Daddy’s Little Girl

Abella Danger

(This is my first submission to Literotica, although I am a long time reader. Questions, comments or criticism, good or bad, are welcome. I hope you will let me know whether you liked it or not.)

My daddy and I live in the northwest. My mom died when I was eight, so it has been just daddy and I for the last ten years. Daddy taught me everything that a girl going through puberty learns. He gave almost anything I asked for. I admit that I’m a spoiled princess. My daddy will do just about anything for me.

We had always had a close relationship. I could talk to my daddy about anything. Anything, but my desire for him, that is. I don’t know how to tell him without ruining our relationship. He’s my best friend. Don’t get me wrong, I have many friends, but my daddy is my best friend. Some people would say that I am popular, but I don’t think of myself that way. I’m not your stereotypical highschool girl. I’m not a cheerleader and I don’t play very many sports. I played volleyball my freshman and sophomore years. Then I joined the debate team, so I couldn’t play anymore.

I should probably introduce myself. I’m Cammy and I’m 5’7″ with reddish brown hair, pretty, dark chocolate brown eyes, dsl (dick sucking lips) 137 pounds. My measurements are 36D-28-34. I don’t dress like a slut, but I’m not conservative either. I like wearing mini skirts and heels, but I also like my jeans and sneakers.

I’m not the smartest young person in school, but I don’t do too badly. I have a GPA of 3.9 and I work to keep it up. I have an on/off boyfriend. We do things together, but we are not committed. I’m still a virgin, but I’ve sucked his cock and he’s eaten my pussy.

I have always thought my daddy was a hottie. He is 6’5″ and 200 pounds. He’s got dark brown hair with a hint of silver at his temples and piercing black eyes. He’s only thirty-eight, but sometimes he acts much older. He is not super fit, but he’s not flabby either. He has big biceps and his pecs and abs aren’t bad either. Not a six pack, but not a tire either. Daddy is a private stock broker and a financial analyst, so he works from home. Daddy has an office and I’m not really allowed in there. I can go in there if he invites me, but that doesn’t happen very often. He works in his office until about 6:30 when I get dinner on the table, and then after dinner he goes back to his office to work some more. I usually go to my room and do my homework or chat online with friends. Sometimes I watch television. In the summer I go out with friends or just lay around. Daddy comes in every night to tuck me in and hear all about my day.

It all started innocently enough, a couple of months before my eighteenth birthday. It was a hot summer day near the end of August, and I was laying out by the pool, working on my suntan. Talk about a cliché, huh?

Laying there fantasizing about my daddy, I didn’t hear him come out onto the deck at first, but then he cleared his throat. “Hey, Pumpkin. What are you doing?” I could see the light dusting of dark hair that swirled across his chest and down his abs, to disappear into the waistband of his navy blue swim trunks.

I flushed guiltily and replied, “Nothing Daddy.”

For some reason, my daddy can always tell when I am lying. He must have some kind of radar, because he always knew about it. “Why are you lying to me Cammy?” my daddy says to me.

Thinking quickly, I say, “I was just thinking how nice it would be if you would rub some suntan lotion on my back for me.”

“That’s fine baby, but why lie to me about it?”

“I don’t want you to do it unless you want to Daddy.”

“You know there is nothing you can’t ask me to do baby.”

I was wearing my new bikini, and daddy hadn’t seen it yet. I wasn’t sure what his reaction would be. It’s a white fishnet Brazilian mini with a v-back. The top was two triangles that covered most of my breasts, but still left a pretty good view of my cleavage and the sides.

Daddy grabbed the suntan lotion off the table and sat next to me on the lounger. “Roll over baby and I’ll do your back.”

I rolled over and I heard daddy’s breath whoosh out.

“What the hell is that?!” he said loudly.

“It’s my new bikini, Daddy.” I said quietly. I wasn’t quite sure yet what his reaction was. I knew that he was surprised, but was he mad? I waited to find out.

“That’s not a bikini baby. It’s a postage stamp. Where’s the rest of it?”

I laughed and said, “No, Daddy. It’s a Brazilian mini. This is the way it’s made.”

“There’s nothing there! You have string covering your ass and it doesn’t cover anything but the crack. Unless you are counting this piece at the top, and that doesn’t cover much more than the string.”

“I know, Daddy, but what do you think of it? Do you like it?” It was important to me that Daddy liked my new bikini.

“Sure baby. What there is of it.” Daddy was quiet after that. He didn’t say anything else, but he also wasn’t applying my lotion for me either.

“Daddy, are you going to put on my lotion? I don’t want my butt to Gaziantep Escortlar get burned.” I said, reminding him that my butt was exposed to the rays of the sun and the possibility of a burn on it. Daddy jerked a little bit and then picked up the bottle again. He squeezed some onto the palm of his hand, closed the lid and set it down on the deck. Before he rubbed his hands together, I said, “Daddy. Undo the string on my back. I don’t want tan lines.”

He made a strangled sound in his throat and I began to wonder if he was as affected by this as I was. My pussy was getting hot and wet, and my hands itched to reach into my new thong bikini bottoms and play with myself.

Daddy worked the lotion into my back and down my legs much longer than necessary, but I didn’t mind. He completely skipped my butt. When he finished my legs, he said, “There, all done.”

I turned and looked over my shoulder at him. “What about my butt, Daddy? I don’t want it to get burned.”

“You can get that part honey.” He told me in a choked voice.

“But, Daddy, if I lean up to do it, my top will come off and you would see. Do it for me please?” I asked in a small voice.

“Ok, baby.”

He put more lotion in his hands and then hesitated with his hands above my butt. Then all of the sudden his hands were on my butt. I couldn’t hold back my moan.

“Baby, I’m sorry. Did that hurt?”

“No, Daddy, it feels good. It was just a little cold on my butt. It was really getting hot.”

Daddy looked as if he was about to choke, or swallow his tongue. He continued to run the lotion into my skin long after it had been absorbed. He groaned and then seemed to come to himself.

“Ok honey bunch, you’re done. Daddy’s going to go back to his office now.”

He all but ran back into the house, but as he passed me, I could see his swim trunks were tented in the front.

Oh my God, I thought to myself. My daddy is turned on by me.

That started me thinking, and over the next few months I hugged Daddy a lot. I brushed against him every chance I got. I wore all of my most revealing clothes in front of him. I was doing everything in my power to get Daddy to touch me. I even walked out of the bathroom one day when I knew that he was in the hall, with my towel half falling off.

Daddy did say much about it, but he turned around with a hard on and let me get my towel in place. I knew my daddy had to be horny. Daddy didn’t date much, simply preferring to “raise his little girl” as he put it when I asked him once.

Two days before my birthday, Daddy asked me what I wanted.

“I don’t know, Daddy. I already have a car and a computer. Could we go out for dinner at a fancier place this year?” I asked, already thinking of what I could wear that would be suitable.

“Sure sweetie. Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t know Daddy. Vittorio’s or Chez Francois’s.”

“Well, you’ll need something nice to wear, so why don’t we go shopping for something tomorrow after you get out of school. We’ll get you a new wardrobe for your birthday and we’ll do it up big.”

“Okay Daddy. That sounds fun.”

I was ecstatic. My daddy was taking me shopping and I was going out to a real restaurant for my birthday.

School was interminable the next day. Finally the ended and I almost ran out of school to get to my car and get home. Keisha, one of my friends, stopped me near my car and asked what the rush was. I explained that my daddy was taking me shopping and out to a nice restaurant for my birthday and I wanted to get home so we could go. She just laughed and told me that I was lucky to have such a cool dad.

I got home and yelled to dad that I would be ready to go in a few minutes. He yelled back, “Whenever you’re ready.”

I ran upstairs and changed into a pair of purple short shorts and a white tank top that showed off my breasts nicely. Although it was October, it was unseasonably warm.

Since I was getting a new wardrobe, I knew that included lingerie. Right then it came to me. I either had to get my daddy in the dressing room with me, or model it for him in the store.

It took fifteen minutes to get to the mall. When we got there we started at The Bon, and worked our way down. I stopped at a bunch of stores. Daddy was really patient too. I kept asking him things like, “Daddy is this too tight? Does this make my butt look too big?”

Finally he told me, “Honey your ass will never look too big. It’s perfect.”

That was what I had been waiting for. I slid a quick glance to Daddy’s crotch, and he looked hard as a lead pipe. I knew then that it was time to go to the lingerie store.

“Thank you, Daddy.” I reached up to give him a slow kiss on the lips. I pressed my lips to his. They were warm and dry and it felt like heaven. Being so close to daddy, I could smell the faint musk of arousal on his skin and his cologne. For an instant before I drew back, he started to respond. We went to the register and paid for the cute little mini skirt and halter top that I got.

“Okay, where to next?” Daddy asked.

“Oh, let’s just walk down the mall some more. I don’t know where I want to go next.” Although I did, Daddy didn’t seem to pick up on the fib. Either I was getting better, or he was too aroused to notice. I was hoping it was the latter.

We walked down the mall and I stopped in front of Victoria’s Secret. “I want to go in here, Daddy.” I said in a quiet voice.

“Umm . . . Uhh . . . Okay sweetie.” Daddy said. “I’ll just wait for you out here.”

“No, Daddy, you have to come in with me. “


“Because of I get the wrong size, you have to go and get the right one for me.” I said in a wheedling tone.

“The saleslady can do that for you.” Daddy said.

Thinking fast, I said, “Daddy, there are a few people in there and the saleslady will be helping them. She’s not going to be able to run out and get them right then and I don’t want to have to get dressed and do it myself.” Good thinking I thought to myself.

Daddy agreed and we went in. I strolled around the store and found a bunch of things to try on. I found a black plunging merrywidow with a matching lace thong and stockings. I picked that one out in a 34D “by accident” of course. I made sure that they had it in my size. I grabbed a lace and mesh merrywidow in white, also with matching low rise thong and white stockings. I picked out some v-string panties and a couple of matching bras. This was going to be expensive for daddy, but I knew that he would more than get his money’s worth if I had my way.

We were finally done and the total was astronomically high. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I got too much. I’ll put some of it back.” I told him quietly in a voice low enough that the sales lady didn’t hear me call him daddy.

“Nonsense honey. It’s your birthday. You can get it all.” He said.

The sales lady looked at us in awe. “You’re a lucky woman. My husband would never spend that much on me for my birthday.”

I have worn my mother’s wedding ring set since I was sixteen, so I guess that’s where she got the idea. It’s a beautiful amethyst in the center with a diamond on each side and tiny baguettes around the amethyst in a white gold setting. Daddy started to correct her, but I cut in and said, “Yes, I am lucky. He’s a wonderful man, my husband.”

Daddy waited until we got out of the store to say anything more. “Why didn’t you correct her?”

“Why waste the time explaining Daddy?”

Daddy let the matter drop and we walked back down the mall to the car. When we got home, I took all of my new things up to my room and sorted and put all of it away. I took out my basic little black sheath dress that I had bought and hung it in my bathroom so that any wrinkles would hang out when I took my shower in the morning.

Getting ready the next night, I was able to wear my new Chantal Thomass Bow-Trim lace balconet bra with matching lace v-string thong and garter belt in black and red; it didn’t show with my black dress. When I went downstairs, Daddy was already dressed and waiting. He wore a black tailored double breasted suit with a blue tie.

Daddy took one look at me and said, “You’re beautiful honey.”

“Thank you, Daddy.” I felt tears come to my eyes when daddy said that. He made me feel so special.

“Shall we go?” Daddy asked.


Daddy took my arm and let me to the car, where he opened my door for me and helped me get seated. I fastened my seat belt as he came around the car and got in. He slid in and started the car and we were off. It only took fifteen minutes to get to Vittorio’s. When we went in, daddy gave his name and they seated us right away, off in a secluded corner.

Daddy ordered a red wine for us, since it was a special occasion. We perused our menu’s and when our server came, we were ready. Daddy had Lobster and I had Alfredo. We talked while we waited.

“I have something for you honey.” Daddy said after a few minutes. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a long red box with a bow on it. He handed it to me and as I opened it he said, “Happy Birthday darling.”

It was a beautiful white gold diamond heart- lock and key bracelet. Just then our server came and said, “Oh, how beautiful. That’s a wonderful thing to give your wife. Is it your anniversary?”

I jumped in and said, “Yes, it’s been a year now.”

Daddy shot me a look of consternation. He couldn’t understand why I was letting people think we were married. I wanted to plant the idea in his head. I wanted him to think of us as a couple. I hoped it was working. Every time my wine glass got low, daddy poured more for me. By the end of the evening, I was tipsy and fast headed toward drunk.

Daddy and I were just finishing our meal, when our server came back and asked what we would like for a complimentary desert for our anniversary. Daddy and I chose Chocolate Mousse. When we were finished, daddy stood and helped me with my wrap and then wrapped my hand under his elbow and we walked to the car to drive home.

We got home and I thanked daddy for a wonderful birthday dinner. I told him that I was going to go up and get ready for bed. He said that was fine, and he would be up in a few minutes for our nightly ritual. When I got into my room, I took off my dress and hung it up. I took off my balconet bra and matching things, and laid them neatly on my bureau. Then I took out my black plunge merrywidow and put it on.

When daddy came to my room, I was usually in bed waiting for him. He would knock once and then come in. I decided that I wouldn’t be in bed when daddy got there, so that he would get the full effect of my outfit. When daddy got there and saw me, his mouth dropped open and his jaw worked like a fish gasping to breathe. He had changed into loose-fitting pajama pants and an old T-shirt. The bulge in his pants got bigger and I knew it was now or never.

I opened my mouth and made a drunken confession that I hoped wouldn’t ruin our relationship. “Daddy, I want you to make love to me.”

Daddy just stood there for a minute, with a blank look on his face, and then his flushed bright red.

“I can’t make love to you honey, you’re my daughter.”

I reached up and put my arms around his shoulders, and brushed my breasts against his chest. “Daddy, I want you.” I moaned and then pressed my lips to his. I licked the seam of his mouth and tried to slide my tongue in. He resisted for a minute and then gave in. His tongue prodded my mouth open and swept deep for his first taste of me. His tongue probed mine and I tangled my tongue with his. Daddy’s fingers slid up to cup and caress my breasts. I laid my hands on his chest and started to rub. He deepened the kiss and then suddenly thrust me away.

“No, I can’t do this! You’re my daughter for God’s sake.”

“Please Daddy.” I started crying. “I want you to be the one to take my virginity. Please.” I pleaded with him. I kissed him again, and his resistance seemed to melt. He groaned and pulled me close, his tongue diving desperately into my mouth.

My hand slid down his abdomen and onto his dick. I slowly rubbed his hard, throbbing cock. “Daddy, let me suck your cock.” I whispered as I slid slowly to my knees. I reached for the waistband of his pajama pants, and slid them carefully over his swollen flesh and down his legs. He stepped back and kicked them out of the way, while pulling his t-shirt over his head.

I grasped his cock in my hand and slid my fingers up and down, slowly pumping him. He moaned and I kissed the crown. I pressed light kisses up and down his shaft and when I reached the base, my tongue flickered out, faintly touching his balls. He moaned louder and shuddered.

I ran my tongue up his shaft and took the head of his cock in my mouth, sucking on it. I took his cock all the way in my mouth, to the base. I was proud of the fact that I could get all of my daddy’s 7inch cock in my mouth and into my throat. I moaned, and the vibration send shivers through him. I pulled back and sank down his cock again. He tasted good. I pulled off his dick and licked the tip. It was slightly salty with a hint of sweetness. I wanted more.

I traced my tongue over his shaft and place open-mouthed kisses all over it. I drew figure eights under the head of his cock and flowers with my tongue. Then I leaned down and traced my name on my daddy’s cock. “There Daddy. Now you’re mine. My name is written on your cock.” It was the first time I had ever said anything even slightly vulgar to my father. He moaned even more and grabbed me by the hair.

Daddy pulled my mouth to his cock and thrust inside. He worked his cock in and out of my mouth and throat, pumping faster and faster, until he called out to me, “Oh God baby girl. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum in your mouth. Swallow for me honey. Swallow it all.”

Daddy’s cock hardened even more and I could feel his muscles tense as his cock worked his cum out. He started shooting in my mouth. As hard as I tried to swallow shot after shot of cum, some of it still leaked out the corners of my mouth and down onto my chin and the tops of my breasts.

Daddy shakily walked to my bed and sat down, pulling me with him. I crawled up and kissed him, letting him taste his essence on my tongue. Daddy picked me up and laid me on the bed and slid down between my thighs. He licked my pussy through my thong and then slid the fabric out of the way.

The first touch of his tongue on my bare pussy was electric. He slid his tongue into the smooth folds of my pussy lips and found my clit. Circling my clit with his tongue repeatedly. Pushing me closer to my own orgasm. Suddenly he changed his tactic and sucked my clit into his mouth, drawing on it rhythmically, creating pulses throughout my body. The throbbing grew stronger and stronger as daddy sucked. An instant later my climax hit, blinding me and making me cry out as I convulsed. “Daddyyyy . . . ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh daddyyyyy.”

Daddy prolonged my orgasm by continuing to lick and suck on my clit. I gradually stopped shuddering, and daddy reached up and took me in his arms. We lay there for a minute and then daddy said, “We can stop now honey, and you’ll still be a virgin for someone else.”

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