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“You know, I know what you are doing here.”

“What do you mean?” Jerry said, feeling his cock hardening in his pants.

“Fancy bar, drinks with umbrellas, I’m not stupid.”

“Of course not,” Jerry replied absently as he stared at her rounded face, at her white spotted, almond shaped eyes. Her skin was so pale, yet the fold at the edge of her eyes gave her an exotic, oriental look. Her tiny chin seemed to recess into the folds of her neck and then downward, the cleavage only slightly hidden by her lace blouse promised some large, rounded breasts.

“I mean it, I see you exactly for what you are,” she growled, grabbing her drink and taking an angry sip.

Watching her protruding tongue support the glass as she drank Jerry replied, “Is it wrong for a man to buy an attractive woman a drink?”


“Yes, you are incredibly beautiful,” he lied. She was absolutely right, she did see him exactly for what he was, but then he was simply doing what everyone else in the bar was doing. It was the newest social trend, something he and his friends callously called retard dipping.

“I am also different.”

“No you’re not, just look over there at that couple dancing and hell, the guy at the bar has got three ladies falling all over him.”

“And every one of us has Downs.”

“What about her over there?” Jerry asked, nodding at woman slowly lifting a glass to her mouth, her hand twisted oddly, shaking as she carefully sipped through a long straw.

“Okay yes, that’s not Downs…”

“Tell me, why are you here? I mean you let me buy you three drinks now.”

“Well it is nice to have a man buy me a drink or two…”

“…or three,” Jerry interjected.

Nodding, she continued, “…or three, and to be honest, I never thought I would notice a man try to secretly adjust himself because of me.”

“You noticed that?”

Smiling, she nodded.

“What can I say,” Jerry said, “I see you, this lace and what it is hiding,” running his fingers along the lace edge of her blouse, “and I respond.”

“And once you respond, I must do the same and say, sorry, but you’re packing the wrong equipment.”

“Wrong equipment?” he confusedly.

“Come on Steph, you ready to head home?” she said to a tall, blonde woman who had just stepped out of the restroom.

“Whoa, whoa now,” Jerry said, “you let me buy you these drinks thinking… and you’re a dyke?”

“Listen, orhangazi escort Steph and I are lesbian, not dykes and as for your drinks… let’s just call it an investment in education. Most of these girls here, the retards you dip into, know what the game is, in fact they are doing the same thing with you. Yeah, except for them, it’s called moron dipping. All they want is a quick fuck from a dumb ass guy and hey, you and your friends fit the bill.

“Now if you excuse me, Stephanie and I have better things to do.” She grabbed the blonde woman’s hand and walked out of the bar.

“Wow, you sure told him off Claire,” the blonde said as she walked down the sidewalk.

“Well, I just get so sick and tired of them, dipping, damn.”

“I also thought you were straight,” Stephanie replied.

“I thought so too, but after tonight I’m not so sure and well, we are friends and…”

“So you really do want to come home with me tonight?”

“If you take it slow Steph,” Claire replied.

The two women continued holding hands as they walked to Stephanie’s apartment building. As they stepped into the apartment Stephanie asked, “Would you like something to drink?”

“I had a lot to drink at the bar, I think I’m fine.”

“Okay, if you don’t mind I’m going to grab a glass of wine,” Stephanie replied walking into the kitchen. “Just have a seat anywhere.”

Claire sat down on the couch and then watched as Stephanie walked out of the kitchen carrying her glass of wine. Claire always thought she was beautiful but now, looking at her in a different light, she could see just how stunning she was.

Stephanie sat down on the couch beside Claire, took a sip of wine and then placed the glass down on the table. Looking back at Claire she reached out and ran her hand through the woman’s hair. She paused a moment then began to lean forward.

“Wait a moment,” Claire whispered, “I’m sorry, I’m a bit nervous and also, I’m also wondering… why. I mean I grabbed your hand and walked out with you but why did you carry on with it… with this?”

“I like you Claire.”

“But you are so beautiful and I… well I am not…”

“You are beautiful…”

“I have downs, that means my eyes…”

“I know what that means, my sister has downs and she is beautiful. Don’t you see, I carried on with this because, well, quite frankly the way you told that guy off. It turned me on.”

“It nilüfer escort did?”

“A lot,” Stephanie replied, leaning forward and finishing the kiss she had started before Claire interrupted her. Her lips slowly, lightly touched Claire’s and she paused for a moment before opening her mouth and touching her tongue to her lips. Claire responded by opening her mouth slightly and letting their tongues touch.

Stephanie let her hand move up to Claire’s large breast and gently squeezed as she continued kissing. She could feel the woman trembling slightly. She pulled back from her kiss and whispered, “You’re trembling.”

“Yes, I’m nervous and turned on.”

“You don’t mind if I slip out of my clothes,” Stephanie asked.

“Please do,” Claire replied, moving back and unbuttoning her own blouse. As she undressed she watched Stephanie remove her blouse and bra exposing her small breasts. Claire couldn’t help but notice how large her nipples seemed.

The two naked women settled back down onto the couch and Stephanie moved her mouth down to Claire’s nipples, sucking and licking one, then the other. Claire ran her hands down to Stephanie’s breast letting her palms slide over her firm nipples. She then noticed Stephanie begin to kiss down her stomach.

Claire leaned back on the couch and opened her legs as Stephanie settled between them. She closed her eyes and gave into the sensation as her more experienced lover slowly ran her tongue over her lips, gently parting them as she slipped into her pussy. Claire could feel her wetness and then heard the wet lapping sounds as Stephanie ran her tongue in and out of her pussy.

Then she felt an incredible sensation roll over her clit, something she had never felt before. She was not a virgin, she had been with guys before but when they went down on her it never felt like this. Claire began lifting her hips, pushing her pussy against Stephanie’s face as she got closer and closer to… yes, yes, a wave of pleasure shot through her as she came.

“Oh yes, yes,” she cried out, reaching down and running her hand through Stephanie’s hair. She expected it to stop, but after a brief pause, the sensation started again and she felt the wave of pleasure shoot through her again and Stephanie, her tongue, her mouth, her fingers her hands continued as wave after wave shot through Claire. Finally, she reached down and gently pushed Stephanie’s head türbanlı escort away.

Claire’s whole body seemed to shudder and pulsate as she worked to catch her breath. The pleasure she had felt was intense, almost too intense and she needed to be held, which was exactly what Stephanie was doing.

After a few minutes of silence Stephanie whispered, “Well was it what you expected?”

“Oh god, it was so incredible, so much more than I thought possible. How did you do that?”

“Well there are a few things I did, but mostly I did want I know feels good for me.”

“I see,” Claire replied, “well I guess it’s your turn.”

“No, no, now wait a moment. That’s one thing… with a guy it’s all tit for tat, I do you, you do me. It’s not like that. The first time I was with a woman, she showed me how good it can be and then, she showed me what made her feel good.”

“She showed…”

Nodding, Stephanie said, “She masturbated while I watched. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, her opening up to me like that. And I learned what she liked most.”

“So now?”

“So now Claire, I want you to just watch me,” she said as she moved back on the couch and spread her legs.

“But I wanted to make you feel good, wanted to turn you on.”

“You just watching me turns me on and once you learn what I like you will then make me feel that much better.”

Claire sat up as Stephanie smiled and then slowly moved her hand down between her legs. She slowly opened her lips and worked a finger, then two fingers into herself. Moving them in a circular motion she continued until her fingers glistened with her moisture. She then moved up between her lips, unfolding them as she went until she found the tiny nub of her clit.

Delicately pinching her clit between her thumb and index finger, Stephanie slowly began circling with her fingers. As her fingers moved she began to move her hips, just slightly at first, but then more pronounced. A low moan came from her lips as she lifted her ass up off the couch in unison with the circling motion of her fingers.

Her motions quickened and Claire could see the muscles in Stephanie’s thighs tighten. She moaned loudly, lifted her hips and cried out “Yes, yes.” Her body then relaxed as she fell back onto the couch. Claire’s eyes were fastened on her lover’s pussy and clit as she could see it move as the pulsations inside her body subsided.

After a few minutes Stephanie stood up, took Claire’s hand and led her to bed. She whispered, “In the morning we’ll see what you learned by watching me.”

Claire climbed into bed with Stephanie so glad she finally decided to take a dip on the other side.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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