Encounters with Meg: Third


As we walk along the path, I tell you about the rock outcrop we are on the way to visit. I have heard that it has amethyst crystals that are not deeply buried, and I thought that it would be a fun place for us to visit together. Turns out I was right. It is a beautiful day. The sun shines brightly, the temperature is in the mid-eighties, the birds are chirping, and all is right with the world (or so it seems to the two of us, together in the woods, far from reality, enjoying each other’s company).

The trail is fairly steep, but we are both in good shape and the climb stimulates us. We chat as we climb in an effort to take full advantage of this rare opportunity to be alone together. Discussions of work and family take up the early part of the climb, but gradually we turn to the frustrations of communicating by e-mail and chatrooms. It is a topic we have discussed before, but for the present, we realize that we are fortuneate to have this time together.

We reach a clearing next to a nice overlook, and we take a break. The view is a never-ending vista down a long, forested valley that snakes off into the distance, eventually losing itself in the mist. For a moment we each stare off into the distance. Despite the fact that we have shared our lives electronically, there are still those awkward moments when we finally slip away from our “normal” lives and find an opportunity like this one to be alone together. You move your hand into mine, and I turn toward you. We lean together, and our lips touch. It is a kiss I have been longing for. Fantasies and imagination are fine, but the reality of kissing you here on the mountainside nearly makes me cum. Our lips part, tongues intertwine. It is a long, lingering kiss, a kiss that neither of us wants to end. You lower yourself back onto the grass, and I move beside you, our kiss unbroken. You run your hand through my hair, toy with my neck, storke my back.

My hand moves to your full breasts which has been warmed by the sunlight. As I stroke one of them through your clothing, I feel the nipple begin to harden. I unbutton your blouse as I feel your hand move across my stomach and down toward my crotch. With the last button unfastened, I pull apart your blouse and lean forard to plant a kiss on each breast though they are still confined within your bra. I pull you up to a sitting position so I can unhook your bra and free your breasts. I lower you back onto the grass as I move over you to kiss them, first one and then the other, trailing my tongue across the valley between them, maintaining contact with your skin, back and forth, round and rround, until finally I arrive at one of your nipples. I gently caress it with my tongue, stroking it on all sides, watching closely as it becomes gaziantep escortları more engored before my eyes. I take it between my teeth, swirling my tongue quickly around it, sucking on it all the while, reveling in its firmness, its texture, its taste.

While I am entertaining your nipple, I feel your hand caressing my now hard cock. I feel you toying with my zipper, and I roll away from you to allow you better access. This is apparently what you have been waiting for, because without warning, you suddenly leap up and dash up the trail, laughing as you go. I quickly gather our things and take off after you. The trail has leveled off, and your daily run has put you in good shape to stay well ahead of me. When I finally do catch up, it is only because you slow down so that I can.

“Hey, what was that all about,” I ask, breathlessly.

“What do you think I am, easy?” you ask, trying to keep from laughing.

“Easy? What do you mean easy? I have known you for three weeks (I chuckle here), we have shared every detail of our lives, we have worked hard to be able to be able to be out here alone, together,” I respond.

“I know, silly,” you reply. “I’m just kidding. I want to see the amethysts first, and then I will allow you to play with “my gems.” With that, you turn and move off along the trail. I follow, my erect cock pressed against the front of my jeans.

When we get to the reputed amethyst deposit, it is a disappointment. While there may have been a few amethysts there in the past, the entire hillside has been dug away by those who preceded us. We spend a few moments scratching around in the exposed face, but I know right away that this is hopeless and I say so.

We move down the slope to a gurgling creek filled with rocks. We sit on a cluster of rocks near the bank so we can dangle our feet in the water. It is cold, but it feels good on my tired feels.

“Splat!” A glob of gray mud covers my side. “Splat!” More mud, this time in my hair. I turn toward you and I see that you are reaching over the edge of the rocks to retrieve another handful of mud. I leap toward you, tumbling you off of the rock and into the puddle of mud. You squeal with surprise as we slide around, wrestling for control. You slip away and pelt me with more mud. I respond with a flurry of mudballs that speckle most of your chest. Our laughter echoes through the valley as I leap toward you, wrapping my arms around you, pulling you back down into the mud.

“So you like mud, do you? Well here, let me help you out,” I say as I take a handful of mud and smear it in your hair. Our laughing becomes more raucous. You respond by smearing a big glob of mud across my cheek and down my chest. I, of course retaliate, smearing your face with mud. Soon, we are laughing too hard to continue, rolling in the mud, holding our sides, tears streaking the mud that covers our faces.

I lean down toward you, offering you my hand. I pull you up, and you move against my chest. I pull your head toward mine. Our lips come together, separated by a thin film of mud. Our kiss is gritty, earthy, passionate. We move over to a grassy spot on the brink of the creek, and we fall together, wrapped tightly in each others arms. I kneel beside you and quickly unbutton your blouse as you unfasten your pants. Your eyes, filled with longing, are locked on mine.You sit up as I slip your blouse off of your shoulders, unfasten your bra, and free your gorgeous breasts. I move to your feet and remove your boots. I stand, grasp your pants by the cuff, and pull them eagerly off of you. While I am standing, I slip off my pants and my cock springs toward you, eager to partake of your “Gems.” I kneel beside you and slowly peel off your panties, my eyes focused on your pussy as it is eposed to view. You place your hand over it, blocking my view and at the same time flashing me a shy smile. I chuckle, taken aback by your modesty.

I move over you, lowering my body onto yours. Your nipples poke into my chest and you part your legs so mine will fit between them. I kiss you again, a kiss of reassurance, a kiss filled with desire, a kiss of promise. You respond, and I feel you relax. I slide down your body, kissing your breasts, your belly button, your tummy as I go. I tug on your trimmed cunt hair with my teeth then trail my tongue farther down to your clit, now made firm by our common desire. I nibble your clit, and your wriggle beneath me. I lick your pussy, teasing between its swollen lips with my tongue, seeking your essence, wanting to feel its warmth wrapped around my tongue. You allow this for a while, but then you move beneath me, positioning yourself so that you can reach my hard cock.

As I resume my explorations of your hot, seeping pussy, you kiss the tip of my cock, teasing its head with your tongue, before guadually sliding it between your lips and into your mouth. You suck it into that warm cavity, caressing it along its entire length with your tantalizing tongue. I slowly fuck my cock into your mouth, careful not to slide to far, feeling your tongue wrap around it on every stroke.

As I lick your cunt, you raise your hips to press yourself tightly against my lips. I use my tongue like a miniture cock, pushing it into you, then slowly, very slowly pulling it back out. Damn, you taste good! As I continue this tongue fucking, I feel the lining of your cunt swell and surround my tongue, pressing in on all sides, caressing it within your most private recesses.

Enough! I rise off of you, and then recline on the grass beside you. You realize immediately what I want, and a smile crosses your face. You swing your body across mine, positioning your pussy so it is directly above my hard, throbbing cock. I feel the heat emanating from you. Small drops of your juices drip onto the tip of my cock. Slowly, ever so slowly, your lower yourself down onto my erect shaft. The first touch is heavenly–hot, wet, slippery, and perhaps just a bit gritty. You hover there for a moment, teasing me, smiling down at me, before you suddenly drop down on me, forcing my cock to bury itself fully within you in a single motion. You squeal with delight at the feel of my cock splitting you open and forcing its way inside you. You remain motionless for several minutes as we enjoy the sensation of being locked together, cock buried in cunt, clit pressed against pelvis, heat and wetness mingling together and seeping down between my asscheeks.

When you do begin to move, it is s slow deliberate movement, up and down, eyes closed, as you focus on the sensations created by the sliding of my cock back and forth within you. I watch as the muscles of your legs tense and relax with each movement. I reach up and clasp your breasts, one in each hand, nipple nuzzled in each palm. Soon, your movements become faster, more demanding. With each stroke I hear your juices squishing loudly between us, louder even than the gurgling of the nearby brook.

With all of our pent up need, there is no way either of us can last long given the skill with which you are fucking me. “Cum,” your pussy is saying. “Cum now. Fill me with your juices.” And soon, I feel I must comply. I begin to rise into you, countering your every stroke with one of mine until we are moving in a frenzied rythym of desire, fueled by our long periods of forced separation.

I feel my cum moving up from deep within my balls, flowing through me, headed for your inner recesses. I feel it glide through my cock and shoot deep within you, a sudden burst of heat. At the same time, I feel you shudder, and your cunt clamps down around my cock, pusling with your climax. You moan loudly, continuing to drive yourself down on my cock, milking it of its last ounce of strength. And then we are done. You sit upright for a moment, then slump down onto my chest, worn out by your frenzied actions. We remain like that, still locked together, chest to chest in the wide open beside a lovely gurgling brook.

Soon the shadows begin to lengthen and we realize that it is time for us to leave. We dress reluctantly, but as we do so we assure each other that there will be many such days in the future. We depart, hand in hand, our passion satiated for the moment, but knowing that it will build again until we have to meet to dissipate it before it consumes us.

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