Domme Mom Ch. 04

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This is the last chapter of this story I have written as of now. I am not convinced at all about continuing it. I will let the readers decide if is should continue. Feedback will determine if this story lives on.

Amy and I entered the den, naked as the day we were born. Amy’s pussy was dripping with her father’s cum. It ran down her thighs in thick globs. Allen was kneeling perfectly as he had been taught with his knees spread widely apart, showing that magnificent cock in all its’ glory. Adam was kneeling beside him in the same position, his cock not a breath different that the one who had began his life deep inside my belly.

“They look lovely kneeling there waiting on us don’t they sweetness?”

“Oh yes Mommy they do. They could be twins. They certainly have twin cocks.”

I laughed and nodded. “Yes they certainly have twin cocks. Sit over there on the couch baby and let Mommy show you what’s in store for you.”

I approached my two male sluts, grabbing them both by the hair. I pulled first Allen’s head to my pussy and then Adam’s. Amy groaned softly as she watched. I turned their heads until they faced each other.

“Now you boys better get used to this because the women of this house will punish you severely if you fail to please us completely. Is this clear?”

“Yes Mistress.” My husband responded.

Adam stared at his father until I slapped him across the cheek. “Yes Mistress.” He whispered.

“Good boys.” I smiled. “Adam lay down on your back.”

He obeyed perfectly and quickly, his cock sticking straight up already. I turned my ass to his father as I leaned down and stroked that young meat. Allen shifted so he could see between my legs and I knew his cock was dripping with precum. I lowered myself to my knees at Adam’s side so his father could see me as I took my son’s hard cock into my mouth.

Allen groaned softly as my lips tightened around Adam’s cock. I pushed down slowly taking all of my son’s thick cock in my mouth and throat. I glanced over at Allen and his eyes were wide and glued to the sight of his Mistress sucking our son’s cock, a soft smile on his lips.

“Oh God mom.” Adam whispered and I bit down hard on his cock. He jumped with the pain as I slid my mouth off his shaft.

“Do you hear your father Adam?” I hissed. “No you don’t. He is not allowed to speak with specific permission. Neither can you. Clear?”

He nodded as I rose up, looking at Amy, who was fingering her pussy as I devoured gorukle escort her brother’s big cock. She squirmed around, her fingers flying over her clit as I moved up to straddle her brother’s hips. She was smiling as our eyes locked and she nodded slightly. I had purposely not yet had my son’s cock inside my cock hungry pussy because I wanted his father to see the first time I slid that big pole of meat into the pussy from where his son came.

“Allen,” My voice dropped a bit as I entered mistress mode. “Lube your cock up slut. I’ll be needed it. One second thought get the lube and take it to Amy.”

I waited until he had returned with the lube and was kneeling before his darling daughter,

“Amy lube your father’s cock up nice and slick so I can show you one of the best things you’ll ever feel.”

“Yes Mistress.” She grinned at me as she poured some lube into her hand and began to apply it to the big hard fuck pole before her. Her father groaned softly and I made a mental note to give his ass a good hard spanking for uttering a sound.

Allen’s eyes were glued on his wife and his son as I grabbed the base of Adam’s cock and lowered myself onto it very slowly. “Uuugghhhh.” I moaned as I slid down on my son’s cock for the first time. “Oh fuck yeah. Just like daddy’s big cock. Oh yes. Allen it’s wonderful. Watch it slut. Watch me fuck your son’s big cock.”

I bent over my big tits swaying, the nipples grazing against Adam’s chest, as I began to slide up and down the delicious pole. I glanced at father and daughter as I rode the fuck meat so slowly. Savoring each sweet inch of my son’s monster pole as I slid it in and out of my clasping pussy. I pushed down until the entire length of his monster cock was buried in his mother’s belly, the head resting at the entrance to my cervix. One slight push and the head would enter the space where he had begun his life.

I groaned as I wanted to push down, to take the fat head of my son’s cock into my womb but I resisted the urge. “Slave.” I hissed. “Get over here now.”

Allen obediently rose and came over to where I was holding his son deep in my pussy. He knelt, his knees straddling Adam’s legs. He knew exactly what I wanted.

Amy had gotten the dildo and slid it into her pussy as her father knelt behind me. I grinned. Like mother like daughter. Two hot sluts who loved cumming and loved having their pussy full of big thick cocks.

“Slave.” I moaned. “You know what to do.”

“Yes Mistress.” altıparmak eskort bayan He whispered softly.

Allen moved closer, taking his slick cock into his hand and guided it against my asshole. I sucked in a sharp breath as he pushed forward impaling my ass with his rock hard cock. I could not help but moan as he slowly slid into me. He knew well exactly what to do as he worked the full length of his thick cock into my ass. He held still for a long moment as I savored the thickness of father and son’s cocks buried to the hilt in my eager and needy fuck holes.

“Now both you.” I said through clenched teeth. “Fuck your Mistress.”

Allen began to slowly saw his cock in and out of my ass and Adam settled into a matching rhythm with the thrusting of his father’s cock. I purred deeply in my throat as they began to fuck me like I wanted. Adam got the hang of the double fucking quickly and seemed to be trying to outdo his father thrusting. I happily enjoyed the competition as father and son fucked me good and hard.

With my eyes clued to Amy as she fucked her pussy with the dildo, my son and his father fucked me hard, fast and deep. Their almost identical cocks pounded into me in perfect rhythm. I began to moan with the sheer feelings of their fucking. Amy smiled at me and came over to kneel beside me.

“I can’t wait, mommy, for them to fuck me like this. You love it don’t you, mommy. Both those big hard cocks pounding into your holes, filling Mommy’s tight wet pussy and asshole. Her slave husband and son screwing her for all she’s worth.”

“Oh god yes.” I moaned. “So good, so sweet. Fuck me my sluts. Fuck Mommy hard and deep. That’s it slut boys. Oh fuck yes.”

I reached over and began to fuck Amy’s pussy with the dildo as she leaned over and began to pinch and roll my nipples, adding a touch of pain to the delicious fucking my slut’s were giving me. I pushed back against eh invading cocks wanting more and more of their fat hard cocks. Amy moved her head up, her lips close to my ear and nipped at my earlobe as the two cocks pummeled into my fuck holes without mercy. I wanted none or needed none I wanted them to fuck me even harder.

Amy whispered so only I could hear. “Oh yes mommy I can’t wait. I know you are loving those two big cocks pounding your holes.. I can’t wait to lick the cum off of you when they’re done with you. After they’ve fucked you so good and shot their hot cum deep inside nilüfer eskort bayan you, it will me my turn to serve my Mistress. My turn to fuck her and lick all that sweet lovely daddy and brother cum from her ass and cunt.”

That sent me over the edge and I began to literally scream with the force of my orgasm. It exploded from deep inside my belly near where the heads of their cocks were meeting and consumed my entire body. I could feel very nerve inside me screaming with the ecstasy given me by those two hard pounding cocks.

Adam was the first to shoot his cum deep inside my pussy. The hot, steaming ropes of his cum shooting into his mommy’s pussy for the first time cause me to shove down. The head of his cock popped into my cervix for the first time and I screamed again as I clamped down on his pulsating cock without thinking about it. I began to cum again or rather the orgasm I was having intensified and took me to a level I had rarely experienced. As I rode him hard and deep, my hips giving hard, little, short fucks, his father began to pour his cum into my ass. Both sluts were grunting loudly as they filled their Mistress with the spunk. Allen’s thick cum blasted into my bowels scalding hot as my cumming reached a new peak.

I must have passed out for Amy was kissing my cheeks as I lay on the floor on my back, the two boy slut’s kneeling in front of the couch.

“Mommy?” She spoke softly. “Mistress? Are you all right?

She sighed with relief as my eyes opened and I nodded my head slowly.

“Allen.” Amy calling her father by his name shocked me somewhat as I lay there still dazed from the force of my orgasm. “Go and get a glass of cold water for Mistress.”

“Yes Amy.” Amy shot him a very hard look and he said. “Yes M.. M.. Mistress.”

“Good boy daddy slut.” She laughed softly as she turned back to me and began to kiss my lips. “Damn mommy, that must have been the best cum of your life.”

“Oh God baby.” I said my breath still ragged. “You have no idea how hard it was.”

“Maybe not, mommy, not yet anyway.” She giggled. “But I will as soon as I possibly can.”

I nodded not wishing to talk.

Allen returned and knelt near us holding out the glass of water. Amy helped me to lean up and fed me the water, which I gulped down eagerly. She lay me gently back onto the floor and leaned close to my face with hers.

“But now, Mistress.” She whispered against my lips. “Let’s clean you up.”

I passed out again as she licked my pussy and ass clean of her father and siblings cum. When I woke up again Adam had a glass of water and Amy was getting her pussy eaten by her father. I smiled as I drank the water and rolled over on my side to watch the new Mistress train her daddy slut to pleasure her the way she liked it.

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