Dark Dreams Ch. 02


Alexander Cristo sat in an armchair in his penthouse apartment watching the first rays of the sun illuminating a naked redhead asleep in his bed. He surveyed the apartment he had recently acquired. It was furnished in dark wood with accents of warm grey and dark red and green. It was modern and urban. He walked out the glass doors onto a terrace that overlooked the city. The sunrise was breathtaking. They all were to him. But somehow all tinged with sadness. He watched the first bustling of activity below him. The small human creatures went about their daily routines ignorantly. They all had some puny goal or another. It was depressing how dead they seemed. They didn’t understand what they possessed. He thought bitterly of his own plight. What he wouldn’t do to have the chance, the ability to be so alive again.

He walked back in glancing once again at the girl on his bed. His kind sought ways to feel alive again. She was one of them. He felt closest to being alive when he brought their bodies alive. He remembered the woman at the lounge last night. Some model type. She was arrogant. They all were, but none could resist him. He chuckled bitterly at the game he played. It was easy to get her to his room. She was quite a hot piece of ass, he had to admit. She finally fell asleep after he made her cum so many times, she had lost count. He was harsh with them though. Using them to pleasure himself mostly. She stirred lightly, her long arms and legs stirring.

She smiled at him and got up on all fours, stretching her slender body almost cat like. Her firm breasts jutted down below her, capped in rosy pink nipples. Her alabaster skin was lightly covered in faint freckles. She crawled towards the edge of the bed where he stood and lowered his boxers. She freed his cock which was already hard from watching her, and enveloped it in her mouth. She ran her tongue around his thick shaft, teasing him. He lifted his hands and gripped her fiery red hair, forcing himself deeper into her mouth. She gagged, unprepared for his sudden movement. He thrusted in and out of her mouth gaining momentum as his cock grew rock hard.

He withdrew from her suddenly and pushed her back onto the bed. He pulled his boxers off as she kissed him hungrily. He pushed his long fingers into her already wet pussy. It was flushed lightly, soft and bare with just a trimmed strip of red hair. He skillfully played on her clitoris watching her moan and writhe under him. He parted her legs further and pushed his cock into her roughly. She came screaming out his name. He thrusted into her mercilessly as the sun rose to its full height.

Her jade green eyes caught the light. As he stared into them, he imagined them to be light, golden Escort bayan brown. The long red hair tangled between his hands became dark auburn. He came, feeling more alive than he had in a very long time.


Zara Green twisted a lock of auburn hair absentmindedly around her finger. Her light, golden brown eyes peered at her laptop screen. She had just received feedback on her presentation for the account and it was unbelievably positive. She had worked hard and knew she deserved it. What she didn’t understand however, was the email she received from Mr. Alexander Cristo’s secretary saying he had reviewed her work and found it exemplary. She was to be part of the visionary Impact team.

The Impact team combined the most talented and brightest members of the firm, who met regularly to discuss and decide on the direction of the company. Zara entertained notions of getting there someday, but to be invited now was astonishing. Apparently she represented part of the fresh new talent and direction Mr. Cristo wished to take the company in.

She sighed, thinking about him again. She had told Dean about what transpired in that deserted corridor a week ago, and remembered his response.

“Zara, I can’t believe you let the guy practically dry hump you at the office!” Dean exclaimed.

“If you raise your voice a bit louder am sure Smith’s can hear you up on 4th street,” Zara remarked dryly seeing the scandalized faces of the people around them at her favorite coffee shop.

“Oh,” He said with an amused smile playing at his mouth. I could have made it juicier if I’d known we had and audience. She punched him playfully.

She jerked into the present as the real Dean approached her desk.

“Do you want to take an extended lunch with me?” He offered her an arm, surveying her knee length black pencil skirt and white shirt.

“I wish,” she sighed. “I have to go to a meeting with the Impact team in a half hour.

“What?” He said, shocked. “Are you serious Zara? Why didn’t you tell me? That’s amazing.”

“I only heard today. It’s strange isn’t it?”

“You deserve it Za. I’m proud of you.” He knew she did, though he wondered at the motives behind the offer. He was shocked at her story about Cristo and from then on had a heightened awareness of the man. Zara had been oblivious to it wrapped up in her work, but he had observed Cristo’s visits to their department and his seemingly incongruous and frequent glances at Zara. He could feel the jealously soaring through his veins.

The damn guy could have any women he wanted, and reports were he Bayan escort got exactly that too, so what he wanted with Zara was beyond him. Though watching her retrieve a manual file from a low shelf next to her desk, her calves tensing and her shirt dipping slightly at the top, he thought he knew. He left her desk thinking of a boardroom he knew was empty and a certain brunette in tech support he thought he could persuade to have “lunch” with.

A half hour later, Zara arrived at Alexander Cristo’s office. Most of the team was already gathered. They were the top echelons of the firm, most of them experienced and old. The youngest member was about 8 years her senior, Robert St. Claire. They all exchanged greetings with her civilly enough. She sensed hostility from a few of the fourteen members, with indifference from the rest save two members. The indifference stemmed from the uncertainty they all had about their place within the firm.

Even though the takeover by Cristo boded well for the company, the future of the staff placement was uncertain. It was sudden and no agreements had been reached. The two members who had greeted her warmly was a powerhouse of a woman, Clara O’ Brian who was a director at the firm and Robert, the youngest member. The former was appreciative of the spark she sensed in the younger woman, reminding her of herself, and the latter was more involved in thoughts about what lay underneath her clothes and sparks between the sheets.

She however, was oblivious to it all, and even more so when Alexander Cristo walked into the room.

His body was once again sheathed in a power suit of charcoal grey. He exuded power, and even though his eyes glittered with intensity, there was a calm about him that was unnerving. It was like the ocean before a storm. She chided herself on her inappropriate poetic references and listened to his deep, attractive voice as he outlined their purpose. He introduced her, commending her on the initiative she took and his hope of the valuable addition she would make.

As he said her name, she felt herself go warm. It was inexplicably erotic when his lips formed her name and it transported her back to the deserted passage. She stared at his beautiful body, remembering it pressed against her. She snapped back to the present looking at his plans. They were quite brilliant. He was planning to launch several new divisions and financial products building on the structures they already had coupled with the synergies, his other acquisitions gave.

He walked around the great oak desk as he spoke, meeting her eyes often. The meeting was over soon. She felt proud at a few of the suggestions she managed to give. Some even won grudging Escort support from the hostile factions of the team. She was about to leave Alexander’s expansive office when she heard him tell her to stay behind.

Her heart rate increased as she wondered at what he wanted. A part of her was thrilled and another equal part wished to bolt out of the door to the elevator, or even the stairs if that was quicker. She breathed in deeply to calm herself and walked to his desk. It was positioned at the other end of his office, behind which was one of the best views in the city, projected through ceiling to floor glass windows.

He had already seated himself on the other side in an impressive chair. He motioned for her to do the same in a chair positioned next to her. She sat tentatively.

“Ms. Green I have two things to say to you.” His voice was more intimate than earlier and it drew her in. “Firstly I would like to apologize for my inappropriate behavior last week…” At this he looked at her, watching the warm blush spread over her cheeks.

“…And secondly, I would like to formally ask you out on a date.”

At this she grew enraged and stood up hastily.

“Mr. Cristo, if you think that by letting me on this team, you have bought my affections or a place in your bed, you are sorely mistaken. I thought the offer was based on my abilities and talent alone. How could…”

“Ms. Green.” He interrupted. “Please stop and listen to me. My decision to place you on this team was independent of any attraction to you or intention I may have as to your body.” At this his eyes raked her slender form making her blush furiously.

“Do you think I have come thus far in the business world, letting anyone make decisions in the company just for the sake of bedding them?”

She felt the reality of his words hit her.

His voice lowered to the tone he employed earlier.

“I have seen your presentation and you were actually recommended to me by six of your managers. As to the inappropriateness, let me assure you, this is a short term venture. After growing this company into something worthy, I plan to sell it. I won’t be around long enough for any ill effects to arise.”

He walked around the desk to where she stood.

“So Ms. Green, will you do me the honor of going on a date with me.” His voice was enticing. She felt it was wrong and her mind, even though not identifying any real problems, felt restless. As he came closer and caressed her cheek with his hand, her body betrayed her. She sighed, all her senses ignited as his touch both burnt and comforted her. She leaned into it perceptibly.

“Yes,” she breathed.

As she turned around and walked out of Alexander Cristo’s office, she knew something was wrong. Her life as she knew it was changing. Drastically. Later, she would always go back to that moment, wondering what would have been had she said no and never seen Alexander again…

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