In Australia, we are used to prolonged droughts which are usually broken with flooding rains. Although this story is fiction it was written from an actual experience where I was cut off in Western New South Wales for several weeks.

My name is Judith McCrae and although I’m not tall it has been said that I’m an eyeful although I hate my breasts because they are not as well developed as my friends. I am single and although I am twenty-three, I really haven’t had a boyfriend which is mostly because of my shy retiring nature and so when I announced I was taking a three-week bus holiday my parents and friends were stunned.

When Dorothea Mackellar wrote her famous poem about Australia being a sunburnt country of drought and flooding rains, she couldn’t have been more correct. When I started out on my first real holiday the country was dry and dusty without a blade of grass. It was sad traveling along the highway where kangaroos stood on the roadside without the energy to jump back from the oncoming cars and road trains and then one morning we awoke to a cloudy humid morning and over breakfast were told that we could expect rain during the afternoon.

The rains came making the road almost impossible to navigate. It wasn’t showers or even refreshing steady rain rather it was a deluge of heavy drought-breaking rain. It bucketed down all afternoon and when we arrived at out nights’ accommodation we were soaked to the skin before even entering the reception.

The accommodation was a huge pub come camping ground with cabins and motel styled units included. Being an organized tour we were housed in very comfortable motel units with covered access to the pub and restaurant so that evening we relaxed in dry airconditioned comfort around the pub’s tables and friendly restaurant which after our wet reception was simply wonderful.

It was still dumping gully raking rain the following morning and when we arrived at breakfast, we were asked that once we had finished eating, we report to the large hall attached to the pub. Entering shyly I was amazed to see not only everyone who was staying at the facility but also the townsfolk as well. It was noisy with people talking loudly while waiting for the meeting to commence. I have never felt so alone and confronted in all my life so feeling very much out of place I found a chair and sat there feeling nervous until a woman walked out onto the stage calling for silence.

Although most people would say she was strange I saw her as the most beautiful person I had ever lain eyes upon. She was much my height but although my breasts are not huge hers were almost impossible to discern. She was dressed in a grey above the knee skirt with a white blouse. Her black hair was tied back with a multicolored bandana and she had a stud on her left nostril and what appeared to be a rainbow tattoo on her left biceps: I was captivated.

Having brought the hall to silence she announced that due to the heavy overnight rain floodwaters had cut the highway in both directions. She then went on to explain that our accommodation was going to continue until the emergency was over. As you can imagine there was pandemonium after she had announced this so feeling panicky and even more insignificant than before I quickly made my way through to the restaurant where I ordered some raisin toast and tea. Sitting alone in the big restaurant I was surprised when the woman who had made the announcement sat opposite me.

“Hi, I am Sandy Jackson and if I am not wrong you are very frightened.”

“Yes, I am frightened. We have the river only a few hundred yards from here what do we do if the park is flooded? Sorry, my name is Judith.”

Reaching across Sandy held my hand. “Judith take a deep breath and release it slowly we are quite safe here. Now, why not join me in another cup of tea and we can have a good old-fashioned chat.”

Seeing her perfect white teeth as she smiled at me, I calmed down allowing her to buy me another pot of tea and when she rejoined me she told her story.

“Judith, I am twenty-six and as I work for Emergency Services and just happened to be holidaying here, I have been asked to make sure everyone is kept informed until the police can be flown in after which I will report to them.”

“I completed an arts degree at university where I majored in fine art, but I am sure you are aware that there are limited work opportunities and especially for someone who only achieved basic passes hence the position with emergency services. I do love to paint and so I keep a small studio at home where I make a meager living selling my work. I have two younger sisters and they are both happily married. I have never thought of being married simply because I prefer the company of women.”

“How about you Judith.”

“I am not lesbian or at least I don’t think so.”

“I was meaning your story.”

“Well I am twenty-three and like you, I went to university where I completed a degree in arts-law. My father is a doctor while my mother is a legal secretary working for a large law firm in the city. Unlike escort bayan you, I don’t have any brothers and sisters. I am very shy and retiring and so I haven’t really had any boyfriends.”

“I don’t understand what you are saying about your boyfriends could you elaborate.”

“I have dated boys but when they try to kiss me or fondle my boobs, I pull away: you see I find this so embarrassing because my breasts are so small.”

“Judith next to my tiny treats yours are huge.”

Too embarrassed to say anything, I sat opposite her in silence wondering why I was blushing.

“The way you speak you give the idea that you are really not interested in boys so how do you mix with us girls?”

“My best friends are all girls, but we haven’t experimented if that’s what you are fishing for.”

“Judith you are a very beautiful woman, but I only want to know more about you. The question about you going further is entirely up to you. I already have a girlfriend. I wouldn’t say it’s a strong relationship more like a convenience affair where we sleep together when we are both feeling horny. I have been here for almost two weeks and she hasn’t even phoned me. I imagine she has found someone younger and so more interesting.”

“You are way sexier than me.”

“Sexier! Is that how you see me?”

“Oh my God, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Just for the book Judith I see you as the sexy one but as the old saying goes … each to their own opinion.”

“Yes, you are right.”

“Don’t panic Judith. For now, let’s just enjoy each other’s company. They will be setting for lunch soon so how about we continue at the pub: I love their freshly made lemon squash at this hour.”

“That would be nice, but I must return to my unit: remember I had packed my bags for today’s bus journey.”

Walking across to my unit I was grateful for the covered walkway because if anything the rain was even heavier. Arriving inside I went through to the bathroom to freshen up and dab some perfume on my wrists and then collecting my bag I hurried over to the pub finding Sandy sitting at a table remote from a loud group of beer-swilling men.

“We have some privacy here. Those men have been here for three nights and I think every one of them has propositioned me so be warned. I hate it when men force themselves onto me … surely, they get the idea that I’m not interested.”

“Why holidaying out here: it’s so remote.”

“As you know there are huge deposits of opals which are mined underground but noodling through the mining overburden dumps can be profitable to the hobbyist. I love noodling and have spent my annual holidays out here for the past three years. On a commercial scale what I find is useless but I have turned some finds into simple jewelry.”

“What kind of painting are you interested in?”

“Mostly landscapes. When at university I discovered Constable: his work is so relaxing.”

“Of course, he was a nineteenth-century English painter and landscape painting has gone a long way since then: not to mention that we are in twenty-first-century Australia where the landscapes are so different. For Constable, it was muted pastel where here it’s a harsher landscape with stronger colors.”

“Thank you I have heard of Constable, but I wasn’t sure of either his work or the country he came from.”

“Obviously you are interested in the arts: what is your field.”

“Well I do paint but I’m not much good. My real passion is in classical music: I play the cello. God, I love that instrument.”

“Hmm I am into Jazz and Bluegrass mostly, but I do like Beethoven and Bach. I understand there’s a jazz band performing here tonight: care to join me.”

“I would love to join you what time does it start?”

“Not until nine so we will have plenty of time to eat and change afterward.”

After lunch, we both walked over to our units and were surprised to see that only four doors separated us. It was steamy hot and the rain although lighter was still bucketing down but with my air conditioner going while lying naked on my bed, I was quite comfortable.

I began to think about Sandy. If it hadn’t been for her friendship my world now would have been a lot different: panic attacks are my specialty. Although I had felt her being a lesbian was off-putting, I soon found myself relaxing in her company and to be honest Sandy wasn’t the first lesbian I had met. While in my first year at university I had boarded in the women’s college sharing a room with a girl from a large country town. She was easy to get along with and it wasn’t long before she made it known that she was attracted to me. This news ruined everything for me, and I quickly found a flat which was being leased by a couple who were also attending the university, so I moved into the third bedroom where I found life more comfortable.

Strangely I didn’t see Sandy in this light she may have been inquisitive about my sexual preferences and as she said attracted to what she called my beauty, but she wasn’t pushy. One thing that confused me was why I altıparmak escort bayan had freshened up before returning to the pub because it couldn’t have gone unnoticed that I had brushed my wrists with perfume. Does this mean I have hidden lesbian tendencies? I really don’t know but what I do know is that I am attracted to her.

We had agreed to meet in the restaurant at six-thirty, so I showered and washed my hair which was quite sweaty after the steamy day. Standing in front of the full-length mirror I took time to think about my appearance which was something that I had never done before.

I was looking at a young woman with auburn hair and pale skin where my breasts although small appeared to be well-formed with full nipples standing out from unusually dark areola. Looking towards my pussy I wondered why I had always kept it clean shaved since my eighteenth birthday after all I was still a virgin. Quickly drying my hair, I changed into the only dress I had in my bag and a light cotton blouse. Deciding not to wear pantyhose I slipped on a pair of shoes before rubbing perfume onto my wrists once more and it wasn’t long before I heard Sandy’s light tap on the door. Like me, she had gone different wearing a pair of khaki trousers and matching it with a loose-fitting pastel green blouse and maroon Docs. Around her neck, she wore what appeared to be an antique gold necklace with a small diamond-encrusted gold pendant hanging from it.

Sitting opposite Sandy I realized just how uniquely beautiful she was and yet accepted that more people would see her as weird. That may be but I found myself attracted to her accepting her as an easy person to talk with. The pub’s auditorium was filling fast with people from the town as well as all the stranded tourists. Usually, I am not much of a drinker but when Sandy returned with two whiskeys, I gladly accepted my drink. By this time the band had begun their first set and it wasn’t long before I realized that Sandy had very broad knowledge about jazz and its origins and slowly I began to be drawn in by her enthusiasm. It wasn’t long before we were both tapping our feet to the music.

Taking my hand Sandy invited me onto the dance floor. Now I love dancing and have even competed in ballroom dance competitions so when Sandy took my hand we were soon moving easily together. We danced almost the first set only returning to our table when the band announced a forty-minute break. This time we sat side by side facing the stage while Sandy returning with another whiskey sat with my hand firmly in hers.

We sat through the next set mostly in silence while Sandy softly massaged the top of my hand with her thumb. Halfway through the set, the band moved into a series of slower numbers and again Sandy led me onto the dance floor where we began to move together. Sensing the romance of the moment I allowed her to ease my head onto her shoulder where we began to shuffle slowly across the dance floor.

It was early in the final number of the set that I heard Sandy whisper into my ear telling me that she was falling for me. Although I knew that I should reject her move I lifted my head accepting her kiss upon my lips. At first, it was a soft almost non-committal kiss but when I moaned, she held the back of my neck as her tongue slid between my teeth. As I had never been kissed like this, I felt a moment of panic before accepting her advance by opening my mouth wider inviting her deeper kiss. I don’t know how long we kissed like this but suddenly Sandy stood back saying: “Come on sweetie we seem to be making a spectacle of ourselves.”

If this had happened back home, I would have died from embarrassment but here with Sandy in the pub where a jazz band was entertaining us, I felt quite normal.

“I think you enjoyed that kiss.”

“Yes, although at first, I felt a moment of panic.”

“How do you feel when I say that I am falling for you?”

“Sandy I am confused because from the moment you climbed onto the stage this morning, I have been attracted to you. I am still very nervous, but I am also loving the evening and am happy to see where it takes us. All I ask is that you remember that I am a virgin so please consider my feelings.”

“Are you saying you are thinking about us sleeping together?”

“I want us to take our time and wherever it leads us, but I do not want us to get too involved while in the public eye: look around and you will already see people starring at us.”

“How would you feel about buying a bottle of whiskey and return to our units.”

“Alright but only if we go to my unit because if I want to call it quits its easier for you to leave my room.”

As Sandy went to the bar to purchase the bottle, I made my way to my unit feeling moisture soaking my knickers. The units weren’t big, but they did have a small two-seater settee opposite the television so turning the air conditioning on I sat waiting for Sandy to join me. Due to the crowded bar, I had to wait almost half an hour, but this helped me think about Sandy and what was happening. nilüfer eskort

I was confused because I knew that if someone had suggested that over the next three week’s I would become involved in a lesbian relationship I would have laughed. I sat there debating about what may happen this evening while the heavy rain continued drumming on the tin roof of my unit and I think if it hadn’t been for Sandy returning at that moment, I would have locked my door.

Yet Sandy did return handing me the bottle while she locked the door. Turning back with two glasses she placed them on the table and taking me in her arms kissed me with her lips sucking on my lower lip as our tongues played between us.

“You know Judith I never thought I would meet someone that I honestly have very deep feelings for while on this holiday. It’s never happened before.”

“Are you being honest with me after all you have that woman back home. I don’t know where this will lead tonight but I think one day soon we will sleep together and if that happens, I want you to know that I am not interested in a holiday romance.”

“I think I should tell you that I have had many one or two-day lovers and the woman I am sort of involved with is a very loose relationship where we both take off with other short-term lovers. What I need you to know is that I will not lead you down a blind alley.”

“I trust you but please I have never done it with anyone so be kind.”

The radio reception was pretty ordinary, but Sandy found a station playing some sixties music, so we sat sipping our drinks in silence. Again, I am not sure what caused us to move together but suddenly we were kissing like two schoolgirls on a first date. This time it was different and slowly the music and drumming rain drifted into the background as Sandy undid the buttons of my blouse moaning her approval when she let my naked titties free.

Although I had kissed boys before I had never permitted them access to my boobs and yet here, I was allowing Sandy to caress them while I moaned my excitement: everything was so strange and yet I was accepting it readily. With a hand on my breast, Sandy drew my face closer her lips and tongue beginning to possess my mouth with ease.

Whilst kissing my mouth and breasts I felt her hand cupping my face holding me close as it slid sensuously across my neck before moving towards my ears. It was slow and gentle causing me to moan aloud as I felt the nerve endings along my lower neck explode. As her hand was raising my arousal even higher her mouth was kissing and sucking my nipples. I was in heaven as I sensed her fingers dance across my lower stomach stopping at my navel before sliding once more towards the swell of my breasts.

Kneeling on the floor she eased me back with my breasts fully exposed while her other hand began to slide the length of my wet pussy and circling my clit began to glide back down. Hearing my gasping cries, she continued with her fingers circling but not touching my clit as I raised my butt off the couch.

“How are you feeling about this?”

“Please don’t stop.”

“I think we should adjourn to the bed don’t you.”

Not answering I got up and unzipping my skirt allowing it to pool at my feet while Sandy quickly got out of her blouse and trousers standing before me in a pair of men’s shorts. Saying nothing I stepped forward and taking the elastic of her shorts eased them down to her ankles.

I stood looking at her beauty. With tiny almost immature breasts and a tight waist, she was perfection but looking further I noticed her pussy which was waxed but what drew my attention was her small silver clit ring.

She lay kissing me her tongue caressing mine as we rolled together, and it wasn’t long before I began to moan as she moved from my mouth to my neck kissing and licked along my sensitive skin. I was in heaven when she began to lick my hard nipples as her fingers pinched and fondled my other breast. She continued like this moving from my breasts to neck and then up to my mouth and ears always moving always attentive to my feelings.

Rolling me over she began to kiss and lick her tongue across my back as a hand reached between my legs causing me to cry out as her busy fingers brushed across my wet pussy. Kissing down my lower back I felt her lips caressing my bottom licking and kissing. Parting my cheeks, I felt her tongue glide across my puckered arse which even in my wildest dreams I had never imagined. Spreading my crack open she probed the entrance with the hard tip of her tongue until I was rocking and crying out in ecstasy.

Feeling her roll, me back over her tongue sliding across my clit causing me to cry out as my hips raised up off the bed. She didn’t stop her fingers squeezing and caressing my nipples while her tongue slid along my wet cunt. Although I had never experienced this before I felt my hips grind against Sandy’s tongue as she fucked me with her tongue.

Again, she changed … this time grinding her thigh against my wet and sensitive cunny while her lips began to kiss up towards my mouth once more. Using her hands, she cradled my head as she kissed me while her thigh slid across my pussy. Moving with her I began to feel my stomach tighten as my pussy started to pulse and then it happened my first orgasm with a lover. It started slowly but then erupted my legs flung wide.

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