Elaine’s Indiscretion Pt. 07

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Elaine awake — how long had she been asleep? The water was cold. She opened her eyes full “OMG.” she thought as she saw David there standing watching her. How long had he been there she wondered.

David bent over to kiss her lips, she tasted salty.

David had been watching his wife for some time, watching the rise and fall of her breasts as she lay in the bath. Desire stirred inside of him.

He parted her lips with his tongue, plunging in and out between he lips searching for her tongue which to do battle with.

David reached out to caress Elaine’s breast, pain shot through her as his thumb ran over her half hard nipple.

He helped her out of the bath and dried her with a fluffy yellow towel.

David turned Elaine around and began kissing her neck, her ears her shoulders with little delicate kisses, loving kisses.

Elaine shuddered and in her mind compares the morning, yesterday and now.

David led Elaine to the bedroom and sat her on the bed and slowly removed the towel.

David wanted to look at her and gently prized open her legs to look at her naked form.

Inside Elaine squirmed, would he be able to tell what had happened to her pussy earlier. David looked at Elaine’s full breasts her pink nipples. The slight bulge of her tummy, down past her pubic hair that was so fine to her open cunt with her long pussy lips and then down to her pretty little rosebud.

David shed his clothes and crawled up the bed.

His head between Elaine’s thighs, he began to lick with slow languid licks.

Elaine was mortified. Had she washed all of Barry out of her?

David’s tongue parted Elaine’s lips, his tongue sliding up and down the valley. At the top Elaine’s clit was being moistened at the bottom her rosebud was being tickled. David’s incessant and gentle licks were having the desired effect on Elaine, her pussy was getting wetter, not from his tongue but from her juices. David sucked Elaine’s pussy lips into his mouth and lashed them with his tongue, his nose pressed on to her clit. As his head moved from side to side it stimulated Elaine’s enlarging clit.

She was ripe as earlier that morning as she was yesterday.

David crawled up her body and entered her.

Elaine worried, how had she allowed herself to be taken that morning?

The seeds had been sown weeks ago on the morning of her wedding.

The rhythmic thrusts, up and down her, her days exertions were catching up with her and her mind began to wander again, images of what she had done since her wedding day. So many years an innocent and now.

She woke with a start, her body was following its natural course. She was about to climax, had she spoken Barry’s or Norman’s name during her fucking?

She came calling out his name as he exploded into her waiting cunt.

David fell forward onto Elaine’s heaving body, he rolled to her side, breathing hard. They both lay there lost in their own thoughts for some time.

David reached over to play with Elaine’s pussy, she reached for his dick.

Elaine woke, her first thoughts were that it was Saturday, her second thoughts were that Barry had said that he would check out his workmanship He hadn’t said Saturday but Elaine had this deep brooding fear that he would turn up. What would he say? Would he tell of how he had Elaine bent over the table, how his prick had taken her from behind, how he had entered her rosebud, stretching her wide open. Pushing deep inside her, how he had cum inside of her, filling her with creamy cum.

What about the morning of her wedding. What would he say?

Elaine turned to David, “Let’s go shopping this morning.” She said.

David stretched out and looked at Elaine’s lovely body as he pushed the sheets away from her body until she was naked. Her breasts rising and falling, her tummy following the same rhythm. David kissed her lovingly.

“Time to get up then.” David said.

They rose and showered leisurely, dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.

After breakfast they left for the drive to the shopping centre. It was ten thirty.

David held Elaine’s hand as they walked around the shops, occasionally touching her bottom when there was no one to see.

Elaine and David entered one of the chain stores and began looking through the lingerie.

Elaine picked some matching sets but she wanted to make sure of the size. She approached one of the sales assistants “Do you do a bra fitting service?” Elaine asked. “Certainly Madam.” The sales assistant, whose nametag said Sandra, confirmed — let’s go into the changing room,

Elaine followed.

“Now if you would remove your blouse, we can take some measurements.”

Wrapping the tape measure under Elaine’s bust she noted down the measurement.

“Now” said Sandra, “will you remove your bra?”

Elaine did, no cause for embarrassment, a female assistant, she had seen all before.

Sandra hadn’t seen breasts like Elaine’s before and she longed to touch them.

Then she moved the tape over Elaine’s breasts, casino siteleri somehow the tape caught around Elaine’s nipples where Sandra seemed to take an extraordinary time in freeing it, her fingers “accidentally” brushing against Elaine’s nipples. Elaine’s nipples started to harden and grow.

“These breasts haven’t suckled any babies” the sales assistant thought, noting the pink nipples.

It was no use, she had to touch. She did and gripping Elaine’s nipples and twisting them. Elaine’s nipples grew hard and erect.

Elaine’s breasts were being fondled, hands cupping each breast in turn.

Elaine closed her eyes enjoying the sensation.

Her breathing deepened.

Elaine was becoming wet.

She wasn’t really surprised when her skirt was pushed down over her hips and a hand disappeared into her panties. Fingers started to rub her clit. Elaine unintentionally spread her legs a little to give greater access. Teeth were being drawn over her nipples. Elaine’s breasts were being sucked.

The sensation was phenomenal.

Elaine was bucking her hips, as fingers probed deeper inside of her and Sandra’s thumb brushed over Elaine’s clit.

A finger was inserted in to Elaine’s bottom.

Through the gap in the curtains eyes watched.

Elaine climaxed and slid to her knees.

Sandra offered the fingers of both hands to Elaine. Elaine sucked on them greedily tasting her own juices.

“That was lovely.” The sales assistant said, “Hopefully you will come here for all of your lingerie requirements in the future.”

Elaine nodded

She was helped to her feet and her skirt pulled up

Elaine was helped with her bra and blouse.

“36DD.” the assistant said

Elaine left the changing rooms a little flushed, found David and went to different changing rooms to try on.

Everything she tried on, she came to the curtain to show David but he was not the only one to see her scantily dressed. An audience of onlookers, mainly men but some women also began to gather around the changing rooms trying not to be obvious in their gaze every time Elaine appeared from behind the curtain.

One of the men onlookers took hold of his wife’s hand and led her to the car park and they left and drove home, he was hard at seeing Elaine scantily dresses. They arrived home, as soon as they were through the door he bent her over the sink, lifted her skirt, pulled down her tights and pants, spread her pussy lips with one hand and mounted her imagining it was Elaine. His wife was already wet, she was imagining that she was Elaine being made love to. Her husband was forceful in the way he took her. She had not experienced being taken like this by either her previous boyfriends, her lovers or her husband.

His hands were on her hips pulling her on to him. She moaned and climaxed shooting her womanly juices past his tight fitting prick soaking his balls with her cum

He continues to fuck her until he too climaxed sending thick streams of cum into her open cunt.

After several moments he pushed her away disappointed that it hadn’t been Elaine he had been fucking.

She was determined to find a lover that could turn her on as much as she was at the moment.

Elaine chose several and dressed.

David paid.

He looked at his watch, it was Twelve thirty.

David and Elaine went for lunch. A meal with one glass of wine for David. Elaine had three glasses, with no more shopping to do they made their way to the car park.

As they were driving home Elaine started to pull up her skirt, first to her knees then her thighs then to her waist. She was wearing no panties, David was sure that she had been wearing them earlier.

As her skirt reached her waist, Elaine’s legs opened wide and her fingers were soon caressing her clit, she moaned.

Elaine urged David to pull over in a lay by.

David was mesmerised as he watched Elaine’s fingers disappear inside herself

She opened her legs and closed them again in rapid succession, trying to get more pleasure, more pressure on her clit

She slipped off her shoes and put her feet on the dashboard, stretching out, trying to get satisfaction. She reached across and took David’s hand, stretched out two fingers and jammed them inside her wet wide cunt. David’s fingers were moving in and out of her. Elaine’s bottom was raising off the car seat trying to get more inside her. Elaine climaxed again.

Elaine waited all of Sunday with partially bated breath, she was expecting Barry to telephone. Hadn’t he said that he would have to return to check out his work? He hadn’t said when but she knew he would.

She spent most of the day in the garden hoping not to hear the telephone ring, she deliberately left her mobile on the kitchen sink.

The day passed slowly for Elaine.

Afternoon came and went, evening drew on, and gradually Elaine began to relax a little. Time for bed and a night to be cuddled into David’s arms.

The next morning David was up early and having given güvenilir casino Elaine a loving kiss left for a day at the office.

Elaine rose leisurely, had a warm shower and slipped into her dress. Even if she said so herself, she was looking sexy. The silky material rubbed against her nipples making them hard and as she walked stuck to her legs and bottom giving a perfect outline of her body.

Elaine drove to the shops, it was grocery shopping today not lingerie or dress shopping.

As she walked into each shop she was met with admiring glances from all of the male, and some of the female customers. As she walked in front of the rays of sun it was abundantly clear to all of the onlookers that she was not wearing any underwear and if you looked closely you could see, or imagine you saw the dark patch under her tummy. What you could see plainly was the hardness of her nipples protruding from the thin fabric of her dress.

Man and boy was thinking of lifting up her dress and fucking her while sucking on her beautiful ripe breasts.

Some men were thinking of bending her over after lifting her dress and fucking her tight brown rosebud.

Women and girl was thinking of lifting her dress and the feel of their tongues on her clit as she spread her legs wide, of running their tongues along her slit until her knees gave was and she reached a climax.

Elaine was quite unaware of the interest in her and as she left the shop there was an immediate rush for the toilets as men, with the vision of Elaine in their mind went to masturbate. Ladies too headed for the toilet to lift up their skirts, pull down their tights and panties and start fingering themselves until they too cum.

One pair of ladies, on finding all of the toilet stalls occupied, made out in the main toilet block, neither knew of their lesbian tendencies until that moment and it was a relationship that would develop without the knowledge of their husbands.

If the men and women and boys and girls had got together at that moment there would have been a local mini population growth.

Elaine had had that effect.

Elaine got into her car and drove home, she walked to the house with hands full of carrier bags full of food and domestic items.

She put the bags down in the kitchen, put the kettle on and started to unpack.

She was half way through her cup of tea when the phone rang. Elaine’s heart missed a beat. I will ignore it, she thought but the phone rang and rang and rang and rang until finally after a deep breath she answered it “Hello.” she whispered. “Hello Elaine.” came the reply “I have just seen you down the village and must say you looked radiant.” Somewhere Elaine recognised the voice. It certainly wasn’t David, It certainly wasn’t Barry so who was it? “Don’t tell me you have forgot.” continued the voice “don’t you remember the time we spent at the house looking at photographs.”

Elaine’s blood ran cold, now she recognised the voice, it was the voice of the wedding photographer. The one who had taken her and taken photographs of her in compromising situations.

“I think it’s time that we took more photographs, don’t you?” the voice leered.

Elaine thought for a nana second “No.” She said almost inaudible.

“I’m Sorry?” said the voice, “I think so.”

Elaine said, louder this time “NO!”

“Don’t forget I have the photograph.” he continued

Elaine almost screamed “NO!!! You had what you wanted, no more, you took your pictures. You fucked me, NO MORE!”

“You were so good.” continued the voice of the photographer “So tight and seeing you this morning has bought back all of the memories of that day and I want to experience you again. I am already hard seeing you in your flimsy dress this morning, seeing your hard nipples straining in your dress. I am sure you would enjoy me squeezing your breasts and me being inside you, giving you a good fucking.”

“NO NO NO NO” Elaine screamed and slammed down the phone.

Her mind wandered back to the day he had delivered the wedding photograph proofs and what had happened.

Elaine touched her breasts and was surprised at how hard her nipples were. She lifted up her dress and ran her finger between her thighs, she was wet. She was turned on by the telephone conversation and the memories of the past.

Elaine almost ran up the stairs and immediately stripped off her dress and flung herself onto the bed. She spread her legs open wide and slowly inserted her dildo into her love tunnel. She continued to push it up, pull it down in ever quickening strokes. Her back arched as she tried to get more and more inside her. Thoughts of her being taken and with one hand on her dildo, one hand playing with her clit, she was soon cumming.

Elaine climaxed long and hard.

Lying back with her face flushed. She felt at peace with the world.

Elaine woke, it was Tuesday, her mind thought over the previous day. There was no time to dwell on it, she was going walking with her group. Elaine rose and made her canlı casino way to the shower. The hot shower seemed to melt away her memories of yesterday.

She dressed in trousers and top seemed to be the order of the day. It looked as though it was going to be a nice day.

Mid-morning Elaine drove to where she was to meet the rest of the group. The group seemed smaller than normal, just six men and two women. Elaine made three. Everyone was jovial and happy as they started off on their walk along the old railway way.

Elaine and Norman were soon lagging behind the rest of the group and as the group disappeared around a bend Elaine led Norman off the track and into the woods. Elaine had already started to undo her blouse to expose her black bra that contrasted with the milky white colour of her breasts. Elaine dropped to her knees and began to undo Norman’s belt, then the buttons of his trousers and now his zip was being pulled down to reveal his semi hard prick in all its glory. Elaine took it in her mouth and was soon bobbing up and down on it leaving strings of saliva hanging from it like a giant spider’s web. Norman put his hands behind Elaine’s head drawing her on to him more, penetrating her mouth until she started to gag. In all of this Norman had managed to remove Elaine’s blouse and bra. Elaine was on her knees half naked, one hand on Norman’s dick the other shoved down her trousers her fingers rubbing her clit

Her breasts jiggled as Norman plunged into her mouth faster and faster, Elaine took it all. Elaine felt Norman’s balls tighten, he kept plunging in and out of Elaine’s mouth until he was going to cum.

Norman was deep inside of Elaine’s mouth, his balls resting on her chin when he finally exploded sending thick white cum into her mouth. Elaine sucked greedily. Her fingers felt wet but she hadn’t reached the ultimate feeling, perhaps today wasn’t going to be her day. Norman squeezed her nipples and helped her to her feet. He turned her around and helped her with her bra and then her blouse. He kissed her neck. They were back on the track, and walking quickly they soon caught up with the rest of the group.

Elaine was wet. Elaine wanted so much.

She walked and thought, what had made her steer Norman into the woods? Take his prick into her mouth and suck him off, she couldn’t rationalise.

They walked on and Elaine was sure everyone could hear the squishing sounds coming from between her legs.

They reached their destination which was a remote pub where a refreshing drink was eagerly consumed, lunch followed and more drink. Everyone sat around talking.

Elaine sat eating lunch, she felt a hand on her knee, and she continued to eat. The pressure on her knees were forcing apart her legs. The hand roamed higher feeling her pussy through her trousers. Elaine smiled at Norman, Norman smiled back, and he was sitting next to her. Elaine opened her legs a little wider encouraging Norman to touch between her opening thighs. Norman smiled at her and Elaine was mortified when he stood up to fetch another drink from the bar and the pressure was a hand on her pussy. Elaine closed her legs quickly but was not as quick as her assailant the hand disappeared. She had been touched up. Everyone finished lunch and drinks downed and it was time to start the return journey.

As the group set off, Elaine and Norman soon found themselves at the back of the group, Normans hand rested on Elaine’s bottom as it jiggles as she walked. The pressure on Elaine’s bottom increased. This time it was Norman that led Elaine into the wood, and finding a grassy area proceeded to kiss Elaine. Elaine responded in the only way she knew how, her tongue snaked into Norman’s mouth then it was tongue on tongue. Norman’s mouth moved to Elaine’s neck where he gently bit it. He was tearing at her blouse, exposing her breasts, squeezing them, pinching her nipples.

He pressed her to the ground fumbling for her zip and trouser buttons.

He pulled off her trousers and panties too where she was exposed to his gaze but it didn’t seem to matter. Norman spread Elaine’s legs by forcing his knee in-between hers. Elaine raised her legs to give him better access. She felt the intrusion where he pushed down his trousers and then he was inside her, pushing in deep. Elaine responded by lifting up her hips. Norman started a steady rhythm as he pushed up inside of her and pulling out.

Elaine closed her eyes in ecstasy, of being had by a big dick, partially raped (although she wanted it so bad) hands all over her breasts and the promise of a load of sperm being shot inside her. Norman was grunting, Elaine wasn’t silent, begging for a royal fucking. Moaning as she felt the rod inside of her grow in length and thickness.

Elaine’s creamy juiced started top leak from between her pussy lips making Normans shaft slick with her cream. Elaine was in heaven again.

Norman’s lips were on hers kissing gently, then more firmly, kissing her ears and her neck and her shoulder, all the time pushing in and out of Elaine’s wet, warm, not so tight cunt.

Norman climaxed, not gently but exploding into Elaine, deep and forceful. Elaine shook and she too climaxed, her juices forcing past Norman’s dick and dripping down between her bottom and dripping over her rosebud.

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