Dark City Ch. 03

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“We found this on the DOA – I mean on Janet’s person.” Ieasha proclaims, holding up a little white piece of cardstock.

Jim cringed. He knows he has to separate himself from the situation. If he does not remove his emotions, then he will never find the killer.

“What is it?”

“It’s a business card, from some place called PARADISE CITY.”

“You’re sure?”

“I have it right here.”

`Jim was surprised. Paradise City is a club for voyeurs and swingers, certainly not the kind of place that Janet would have frequented.

“We should check it out,” Ieasha suggests, “Its out only lead.”

Jim walks toward her. He can’t help being stricken by her height and beauty. Shaking those thoughts from her head he agrees.

“Yea we need to follow this thread, see how far it will go.”

“Great, I’ll get the car and a photograph to pass around. “



“The kinds of people in these clubs, they treasure their privacy. They don’t want to have a couple of cops asking questions. The best thing we can do is observe the place, lay low.”

“So, you want to meet here, in say an hour? They we can head over?”

Jim returned an hour later, having changed into a pair of jeans, a white and blue buttoned down shirt and a pair of flip flops. He didn’t head home, instead used the spare clothes in his locker. He called Shan and left a message and waited for his partner.

Ieasha arrived wearing a khaki mini-skirt and a long sleeve brown shirt. The shirt left her mid-riff exposed and was cut low, so that her breasts pushing near the top. “No place for my gun,” she stated with a grin.

“We shouldn’t need it. And if anything a private affair izle goes wrong, I have mine.”

Without a word, Jim grabs Ieasha’s ass and pulls her to him. He grabs a handful of rump, as his mouth opens hers and their tongues push in toward each other. He feels her resist…at first. Slowly he feels her body melt into his. Their kiss slows, and then builds faster as her breasts press against his chest. A few seconds pass before she breaks from the embrace.

“Why did you do that?” she asks, her voice cracking.

“In this place, we have to be completely comfortable together. Be willing to do things that they surely have not covered in the academy. If you flinch, or are hesitant, we will lose the lead. Understood?”

She looks to the ground, not in shame, but in trying to hide the excitement running through her body. “Yes,” she replies.

The two detectives enter the bar, looking for a quiet corner to hole up. They nestle in a corner booth, Ieasha instinctively cuddling up to him. An amazing red head with large pale breasts walks over to them.

“Drink?” she asks.

Ieasha orders a cosmopolitan, Jim a beer.

The two sit quietly, observing their surroundings. All around them, couples and groups dance closely. Men fondle women, women fondle men, men fondle men, and women fondle men. In this place, anything goes. Jim feels himself getting aroused more and more. With a deft hand, he releases his fly, allowing his cock a bit more room to breathe.

He slides Ieasha up and onto his lap, so that her back is against the wall, sitting perpendicular to him. He nuzzles her neck before reaching accused izle up and greeting her lips.

“Ok, rookie. Tell me what you see.”

“Well, I see inhibition abandoned. I see lust, sex everywhere.”

“More specific.”

As she begins to talk, he snakes his hand up her shirt, running his hand over the pepperoni size nipples. The nub pushes out toward his hand, the blood of her own lust engorging her nipple.

“Mmm, I see a man. Watching me. He wants me. He wants to fuck me.”

“Do you want him?” “I do.”

Jim lifts her higher into the air. In a smooth motion, Ieasha moves her underwear to the side, allowing a sopping wet pussy to encourage Jim’s throbbing cock. She slides down him instantly, so that Jim is buried to the hilt in her hot cavern.

“What else?” he hisses, trying to ignore the instant urge to explode in her.

“Mmm..a woman. She is drinking at the bar. She wants to try another man, but isn’t sure she should.”

Jim lifts Ieasha up and lowers her down again.

“How can you tell?” he asks, before nibbling on her ear.

“Because she keeps looking at her man and smiling, but when she focuses on the rest of the bar, her face becomes more wanting. She is lightly touching her breasts, crossing her legs. She wants to cum so bad.

“Do you?”

“Oh god, yes!”

“Keep going.”

Jim’s hand slides from her tits to her skirt, pushing on her clit as he pushes up inside her.

“She sees me. She is staring at me. She knows you’re inside me. She just tapped her husband on the shoulder. They are watching us. Oh god, I can see how hot she is.”

Jim pushes her shirt up, exposing alef izle her tit.

The woman smiles at this.

“Do they like what they see?” Jim asks.

“Yes, oh yes. Oh God yes.”

Jim flattens his body out, allowing him to thrust into Ieasha. He can hear the sound of his pelvis slapping her wet puss.

“She has her tits out. Got they are huge.”

They were huge, with large brown nipples. The petite Hispanic woman had her large breasts exposed as her partner, rubbed and kissed them. Neither person took their eyes of Ieasha and Jim.

“God hun, your pussy is unbelievable. How would you like that girl to find out how wonderful it is?”

“Oh I would. God I would.”

“Mmm, I am going to cum. And when I do, I want you to wave them over.”

Jim leans down a bit lower, giving him even more access to her cunt and begins fucking harder. Ieasha’s hand moves to her button, fingering her clit as Jim grunts in her ear, each grunt corresponding with a shot of hot semen shooting into her womb.

Ieasha’s own orgasm rips through her, a wave of fluid rushing from her vagina over Jim’s crotch.

Jim’s takes Ieasha’s fingers into her mouth, licking them clean as Ieasha calls their audience over…..

Only 10 minutes away, Jade kneels before Jamie’s blond haired pussy. With a broad tongue, she strokes up and down, from her clit to her ass and back again. Jamie cums, for the third time. Jade has devoured her, from the inside out.

They met last night, at Paradise City. Jamie had always been bi, but rarely went home with a girl she just met. But Jade grabbed her and was in control from the first moment.

Jade knew what she wanted. And when she buried the strap on into her pink walls, it wasn’t just the physical sensation that sent her over the edge. And she knew to trust Jade when she closed her hands around her throat. “It will feel so good,” she said. And it did. But it was the last thing Jamie would ever feel.

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