Draco gets what he wants


“alohamora” Draco whispered, the latch on the cabinet coming open, the glass panel door swinging open. Reaching in he pulled out a time turner, wrapping the long golden chain about his hand he quickly stashes it in his pocket and exits McGonagalls office before he’s seen.

Back in the dungeons he extracts his prize, inspecting the time turner he notes it’s design looking it over as he contemplates what he is about to do. “I’ll show her” he whispers to himself, “walking around like she knows everything” he whispers more, more to the object in his hand than himself. Turning the device he counts, feeling the new sensation around him as time ripples and moves as he slides backwards in time, he’s propelled back, landing back exactly where he was, but the dungeon stones seemed slightly less dreary. Stepping out he notes the time, 8:00am on Christmas day, perfect. Walking briskly he makes his way up to Gryffindor tower, he stops in front of the fat lady and whispers the password he managed to catch the fool Longbottom had written down on a long list of past passwords. Stepping in he notes the lack of people, holidays meant that most students had already left. Making his way to the side he hides himself from view of the entrance and waits, no point trying to make his way up to the girls dormetories as with the Slytherin common rooms it was magically protected from male entry. He waited, his prey would arrive soon.

An hour or so passed, his legs starting to cramp, Draco contemplated getting up a bit, half rising he goes to get up, hearing a creak he ducks behind the seat he’s hiding behind. The portrait swings open and the Potter boy walks in, followed by that Weasley scum and finally his prey. All were as he remembered them, he himself a young man older than they he watches them move across the room, chatting away.

“Any plans for the holidays Harry?” The tiny Hermione squeaks

“Going to stay with Ron, you?” Responds Harry

“Just going back home” she says chirrpily “I best finish packing I’m leaving early in the morning tomorrow”

“Ok well we’ll leave you to it” Ron says, scratching his head “coming to breakfast first?”

“No I should really finish, I hate being late”

“Yes we know” Ron and Harry chorused, heading up to the boys dormetories to change, Hermione disappearing up the girls side.

Half an hour passed before the two boys came down the stairs, chatting away as they exited the common room. Draco moved to the entrance to the girls staircase, not hearing anything he prepares himself to imitate one of the boys, l his voice far more gruff “Hermione” he tries in his best high pitched voice, nothing. “Hermione!” He tries louder still, nothing. Must be thick doors he concludes, trying to see up the staircase, he steps on it, the stairs instantly turning into a slick slide. Thinking to himself he looks around, spotting a carpet he whispers “wingardium leviosa” causing the carpet to rise, stepping onto it he gingerly balances himself and guides it slowly up the staircase. Moving up the stairs he stops at the first door, opening it slowly he peers inside, bathrooms. Closing the door he continues to the next door, putting his ear to the door he hears a faint sound of something, creaking the door ever so slightly he peaks in, there at the end of the room his prey, packing away her back turned to him, music playing from a radio on the stand. Slipping into the room he gently closes the door trying Sex hikayeleri to make sure she doesn’t hear, his eyes glued to her. The door clicks in and he whispers the locking charm, adding a muffling charm to the door he stalks forward, creeping up on his unsuspecting prey.

As he draws closer he can see she’s been packing an assortment of items, picking up small things and sorting them. Finally within arms reach he pauses, considering if he should stun her or not, no he thought I want her to struggle. Wrapping an arm around her he catches her mid fold of a pair of cotton panties, his other hand covering her mouth as he pulls her to him. He feels the air press against his hand from her muffled scream as she realizes what’s happening. “hello Granger” he roughly whispers into her ear, his tongue coming out and licking the outside “time for a lesson”. Lifting her easily he carries her to an empty bed and pins her down, extracting his hand from around her and using his bodyweight to hold her he casts a spell and ropes come out of his wand, fixing her to the bed post he repeats it for both hands. Held in place, he pinching the soft skin. She looked at him with fear in her eyes, quickly averting them. He laughed softly, his hand tracing down her neck, eliciting a soft whimper as his hand closes around her neck, squeezing it. He presses harder as he leans in, pressing his lips against hers forcefully his tongue pushing against her soft lips. He mashes his tongue against her mouth, tasting her as his hand squeezes her neck harder her breathing coming in short rasps.

Releasing her, she wheezes. He laughs as he reaches down and lifts her skirt hem a bit, his hands sliding under as he hears her whimper again. Running his cold hands up the back of her thighs he feels the curve of her buttocks as his hands slide up, her whimper growing in volume as he cups her ass, squeezing the cheeks hard he kneads them with his hands, as she squirms in his grasp. Lifting his hands up he deftly pulls her panties down, his actions greeted by a soft scream, his hands returning to kneed the soft flesh, his right hand index finger running along her ass crack. “what’s wrong Granger?” He taunts her, his finger finding her tight asshole, puckered in fear, he presses firmly into it none to gently rubbing it in firm circles pushing harder into it forcing his way in as she begins to cry quietly, “I’m going to give you a reason to cry” he jeers, withdrawing his finger. Moving behind her he slides his hands up under her blouse, he slides his hands under her bra cupping her breasts he squeezes them hard, pressing his firm erection into her ass as she pushes backward trying to escape his hands. Leaning back slightly he draws his wand again and her sobs. Reaching under her her grabs her feet and drags them out from under her so she’s now laying face down he grabs a few pillows and props up her ass high into the air. Returning his hand to her ass he runs his hand along her ass crack, lifting his hand swiftly, delivering a blow to her rump, the slap catching her by surprise she yelps in pain, followed by another and another as he smacks her ass again and again. Blow after blow rains on her ass till it’s pink and hot, marvelling at his work he spits onto her asshole, pushing his finger hard against her asshole he forces in till the first knuckle, Hermione screams as it feels like his finger is ripping her open. “I always knew you were a tight ass” he laughed Sikiş hikayeleri pushing her and harder, slowly fucking his finger into her, inch by agonizing inch, fresh tears running down her face at her anal violation. Finally his finger buried in her he wiggles it, her body quaking. “you better learn to relax Granger, you’re still gonna take my cock in there later” he mused to her, withdrawing his finger he undoes his belt, pulling out his cock. “but first” he says, stroking his cock as he comes around to the side where her head was “you best lube my cock up before I fuck your pussy” he says pushing his cock against her closed lips, which remained shut in defiance. “I suggest you open up” he says as he pinches her nose. Opening her mouth to breath he shoves his cock in all the way, hitting the back of her throat she gags, coughing around his throbbing member he plunges it in again and again fucking her face. Building up a steady rhythm he fucks her mouth, hearing her gag turns him on even more as he continues, her tears renewed as her eyes redden from the lack of air. Ramming his cock in he feels himself building up, he quickens his pace as he decides with himself that he’s going to cum in her mouth he pumps harder and harder, his orgasm building he reaches his peak he floods her mouth in cum, her gagging worsening at the new fluid. “you dirty slut you’re gonna have to clean that up” he says “if you swallow I’ll maybe not fuck you in the ass” he offers. Looking at him with pleading eyes she very reluctantly swallows as much as she can, cum spilling from her mouth as she gags, retching.

“There’s a good mudblood” he says, smiling broadly as he pats her cheek. Pulling his cock from her mouth he reaches under her caressing her breasts in his hands, absent mindedly contemplating what to do next. He could fuck her, but he needed some time to recover, he wanted to rip into her womanhood with full strength not when tired. Running his hands along her stomach he pushes his hand between her legs, greeted by the warmth of her pussy lips he runs his finger along it, a very slight moan escaping her lips as he reaches her clit. He rubs again, firmer this time, slow firm circles. He hears her moan again, pushing against her clit again he rubs, enjoying the forced pleasure he’s giving her, smiling evilly to himself, knowing she hasn’t got a clue of his next move.

“Uhhhhh” she groans softly, the pleasure moving through her lower regions, she had tried something similar before but it wasn’t nearly as good. He pressed her, increasing his speed on her clit, her pussy moistening. “You like that huh” he chuckles softly “ahuh” Hermione breathes out, her expression of enjoyment cut into a scream as Draco unbeknownst to her, had slicked his finger with his saliva and rammed his two fingers up her asshole.

“Dirty fucking mudblood” he laughed as he force fucked her asshole, her body writhing as he pounded her as with his hand. Pulling his finger out he puts it in front of her face “clean it” he commands. She clamps her mouth shut, trying to keep him out. Again he pinches her nose, waiting patiently. She quickly runs out of breath from the screaming before, her mouth opening and he shoves his fingers in. She starts to sob again as he fingers her mouth, her saliva covering his fingers. Pushing his fingers all the way in she gags, spluttering between sobs. Extracting his fingers he moves around behind her, he unties her hands, moving Porno Hikayeleri them behind her, he binds them again, pushing her forward, he stops, “actually, no” he says, grabbing her arm, he rolls her onto her back “I want to hear you scream” he says positioning himself between her legs. Realisation hit her like a tonne of bricks and she began thrashing, trying to push him off.

“No! Please! Draco no! I beg you please don’t” she tried in vain to plead with him”I won’t tell anyone I promise, please! Draco!”

He ignored her, spitting on the head of his cock he lined it up, easing the head to her entrance he put his hands on her shoulders, readying himself. “Say it, say ‘I’m a filthy mudblood’ and I’ll consider it” he taunts.

“I-i-im a-a f-f-filth-filthy mudblood” she wheeps in deperation.

“Yeah, you are” he exclaims as he Rams the entire length of his cock into her, tearing her open. Her scream cut through the room as his long hot cock cleaved her, spearing her to the hilt she screams. Pulling out he starts to pull out and slam into her repeatedly, her face contorted in pain as he fucks her bleeding pussy. He fucks her with gusto, her sobs egging him on as his bloody cock slides in and out of her. He keeps a rhythmic pace, wanting to savor every thing. As he is fucking into her, her body wracks with pain her virginity stolen from her. He feels himself getting closer to his peak, but he knows he doesn’t want to cum in her pussy, he has other ideas in mind. He continues to fuck her pussy, biting her neck, less like a lover and more like an animal, biting into the flesh of her neck.

Withdrawing himself from the confines of her pussy, his hard cock slick with blood and the wetness of her. He rolls her onto her back, knowing full well that she will fight him next, lining the head of his cock with her virgin asshole. Realisation of his intention hits as Hermione screams become feverish as she her bound hands open and close fruitlessly.

“Draco! Please don’t! DRACO! DRAC-AHHHHH” She cries out, her head snapping back, her eyes rolling back in to her head from the pain her mouth agape in a violent scream as he plunges the length of his cock deep into her asshole, ripping into her. He does not wait for her to get used to it, feeling her tight passage engulfing him he can’t contain himself as he pumps frenziedly into her. His thick cock plunging her depths, stretching her out. He continues to pump into her, building up in ecstacy as he approaches climax unperturbed by the writhing screaming mess of Hermione under him. Hermione feels his pumps getting more feverish as he gets closer, feeling him tense up before relaxing as his hot cum errupts inside her ass, filling her ass up. She cries, her ass pulsing with each sob as the burning sensation of her anus being ripped subsides. She feels him withdrawing from her ass, the cool air of the dormetories easing the pain a bit as it’s finally over. She cries, laying on her side, her arms aching as she feels the bed shift but she lays there not aware of his movements.

She’s feels a hand on her shoulder, pushing her onto her back, her eyes still closed, she feels something wet and warm brush her lips. Unable to fight back she simply opens her mouth, as the wet and filthy cock invades her mouth, pumping in and out rhythmically. Draco pumps his cock into her mouth, cleaning it off as he face fucks Hermione until he’s satisfied with the state of his cock. Satisfied, he withdraws his cock, patting her on the cheek he pulls on his clothes and begins to exit the room, “see you around Granger” he mutters exiting the room, to await his time being up on the time turner.

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