Dave’s Nurse


Dave, was waiting in the waiting room as he normally did every month, it always seemed that his doctor wanted him to wait forever before commencing with what would be a 10-minute office visit just to say that everything was normal. He really did not like the doctors nurse yes she was reasonably good at her job, but she always seemed cold towards him.

Since Dave was born paralyzed from the waist down he had been in and out of doctors offices and hospitals all of his life. Therefore, dealing with nurses was an old trick to him. For the most part, he loved nurses after all that is what he grew up around. He often times would develop an infatuation with a nurse but nothing ever came of it. Moreover, to tell the truth really he was ok with that it was the mystery of the whole thing that provided the most excitement.

Today was no different or was it? Lori called out “Dave I’m ready for you.” As he wheeled through the door, he could tell something was different but he could not really tell what it was. Was that an actual smile she had on her face as she called his name? as he got to the divide in the hallway he waited for her to tell him which way she wanted him to go but she never said anything she just quickly walked in front of him and said follow me. This time he knew that she was smiling. He thought to himself this is the first time he had ever seen her from the backside, normally she would walk behind him. He watched as her butt swayed from side it side in her tight scrub pants. After a few moments, he realized she was not taking him to the room he would see the doctor. This time she was taking him to the furthest room in the building. Although he did not really care, it was giving him more time to watch her ass. They finally arrived at the room she wanted him in.

She opened the door wide slid inside and waited near the blood pressure machine for him to get situated. Dave raised his arm out so that she could place the cuff around his muscular arm. She pinned his arm with hers against her side so that she could tighten the cuff. When antep escort she did this, he felt the outside of her breast pressing against his arm. From the trip back to the room all of the sudden all of his senses towards her were heightened he did not know what was going on yet but he sure was not in a place or a want to stop what ever it was.

Looking at Lori in this way Dave realized that she was an attractive woman; she stood 5’2” at the most and weighed barely 110 lbs. Her dark brown almost black hair was curly and shoulder length. From what he could tell from her baggy scrub top, she had maybe a small B cup for breasts.

When she was finished checking his blood pressure she jumped up on the end of the exam table she sat at the end of it with her legs hanging over the edge. She locked her foot on the leg rest of Dave’s wheelchair and pulled him to the end of the exam table so that he was facing her. Lori spread her legs so that she was essentially straddling his chair. With a very seductive smile she said “so why don’t you examine me for a change today.” Dave just sat there for a minute not really understanding what she meant or even what she really had even said. She again repeated, “I want to do examine me today.” With that, she took one of his hands in hers and placed it on her left breast. Her breast felt great in his hand he gently squeezed it through her top. Then he placed a hand on either side of her scrub shirt, which was only closed by snaps down the center of the shirt. He quickly pulled the snaps apart revealing her bare breasts to him. He was correct they were about a 34B. Nevertheless, they were some of the most beautiful breasts that he had ever seen. He gently caressed each one in either hand. Pressing and pinching the nipples, kneading the breasts between his fingers. After a while, she spoke up again saying, “That’s nice but I think there are other areas that need your attention as well.” With that, he slowly began sliding down her chest down her belly, the entire way her body started to quiver with anticipation. When he got to the bow tie on her pants, he gently started pulling on the string. When the knot became undone, he said, “Lift up that nice ass of yours.” She complied with his orders and lifted her body off the table so that he could remove her pants. When they fell to the floor, he stopped for a moment to enjoy the view. Here was the nurse whom he thought was just a cold woman here for the job. Now she was mostly naked in front of him only covered by here sheer white cotton panties and her sneakers. After a few seconds of enjoying the view he grabbed a hold of her panties on each side and quickly pulled them down too her ankles. Quickly he pulled each of her sneakers off her feet and the panties fell to the floor below them.

There she was this bitch of a person or so he thought; now she was completely naked in front of him and he was the one that did the undressing.

She leaned back a little leaning on her arms and spread her legs even further apart. Automatically when she spread her legs, her cunt lips also spread apart. He knew exactly what had to be done. He leaned forward and started kissing up her legs starting at her ankles and slowly ever so slowly rising upwards towards his goal. When he reached her thighs, he teased her a little by starting to go back down her legs. Lori was not going to have any of that, grabbed his head by his hair, and pulled him back up to where she wanted him. Dave kissed all around her cunt careful to avoid the actual slit. She was clean-shaven exactly how he liked his women to be. No need to have a hairball while trying to lick a pussy.

Somehow, she managed to reach the controls for the bed and raised the head so that she could lean back but still watch every move that he made. When she leaned back, she also began with her left hand to play with her nipples pinching and pulling them getting them ever so more erect then they already were.

Dave noticed how wet Lori had already became and knew that she was horny as hell. As he kissed around her cunt every so often, he darted his tongue out to give a slight graze against her slit. Every time that he did this Lori let out a squeal. He looked up at her playing with her breasts in one hand and sucking a finger of the other hand and knew that it was time to get serious. He quickly reached up and grabbed the hand that was in her mouth pulling it down to her pussy and using her own fingers to part her pussy lips. He told her “now hold it wide open” all she could do at this point was muttering something that he could not understand but knew what she meant. He began by darting his tongue in and out of her cunt then stuck it deep into her hole exploring it after finding the clit he started gently licking at it, making Lori squirm on the bed. He took his arms and wrapped them around her legs so that he could spread them even further apart giving him full access to her love hole. By now squeals had turned in to low moans, he head was thrown back and eyes closed. Dave continued his assault on her cunt sliding his tongue in and out of her body. Every time that he would pull out her muscles tried in vein to keep him deep inside her.

Lori was now writhing on the bed in earnest. Her moans turning to pleads to fuck her with his tongue. “Fuck me with that tongue, finish me off, let me cum, let me cum now.” Dave drove his tongue into her again going as far as he possible could this time her muscles clinched around it pulling it deeper into her body. After a few seconds, she began screaming “Oh Fuck Yes I’m Cumming, Oh Yeah, Oh Fuck Yeah.” Her juice poured out from her cunt onto his tongue and into his mouth. After she came down from her climax, she looked down, saw her juice on his face, and said, “Let me clean that off for you.” He sat up straight and she leaned down towards him sticking out her tongue licking up her own juices from his chin and neck then moved up to his mouth parting his lips with her tongue and sliding it deep in to his mouth so that she could taste even more of her juice.

From that day on every time that he came to the doctors office he either had to eat her pussy or watch her masturbate, either way he did not care at least now he enjoyed coming to the doctor’s office.

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