My excitement was bursting at the seems. For weeks I was waiting for the contractor to come and start the project on my entertainment room. I had been thinking about this project for months. I came across an ad at the grocery store and after talking with a few friends knew he came well recommended.

He was a mountain of a man! The ad showed a picture of a burley guy with a broad grin and a fluffy goatee. I had to admit I’d enjoy having him around, if not just to stare at.

‘Hhhmmm, I knew most of my girlfriends, just wondered what they recommended?’

He gave a quote over the phone. He promised when the time came he would come and look over the house and confirm his agreement. On his first visit, I walked around the house going over ideas. I was listening to his professional opinion but couldn’t help checking out his package.

It looked like his jeans held a large snake. ‘The image of a one eyed cobra was enveloping my brain.’ I was starting to blush, hoping he wasn’t catching my signs.

I excused myself to the bathroom threw some water on my face, trying to regain composure. As I came out of the bathroom, I got a complete once over of his backside.

‘Wow, he definitely worked out,’ was all I could think in my head.

He turned around smiling, crap those intense eyes and shock of red in his beard had me thinking Red Beard the pirate!

‘Talk about well over do!’ The pencil thin lips of my ex boyfriend just couldn’t compare to his nice full manly lips. Again I was standing before him getting wet with anticipation, for all I knew he could be taken or just not interested.

“Well this job will take about 3 weeks to complete,” he stated.

I was a pervert to the infinite level; a 3 week booty call came to mind. We finally came to the attic and as I opened the crawl space I felt his body pressed up against mine trying to get a better look. I swear I felt his package pressed up against my ass and it was turning me on. I turned around, we locked eyes! I coyly apologized, slide past him and stood behind checking out the view. I closed my eyes for a brief minute moment, imagined his lips devouring mine and a slick tongue gliding past mine dancing inside my mouth. I heard a cough and opened my eyes to have him staring at me. I smiled!

“I am imagining the room completed,” was all I could say.

“I hope I live up to your expectations,” was all he said.

Christ beyond my expectations was more like it. As he walked past me I could smell his cologne; and swear it was old spice. I was a sucker for scents. Something about body chemistry and how it reacts with cologne on a man was either good or amazing. ‘His scent was fucking amazing!’

I was following him back to the garage, all along imagining his ass resting in my hands. I asked if he could start within a week. I was more hoping for tomorrow but I would have a week to work him out of my system.

I stared at his name tag on his shirt. Beylikdüzü Esmer Escort Michael! ‘Michael the Archangel,’ I wanted sex with a fallen angel! He shook my hand and the deal was set! As he walked away I mischievously smiled.

I knew that some masturbation was in order to release caged up hormones. I ran up to my room, stripped off my clothes and pulled out my vibrator. I closed my eyes and imagined the thick snake in his jeans. Over and over in my mind I repeated, fuck me Michael, and oh yes baby right there, right into my back walls! I imagined his lips pressed against mine, causing my head to swirl in crazy thoughts. God my imagination never seemed to lack. All I had to do was think about sex, and my juices started producing. Cream was pouring out of my walls and down my pearly white thighs. I was sticky wet and my pussy was quivering when the door bell rang.

“Of all the places and times, who was bugging me now?” I whispered to myself. Grabbing my robe and negligee I threw them on while running for the door.

There he stood, and I looked like a mess reeking of sex. “I forgot my calculator in the garage.” was all he could say. I graciously led him back down the stairs and we found it. Turning around and without a second thought, I grabbed the back of his neck, kissing him for all it was worth. ‘Fuck me now,’ the words were dancing on the end of my tongue. I couldn’t speak it but it was there, as I ran my tongue hard against the roof of his mouth.

He was compliant! Michael’s hands roamed for the ties on my robe and unfastened them with such simplicity! ‘He knew, dammit he knew that I wanted him!’

I blushed, and he smiled as he brushed strands of hair from my face. Caressing my cheek, he slowly placed his lips over mine and took every bit of me in. Our tongues danced with such cadence, we barely acknowledged the grinding that was ensuing.

Michael’s tongue traced a wet trail from the hollow on my neck to my erect perky nipples. He placed his large hands around my soft breasts and his warm mouth came down over my areolas, back and forth flicking his tongue. My arms wrapped around him and he started to suckle one then the other making me constantly moan his name.

“Michael. You’re a tease, please, just take me!” I cried.

The sensations were flying around in my head; I was swimming in an ocean of ecstasy. He was a Viking god wrapped in my arms, and I meant to go to Valhalla with him! I pulled him from the garage and tossed my robe on the basement floor. He took cues very well, laying me down gently, like so much fine bone china. He created a small trail of kisses down to my stomach and being as ticklish as I am, I couldn’t stop giggling. He looked up at me; I couldn’t resist kissing him again and took a few stolen ones to show my appreciation.

He went deep into my folds. I whimpered, “Please Michael, don’t stop, yes right there!”

My body craved his touch! Beylikdüzü Eve Gelen Escort I’ve never been tongue fucked with such depth. The handyman had a very handy tongue. He pried apart my labia and blew softly on my swollen clit. A shiver ran all the way up my legs, causing me to jerk my hips. I was literally an inch from his face.

Michael, the ever observant lover, leaned in and placed soft kisses on my tiny pearl. He proceeded to start to rub my clit with his thumb in circles, probing and massaging my pussy with satin lips. I arched my back, as he starts to bring me to orgasm in mere seconds. He inserts two fingers, flicking on my g spot and I was starting to climax all over again.

I was so turned on that I started to shed his clothes. I made him stand up, first a shirt revealing to me sweet curls to play with. I flicked my tongue over his taught nipples and he twitched from the unexpected excitement. A bulging one eyed dragon glistened just below his belt line! I slipped a hand into uncharted territory. I ran the tips of my fingers along the ridges of his cock. I then started to unzip his jeans releasing the pent up dragon from within. As I pulled his jeans down I ran my tongue down the shaft and played with the head. His large mushroom head was giving me fungi fever! I loved the whole package and I ran my hands down his shaft giving him a playful hand job while I suckled his balls.

“Oh my god, DAMN, Carol, your going to make my cock explode.” he groaned!

I proceeded to tickle the tip with my tongue, licking the precum drawing him fully down until my lips touched his very base. I held my mouth on his base and started to hum, like his own personal vibrator. His moaning was turning me on and I looked up to see him staring back at me with a look of euphoria.

Drawing him back and forth with greater frequency I could feel that any more and he would capsize his boat! I wanted the pirate to enjoy this leisurely ride so I slowed my pace. Finally stopping, I grabbed his hand, drawing him down to the floor. We proceeded in another intense kiss so that we could enjoy the headiness of tasting each other. Wow it was like full on rapture.

I wanted to feel him so badly inside me but he had other ideas and scoped me up into his arms taking me upstairs to my awaiting bed. We kept kissing up two flights of stairs and like instinct he got to my door pushing it open. Placing me on the bed he grabbed my ankles pulled me to the edge and proceeded to rub his cock against my swollen lips. We stared straight into each others eyes locked in the moment.

With a smile on my lips, I said, “Its cold outside, you should get in where it’s warm”.

He chuckled and slipped his hardened cock deep within my silken walls. I leaned my head back and took in a deep sign. It’s like nothing I can explain, just simply A PERFECT FIT! I could feel his thick head worm its way down to the bottom of my well. Just like Beylikdüzü Evi Olan Escort an animal in heat after a long hibernation he started to drive into me with such ferocious intensity.

Whimpering in ecstasy, calling out, “Please Michael, don’t stop!

I am so close to cumming.”

“Oh my god your cock feels so good inside me!”

He delivered better that UPS; I started to feel an intense orgasm working its way up from my very toes. My legs began to quiver and I tensed up feeling my whole body spasm feverishly. The magnitude of the moment was overwhelming and let his cock lay inside my velvet walls. I then decided it was time to let my cowgirl out and flipped him onto the bed. Straddling him, I slowly inserted him into my cavern, and began to ride.

It was going to be the Calgary stampede and I was going for the full 60 seconds! Proceeding to slide him deeply in and out I tightened my muscles as he sang out a loud moan.

From this contractor’s point of view; ‘it was like hitting the nail on the head.’ I grabbed his shoulders, pushing him in as deep as my body would allow. About a dozen long strokes and he was starting to tense. I stopped on a dime and he sat up looking confused.

“I wanna taste you!”

It was enough of a comment from me to make him smile like the Cheshire Cat. I ran kisses up his inner thigh and he was quivering as I massaged his balls. I ran my tongue up his shaft and the taste of us on his cock was very invigorating. I started with slow pulls pressing my tongue on the way up, making him go for the long haul. Intensity came naturally for us and I couldn’t resist making him feel the splendor. I flicked my tongue against the tip and drew on him faster.

As the momentum rose so did his body, like electric shock ran through him. His balls began to quiver. He grabbed my shoulders for support as he erupted. Hot cum hit the back of my throat, I could taste every bit of him while I devoured every last ounce.

I was still so into the moment and some how he knew, proceeding to give me a home run. As we rolled over, I felt his hands go down for one last stroke on my engorged clit.

He then whispered into my ear “where are the toys?” I coyly smiled and pointed to my night stand. He turned on my little blue friend, inserted it inside full blast and fingered my clit. I was twitching with pleasure. My juices were pouring out of me and I could feel each orgasm pop as it reach the surface. I had never experienced a multiple orgasm before as I collapsed into his awaiting arms.

A sigh slipped from my lips as he raised himself up to kiss my trembling lips. We both passed out into a quiet half sleep half awake state. I lay my head on his chest feeling his rapid heart beat, while I played with the sweet curls on his chest.

“Where did you come from?” he whispering in my ear.

We locked in an intense kiss, tasting our juices mingling in our mouths, dancing on our tongues.

“From dreams and wishes.” was my reply.

He finally had to leave and I smiled from the door as I watched him go. Great, it’s a week before I would see him again. I was going to make sure this house needed his full services, because damn I did!

I slipped back into my robe and in my left pocket found a small fabric square with the word, MICHAEL.

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