Master Blaze said, “Are there any more bids for either of these beauties?” Several men whistled under their breath at the enormous bids, but no one spoke. “Well Carl it looks like Carina is yours for the night. But don’t spoil her for the rest of us with that leather belt. It’s her favorite kind toy to be spanked with you know?”

“And Brandon,” he said to Sir Brandon, “Chelsea is yours. And, you need to know that if it’s wax, fire, sex, love, food or whatever, she likes it hot. She likes everything hot, REALLY HOT!” he added with a knowing look. “So, be careful and be warned, because her intense passion in everything she does might just burn its way into your heart.”

Master Blaze beckoned to Carina and Chelsea then with obvious pride, and they ran swiftly to him and knelt at his feet with lowered eyes. And then he took each of their hands in his and raised them to their feet. They looked at him lovingly then as he kissed their cheeks and said, “Go to your Masters’ now my little ones and serve them well.”

Carina’s eyes lit up at the sight of the leather belt that Sir Carl was slapping against his hand. And everyone could see that Sir Brandon had still not taken his eyes off of Chelsea.

And so, breaking their submissive stance and form, and squealing with excitement, each of the girls ran hastily to the men who had won their bids. The men in the audience laughed at their enthusiasm as each of the girls knelt quickly and beautifully before Master Carl and Master Brandon with huge grins on their faces.

And in perfect unison, as if it had been planned that way, both of the girls shouted joyfully, “Oh Yes Master Blaze! I will serve him very well.”

… to be continued

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