David , Elena Ch. 11

Big Dick

I wake and you’re not in bed next to me. You must be in the office downstairs. I rise slowly, checking my phone for daily updates and to-do’s before removing my body from the covers encapsulating me in last night’s slumber. I feel a stirring from inside me, I know it’s too early to feel the baby kicking so I try to dismiss it. I take the internal nudge to call my doctor for an appointment. We book for next Tuesday and I patter downstairs for a cup of coffee. It’s getting difficult to wean my body away from my usual half pot as well as my nightly glass of wine, but there’s some motivation in my heart driving me to do what I know is best for me and the baby. I smile as I reach the kitchen, pour a mugful, and sit silently just taking in the snow around our home. I decide I’ll sit in the lounge and read for a while, I do, but soon get distracted thinking I should be reading baby books instead. I do some exhaustive research on my phone and place a Prime order for some “educational material.”

“Baby is that you?” I hear your voice echo down the hall.

“In here.” I call out.

I rise to wrap my arms around you seeing you’ve poked your head in the doorway.

“Didn’t want to say good morning? Are you alright?” You look puzzled.

“I’m fine.” I reassure “Just didn’t want to disturb you.” I answer.

“How sweet of you.” You kiss me delicately.

“How’s your morning going Daddy?” I ask, my arms still around you.

“Productive.” You smile. “I have to get back soon, just wanted to say hello to you and the little one.” You pat my middle gently.

“Of course Daddy.” I smile.

You leave the lounge and I pick up my book for another few chapters. I end up finishing it and then bound upstairs to get ready for the rest of my day. I shower, dress in jeans and a long t-shirt to do some organizing of the guest room downstairs. I have big plans to convert it into the nursery. I pack away books and knick knacks into boxes, place extra coats into the hall closet and empty the chest of drawers of extra sheets. It’s a quick effort and soon all that’s left is the furniture. I smile remembering the night of chocolate cake and the incredible love-making we had that night. I laugh to myself and am suddenly craving chocolate cake. Since I can’t move the furniture by myself, I decided to retire my project and go to the kitchen to bake my desired chocolate cake. I put on some Christmas music to keep some festive company and compile the wet and dry ingredients.

“Mmmm baby what smells so divine?” You ask, now in the kitchen with your hands on my hips.

“Chocolate cake.” I grin sheepishly.

“Sounds delightful. Is this the kind of cake to be frosted and eaten off that gorgeous body of yours?”

“Oh yes Daddy. There is no other way. Can I make you lunch?”

“I’d love that.” You say pulling me in for a kiss, slipping your tongue in my mouth.

I decide to prepare salads and sandwiches for us, something simple and light. We eat slowly, your hand hovering over my thigh underneath the island lighting.

“Elena. I think I have a bigger appetite.” You say rubbing my calf.

“Can I get you something else Daddy?” I ask, awaiting a response to be chips, fruit or a cookie.

“I’d like you. One of the pleasures of working from home is I can have you anytime I’d like”

“Oh Daddy…” I blush instinctively. antep escort

“Come now Angel. Daddy’s hungry.”

You lay me on the bed and your hands travel my cheek to my chest, squeezing softly as you kiss me. You begin working your way down my body until you get to my pussy and gently push in two fingers. I arch my body, biting my lip, and moaning at how good the sensation feels. In and out you pleasure me, keeping your eyes locked on my petite frame writhing underneath your touch.

“Daddy’s getting you ready for me Elena.”


“You heard me baby.” You whisper as I bite my lip. Ready for what? I think

I notice you retrieve a black vibrator from the night stand.

“Remember this?”

“Yes Daddy I do.”

The toy buzzes and vibrates against my lower lips, achingly close to my clit. It’s so hard to sit still.

“Easy there.” You pin my hands above me using your other hand.

“Daddy!” I squeal.

“Oh yes, I know who good it feels to keep you wanting more.” You whisper darkly. You swirl the toy against me and pull away. Swirl and pull away, swirl and pull away, swirl and pull away until I’m screaming for you to end the teasery.

“Do you want to come this way Elena?” You shower me with kisses, still holding the vibrator close enough to have me on edge with no relief.

“Yyyyes” I stammer.

“Good. Not yet.”

“Daddy no!” I protest.

“What’s that?” You say holding the toy on my clit, my body on the verge of breaking.

“I want to come like this.” I beg, eyes big and wet.

“I want to tease you more baby.” You say.

The more you pull away, the more I feel my body begin to break, begging to release. The more you give, the more I ache to lend myself to the sensations and surrender.

“Daddy may I come now? Please?”

“A little while longer.” You press, forcing me to take more.

I couldn’t count how long you continue on this way. I imagine the kitchen timer ticking down the moments. 5,4,3,2…

“Come.” You order.

“Fuck!” I let out my held in breath. I am spinning, my body giving and giving until I have nothing left. I come over, over and over again. You flip me onto my side and slip your stiffened cock inside my wet pussy. I feel your hips thrust hard against my body. You are not gentle and I don’t mind.

We drive to the restaurant and they bring our dinner out to our car, we take it home and eat in the living room. You ask me if I’d like to watch a movie and we decide on White Christmas. You pour yourself a bourbon with a whiskey ice sphere. We cuddle up together with a furry throw blanket and you carry me to bed before the conclusion of the film.

It’s the middle of the night and I’m craving chocolate cake. I get out of bed and tiptoe to the kitchen. I cut myself a slice and sit on the island enjoying my treat.

“Elena?” I hear your voice behind me.

“Oh! Hi Daddy. I didn’t mean to wake you.”‘ I blush.

“No worries Angel. Everything ok?”

“Yes Daddy, just hungry.” I grin, fork in hand. “Cake?”

“Sure.” You smile.

“Mmm..” I feed you cake, giggling and kissing you.

“Come on baby back to bed.” You finally say as we finish the slice.

I take your hand and we return to bed, resting a hand on my middle until I fall fast asleep beside you. “Daddy please talk to me.”

“Talk to you? Tell you what a tease you are walking around in this house swaying your ass? Tell you how distracting you are when Daddy needs to be working? Tell you what a sweet little slut you are…”

“Oh yes Daddy!” I moan. Your hands roam my body, traveling down my curvy hips and back to my neck, holding your fingers to my throat as you continue to fuck me. I feel myself floating away on high until you finally release your grip when you bury yourself into me and teeth at the meeting point of my collarbone and shoulder.

“Fuck Elena, this is what you do to me. I can’t lie knowing you’re carrying my child just makes me want you so much more.” You confess.

“Really Daddy?” I ask.

“Oh of course.” You smile, taking my hand kissing it. “I’m sorry baby, but Daddy has to get back to work now.”

“I don’t mind. I have to check on the cake.” We dress and exit the bedroom together.

I let the cake cool and frost it while listening to more Christmas music. I head up stairs to organize my closet and jewelry just to pass the time while I wait for an appropriate hour to prepare dinner. It’s around four o’clock when you emerge from the office and tell me to grab my coat. You don’t tell me where we are going, but you do tell me to wear clothes I don’t mind dirtying and to get in the SUV.

“Where are we going?” I ask, hoping you’ll give me a hint. You don’t but I see the smile on your lips so I know it must be something good.

We drive well outside the city limits to a farm filled with what must be twenty horses in an array of blacks, whites, greys and browns.

“Oh Daddy, they’re gorgeous.” I gush.

“Pick one.” You say.

“Pick one?” I look at you in a daze of excitement. You’ve known it’s my dream to own a horse for years. We meet the owner of the stable at the front gate and he kindly gives us the run of the place.

“Yes Elena pick one. It’s yours.” You smile at me and it takes up your whole face. “I couldn’t give away all the surprises on Christmas day could I?”

“No Daddy.” I shake my head.

I make my way to each horse, gazing into there shiny eyes trying to understand their story. My search for the one feels exhaustive when I finally find the one. A gorgeous white stallion sixteen hands high stands above the rest. His name is Zesus. He is majestic, perfect and mine.

“Would you like to ride him?” The kindly gentleman asks.

“Daddy can I?” I ask. You turn to me and smile.

Excitedly I nod and he tackles up the horse for me. I take Zesus around the paddock until it feels likes we know each other’s life story. It takes about twenty circles and I love every turn off it. Finally I dismount, kissing his broad nose and thanking him for the ride. We sit in the office signing over papers and documents so that he’s ours.

“You can return as often as you like.” He smiles at me.

“Thank you.” I smile, my heart feeling like it will explode from my chest.

You and I make our way to the car and I squeeze your hand tightly.

“Daddy how did you know?” I ask.

“Baby I know so much about you and I love every piece. I listen to what you say. I love making all your dreams come true.”

“Daddy you do.” I smile. “I’m so grateful.”

“I know baby. Shall we pick up dinner or order out? Anything you’re craving?”

“Mmmm I could go for steak and frites.” I’m salivating at the thought.

“Done. Why don’t you call it in and we’ll pick it up.”

I make a quick call to our favorite bistro that’s seen many sexy nights for us. I remember the night I gave you my panties under the table then you came in them and returned them to me. It was so sexy and delightfully naughty.

“Daddy do you remember the night I gave my panties that night at the bistro?”

“Oh I do. You’re such a good little girl. So obedient.” You grin and kiss my hand.

“Daddy I want to be naughty again.” I whisper.

“How will you be naughty Elena. What’s churning in your pretty head?” I don’t answer and instead place my fingers below my waistband, getting them close my pussy but not yet to my lips.

“Elena you know better than to touch yourself without my permission.”

“That’s why it’s naughty.” I reply oh so coy.

“Elena Alexandra,” You say sternly.

I take my fingers from my jeans and trail them across my lap and into yours.

“What are you doing angel?”

“Nothing Daddy…” I giggle.

I reach my hand to your pants zipper and pull, undoing the button at the very top. I feel for your cock and gently stroke it.

“Oh Elena,”

I cover your cock with my hand. I’m not done with my venture so I undo my seatbelt and position myself over the center console. My lips part and I take the tip of you between them. I continue to stroke your cock as I suck and lick at you hungrily.

“That’s it baby.” You whisper. I can only imagine your wolfish grin as I pleasure you.

I feel your own fingers weave their way through my hair and form a ponytail so you can control me. You pull my hair like a lead and guide me up and down your cock. My spit lubes up your veiny, throbbing length slowly and purposefully. My head bobs up and down until I feel you tense beneath me.

“Are you going to swallow for Daddy?”

You ask and I moan in response. I’m so hungry for you, I can hardly wait. I’m panting and rocking back and forth like a crazed animal around your cock. You readily come in my mouth and I take all of your salty, delicious load.

You pull over to the side of the road and pull me greedily into your lap. You tear away at my clothes.

“You want to be a naughty girl? You can ride Daddy.” You growl, sinking your teeth into my neck and hands roaming my breasts.

“Daddy fuck,” I breathe mounting your lap in the car seat. “I don’t want to get caught.”

“We won’t baby, just hurry.” You reassure me with a hard kiss on my lips. I’m so aroused you kissed me after I swallowed your hot come. I ride your cock, bouncing up and down with my arms wrapped around your neck, pulling you closer to me as I can’t get close enough in the heat of the car.

“That’s it baby, just like that.” You coax as the windows begin to fog up and it only makes me want you more.

“Daddy’s going to come sweetheart.” You say.

“Yes Daddy.” I hear you make that perfect groan so I know you’re close.

I’m crazed with a need to have you even more. I feel so dirty fucking you in the Cadillac on the side of the road like we’re teenagers.

“Daddy may I come? Please I’m so close.” I beg.

“Yes… Oh fuck.” You moan and release inside me as I come wildly hot atop you.

“Daddy dinner is waiting.” I giggle sliding back into the passenger seat.

“I suppose it is, knowing you’ve had dessert first.” You say.

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