Enslaving Chloe Ch. 17


Edited by Rosmarina (whose advice and assistance are much appreciated)

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== Chapter 17 ==

As soon as we were inside the house I undressed as was my routine and I was quickly naked and on my knees where I belonged. I lovingly kissed Master’s boots and these familiar rituals had the effect of bringing me back down to earth after all the emotions which had been running through my head since my encounter with Ming Ming. Instead of indulging myself with fantasies of being with her again I reminded myself that if she were in my place she would take her slave duties very seriously. I wanted so much to learn from her and I decided then and there to make an even greater effort to demonstrate a new and deeper commitment to my Master and to behave in every way as he would wish.

I also felt that I should be thinking more about Chloe, especially as this was such an important time for her. I was well aware that at this very moment my dear friend was struggling with one of the most important decisions of her life, and I felt a little guilty that she had not been much in my thoughts so far today. I’d been quite distracted by other things during the last few hours as meeting Ming Ming had been such an exciting and interesting experience for me. I’d never previously met a fellow slavegirl from a totally different culture and I was still amazed at how we could be both so similar and yet so different at the same time.

I don’t know whether Master could tell my mind was full of mixed emotions as I busily licked his boots but I soon found out that although he had displayed commendable restraint throughout the lunch he was certainly not unaffected by all that had taken place. He suddenly bent down and attached my leash to my collar again. I did not usually wear it inside so I was a bit surprised and looked up at him from my lowly position. In response Master tugged on my leash and I obediently crawled after him.

Once he was settled in his favourite chair I was ordered to get on my back on the floor and display myself for him. I knew this meant that he wanted me with my legs spread wide and I was to reach down and spread my cunt lips and look into his eyes. Master liked me to demonstrate that I was totally and completely open to him and ready and willing to be used in any way he wished.

Sometimes he had me tell him what a slave slut I was and describe in vivid detail what I wanted to do for him in intensely degrading ways that my imagination never failed to conjure up. I liked this ritual and would allow my mind to wander into the darkest corners of my fantasy world in search of the most depraved and erotic ways of pleasing Master I could imagine, and frequently I shocked myself with just how disgusting the things were that oozed out of my dirty little mind. Master always found it very interesting to have me display not only my body but my innermost thoughts to him on command.

This time I was simply told to masturbate until my cunt was very wet, but not to cum. Master knew me well enough by now to be able to tell when I was getting close to an orgasm so once it became obvious that was my situation I was told to stop. Now that I was nice and wet and all worked up Master pulled me up onto his lap. My wrists were tied together behind my back with some cord Master always had in his pocket for just this purpose, and I was ready to be fucked. Soundly and well, I fully expected.

I was not disappointed.

The day’s activities had certainly given Master plenty of inspiration sexually, and he also seemed to be in a good mood following the negotiations with his visitors. He ordered me up on my feet and positioned me with my legs astride his, then he took his already hard cock out of his trousers and thrust up into my cunt as I sat down on his lap. I was already so wet that he slid in easily, and then it was my job to move up and down so that his cock slid in and out of me. Master liked to sit there and watch me while I fucked myself on his hard cock as I looked into his eyes and told him what a dirty little whore I was.

Master knew exactly how to get me desperate to have him cum in me or on me, as he chose. He continued talking to me, using lots of verbal abuse which he well knew always got me excited. As I jerked erotically on his lap, impaling myself over and over again, he told me what a hot little cunt I was, how I was made to be a sex slave, how that was my destiny, and how he was going to enjoy watching me moan as I orgasmed over and over for him once he had given me permission to do so. At the same time he pulled on my nipples, watching me squirm as he carried on a running commentary on my efforts that made me even more aroused.

I loved being told what a slut I was, and how he was going to make me sell myself while he watched and some other little bitch sucked his cock. Over time he had developed this idea as a way of arousing me since he knew it was one of my strongest fantasies. While porno izle making me tell him what a whore I was, he ordered me to fuck myself harder as he twisted my nipples between his fingers and occasionally slapped my face and urged me on. All this combined to send me into a frenzy where in my mind I was just a sexual object fucking itself for its Owner’s pleasure and desperately mewing to be allowed to orgasm for him. Eventually I could feel by the slight convulsing of his cock within me that Master was about to fill me with his beautiful cum.

At this point Master ordered me to get on my knees. From long experience I knew that Master especially enjoyed coming in my mouth, so without having to be told I knelt before him with my mouth open wide and my tongue extended. He jerked himself a few times and soon ropes of his cum were spurting into my mouth. I kept my mouth open until I was sure he was finished and then carefully sucked his cock clean.

Master knew that I had not had an orgasm but I doubted he would not leave me in a state of unfulfilled excitement unless he wanted me to suffer such a torment for his amusement. I accepted that I existed for his pleasure alone and my own pleasure was of no real importance, but Master liked to have me cum for him and watching me spasm on command also added to his enjoyment. I knew he would probably take this opportunity to watch me do so while enjoying his own post-orgasmic state of bliss. He liked to combine his *afterglow* with the sounds of my passionate moans and cries, and I was already a quivering mass of female arousal. As I knelt there naked, tingling all over, with my cunt dripping and my mouth full of Master’s cum, I awaited his instructions.

Smiling down at me, Master told me that I could now swallow his cum and as I did so I was to finger myself to orgasm for him and not to stop coming until he ordered me to. I loved that he made me feel I was going to do this for him. It was not for me, but something I would do to please my Owner, for and at his pleasure. Of course I would enjoy it too. I was actually desperate to cum and longing to experience the surging waves of ecstacy crashing over me that I could feel towering above me ready to sweep me away into a sea of orgasmic oblivion.

But I also knew that over and above my enjoyment I would be very conscious that I was showing my Master what a shameless little slut I was as I thrashed around moaning and mewing at his feet while I orgasmed repeatedly for him. I wanted to do that so much, and I knew that I would spread my legs and show him my wet cunt as my juices ran down my thighs for him. I knew that in between my moans and cries I would call out to him, and tell my Master of the honour I felt serving him in this way.

All this would heighten the experience for me immeasurably and make it so much more than an expression of my own pleasure. As a slave I was not allowed to masturbate without permission and all my orgasms belonged to Master. I had been trained to give them to him on command at any time and regardless of circumstance. So when I came it was no longer purely a means of giving myself pleasure. Being allowed to cum was something Master allowed me as and when he felt so inclined and thoughts that my orgasms were a gift to him were always in my mind as I did so — jumbled up with all kinds of other emotions, of course.

Since I had *discovered* masturbation as a young girl and up until the time I met Master, I must have pleasured myself thousands of times. Mostly I did it alone and often as quietly as possible in case someone might hear. Although I felt no guilt about fingering myself or stimulating my little clit, I certainly didn’t want anyone to know what I was doing or for anyone to hear my cries. So it was something I usually did late at night alone in my bed, or maybe early in the morning before my shower. Less often I might feel the urge during the day, but it was always a solitary activity.

It was Chloe who first taught me to share my orgasms with another. We often masturbated together, either doing ourselves as we watched each other, or lying side by side and fingering each other’s cunts until we both came. Afterwards we would hug and kiss each other and lick each other’s wet fingers. Those experiences with Chloe were something very special for me. They gave me the confidence to orgasm with someone watching and listening, and also taught me to enjoy being observed as I thrashed around in total ecstasy. Chloe taught me that shared orgasms were wonderful.

Later on, Chloe sometimes made me finger myself as I knelt between her legs and licked her cunt. I was not allowed to cum until she told me to, and that was always after she had come as many times as she wished. Then, as I still knelt before her and with my face covered in her juices, I would orgasm for her enjoyment. She would listen to my moans and tell me what a nasty little whore I was. These experiences taught me that my orgasms should give pleasure to others amatör porno and not just myself. It also meant that I gradually became quite accustomed to spasming at her feet like the shameless little slut she liked me to be.

When I met Master he trained me to orgasm on command and he also taught me that I was not allowed to have an orgasm without his permission. I still had lots of orgasms, but not when and as I wished as this was no longer my right. My girlish days of rubbing myself while I imagined all kinds of erotic fantasies were over. But I did not mind. Now I belonged to my Master and so naturally my orgasms belonged to him as well, just as much as my mind and my body were his totally. I had submitted to him without reservation so I obeyed him absolutely and that included when and if I orgasmed. I enjoyed having even my orgasms controlled and as a consequence they were much stronger and more powerful when I was allowed to have them. Being ordered to come only heightened the intensity for me.

I was thinking about how my masturbation had gradually become something I gave to others rather than something I enjoyed for my own pleasure as I knelt there naked with my legs spread and rubbed myself for Master. I was in a haze of intense arousal which made everything seem almost surreal, but at the same time I was well aware of where I was and what I was doing. I am a naked slavegirl finger-fucking myself for my Owner’s pleasure. I looked up at Master as he watched me exhibit myself shamelessly as I murmured “Master, please permit this cunt to come for you,” over and over. My clit bell jingled as my fingers moved rapidly up and down my wet slit. I was an orgasmic little bitch who spasmed and moaned as I came, crying out, “Thank you, Master, for allowing this slut to cum for you!”

I cried out many times as Master knew that once I had been brought to a peak of arousal I was capable of coming over and over until I stopped due to simple exhaustion. If I could have I would have continued to climax indefinitely, but after maybe five or six orgasms in a row, I was so drained that I simply couldn’t go on. Master had taught me that I would give him every orgasm I had in me until I was unable to offer him any more. Then I was allowed to lick my fingers clean as he watched.

When I had given him everything that even a hot little slut like me possibly could, I lay there panting gently for a minute or two until I could collect myself. Then I told him in detail what had been going through my mind as I masturbated for him. Master liked to know what had come into my head while I was in a state of intense arousal and as I belonged to him I wanted to share even my deepest and most depraved thoughts as a means of showing that I was totally open to him. All the while I lay there with my legs still spread wide and looked up into his eyes.

Finally at a signal from him, I crawled to Master’s feet and kissed them as I thanked him again. Eventually he reached down and patted me on the head and told me I was a good girl. Actually I was one very happy little slut girl with a rather sensitive and well-rubbed cunt!

By now it was late afternoon and time for me to prepare dinner. Still tingling and with my head full of clouds I went into the kitchen. This was my routine and Master rarely varied things just because I had given him a whole heap of orgasms a few minutes earlier. He went off to have a shower and attend to a few business matters such as emails that had come in while he’d been otherwise occupied during the day. I set the table as dinner cooked in the oven and thought about what had happened with Ming Ming. I also wondered how Chloe was feeling right now.

I had been so busy today that I’d not had time to think much about my dear friend Chloe. When she had come into my thoughts I was aware that I missed her but beyond that, I didn’t know exactly what I felt because everything was so up in the air. I wished I could rush back to her and say all kinds of things, but in reality I had said all I could already, and it was only a day or so since I’d last seen her. Mostly I wished I knew what conclusions she had reached concerning my proposal. Probably Chloe was still mulling over her options, such as they were. While I was impatient to know what she was going to do, of course I wanted her to consider things very carefully and take as much time as she wanted before reaching any decision. I would just have to wait.

Dinner was almost ready when Master came into the kitchen and sat at the table. He never told me what I should prepare as I already knew what kind of things he liked. My own preferences did not matter, but he allowed me to run the kitchen fairly much in whatever way I wished as long as the end result was to his liking. He sat and read through the daily newspaper as he waited for me to serve his dinner. I put the plate in front of him and knelt down at the side of his chair. I was not allowed to sit on a chair without permission, anal porno and usually I only sat at the same height as Master when he took me out somewhere like a cafe or restaurant. Even when guests were at the house my place was on my knees unless told otherwise.

I knelt there and put my head on his feet. Master ignored me for a while as he began to eat. He was not really ignoring me, and I didn’t expect any immediate response as I was sure he was well aware that his little pet was curled up at his feet. In our world this was a scene of utmost domestic bliss: Master eats the dinner prepared for him by his devoted slavegirl, while she lies curled up naked at his feet thinking her slavegirl thoughts. I was always blissfully content at such times.

After awhile Master reached down and put a small side dish containing some food from his plate on the floor next to me. I stayed on my hands and knees as I ate directly from the dish. It was not a lot but it was enough to keep me from being hungry. Sometimes he would feed me an extra treat off his own plate and I’d eat that from his hand and lick his fingers clean afterwards. I was not exactly on a diet but in effect I rarely ate a large meal and might only have one or two small meals most days apart from the cum he often fed me in between.

Master liked to joke that all the semen I swallowed contained enough vitamins and minerals to keep me going. Perhaps it did. For all I knew it was the perfect diet. It certainly kept me slim and I was rarely sick so obviously I got sufficient nutrition overall. I liked to think that Master was looking after my health and well-being by keeping me on a diet of scraps and cum in the same way as he looked after me in every other sense.

When dinner was over Master liked to retreat to his favourite chair in the living room with the paper or a book and an after-dinner glass of red wine while I cleaned up and put everything away. Once my kitchen duties were complete I was allowed to join him. I would crawl out of the kitchen and over to where he was sitting. Usually I would nuzzle him a bit like the pet he had trained me to be, and if I got no response I would curl up at his feet and wait for Master to tell me when he was ready to engage with me.

This was the time when I knew Master would allow me to talk with him about whatever was on my mind. Sometimes we discussed what was in the news or I could ask him to talk with me about any topic that had come into my head during the day or ask him to explain something that I had been wondering about. He knew I needed intellectual stimulation in the same way I needed to be fed so our discussions were often about politics, philosophy, literature or the arts as much as they were about more personal matters. Whatever the subject I always enjoyed our diverse and stimulating conversations at the end of the day and this was a favourite time for me.

I was sure Master also enjoyed these times as often we could not converse much during the day. My routine duties such as cleaning the house, washing, making sure he had shirts ironed, changing the bed, cooking, and so on, took up much of each day. In what spare time I had I’d sometimes read or use the computer while he worked in his office. Unless Master had called me to him and given me instructions or required my attention in some way (such as to suck his cock) we did not really need to talk much. If I had something I wanted to ask him about or request permission for I’d usually wait until this time after dinner as I knew that then Master would be relaxed and able to give his attention to what I wanted to say.

If I wished to do so, I could also ask Master about anything that I had been wondering about or that I wanted to discuss with him, and this was when I could talk about my feelings and reactions to anything he had ordered me to do during the day or anything that was bothering me. Master expected absolute obedience, but if I was conflicted or concerned about anything he instructed me to do I could ask him about it later. First I would obey and later at the appropriate time I could ask him about it if I wished. That’s not to say that he allowed me to question his orders. I knew that was not an option as I had given my submission totally on the understanding there were no limits to what would be required of me, and I was happy with that. But it was still good to talk things over sometimes.

Tonight my mind was full of thoughts about what I’d experienced today with Ming Ming and I was also concerned about Chloe. Master already had a very good idea what I was thinking but I didn’t know if he realised how strongly I’d responded to Ming Ming.

I told Master that I had been really surprised by how much Ming Ming had affected me. I told him about our conversation at the restaurant, and also that I felt a deep sense of connection with her despite the fact that we were from totally different cultures. I even mentioned that we had the same words tattooed on our bodies (although hers were in Chinese characters). Master didn’t know about the tattoo, but he had noticed that Ming Ming and I seemed very attracted to each other. Jokingly I told him that perhaps he could buy Ming Ming from her owner and that she could come and live with us.

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