Do I want to save this marriage? CH 6


Do I want to save this marriage

Ch 6

As I kneeled there, shackled to a wooden post in the middle of the room and no room to move, I could only imagine what was going to happen next. I looked over at Steph as she started to get up from the arm of the couch. She reached down and circled her fingers around the cock of the man next to her. She then walked around the room and seemed to be testing the girth of all of the cocks, real and synthetic. She walked up to Gloria and looked at the horse cock phallus hanging from her crotch and kind of laughed. She then walked behind me so I couldn’t see. I tried shifting my head, but the strap wrapped around my neck and to the post kept my movement to almost nothing. I heard shuffling and shifting behind me. A second later I felt a hand grab my jaw and pull my mouth open. The next thing I knew I felt the click of metal against my teeth and found that I could not shut my mouth again. Straps attached to the outside of the metal ring pulled against my head as they were pulled tight and attached to the wooden post.

Steph came around into my view and pointed at one of the men standing next to Cindy. She had a disappointed look on her face as she let his cock slip from her hands. “Make sure I measured right. I don’t want anyone getting hurt… much.”

With that, he turned and faced me. He lifted his hard cock to my mouth and slid it in all the way to the back of my throat. With the ring in my mouth, I was powerless to resist. He gave a few more light thrusts and then slammed hard into me. The head forced its way into my throat and I began to choke. He pulled out just enough for me to breath again. Gloria walked over and knelt next to me. She looked up at the man in front of me and told him to do exactly what she asked of him. With that, she pinched my nostrils shut and then told him to push. His balls slapped my chin and his trim pubes brushed my lips as his cock slid even further back this time. Gloria lifted her free hand and started pushing his ass, forcing him even further against me. I couldn’t breath and I couldn’t struggle. I felt my airway closing up and my eyes darted around wildly. Small black dots swam in through my vision and the vignette slowly seeped across my sight…

…with a slight jump I snapped awake. The sensational feeling that oxygen deprivation gives was sweeping over me and I felt completely euphoric. It took me a second to bring my thoughts to the present and for a moment I completely forgot where I was or what was happening. When I tried to swallow and couldn’t even close my mouth the memories came back to me. Gloria was there rubbing my face with her hands, her eyes only a few inches from mine.

“There, there. How do you feel? Are you back on that high again?” I could only nod my head a fake yes to her. “Good. I want you to let me know each time it starts to go away, do you understand me?” I could only nod at her again.

She slowly stood up and stepped out of my field of vision. Laying on the floor was the woman from the couch. Cindy was straddling her face and she was licking my wife like it was her last drop of ice cream. Cindy was obviously enjoying it, but she was staring right at me.

“Now it is my turn for some fun. You will watch all of this. If someone needs a diversion, they will come visit you. Except when they are blocking your view, you will keep your eyes on us.” With that, she leaned forward, pulled the strap-on the girl was wearing back to her belly, and then put her face between her legs. The girl immediately jumped and yelped, but went right back to eating my wife. Michelle walked over and knelt down behind Cindy. With her eyes locked directly on me, she pushed her strap-on into Cindy with one fluid thrust. Cindy immediately pushed back against her in pleasure. Michelle held still while Cindy did all the rocking back and forth. The young lady shimmied upward, reached up under Michelle and Cindy and slowly unzipped the crotch of Michelle’s bodysuit. She quickly lifted her head and began licking Michelle. With Cindy’s head now free, the young man from the couch stood up and walked over to her. Kneeling down in front of her, Cindy sucked his entire cock into her mouth, something she had NEVER done for me, her husband, when she rocked forward on Michelle’s strap-on. Michelle and the man were the perfect distance apart that when Cindy moved forward she could take him deep in her mouth and would still be on Michelle’s “cock.” The same could be said when she rocked backwards. Cindy found the perfect motion and kept it up for a few minutes. The man began to tremble and said that he was close to cumming. Immediately Cindy dropped his penis from her mouth and said that he had to hold it back. She pushed him away gently and asked for the next guy to step up. One of the men that she was playing with earlier came forward and knelt in front of her. She went right back to sucking and fucking.

She gaziantep escort kızlar continued this game until all of the men had been through. As the last got up, she motioned for the first guy to come back. She went through this rotation two more times… each time stopping the guy from coming. She slowly slid off Michelle and turned around on the lady below her. Sliding down a bit, she reached between her legs and raised the strap-on up to her pussy and with one quick motion, impaled herself. She held still and laid chest to chest with the girl. They began kissing deeply. As I watched, one of the men walked up to me and slid his cock into my mouth. He slowly rocked back and forth. I heard Cindy warn him not to cum… she had plans for all of that. The man pulled away but before I could do or see anything else, the next guy pushed his cock past the metal ring in my mouth. The men began rotating with me until they had gone around twice. The man who was measured for the ring in my mouth made sure not to go too deep this time, but he was fucking my face as if he only had a minute to finish a marathon. I could tell by his breathing that he was getting close. I prepared myself for the splash of cum, but it never came. He pulled back at the last second and used the vice grip exercise that Steph had used on my earlier.

As he stepped away, I saw Cindy still laying across the girl below her and Michelle was kneeling behind her, licking her asshole. Cindy was moaning and rocking on the strap-on inside her pussy. Michelle slapped Cindy’s ass cheek and asked her if she was really ready. Cindy raised her head and looked me deep in the eyes. At that point I was sure my marriage was now dead!

“Remember how I told you that no man was going to give me anal sex? Well, Michelle is no man.” With that she wiggled her ass at Michelle and she lined up the narrow strap-on and began pushing slowly. Cindy winced and jumped a little. Michelle began rubbing her lower back and ass, hushing her and telling her that she had to breathe through it. I watched as Michelle’s hips slipped closer and closer to Cindy’s ass. Within a minute, Michelle was stuck to Cindy like glue and holding still to let her adjust.

Cindy had her eyes closed tight, still breathing quickly. After a second she opened her eyes and gave a nearly imperceptible not to Michelle. Slowly Michelle began slowly pulling out and thrusting. The young girl below Cindy started to do the same. They were on opposite motions; Michelle sliding in as the young girl pulled out and so forth. They continued to double-penetrate my wife as her slightly labored breathing evened out and then began to build to an orgasmic crescendo. As Cindy started to crest, Michelle and the girl began to speed up their thrusting. Soon they were pounding away at her and Cindy was having orgasm after orgasm. As soon as she was coming down from one wave the tide pushed her back up another.

I was in awe watching this. I looked down at my still rock hard cock and I could see it twitching and a little pre-cum dribbling out. Without even touching myself I could feel myself about to come. Just as I was reaching the top, Steph’s cold hands swiped down and grabbed me in a double grip that felt like she was trying to tear my penis off. I tried to scream “Fuck” but with the metal ring in my mouth, it was just a garbled mess. By the time I opened my eyes again, the three ladies were heaped in a pile, breathing heavy and lightly caressing each other and sharing kisses.

When Steph could see that I was under control again, she let go and stood up. Cindy was smiling at me as they untangled themselves from each other. She was kneeling on all fours and began to crawl over to me seductively. When she reached me, she leaned on her elbows, put her hands under my butt cheeks and lifted. I was able to shift up about a foot. “Good, stay right there and don’t move.”

I felt another hand from behind begin to caress my ass cheeks as another began to tug at the base of the butt plug I had in me. I heard Gloria telling me to take a deep breath in and hold it. As I did, I could feel the plug pulled right to the edge of my ring. She told me to quickly let my breath out and as I did, she tugged and the plug popped out. I immediately slumped back down as much as I could. It was the strangest feeling of emptiness. Cindy pushed me up again and gave me a stern look. “I told you to stay still.”

I felt a cold chill as two fingers began massaging my anus and rubbing a lot more lube in it. AS the fingers pulled away, I felt the pressure of another toy being shoved into me. Not so gently, another plug, much bigger than the last was unceremoniously pushed into me. I closed my eyes doing my best to ignore the rainbow of pain I was feeling but it took a few minutes for the pain to recede. Cindy let me go and I slumped back down. Still on her knees, Cindy dipped her head and began slowly licking around my ball sack. The feeling was intense – a combination of the pain and having been taken right to the edge of cumming and not being allowed to over and over tonight. I saw everyone lining up behind Cindy. At first there did not seem to be any real order to it until I realized that they were lined up by size. Michelle’s narrow, shorter strap-on, the young girl, the two original men Cindy was playing with and cheating on me with tonight, Steph (although I couldn’t see hers, by the bulge in her leather school girl outfit, it seemed to be pretty substantial), the man who was measured for my mouth ring, and then Gloria. I had to assume that this was a bit of a joke, as I was sure Cindy could never handle anything that size.

As Cindy continued to lick me, Michelle took her place behind her. I saw Cindy push slightly back as Michelle entered her. I couldn’t tell where to focus my attention. Cindy as she licked my balls and cock, or the sight of her glorious ass up in the air with a beautiful woman fucking her with a strap-on from behind. I was switching back and forth until Cindy reached under me and began putting pressure on the base of the butt plug in me and releasing to the same rhythm that Michelle was sliding in and out of her. The pain was intense and I closed my eyes and tried to scream. A minute later, Cindy stopped pushing and licking. I opened my eyes and I saw Michelle leaving from behind Cindy and walking over to me. She slipped the strap-on into my mouth. It still felt ultrarealistic and warm like a real cock, but now I could also taste Cindys ass all over it. It was disgusting. As I was forced to suck on Michelle’s strap-on, the next person in line took their place. Michelle had me suck on her until the next person had created a good rhythm and then stepped away. Now I was able to watch the young 20-something girl. As she got into a good motion with her strap-on, I saw her slip her thumb into Cindy’s ass; Cindy jumped a little and actually lightly bit my sack but then relaxed again. After a few minutes, the lady stepped away and came up to me to clean her off. This same pattern continued until one of the men stepped away. I could see Steph behind Cindy, her leather skirt flipped up to cover Cindy’s ass and she was starting to slide in to her. Cindy gave a deep moan and gripped my shaft painfully tight. Steph built up a swift, throbbing rhythm and Cindy began to build into an orgasm.

Steph looked over at the last man and asked him if he was ready. The man slid over beside Steph and gave a nod. Steph picked up her pace and Cindy was moaning louder and louder. Right as she was beginning to peak, Steph slipped out from behind her and turned her back to me. She had her hands on Cindy’s ass and pulling the cheeks apart to give the man a clear angle. As soon as Steph had stopped her motion and pulled away, Cindy let out a disappointed groan and dropped her head. She only had a second to come down when the man slid up behind her and in one quick thrust slammed balls deep into Cindy’s wet pussy. Cindy’s head shot up and I saw her eyes glaze over as she immediately went into a shouting orgasm. I felt a splash of liquid sprinkle my knees and I realized that Cindy had squirted once again. The man began pounding Cindy hard and fast and she had a body shaking orgasm. The man slowed to a stop as she came back down to earth. He slipped out of her and Cindy lifted her head and gave me a lopsided smile. During her orgasm, her grip on my penis had intensified and the head was becoming a painfully angry purple.

She slowly lessened her grip and I had a euphoric moment of pleasure as the blood began flowing again. She looked over her shoulder at Gloria and said she was ready. I was in shock… there was no way she could take that horse cock. Gloria knelt behind her and began rubbing the head against Cindy’s swollen lips. Every once in awhile she would attempt to slide the tip in a bit. After about ten minutes of this, Cindy suggested they try a different position. She stood up and had Gloria lay down on her back with her legs resting over mine. This gave me a perfect view of Gloria’s dripping pussy and the sheer magnitude of the phallus strapped to her. Cindy stood over her and began attempting to lower herself on it. The tip slid in and she was able to lower herself about two or three inches and had to stop. She began to slowly slide up and down the few inches to see if she would loosen up, but it just wasn’t happening. Her breathing had built up and her face was flushed, so it was definitely feeling good. Steph stepped around behind her and reached her hands around Cindy’s waist. With one hand she held the phallus in place and with the other she began rubbing Cindy’s clit. Cindy threw her head back onto Steph’s shoulder and reached her arms up around her neck, entangling her fingers in her hair. She looked amazing. The slightly see-through yellow latex cupped and gripped her every curve, her toned stomach stretched backwards, her quivering thighs with sweat and her own juices shimmering on her skin. Cindy began whispering that she was about to cum and rocking back and forth. Right as she hit the crest of her wave, Cindy pulled the phallus out of her and rubbed her clit furiously. Screaming out in pleasure, Cindy bucked and rolled her head back and forth. Suddenly I was getting covered in her juices and she squirted all over my chest.

Steph lowered Cindy to the ground where she kneeled in front of me. She had a devil-may-care grin upon her face. As Steph helped Gloria off the floor, she asked Cindy if it was time. Cindy just looked up at her and winked. Steph began pulling all of the people around her. Gloria was taking off the large strap-on and Michelle was handing her a more reasonably sized one to put on. Cindy scooted closer to me, reached around and undid the straps to my mouth ring. She tossed the ring aside and then began massaging my jaw as she placed small kisses all over my face. She looked down and saw my glistening chest. Without hesitation, she leaned down and began to lick her own juices off of me. She then lifted up and gave me a deep kiss. I could taste her on her tongue.

“I have a special treat coming up… maybe its for me, maybe its for you. Hmmm, nope it is all for me to enjoy slave. But it will be torture for you and very much shocking. That depends very much on how you… answer.. .this.. .question.” She looked deeply into my eyes and paused for effect. “Are you enjoying yourself tonight?”

“Of course NOT who would enjoy being sexually abused for hours on end with little hope of freedom.” I said with some tears in my eyes. I could tell something was off by the way she sat up and just reached out her hand. Steph handed her the blindfold that the men tried to put on me before I arrived here.

“I so thought you wouldn’t get that right. I guess we will just have to keep working on breaking you.” She slipped the blindfold over my eyes and secured it tightly. “So because you still don’t know my name, this next part will have to be entirely up to your imagination.” With that, I heard her slipping away from me.

Over the next hour, I was strapped to a wooden pole, unable to move or see. But I could hear. I could smell. For at least sixty minutes I listened intently as my wife made love to everyone in the room. Then she had sex with them. Then she fucked them. For over 3,600 seconds I heard the moans of passion, of my wife cheating, the grunts of orgasm, the dirtiest talk I have ever heard come out of a group of people’s mouths. Skin slapping against skin, the smacking of lips kissing hard and fast. The gurgling and slurping of blowjobs. For the first few minutes I believed it was just an all out orgy. But as I got used to the sounds and was able to play them out in my imagination, I realized that there was only one person at the focal point of that cacophony of sex. My wife was servicing all of them. And her dirty talk was often loud enough to be obviously directed at me. Her loudest exclamations were when she demanded that the person fucking her came. She would scream out how much she wanted it. My one time dearest, loving wife was being used as the slut centerpiece in an orgy buffet, and I was not allowed to see one moment. This whole night was all created only to torture me mind, body, and spirit.

At first I was torn between really wanting to see this and not wanting to be a part of this anymore. I started clenching my jaw and getting angry. And then I heard Cindy say it. Between two lovers I heard her clearly say to me: “Thank you for this honey. I don’t think I have ever loved you as much as I do right now.” It may have been the weirdest thing to say at the strangest time, but it calmed me down. I realized that while this was incredibly unorthodox, us reconnecting was the reason we were here. I settled back and began to listen intently to the sounds of the room. I realized that I could tell when she was facing me when she spoke. I started imaging her staring intently at me as someone slid into her. As I pictured what the scene must be like, I only got more depressed and forlorn.

Eventually the sounds of sex died down. I tried to listen intently to see what was happening next. I heard shuffling and moving around. The scrapping of the bench being moved. And then I felt a brush of hair against the underside of my balls, hands grasping my thighs, and then a cool breeze as someone blew a breath of air against my penis. It immediately began twitching.

“Did you like the sound of that?” I could tell from where the voice came from, Cindy had laid down on her back with her head next to me and was laying her hands against my thigh to hold them steady.

“Yes mistress. Are you finished mistress?” I cried.

Cindy let out a sexy, throaty laugh. “My little slave, there is more to come.” I then asked her, with tears in my eyes.”Do you enjoy being the slut centerpiece at an orgy buffet?”

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