Daughter’s Cravings Ch. 07


Special thanks to the editor-Hatsuda-

In this final chapter Jennifer becomes sexually uninhibited by her new married lifestyle. Encouraged by her well-endowed and wealthy husband she fucks brother and father to complete the cycle.

A month later Peter had to fly to Europe for a big business takeover. He wanted me to come but my 18 year old brother Chad who I hadn’t seen since the takeover of my father’s company was coming to New York and was going to stay with us for the week. He had been staying with my mother at her townhouse in Los Angeles (compliments of my husband). My brother knew about the arrangement my mother had with my husband and wanted to come to New York to ask his Uncle about a job in one of his companies.

When Chad came off the elevator I could not believe he was the same nerdy kid I used to babysit for. It was clear that he was working out and his face had cleared up from all the acne he had. I was dressed to go to a hot club when he came and when he saw me in my tight mini dress and high heel pumps I saw the sides of his mouth go up as he grinned at me slyly.

“Wow sis, you look so hot,” he said in a confidence I had never noticed before.

“Wow, all grown-up baby brother,” I said taking in the sight of his incredibly toned body.

“I’ve been working out. Training and competing in mixed-martial arts,” he said as his eyes trailed up and down my body deliberately, with an extreme confidence.

I had to admit I was getting turned on by the way he was looking over my body. As soon as he put down his bag we embraced in a tight hug. As he held me I could feel the ripples in his tight body. I also felt what I could not believe was a really big hard-on stiffening in his pants. It instantly caused my pussy to tingle.

“I missed you sis,” he whispered in my ear which caused me to moan.

“Oh god, me too,” I whispered back.

Suddenly I felt his hand drift down to my ass and I immediately began to groan. ‘This was not the geeky kid I used to babysit for,’ I thought to myself.

My brother clearly had a confidence that must have come with his martial arts training. Breaking away reluctantly I took his hand and went to the club in my personal Limo. In the limo we laughed like we were kids, but as we did my 18 year old brother’s eyes were all over me like I was a piece of filet mignon.

Crossing my legs every few minutes had his eyes glued to me. When I looked over I nearly gasped when I saw the huge bulge in his pants. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, because I had seen my father’s cock and I knew he was only about 4 or 5 inches.

At the club we danced to every song. When a slow song came on my brother took me in his arms and said,

“I’ve been waiting for a slow one sis.”

During the song I felt his hands go over my ass. I loved the feeling and did not push them away. I was loving my brother’s new-found confidence, as he whispered in my ear,

“You have a perfect ass sis.”

I was going crazy by the way he was massaging my ass cheeks then separating them slightly which caused my pussy lips to open. Letting go of my ass brought my lips back together for a second before he spread them again.

“Oh god, that feels so sexy,” I groaned in his ear.

After a few minutes of enjoying the feeling of my brother’s hands on my ass I instinctually reached for his cock.

“Oh god, so big,” I groaned in disbelief.

“Yeah mom says I’m huge. Twenty times bigger than dad,” he said confidently which stunned me.

“You and mom are fucking,” I said in a surprised voice.

“Fuck yeah. After I moved into her Town House and she got a chance to see me when I got out of the shower one morning it was all over for her,” he said somewhat conceitedly.

Suddenly I felt jealous knowing he was fucking my mother. I immediately started messaging his big cock and whispered,

“I need this great big cock myself.”

“Let’s go back to your place sis. I have to fuck you so bad,” he said in a confident tone that had me almost cumming.

Taking his hand we went back to the limo and kissed hotly all the way to the Penthouse. On the ride my brother had my breasts out of the top of my dress and was sucking and biting my nipples while his hand had pushed aside my thong and was finger fucking me. My ‘little’ brother knew exactly what he was doing, as if he’d done this a million times before, which I was now quite sure he had. I instantly bit my lower lip and groaned wildly as I came in three earth shattering orgasms, one after the other as my skilled brother kept telling me to cum for him.

Riding up the private elevator we kissed hard and as soon as we got off he stripped my dress and literally ripped off my thong, shredding it in his hands as if it were a piece of paper.

“Oh fuck, what an amazing body sis,” he groaned and as he rubbed his huge bulge, he took in the sight of me in a pair of nude thigh high stockings and a pair of black open toed pumps.

Dropping to my knees and feeling the backs bursa escort of my feet come out of my pumps I immediately unzipped and pulled down his pants.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned as a cock as long as my arm and fat around sprung from my brother’s pants.

“11 inches sis. Mom measured me because she said she wanted to know how much cock she was fucking,” he said with an air of arrogance.

Although he wasn’t nearly as big as Peter I was knocked-out by his size. The last time I saw his penis was when he was a kid. Well he was no kid anymore and the way he acted in the limo and made me cum showed that he had a lot of sexual experience under his belt, and that it wasn’t just from my mother. I found out later that there were hundreds of girls and women that were like groupies on the secret of mixed martial arts.

Just licking all over my brother’s great big cock caused me to reach down and rub my swollen clit. I was so close to cummng and had to get off.

“Go ahead. Cum sis,” my brother growled, knowing what was happening to me.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned loudly as I held his big cock in one hand while my other hand rubbed my clit as my pussy shuddered and came.

After I came I looked up at him with glazed eyes then grinned slyly and said,

“Fuck, you know a lot about girl’s baby brother.”

I immediately went back to licking his entire shaft and his big hanging balls.

Although my brother wasn’t as big my husband, he was still huge by most women’s standards. As soon as my tongue touched his big cockhead, my pussy went wild again. My groans let him know I was really turned on.

“Oh fuck, you’re so big,” I groaned as I pursed my lips and kissed his big cockhead. “So much bigger than dad,” I moaned as I kissed it all over.

“Oh god, you’re so hot sis,” he groaned as I kept kissing his huge cock.

“So big,” I groaned as I started to pump his big shaft and lick and kiss his long 11 inch shaft. I began worshiping his huge dick, looking up at him and grinning slyly as I told him how big he was.

“Brother has such a big cock,” I groaned over and over as I took him into my mouth and went half-way down his fat shaft before I couldn’t swallow any more.

With my husband I could never get more than his giant cockhead into my mouth. It was so sexy being able to swallow half of my brother’s cock, and I was so turned on that it was enough to drive him crazy.

“Oh fuck you give amazing head sis,” he groaned as I felt him swell in my mouth, knowing he was about to burst.

“Better than mom,” I teased as I took his fat shaft into my mouth, desperate to make him cum.

“Fuck, moms good, but you’re amazing sis,” he groaned, then added in a throaty voice that made me groan.

“Fuck, I knew you’d be good, but you’re even better than I thought you’d be sis.”

“Umm I like that baby,” I said kissing his big cockhead as I looked at him with a sly look in my eye.

“God, you suck me deeper than mom or anyone else sis,” he howled, as his huge cock twitched in my throat.

I loved sucking my brothers great, big cock. There are no words to explain how hot it was to feel his great big cock going down my throat.

“I’m on fire baby,” I groaned as I worked his huge cock.

“Fuck, you’re so good baby,” he moaned as I spit on his huge shaft then pumped it as I grinned up at him slyly.

After teasing his big shaft I felt him twitch in my hand. This and his deep groans told me his was going to cum.

“I’ve got to watch your great big cock cum baby,” I groaned, as I stood and bent at the waist and pumped his long, fat shaft, desperate to watch him shoot.

Suddenly his huge cock began to shoot out burst after burst of long ropes of cum that shot out all over the marble floor. My brother’s huge load reminded me of the day I watched Peter cum all over the Penthouse the first time we fucked. After my brother came I led him to the bedroom where we kissed like sex starved lovers and fucked all night.

My brother was so hot for me he fucked me from behind, missionary and with me riding him, all the while telling me how incredible my pussy felt wrapped around his big cock. As each long, deep stroke went into me, I felt my pussy erupt, in ways that had me moaning and begging him for more and to never stop. My pussy clung to each luscious inch of his big, fat 11 inch cock as I groaned in a heated lust that I never felt before. He was amazed at how easily I took his big cock, saying I took him deeper than anyone, including our mom.

At one point I was on the bed on my hands and knees while he stood behind me holding my ankles while he slammed his huge meat into me like a mad-man. He went wild as I fucked him back, as hard as he fucked me, meeting his every thrust with my hot ass as I slammed back against him as he bottomed out right to his fat base.

In another position he climbed on the edge of the bed and squatted over me as he fucked me like a rabid dog, pounding into my wet pussy as he pinched my tiny nipples. As bursa escort his big cock fucked into me, I couldn’t stop coating it in my cum. As he squatted over me and pounded his huge cock into me I slammed my ass back to meet his every thrust.

“Fuck this is the deepest pussy I ever fucked sis,” he grunted as he plowed his big, fat cock into me, pulling my shoulders back with every angry thrust.

“That’s it fuck that sexy ass back sis,” he grunted. You’re fucking amazing sis,” he howled as he fucked into me with lightning speed and freight train like force.

I snarled as I looked back with and saw the contorted look on his face, “Fuck that pussy with that great big cock. Let that big cock of yours go as deep as you want baby,” I groaned as I came in waves all over his fat shaft.

My brothers huge cock did things to my pussy, making it explode in ways that Peter never did. He went wild, fucking into me so hard and so fast as he grunted saying,

“Fuck sis, your pussy’s doing things to my big cock that no other pussy ever had,” he said as my cunt began to suck on his huge hard-on the way it did all big cocks.

I could not believe that this was the talk coming from a kid that used to be so shy and even bashful. Every time I came, my orgasms lasted over 10 minutes and seemed to flow from one into the next. My brother fucked me so hard that I actually squirted with so much force it pushed his big cock out of me. At one point he was gripping my shoulders so hard as he slammed his great big cock into me and pulled back with so much force that his hand prints almost branded into them.

He was fucking me like a wild animal and his grunts through his clinched teeth about how deep my pussy was had me exploding all over his pulverizing cock with every thrust. I came so hard that I’d squirt in waves that only made him fuck me harder. The only way to describe the way we were fucking was like two wild animals that couldn’t get enough of each other.

As I was spraying he forced himself back inside my exploding sex, driving me into a wild orgasm that wouldn’t stop. When my brother and I weren’t fucking we were locked in the most incredible 69 positions, just pleasing each other over and over for hours at a time. Him eating my pussy while I sucked his huge cock had me on fire.

There was something so intimate about fucking my brother.

His tireless 11 inch cock made me come in ways even I never experienced before. I couldn’t explain it, maybe it was the immoral novelty of it, but each time he touched me, or when my tongue met his, or when my tongue met his great, big cock, sparks went so deep into my pussy, and made me tremble. Each time his tongue met my pussy or when his great, big cock just brushed against my pussy lips, I instantly came in a flood.

The lust my brother and I had for each other was insane. My body was on fire like never before. My brother and his great big cock were driving me crazy. When we talked about it, he said that it was the same for him. He even admitted that fucking me was even more intense than fucking our mother. This made me feel so sexy, because for years I watched my mother being drooled over by all my brothers and my friends and my father’s friends too.

When my husband called I had to confess what had happened with me and my brother. Part of me was not surprised when he said he absolutely understood and even encouraged me to enjoy his company any time I wanted. At the point we made an agreement that was I could to fuck my brother once a month for a week, and that he could fuck any of the teens in his office and bring them to his Long Island home for the week. I knew he would agree because of how bad he wanted me and that he knew my brother wasn’t a threat to take me away from him.

My life was perfect now. I had everything a girl could ever want. I had all the material things in the world, a handsome husband who was wealthy and powerful and had an enormous cock with a sexual appetite unmatched by anyone, and a hot, stud brother with a real big cock who got me off better than anyone.

Six months later I was on the sofa in the living room dressed in a pair of black thigh high stockings and black pumps curled-up on the futon licking all over my husband’s massive cock when the security team called up on the intercom and said that my father was in the lobby demanding to see his daughter. Suddenly anger raged through my husband and he told the guard to bring him up.

I was about to get up when he said in a sharp tone,

“Stay right there baby. Let’s let Daddy see his little Princess.”

Part of me wanted to leave the room, but a big part of me was excited to have my father see me please my husband’s huge towering cock. As the security team dragged my father in front of me and my husband I could not believe how unkempt he looked. He was disheveled, in a plaid shirt and faded pants. This was a far cry from the man who used to dress in expensive Italian suits and was so well groomed. I also noticed bursa eskort that he had two missing front teeth. I found out that this was from my brother who beat my father to a pulp after he barged in while he was fucking my mother. He went to her to beg for money after he found out she was living the high-life again by working for Peter.

As soon as my father laid his eyes on me I saw that same lust in his eyes that I had seen a million times. Part of me felt sorry for him, in a pitiful way, but the other part of me still resented him for being so spineless in business. As my father looked at me, clearly loving my husband’s huge cock he began to berate Peter for ruining his life and taking me away from him. I was thrilled that he didn’t mention my mother, but looked at him slyly as I pumped up and down my husband’s freakish cock.

Laughing at my father, my husband made him take off his clothes, and when he protested the guards sent him flying across the room with a back-hand slap that made a loud noise. My husband made my father crawl back in front of me and made him strip. Once his pants came down and his underwear came off his tiny penis sprung out. It was hard from seeing me, but looked miniscule compared to the powerful cock of my husbands.

My father stood there embarrassed as the guards began to laugh at him when they saw his little, hard penis which forced a little chuckle out of me even. My husband just looked at my father and said,

“So Daddy seems to want you back Jennifer .” “Do you want to go with Daddy?” he asked almost jokingly, knowing that I would never in a million years leave with him.

“And what, trade down,” I said with a sly grin as I kissed Peter’s huge cockhead right in front of my father.

“I’ll get you for this,” my father blurted out without realizing what he had just threatened.

With that Peter got up and grabbed my father by the collar and slapped him on the face so hard that it caused another tooth to fall out.

Making the guards hold my father down he proceeded to fuck me like a mad man right in front of my father. I went wild as I fucked my husband right in front of my father. My head was thrown back over and over again as I exploded from the pounding I was getting from my husband’s massive cock, as my orgasms reached a new level of excitement seeing my father watch me getting fucked by such a massive cock.

Even though my father seemed so defeated he had a hard-on throughout the fierce fuck I was getting, and at one point he even came all over the marble floor. After seeing my father cum I groaned out loud and came myself.

“Look at how excited Daddy is watching you fuck a real man’s cock honey,” Peter said in an arrogant voice.

“Oh god,” I groaned as I came explosively.

After totally humiliating my father my husband told the guards to throw him out. He then told my father that if he ever came to our home again he’d fire him from the maintenance job and make sure he wasn’t seen again for a long, long time.

Telling Peter that I wanted to say goodbye one last time to my father he excused the guards and went to his office while I walked him to the foyer. When I told him I wanted to say goodbye to my father, he saw the sly grin on my face and knew I was up to something naughty.

Before the elevator opened my father said hotly,” How about one last kiss baby,” and my tongue instantly came out to meet his. I was instantly on fire as my father hungrily kissed me then bent forward to suck my aching nipple.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned in a throaty, primal voice.

As his mouth sucked my nipples through the gap where his teeth had been I was going crazy from the sensation. Going to the elevator I was the one who wanted to tease him one last time, but now he had me climbing the walls. Turned on and aroused by my father I needed to cum badly. I instantly spun around and snarled,

“Suck my pussy.”

Bending forward, my father instantly dropped to his knees and began licking my wet sex. As his hands were going up and down my stockings I was groaning like crazy. His hands and his mouth were driving me insane, in the same way when we almost became lovers at my apartment before the takeover. My pussy was instantly going off like mini-fireworks, and once he took my swollen lips between the gap where his three teeth were missing I exploded all over his face.

“Taste his cum Dad,” I moaned in a sharp voice as he lapped away at me like a thirsty puppy, knowing that what he was tasting was Peter’s cum now mixed with mine.

I knew my husband was watching the hot scene between my father and me on his monitor from the hidden cameras in the Penthouse. I could just picture him laughing as he watched my father being controlled like a little puppy by me.

After I came my father stood and we kissed hard for five minutes. Our tongues were going wild for each other, slashing inside our mouths like a hot sword fight. His tiny dick was still hard as I stroked it while we kissed.

“Oh god. Let me fuck you baby,” my father pleaded as we kissed. “I’ve wanted to fuck you forever Jennifer,” he groveled which began to wear me down. “I jerk off every night thinking about you Jennifer,” he said with a hunger in his voice which totally turned me on and made me lose all self-control.

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