Do the Right Thing


I snapped awake on the couch and realised I must have drifted off watching TV. I looked at my wristwatch. It was midnight. With sleep in my eyes I rolled off the couch and stumbled from the front room down the hall past Stacy’s closed door towards the bathroom, which sat opposite my room. I pushed the door and without looking up, with all the instinct of a single man used to living on his own and commanding his space, stepped into the cool tiled room.

I stopped in my tracks and blinked. Twice.

My eighteen year old younger sister Stacy smiled as she turned towards me from the sink. She was naked except for a pair of tight cotton white panties and the toothbrush she was just putting back in its holder. I gasped a little, dumbstruck by her body and with the ease in which she dealt with her brother’s eyes looking over her. My eyes stared at her perfect, small, pointed breasts and the shape of her mound and ass highlighted so well by the little cotton briefs.

“Sorry.” I mumbled and she giggled. “What’s funny?”

“I gave you a woody.”

She was right I could feel it bulging against my jeans, still growing and desperate to be free. I shook my head and raised my eyebrows before turning away, I was doing the right thing, even if as I turned I took a long last look at her knowing I’d keep the image in my spank bank for a long time to come. She giggled again as I walked into my bedroom and closed the door behind me. Leaning against the door I ran a hand down my face. I wanted to fuck my own little sister. As I stripped down to my shorts I thought that someone else might have found that easier to deal with but for me it was a big deal. I flopped face first onto the bed and hit the mattress with a soft thud.

“It’s got to be the weed.” I said to myself with a sigh. “It’s got to be.”

At 4 am I woke again from dreams izmit escort of sex and siblings with a start. I was harder than I’d ever been. It’s hard to describe but I was throbbing to the point that if my dick had seams the stitching in them would have started to split. I roughly adjusted my dick’s position in my shorts. Even that, the most usual of touches shortened my breath and I gasped a little. My mind began to cloud over and rationality ebbed away under the flood of arousal.

I found myself in the spare-room, at the foot of the bed, stroking myself through my shorts and looking at my sister as she slept under the thin sheets. I stood there for a few moments before I slowly lifted the blanket from her and stood back to look at her again. She was still naked except for the white panties, her young pussy framed so beautifully by the light flimsy fabric. I pushed my shorts down and took my dick in hand, my eyes locked on her body as I began to pull on it. It wouldn’t take me long, I could feel it already, ready to fire off a satisfying blast of cum and stumble to the bathroom to wash up. There was one more thing I wanted though, one more thing that I needed before I could satisfy the lust that had took me over. Still stroking my dick and deepening my breaths I leaned down over her and placed my mouth over her young pussy, kissing her through the fabric and feeling the warmth of our lips meeting. I felt cum rising up my shaft, filling my tubes. I screwed my eyes shut, my tongue flicking out at her clit through the panties as hot strings spat out over my hands and the side of the bed. I gasped and fell back to the floor as every nerve in my body jerked in unison and pleasure swept over me. It was worth the guilt I would feel later.

I opened my eyes as my thoughts began to clear.

She was awake.

I slowly rose to my feet; my dick hard and jutting out from my body. I could feel cum still oozing from the end. I could feel cum on my hands cooling and drying in the rapid manner with which it does. She was looking at me, from my face to my manhood then back; her eyes questioning, her lips parted as though words occurred to her but failed to form in her mouth. I looked over her body again and felt the lust pour over me from my inside out. My fingers ran down her stomach and rested on her pouting pussy lips as they swelled against the white cotton. She gasped and looked a little scared as she looked up into my face.

“Are you going to fuck me?” She asked in a timid voice.

I didn’t answer. I hooked my thumbs into her panties and slid them down her thighs, over her delicate calves and off her tiny feet. Her young, fresh pussy sat exposed and nervous as I dropped to my knees and lost my face between her legs. She tasted so sweet on my tongue as it lapped along her lips, dipping between and probing gently inside her before I flicked at and sucked on her clit. At first she was unresponsive, she lay still, nervous and quiet. After a few moments though she began to raise her hips, slowly and innocently, and she began to push herself into my eager mouth, instinctively responding to the pleasure and seeking more. Her hands grabbed at the sheet beneath her, screwing it up and twisting it in tightly formed fists. Her soft slim thighs gripped my head and held me at her newly excited mound. It wasn’t long before she began whimpering and moaning as her orgasm erupted in her belly and flooded her young pussy with musk-scented bliss. I lapped at the pussy juice, savouring its taste and it’s wet heat on my lips.

I broke the contact with her sweet pussy and stood. She was looking back at me, her eyes confused and her breaths struggling to form, her breasts rising and falling in the half-light. The lust had her just as it had me.

I stood above her at the side of the bed as my hand stroked my dick. “Open your mouth.” I said quietly, ordering her without aggression, with quiet dominance and seniority. “You’re going to suck your big brother’s dick.” She nodded and with her big blue eyes staring into mine moved towards me. She moved off the bed and knelt on the floor. Tentatively she licked the tip, tasting the cum that still sat there. She opened her small mouth and slid it over me, taking my dick in to halfway. Her eyes continued looking into mine as I put my hands on the back of her head and began to slowly thrust in and out of her mouth, fucking her throat and dragging my dick back and forth over her tongue. “You like having your big brother’s dick in your mouth don’t you?” She nodded and I pumped harder making her moan as I stretched her throat and buried myself in her to my roots. “I bet you’d like your big brother’s dick in that little pussy too, wouldn’t you?”

She released my dick from her mouth and started pumping it with her hand as she dipped her head to suck my balls into her mouth. “Would you?” She mumbled against my balls between kissing and licking them. “I want my big brother to fuck me.” I pulled her to her feet and leant to kiss her on the mouth, mixing both of our tastes and grabbing at her ass and squeezing. I pushed her back down on the bed, her legs hanging over the edge, which I took hold of and moved over my shoulders. Pain flashed in her eyes as I lined myself up against her young lips and pushed forward separating them roughly and invading her delicate body. We gasped at the same, her gasp as pain tore through her, my gasp at the tightness of her cunt around my dick, squeezing it, already starting to milk it.

I gasped again as I pulled out, spraying cum over her exposed young pussy.

She smiled and looked at me with a giggle. “Again!”

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