Dancing with Shannon


My friend Shannon is really pretty. She is a true red head. She has a sprinkle of freckles across her cute face. Her lips are full and she has an enchanting smile.

I am half Native American (my father) and half Greek (my mother) I have dark Native American skin and even darker nipples. I have long jet black hair. Most people think that I look Mexican. Although my mom swears my features are more Mediterranean…like her. And she is sexy!

We are both seniors in high school. At eighteen, we’re both ready to move on to college. I am on our high school basketball team. Shannon is a cheerleader. We are both athletic and our bodies show it.

We are both about the same height. She might be an inch taller. She has a boyfriend who joined the Army. I don’t have a lover…except for my magical fingers. I guess it’s safe to say that I am addicted to masturbation.

Our youth center was giving a dance. Shannon was inviting her boyfriend. He was coming home on leave after being gone for three months. The problem was that, Shannon did not know how to slow dance.

She wanted to do some serious dirty dancing with him before they made love. She told me that she could fast dance better than anyone in our school…but she has never learned how to slow dance.

She asked me to teach her. Evidently, she had heard about me. Last year, while at a party, I brought a guy to orgasm while slow dancing. He came in his pants while dancing with me. Of course, he immediately told the world about it. Shannon wanted to know how I did it.

To be honest, I didn’t really do anything. While we were slow dancing, I was fantasying about the jerk’s sister and how I wish I had her in my arms instead of him.

I felt him rubbing his erection against me as we danced. I was feeling kind of horny so I didn’t complain. By the time I realize that he was about to cum, it was to late to stop him. So, I just let it happen.

I must have told Shannon, “No!” a hundred times. But she kept asking me to teach how I did it.

The reason I kept telling her “no” was, I really like Shannon. Okay, let me rephrase that. I really lusted after her. I thought she was the sexy girl in the school. I knew that, once I got her in my arms, the chances of me controlling myself sexually were close to, “ZERO!”

I knew she was straight and I also knew that she really misses having sex with her boyfriend. She kept telling me that she was dying to get him into her bed. She had told me a hundred times how wonderful it felt to achieve orgasm while his dick was buried deep in her pussy.

Finally, she wore me down and I agreed to teach her how to slow dance. I told her to come over to my house after school.

We took the bus to my house. She talked about her boyfriend and his dick, the whole time. It was pouring rain when we got off the bus. We still had to walk three blocks from the bus stop. We were both soaked from the rain by the time we reach my house.

When we walked in the door, I saw that my Mom wasn’t home yet. She was still at work. I live alone with my mom. Just her and I. My dad ran off with some slut he found about two years ago.

Since we were both dripping wet from walking in the rain, I told Shannon that we had to get undress at the door. I did not want to get the carpet wet. We both took off our shoes, socks, jeans and blouses. We were both soaked through to our underwear.

As she undressed, my eyes slowly drifted over Shannon’s body. She was stunning! Her breast filled her bra to overflowing. I could see her pink, erect nipples poking through the cups of her white lace bra.

I let my eyes wonder down to her panties. Her panties were transparent from the rain. I could see that she had a full bush of dark red pubic hair.

I knew that she was looking at me too. My breast smaller than Shannon’s but they are full and firm. I knew that my long erect nipples were plainly visible through my bra.

I watched her eyes rest on the crotch of my panties. She could see my jet black, pussy hair though my white panties. I keep my pussy hairs trimmed short but I don’t shave it. I like the feel of my pussy hair when I am masturbating.

Wearing only our underwear, we ran to my room. I grabbed some towels so we could dry our hair. I handed Shannon a dry T-shirt and a pair of soft cotton panties. I could not stop myself from looking at her firm breast as she took off her rain- soaked bra.

We took our wet clothes and underwear and put them in the dryer. I went through my Mom’s CD collection and got all the slow songs I could find. I like fast dance music. My mom likes old C&W slow songs. The kind that puts me to sleep!

Needless to say, I was really nervous. I was about to hold one of the most gorgeous girls in our high school, in my arms. And the only thing that we were wearing was flimsy T-shirts and cotton panties. You were both braless.

I put in a CD and held my arms open for Shannon. She didn’t move. She just sat there on my bed, looking at me.

She said, “I don’t think this bursa escort is such a good idea. I’ve never been that close to a girl before.”

I said, “You’ ve been after me for two weeks to do this. What’s the problem?”

She turned bright red with embarrassment as she said, “I don’t even have a bra on, I feel like I’m naked.”

Her 36C breast would never fit into one of my 34b bras. But I did have some other clothes that might fit her.

“Find something in my closet to wear. But hurry, I want to make you an expert before my mom gets home from work. We have about an hour before she gets home.” I said.

“Okay, forget the clothes…lets just dance.” She said.

Shannon stepped into my arms. She has been a cheerleader at our high school, every since she was a freshman, but she knew nothing about slow dancing. She had the rhythm but the way she moved was all wrong.

I let her dance close to me for a while just so she could get us to being this close together. Then, I put both my hands on her hips and told her to settle down.

I began to move my hips in rhythm to the music. My hands were resting on her hips as she began to move with me.

She began to settle down and follow my lead. I knew that she was beginning to feel comfortable with me. She had her hands resting on my shoulders. I could feel the heat from them. I held my breath for a second when I felt her soft breast touching mines.

I whispered, “You’ll have to learn how to dance closer if you want to drive him insane.”

She said, “Okay.” I pulled her hips against me. I could feel her erect nipple pressing into my soft breast. It felt wonderful! I also knew that she could feel my equally hard nipples pressing into her breast.

I felt her breathing on my neck as she wrapped her arms around me. Then, I felt her hot sex on my thigh. She wasn’t wet, but I could feel the heat from her pussy through her panties.

I was becoming sexually aroused. I could feel my labia lips swell with arousal in my panties. My clitoris felt like it was coming alive with desire. I felt like it does when I need to masturbate.

I did not want Shannon to know that I was becoming aroused by her. There were enough rumors about me floating around school without Shannon telling everyone that I made a pass at her.

Just as I had that thought, I felt her arms tightening around me. She was really getting into it. But she still didn’t have the right hip movements. I rested my hands on her hips and gently showed her (again) how to move with me.

My hips were doing a slow sensuous roll to the rhythm of the music. I could feel her mold her body to mine. I was becoming very turned-on by her. I could feel myself beginning to lubricate. My clitoris was begging me to grind it harder against Shannon’s muscular thigh. But I did not want her to know that she was turning-me-on.

She laid her head on my shoulder. She seemed to be totally relaxed. Her hips were moving in perfect rhythm with my hips. Shannon started slowly moving her hands up and down my back.

I could feel her hot breath on my neck. It was causing electric bolts of arousal to shoot straight down to my raging clitoris. She was starting to sweat as her hip’s movement became more urgent.

I was sweating too. I could also feel myself becoming very wet. I was afraid that my wetness would soak through my panties onto her thigh. I considered running to the bathroom for a panty liner but I didn’t want to stop dancing.

As I was thinking of ways to control my growing arousal, Shannon lips touch my ear as she said, “You feel better in my arms than my boyfriend.”

Her hot breath on my ear caused me to flush with sexual desires. I barely held back a moan.

I knew that we were heading for trouble. I knew that she would soon feel my wetness. My vagina turns into Niagra Falls when I become sexually stimulated.

I felt Shannon begin to literally grind her pussy against my leg. She moaned softly in my ear. I held her as tightly as I could. I realized that, by now, we weren’t really dancing. We were just standing there, grinding our pussies against each other’s leg.

Then the song ended. We stepped away from each other. Shannon did not look at me. She just walked to my window and looked outside at the rain. We both needed to catch our breath.

Another slow song began to play. I just stood there waiting to see what she was going to do. I was afraid to say anything to her. I was afraid that she would get dress and leave. Finally, she turned to me.

I will never forget the look of pure lust that I saw in her eyes. She first looked at my erect nipples that were poking through my T-shirt. Then, her eyes slowly wondered all over my body. I stood there and let her have her fill of me.

I held my arms open to her. She walked into my arms. She began to move against me. I held her tightly against me. I felt the crotch of her panties against my leg. With a jolt of excitement, I realize that she was wet.

Shannon altıparmak escort whispered in my ear, “tell a soul about this and you’re dead!”

I had to laugh. We both began to giggle. Then, our arms tighten around each other. Her soft breast rubbed against mines. We dance through another slow song. By now, we were both really wet. We could not hide the wetness in our panties as we grinded ourselves against each other.

I put my mouth to her ear and told her that she was an excellent dancer. As I said that, I let my tongue touch her ear. I felt her tremble in my arms. I traced her ear with my tongue. I heard Shannon moaned softly.

I knew I was taking a huge risk. Shannon was straight. I was suppose to be teaching her how to slow dance for her boyfriend. Kissing her ear was not part of the lesson. But she allowed it.

Meeting no opposition, I gently sucked her ear lob into my mouth. I toyed with it with my tongue. Still, she allowed me to do that.

I let go of her ear lob and began tracing her long beautiful neck with my tongue. I dragged my tongue down her neck to her shoulder. Amazingly, She rolled her head over so that I could drag my tongue up the other side of her neck.

When I reached her other ear, I began to trace it with my tongue. She allowed me to do this to her.

As I caress her ears and neck with my tongue, she began grinding herself against my leg really hard. She groaned as I placed my hands on her firm ass cheeks. I could feel her ass quivering as I held her against me.

I felt her wetness against my thigh as she grinded her clitoris against me. I was very surprised at how wet she had become. I continued to tongue her ear.

I left her ear and began to kiss her neck. I slowly kissed my way down to her shoulders. I planted little kisses at the base of her neck.

I felt Shannon squeeze me as hard as she could. She groaned loudly as she grinded her sex against me. She was no long dancing in rhythm to the music. She was humping me much to fast and hard for that. With utter amazement, I realized that she was actually masturbating herself against me.

I thought she might go into orgasm if she didn’t slow down. I was hoping that my kisses on her neck and ears would help her achieve that. The thought of Shannon, bringing herself to orgasm against me, caused me to groan with lustful desires.

I kept kissing her neck. Her hands were on my ass as she masturbated herself against me. I was really wet but I am not sure if she notice that.

I felt her begin to tremble in my arms. I breathed hot air into her ear as my tongue toyed with it. She buried her head in my shoulder.

I knew she was close to orgasm. She said, “Oh God…I can’t stop it…I’m going too…!” She stopped trying to talk, groaned and then she burst into orgasm.

I felt a gush of wetness roll down my thigh as she came in my arms. I felt her body pulsating in orgasm as I held her. She groaned loudly as she grinding herself against my leg. I couldn’t believe it…she actually came!

I held her until her orgasm subsided. When it ended, she stepped way from me and stumbled to my bed. She sat heavily on the bed.

She covered her face with her hands as she said, “I can’t believe that just happen. I can’t believe I came.”

I was just standing there in total shock. As she spoke, I looked down at her wetness on my thigh. I was actually tingling with sexual excitement from what just happened. I was in awe of her. She actually brought herself to orgasm in my arms!

She looked at me and said, “I’m really sorry Kala, but I couldn’t stop myself. I couldn’t hold it in.”

She crawled onto my bed and buried her face in my pillow. She began to cry. I didn’t know what to say or do. I just stood there silently as she cried into my pillow. I had know idea why she was crying. Was she mad at me or herself? Did I do something wrong?

I was still shaking with unused sexual energy. She had achieved orgasm…I had not. My clitoris was screaming for attention. My wetness had soaked through my panties. I felt a drop of wetness rolling down the inside of my thigh as I stood there looking at her.

I went over to my bed and sat next to her. I said, “I think what just happened was beautiful. I think you are beautiful. Please don’t be embarrassed about that. It was wonderful.”

She stopped crying but her face was still buried in my pillow. I laid down next to her and put my arm across her back.

Talking into the pillow, she asked, “then you’re not mad at me? You don’t think that I’m a freak? Damn Kala, I was humping you like a dog!”

So that was the problem. She was totally embarrassed at what had happened. I smiled as I answered, “Hell no! I’m not mad. And you weren’t humping me like that. I thought it was really nice.”

She still kept her face in my pillow. So I said, “It’s okay. It’s just us here alone. I swear I won’t tell anyone. And no, I don’t think that you’re a freak. I think that you are my best friend.”

Finally, görükle escort she rolled to her side and took me in her arms. We hugged each other tightly. I saw tears on her lovely face. I kissed her tears. I kissed her beautiful eye lids. I kissed her forehead.

I thought she might push me away…but she didn’t. She kept turning her face so that I would kiss different parts of it. I stayed away from her luscious lips because I didn’t want her to push me away.

Then she laid on her back and said, “I love being like this with you. But I don’t want to be a lesbian. I love my boyfriend. What just happened was an accident. I just lost it. I can’t believe how wet I am.”

I asked, “why do we have to put a label on what we are feeling? Why can’t we just be nice to each other? What’s wrong with losing it sometimes?”

“Because girls that do what we just did, are called lesbians. That’s just the way it is.” As she said that, tears started falling from her eyes again.

I wanted to cry too. I felt like I was about to explode with unreleased sexual tension. I felt totally frustrated because I could not stop myself from wanting her…and I knew she was crying because she was trying desperately not to want me.

I leaned across her and kissed her tears away. She put her arms around me. I moved halfway on top of her so I could kiss the tears on beautiful face.

As I did that, my leg fell between her open thighs. Again, I felt the wetness on her panties. I kissed my way to her ears again. I felt her shiver briefly as I kissed her neck.

While I was kissing her face and neck, I pressed my clitoris against her pelvis bone. I felt a rush of sexual energy surge through me. My breast swelled as my nipples became instantly erect against her soft breast.

Unable to control the mounting sexual pressure within me, I eased myself all the way on top of her. I placed my clitoris against her pelvis bone. I slowly began humping myself against her.

I knew that I should not be doing this, especially after she was just in tears about it, but I simply could not stop myself. I had to grind my clitoris against something…anything!

I felt delirious with a feeling of overwhelming sexual arousal. I couldn’t breathe. My panties were sopping wet. I was trying as hard as I could to control myself, but it was a losing battle. I needed desperately to cum.

I kissed my way toward her mouth. I wasn’t sure if she would allow me to kiss her glorious mouth. But I was insane with sexual desire.

Shannon had stopped crying. She held me in her arms. She did not try to stop me as I climbed on top of her. I think she knew that I had become desperate for an orgasm.

She felt me grinding myself against her. She felt how wet my panties were. I was approaching orgasm and she knew it.

As my mouth approached her lips, she turned her head away, preventing me from kissing her lovely lips. Then she put her hands on my hips to stop me from humping her. She said, “no Kala. This is wrong. We must stop. We’re two girls, remember?”

I wanted to scream that I was to close to stop! Instead, I raised my head and looked her in the eyes. I said, “I’m dying Shannon. I can’t stand being this close and not cuming. I’m so close. Please let me do it. I am almost there. Please!”

I was literally begging her for it…and she knew it. At first, she just looked at me. I thought she was going to push me off of her. Instead, she smiled and said, “My crazy Kala. I had mines. I guess you can have yours.”

My eyes filled with tears of pure joy. She knew that I desperately needed to cum. She raised her thigh so it was between my legs. I began masturbating myself against her harder. I was fucking myself against her as hard as I could. She shocked me by reaching up and pulled me down into a kiss.

It was unbelievable! I was actually kissing her soft, wonderful mouth. I ran my tongue over her lips. She open her mouth and allowed my tongue inside. Our tongues danced together.

I slipped my hand down her belly. When I got to the elastic of her panties, I slipped my fingers inside her panties. I felt her thick pussy hair. I ran my fingers through her pussy hair.

Before I could touch her clitoris, I felt my orgasm begin to consume me. I pulled my hand out of her panties. I place both hands on the bed. I held myself up and looked into her eyes. I was furiously pounding pussy against her.

Shannon was looking into my eyes as I burst into an incredibly intense orgasm.

I came in waves. Long orgasmic waves. I was lost in the sensations of my orgasms. I felt tremendous orgasmic contractions in my pussy as I gush my wetness through my panties onto her.

Shannon held me tightly as I went into a second orgasm. I felt her arms around me as I pleasured myself on top of her. I knew she was getting soaked from me. I knew that she could feel my body shaking in orgasm.

Finally, my thunderous orgasms began to subside. I had cum twice from humping myself against her pelvis bone. I looked at her. She started laughing at me! I saw the joy in her eyes and I laughed too. I felt wonderful!

She pulled me down into another passionate kiss. I again slid my fingers inside of her panties as we kissed passionately. Her hips rose up to meet my fingers. I felt her stiff clitoris.

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