Daddy’s Little Gymnast Ch. 03


All characters portrayed in this work of fiction are 18 years old or over.


“So Audra, is there any chance that we could catch up at your place tonight for some practice before the competition?” Misty asked.

“Practice?” Audra laughed. “Or did you mean ‘Audra is there any chance I can come over and fuck your Dad again’?” She was pleased to see Misty blush at the question. Her friend struggled to answer so she stepped in for her. “I’m sure Dad will be more than happy to let you suck the cum from his cock.”

“God Audra, do you have to be so openly dirty about it?” Misty asked in shock.

“Oh I’m sorry, did I offend your sensibilities?” Audra asked.

“You’re hopeless,” Misty said and slapped Audra’s butt in response.

“Careful, you know how much I like that.” Misty just shook her head and asked Audra to confirm with her dad that it would be okay to have her over. Audra pulled her phone out and texted her father. There was a good chance that he’d be in treating one of his physiotherapy patients and unlikely to respond immediately.

“I’m sure he’ll answer yes before next lesson is over,” Audra informed her friend. They took their seats at their desks in preparation to endure maths for the next fifty minutes.

Audra spent the entire lesson resisting the temptation to check her phone, knowing that if she did she’d likely lose it until the end of the day. That would have been even more unbearable than not checking it for one lesson. When maths was finally done she grabbed Misty and filed from the room with the rest of the class. They stopped just out of the flow of traffic and quickly checked for messages on Audra’s phone. Audra’s dad had unsurprisingly but happily replied yes.

“Awesome!” Misty yelled, jumping up and down on the spot in excitement, drawing plenty of lustful glances from passing boys. Audra just laughed at her and dragged her off to their next class.

When the day was done Audra went home with Misty so that they could grab some things for the sleep-over.

“Are you sure your father doesn’t mind having her over and driving her to the competition?” Misty’s mother asked Audra when she was told what the girls had planned.

“Not at all, he’s fine with it. He comes because he enjoys it these days. I mean. We’re eighteen its not like we can’t get ourselves there.” Audra replied.

“Well okay then, I guess I’ll see you girls at the competition.”

“See you then Mom,” Misty replied. “Oh and I’m staying Saturday night as well. You did get that didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I got it. I guess I’ll have to get used to you not being here at some point,” her mother replied with an overly dramatic sigh.

‘Oh God Mom, it’s only two nights, I haven’t even finished school yet and it’s not like I’m moving out immediately anyway.”

“Oh I know, but it just reminds me that it won’t really be that long until you go off to college,” her mother said, sweeping her into a hug. Audra watched, wishing that her mother was so caring. Wherever the woman was, she could fucking stay there as far as Audra was concerned.

Misty dragged Audra up to her room to pack an overnight bag. Audra went straight to Misty’s underwear drawer, pulled out a sexy red lace thong and threw it to her friend.

“What’s that for?” Misty asked with a laugh.

“To put on silly. I know you, you’re probably wearing boring navy blue bikini bottoms right now and I simply won’t stand for it. Go on, prove me wrong.”

Misty blushed and undid the button and zip of her jeans. She pulled them apart to show that Audra had been completely correct. “I can’t believe you actually got that right,” Misty pouted.

“Well they have to come off. If you’re going to let my dad see you in your underwear, it needs to be sexy underwear,” Audra demanded.

“You know its completely weird that you totally accept and even encourage me to have sex with your dad right?” Misty said as she worked her tight jeans down her muscular legs.

“Well yeah, but like, I want him to be happy and I want you to be happy. Apparently fucking each other works on both counts,” Audra replied matter-of-factly.

“Doesn’t make it any less weird,” Misty told her. She tossed her jeans onto her bed, then slipped off her panties. Audra watched lustfully always happy for a chance to see her friend in any state of undress.

“Woah, hang on a sec,” Audra said. “Is that stubble?”

“Um, yeah, no biggie,” Misty laughed, moving to pull her panties on.

“Yes biggie,” Audra insisted. Misty just pulled the red thong on and grabbed her jeans. She pulled them on and jumped around as she hurried to pull them up over her butt and hips. Audra let her get away with it rather than jumping her like she wanted to. As much as she was okay with all sorts of kinky stuff happening and as much as she knew that Misty was as well, she didn’t think Misty’s mother would hold the same view. There was no point attracting unwanted attention. She fully intended to do something about Gaziantep Onkoloji Escort that stubble though.


“So, are we actually going to practice?” Audra asked her friend as they dumped her stuff in Audra’s bedroom.

“I think that we should at least do some stretching. Coach would go ballistic if she thought that we’d skipped anything,” Misty replied.

“True, and I do want to win,” Audra said.

“Really? You? You want to win?” Misty teased. Audra just stuck her tongue out at her friend in response.

“Well you’re not going to be able to train in your jeans, so you’ll have to get them off,” Audra replied, taking a seat on her bed to watch. Misty rolled her eyes but undressed all the same. When she was down to her panties, she pulled her t-shirt off and then went to grab a leotard from her bag. “Hey, don’t go getting those panties all sweaty, change them!”

Misty gave her a withering look but Audra knew that she’d won when her friend pulled a nude competition thong from her bag. She grinned at Misty as the red lace thong was carefully placed aside. Before she could slip the nude one on Audra pounced. She leapt up and grabbed Misty.

“What the hell?” Misty asked, giggling.

“Time to fix that stubble,” Audra replied.

“Oh come on, I’m due to get it waxed next week, if I shave it now I’ll have to wait even longer,” Misty complained.

“Well then you’ll have to wait. I think Daddy deserves a nice clean pussy; no hair at all, don’t you?” Audra asked her. Misty didn’t have to reply, Audra felt her relax in submission. She grinned and stood on her toes to kiss her friend quickly. “Come on, I’ll shave you,” she added enthusiastically, as she led Misty into her bathroom.

Audra ran the water in the sink until it was warm and had Misty sit on the edge of the tub. She grabbed her shaving gel, razor and a hand towel. She squirted the gel into her palm and then rubbed it generously all over her friend’s pussy, even down as far as her anus. Then she picked up her razor and set about shaving her.

“This position doesn’t really work,” Audra lamented. “Lay down on the floor for me Misty.”

“I could just do it myself you know,” Misty informed her even as she spread a towel on the floor and laid down on it.

“Yeah but that wouldn’t be any fun. You’ll be much wetter when you’re done if I do it for you,” Audra replied.

“I’d be wetter if you were naked,” Misty suggested. Audra grinned at her friend and quickly stripped off her clothes.

“Better?” she asked, kneeling down beside her.

“Much better,” Misty replied and reached a hand out to fondle Audra’s little tit. “Now if you cut me I can make sure you feel it,” she added, taking a firm hold of Audra’s nipple.

“Hey! If you pull it too hard I won’t have a choice,” Audra giggled. She felt Misty release her nipple and use a full-handed caress instead. She set about shaving her. She ran the razor over Misty’s mound and then carefully worked it between her legs, moving from her thigh towards her right lip, then repeating it on the left. She used her fingers to hold Misty’s labia so that she didn’t cut her and enjoyed how slippery they were with the shaving gel all over them. Every now and then she’d slide a finger or even the handle of the razor between Misty’s lips and into her pussy.

“Pull your legs up,” Audra insisted. Misty grabbed hold of her knees and pulled them toward her chest, spreading them at the same time. Audra shuffled around until she was behind her friend and made sure that there weren’t any stray hairs around her anus. “So sexy,” she commented as she ran her fingers all over Misty’s pussy. She used her index finger to tease at her butt hole before slapping her thigh and letting her know that it was time for her to wash off.

Misty got to her feet and turned on the shower. “If I’m going to wash off I may as well wash off completely,” she advised by way of explanation. She undid her bra and cast it aside. Audra immediately stepped in and grabbed hold of her tits.

“Well if you’re going to go and get all naked and wet there’s no way I’m missing out,” she told her friend as she caressed and teased her breasts. She looked up and met Misty’s gaze. Misty grinned at her and Audra pulled her head down so that she could kiss her. Their tongues danced merrily within each other’s mouths until they realised the room was steaming up.

“I guess the water’s hot enough,” Misty said with a laugh. She adjusted it to a more suitable temperature and the two girls hopped in together. They took it in turns washing each other, taking their time to tease and please as they did so. Audra spent a lot of time sucking on Misty’s perky nipples while fingering her pussy. She worked her friend’s clit until she came. She grabbed her hairbrush from the vanity and passed it to Misty. It was blue and made of plastic. The handle was squarish and wavy in form.

“Fuck me with it Misty. If I can’t have a cock I’ll take what I can get,” she told her. She put her hands against the wall and thrust her butt back into the centre of the shower. Misty stood beside her and while holding the bristles of the brush, slid the handle into her friend’s pussy.

“Well if you’re truly desperate, you could always just fuck your dad, he has a nice cock,” Misty teased. Audra groaned at the thought, though she figured Misty probably wouldn’t realise the true reason being desire and frustration rather than the disgust that she likely expected.

“Are you kidding me?” Audra asked.

“Well its the only one that’s going to be readily available unless we go out tonight and we don’t do that before competitions anymore because someone likes to win, remember?” Misty replied.

“Well yeah, so I should just fuck my Dad? You don’t think that’s, like, kinda wrong?” Audra replied laughing as if the suggestion was outrageous.

“Of course it’s wrong,” Misty laughed in response as she smacked Audra’s butt and thrust the handle deep, “But in a way it’s so wrong it’s a turn-on. Not that I suggest you actually do it! Of course knowing you, what I say wouldn’t have anything to do with it.”

Audra felt Misty start sliding the brush rapidly in and out of her pussy and listened as she started to talk dirty to her. “Take my cock Audra, take Daddy’s cock in your dirty little pussy. Are you a being a good little slut for Daddy? Do you want to feel Daddy’s hot cum explode in your cunt?”

“Oh fuck yes,” Audra replied enthusiastically. She felt Misty reach a hand under her stomach and between her legs. Her fingers started teasing her clit as she kept thrusting with the brush.

“You’re really fucking dirty Audra. You’re so dirty that you probably would fuck your Dad. You want his cock bad, don’t you? You want him balls deep in this tight little hole. You probably want him to spray your face with cum.”

Audra screamed in pleasure as she erupted with orgasm. Her legs shook and she felt a gush of fluid just like she had when her father had made her squirt.

“Wow, that was intense!” Misty said. Audra smiled at her, loving the pleased look on her face.

“No shit,” Audra replied, moving her hands from the wall to wrap her friend in a hug that crushed their wet breasts together. “Thanks beautiful, that was amazing.”

“You’re amazing,” Misty replied between kisses. “Who would have thought a little Daddy fantasy and daddy talk would have set you off like that!”

“Pretty kinky huh?” Audra asked.

“Hey if it makes you cum that hard, who cares!”

“So, um, should we actually practice now?” Audra asked.

“Yeah, probably,” Misty agreed.

The two girls quickly dried and dressed in their practice gear. They cleared the living room and went through their warm up and stretching routine before practicing the elements that they could in the limited space. They had finished and were relaxing in the kitchen having a drink in their leotards when Audra’s father arrived home from work.

“Hey girls,” he greeted them warmly hugging first Audra and then Misty.

“You know if you guys want to kiss each other hello, it’s okay by me,” Audra said to them when she saw them eyeing each other speculatively. “I mean you both know that I know that you fucked, so you don’t have to tip-toe around me.”

“Subtle as a brick as always,” her father laughed. Misty just grinned at Audra and kissed him.

“So, pasta for dinner?” he asked when they broke apart.

“Yes please,” both girls replied in unison.

“Okay, well I’ll get changed and then come back and cook dinner,” he informed them.

The girls watched him leave the kitchen and head upstairs.

“I bet you wish you were up there watching,” Audra teased Misty.

“Watching isn’t quite what I had in mind,” Misty riposted.

“I bet,” Audra laughed, using her hand and tongue to suggest that Misty would be giving him a blow job if she were in the room.

“If you’re not careful I’ll do it to him in front of you!” Misty said, slapping her friend’s hand away from her mouth.

“Promises, promises,” Audra retorted. Misty just rolled her eyes at her.

Audra’s father returned to the kitchen in a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt that whilst not entirely fitted, at least showed off the lack of a pot-belly beneath it. He set about making dinner, assigning the girls different tasks as he went to share the workload. Audra couldn’t help but notice that as they moved about the kitchen her friend took every opportunity to touch her father in inappropriate ways.

He played the game as well, touching Misty on the tits or ass, once even groping her pussy, neither of them taking any particular care to hide their actions from her. She suspected that her father would know how much it turned her on and that Misty was just trying to tease her. She returned the favour by rubbing against her father when Misty wasn’t looking and against Misty when he wasn’t looking. It made for a very horny preparation.

They ate together and Audra found that with the other two being quite open about touching one another, she was limited in what she could do. Each of them was of course open to her touching them, but neither of them knew about what she did with the other. She was determined to change that, but was waiting for the right time. Misty’s behaviour in the shower at least gave her hope that it wouldn’t entirely freak her out. She couldn’t see any reason why her father would be upset about her having sex with Misty, especially after the way he’d reacted when she’d mentioned the idea of a threesome. It was difficult to find a way to do it though. She didn’t feel like she could just rip her clothes off at the table and suggest they go for it.

After dinner, they watched television. Audra and Misty hadn’t bothered changing out of their leotards. Audra left Misty to cuddle with her father on the couch and took up position on the floor. She made sure to lie on her stomach as often as comfort would allow and spread her legs with her heels kicking in the air so that the other two would be left with a clear view between her legs. She made sure that her leotard rode up her butt crack to show of her taut buttocks as much as she could.

“Time for bed,” Audra announced after the end of the show. “I assume that you two will want a bit more time but don’t wear her out too much Dad, we have to compete tomorrow and I want to win.”

She left them to it and headed off to her room to change for bed, only slightly jealous of her friend. After all, she got to sleep with her Dad pretty much whenever she wanted. They hadn’t moved into the same room or anything, but they dallied in the same bed quite frequently before separating to sleep. Misty had told Audra that she would join her and sleep in her room, which was a nice gesture. If she’d spent the whole night with her father, Audra might have struggled with things just a little bit.

“Can I come in for a second?” her father asked after a quiet knock on her door.

“Of course Daddy,” Audra beamed, both surprised and pleased to see him there.

He walked across the room to where she was sitting on her bed and sat next to her.

“I just wanted to thank you for being so amazing about this,” he said, one hand resting on her thigh. She was acutely aware of how warm it was and felt his fingers squeeze reassuringly.

“That’s okay Daddy, just remember that you’re going to have to share her with me soon. And me with her of course,” Audra replied.

“You’re not worried she’ll freak out?” he asked.

“Not really. Let’s just say there’s been enough clues that I think it’s almost time. You need to do one thing for me though.”

“What’s that sweetie?”

“Fill her pussy with cum before you send her back to bed,” Audra replied.

“But what if it’s not a safe time or she’s not on the pill?” he asked.

“Oh she’s fine, trust me. I know she’s on the pill,” Audra told him.

“Should I ask why I have to fill her?”

“Because I’m going to eat your cum from her pussy Daddy,” Audra replied matter-of-factly and enjoyed the look on his face. She moved her hand to his crotch and rubbed his mostly hard cock. “You can think about that when you’re pumping this gorgeous cock in and out of her.”

“I think I’d better go before I lose all grip on reality,” her father said with a laugh.

“I’ll be thinking of you Daddy,” Audra said to him. She lifted her t-shirt to flash her little tits at him as he left the room. He left and closed the door and she lay back and slipped her hand into her panties to play with her pussy. She was determined to cum before Audra returned.

She worked two fingers into her slit and lubricated them before holding her pussy lips open to access her clit. She rubbed it slowly at first, enjoying the pleasure as it built. She teased herself, stoking her excitement and then backing off until she was ready to go all the way. She could feel her juices running down between her butt cheeks. She rolled partly to one side and cocked her leg then reached behind herself to finger her asshole. She first wet her middle finger in her pussy, then worked it into her tight little anus. She pushed it in to the second knuckle and wiggled it around. Moaning, she rubbed her clit with her other hand. It felt so good! She wished that she had someone to play with her butt for her while she focussed on her clit, but she made do. She thought back to the shower and the hairbrush. She glanced about her room until she saw a sharpie on her desk. It looked perfect. She jumped up, grabbed it and then returned to her bed. It took almost no effort at all to slide it into her butt. She slid it back and forth and bit down on her lip as she rubbed herself to orgasm. She let out a loud cry, hoping that it would be heard down the hall.

Audra listened as Misty made her way quietly into her room.

“Hey,” she said quietly to let her friend know that she was still awake.

“Hey,” Misty replied. She lay down on the mattress that had been left on the floor for her and pulled the quilt over her. Audra slid from her bed and wiggled under it to join her.

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