Detention Dilemma


Pulling my weary eyes away from the Vietnam chapter of my History book, I glanced up at the ticking clock. It was only three-thirty. I still had an hour left to serve for my detention. This was horrible, and the worst part was, I didn’t even deserve it. All I did was helpingly point out that Mindy, a girl in my Algebra class, might have lice in her hair. She was the one that ran off crying. All right, maybe I shouldn’t have announced it to the entire class, but why was my teacher so uptight about every little thing?

Anyway, it didn’t matter know. I was forced to sit here for the next sixty minutes, so I might as well make the most of it. Hell, I was feeling horny, so I decided to try and catch a peak down Miss Redman’s shirt. She was the lady at the desk who was monitoring detention that evening, and lucky me, I was there alone. She was a nice-looking woman, for a teacher, at least. She had a head full of fiery, red hair that hung down to the swell of her back, and surprisingly, she had worked up a nice tan. Her dazzling green eyes sparkled in the mid-afternoon sun, as did her gleaming rows of pearly-white teeth. She had a shapely, round ass and a pair of huge, natural breasts that made her the envy of many of the teachers and almost all of the girls in the school.

Today, as she pursed her full, red lips and graded a paper at her desk, she looked hot as hell. She had on a white, button-down shirt that was rather low-cut, displaying a considerable amount of mouth-watering cleavage. Her nipples poked through the thin fabric and her chest was jutted out proudly. As she moved her pen, her tits jiggled around, much to my delight and that of my cock, which was twitching uncomfortably and poking at the denim material of my jeans.

It was a few minutes later that she finally finished her stack of papers and looked around for more work to do. She caught my eye and smiled briefly before standing up and walking over to the wall. For some odd reason, the clicking of her high-heels on the tile floor of the classroom turned me on even more and I was ready to cum in my pants right there. Miss Redman Escort Sincan stopped at the bulletin board and bent down to pick up some laminated letters on the floor. She attempted to reach the top and tack them on, but to no avail. She was on her tippy-toes and mashing her giant chest against the wall in struggle. She turned around and spoke to me.

“Christopher? Could you give me a hand with these?”

I nodded. I was a tall fellow for 18. Standing at about 6’5, I was the star of my basketball team, even if my arms needed a little more work. I was on the skinny side, with a mop of untidy brown hair. I wasn’t a nerd, in fact, I was quite popular at school, but I was always in trouble, so most kids were afraid to associate with me. Anyway, as I tacked up the stuff for the teacher, my thoughts drifted back to her incredible body and how much I wanted to fuck her, right there on the desk. She watched me with great interest as I did my chore, seeming to take notice of my huge hard-on, and grinning momentarily. I didn’t care. I was open and honest with every girl that I ever liked. In fact, when I was done and took my seat back at my desk, I cleared my throat and announced what I had been thinking for the past 45 minutes.

“Miss Redman, I think that you are a very beautiful woman.”

She seemed very casual about what I had just said.

“I get that a lot.”

I cocked an eyebrow.

“I’m just fucking with ya, Chris,” she added.

I laughed out loud. It was rare that a teacher ever cursed.

“Seriously, though, ma’am. Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Mr. Moore, what are you trying to ask me?”

“If you’d like to go out with me.”

She smiled.

“You’re sweet, but I don’t date younger men.”

I stood and moved to a desk closer to her.

“Ah, come on, Miss Redman. You’re gorgeous, and I’d treat you like you should be treated. Give me a chance.”

She rolled her chair nearer to me.

“You know, Chris, in all my years of teaching, you’re the only boy that’s ever had the nerve to say something like that to me. I mean, I Sincan Escort see them everyday with their little boners and how they drool all over the place whenever I wear something revealing, but you’re the only one who’s ever openly admitted to getting turned on by me. I like that.”

I smiled alluringly, trying to put on my best charm.

“Well, babe, I just turned eighteen. We’re both legal adults, and I know that you don’t want to go out in public with a kid like me, so why don’t we just fuck right here? No one’s in the school except us two. It’s not like it’d ever get out.”

Again, she didn’t look shocked at all.


My jaw dropped as she stood up and ripped off her shirt, laying it neatly on the chair. She had on a skintight, black bra that held her mammoth jugs in place from sloshing around. She then pulled down her black mini-skirt and revealed a pair of matching, lacy panties that showed off her perfect butt. She turned around once and smiled.

“So, how do you want to do this? I can suck cock, jerk you off, tittyfuck, you name it.”

I pondered my choice.

“Hm, I’ll think about. Until then, can I touch your boobs?”

She shrugged.

“Go ahead.”

She pulled off her bra and allowed her magnificent naturals to bounce out in their full glory. They were just as tan as the rest of her body and topped with a succulent, pink nipple. She shook her chest from side to side and then felt up a breast for a few seconds, mashing the soft skin between her fingers. I stepped forward and grabbed a handful of tit, sinking my fingers into the luscious skin. I rubbed them all over and pushed them together before squeezing the skin around her nipples and giving each tit a nice, long suck. As I piled more and more rolls of boob fat into my mouth, she had begun to undo my pants and stroke my throbbing cock, pumping her fist in and out of my lap. I moaned into her rack and pulled away, resting on the desk and clutching the sides of it as she ripped down my boxers and let loose my glistening cock. She took a look at it and smiled.

“You’re Sincan Escort Bayan pretty big for a kid.”

I beamed in pride.

She took it in her hand again and pulled back her hair as she dove her face in my lap, taking my dick between her lips and tonguing the head teasingly. Finally, she sucked the entire shaft into her mouth and slurped every inch of it noisily. I groaned and closed my eyes. This lady was incredible! She lovingly kissed my balls and licked them for a few moments before sucking my pole even stronger than before. I held her head and slowly pushed it into between my legs. With my other free hand, I reached down and snatched a tit before squeezing and jiggling it around in my palm.

This went on for another minute or two before Miss Redman spit me out and sat down at her chair. She motioned for me to come over and she took my cock in her hand again. This time, she positioned it between her boobs and held them together. I pumped my dick in and out of her chest, placing my hands on her hips and reaching around to squeeze her sexy ass. She bit her lip in exhaustion as I neared orgasm, but she still held steadfast, wrapping her big boobs around my shaft as tight as ever.

I warned her of my coming climax and she immediately took me into her mouth, allowing my seed to spray into her throat. She smiled and swallowed every drop, leaving my penis in her mouth until it became soft again.

I sighed and returned to my desk as she dried off her tits and got dressed again. I pulled up my pants and she sat back down before returning to her work as though nothing had ever happened. I stared at her in confusion. That was the best orgasm that I had ever had, and she made no mention of it. I cleared my throat.

“That, er…that was really nice, Miss Redman.”

She didn’t look up.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, Christopher.”

I frowned.

“You really, um, are a great cocksucker, ma’am.”

“Yes, I’ve gotten a lot of practice.”

I took a deep breath.

“Can we do this again sometime?”

She didn’t reply for a while, but then looked up. She gazed at me for a moment and then stood. She walked over to me and kissed me on the lips before whispering in my ear,

“Call me tomorrow…”

Miss Redman walked out of the door. It was four-thirty, I realized sadly.

I wish detention lasted forever.

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