Curiosity and the King of Spades Ch. 02


Author’s Note: I did not intend to add to the first part, but left things hanging. So here is the short conclusion.

As we recovered, one by one we turned to the melee happening on the other ottoman. They looked like animals, as I’m sure we did just a moment earlier, grunting and moaning. Somehow One had crawled beneath Two, and Two’s dick was in his mouth while Five’s dick was plunging in and out of Two’s ass. One did not look to be having too successful a go of it, as he tried to rein in the dick with his mouth like one of the videos of an Air Force refueling attempt in a heavy wind.

Suddenly Five shouted that he was coming, and when he did Two stabilized so One could secure the dick in his mouth. Two and Five were in sync but now the speed was replaced by intensity as Two fucked One’s mouth. Five exploded and it triggered Two’s own orgasm. Had not Five been deep within Two, the force of Two’s orgasm would have sent him sprawling across the room. I have never seen something so intense as Two’s explosion, but Five somehow hung on and only when Two settled did he pull himself out.

I didn’t realize it, but while this was happening either I grabbed Six’s hand or he grabbed mine and then we released them. I saw my soft dick with the condom dangling and walked to one of the bathrooms to take care of it, holding my hand beneath it as I did. There, I removed it and peed and flushed. I looked in the mirror. My eyes were a little starry, as Six’s had been. My face looked satisfied. That’s the way to describe it. Satisfied. I thought of brushing my teeth, but wanted to continue to enjoy the bits of Four’s cum and Six’s spit that were there.

When I returned, Two was gone, presumably doing what I just did. The others used the toilet one-by-one, and while they did, I put on my robe and got a ginger ale from the bar before returning to my chair. When all six of us were back and sitting, Eric said, “From what I saw, you all enjoyed it. Now you are free to go.” The clock was just past 8:15. “Or you may stay here for as long as you’d like, making full use of the…facilities.” His arm swept across the room to the beds and the bedroom.

“Now, one final bit of business before I leave you to it. Names. I will ask each of you whether you are willing to disclose your names. You can lie about it, of course, but I hope you trust each other enough now to be honest. And only first names. Beyond that is up to you, but ‘I want you Six’ simply doesn’t have much passion. So I’ll ask you each. If you all agree, we do it. If any of you object, we will not.”

He then went to each of us, and each whispered in his ear. I said “yes.”

When he finished, he said, “Excellent. You have all agreed. So I’ll go around the room, and then, as I said, I will leave you to it.”

Six turned out to be Tim, and I am Mike. The guy I fucked is Peter. The young stud is Barry, and the old guy Jerry. The last of us, the one who managed to get below Barry, is Norm. And Eric was gone.

I stood and looked at Tim. Our kiss was not tentative this time and before I knew it he was leading me to one of the bedrooms. He said nothing, and he closed the door after we entered. We stood at the foot of the bed and again kissed, our erections against each other. He reached for my belt, and I liked that he was taking control. He opened my robe, and my dick shot up, and I gasped as he ran his hand along its bottom.

He broke the kiss. Without looking, he said, “This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen” and in that moment I knew more than anything in the world I wanted this man to fuck me. But first I needed to see him, and my hands undid his belt and I fell to my knees. “No,” I said, “This is the most beautiful thing in the world” and before he could challenge me my lips were on a dick for the first and I prayed not last time.

I’d imagined it. I’d fantasized about it. I’d even blown cucumbers. But this was sublime. He was so hard yet I made him harder. His hand on my head to control the tempo. “My balls. Casibom Touch my balls,” he said, and I did, his jewels. “Stop. Too much. Can I?”

I jumped up. I saw there were condoms and lube on a side table. I ripped the covers off the bed. The sheets were very nice and I lay on my back in the middle. My dick was super hard. I wanted to look at him when he took my virginity. I wanted to be his bitch. All I knew of this man was that he was named Tim, he’d never been with a man before, he tasted glorious when I kissed him, and he was going to be my first lover. Yes, I’ve had women. Even a brief marriage. But that was sex. This would be my first lover.

He put a condom on, and I pulled up my legs so he could get access to my ass. He lubed up and down my crack and then put one then two fingers into me. It felt a little sickening, as I had when I fucked myself with a carrot—a cucumber being way too big.

“Relax,” he said. “That’s what I’ve read. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be.”

I nodded as he fucked me with his fingers. Finally, he asked if I was ready and after a moment’s hesitation, knowing there would be no going back, I said, very formally, “Please, Tim. I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard.”

He moved up so my legs were leveraged on his shoulders. I put my hands to my ass cheeks to open myself. He again said, “Ready?” and I nodded. I felt his head push, and tried to spread myself more. I remembered that I was supposed to think of taking a dump, so I did and magically his head was inside me.

I was insane. This man was in me, and I did not want him to leave. Ever.

Soon we both found a rhythm, and his tempo picked up, hitting me with his hips harder and harder and the room was full of our moaning and chanting and the noise of flesh hitting flesh.

“I’m coming,” he said, and I grabbed his ass to pull him closer. He froze. Then his orgasm shot through him and into his condom in my ass. I pulled my hands away so I could rifle up and down my dick, and my own spurt shot up on him and across my chest, and with that done with both paused, trying to catch our breaths.

He pulled out, and I moved over slightly so he could lie on the bed beside me.

“I thought about it a lot, but doing it was better.”

Tim said this as he looked at the ceiling, and I imagined he had that starry-eyed look again. Suddenly I felt his hand mindlessly playing with my soft dick, covered with my cum. When it gave a slight sign of life, he said, “You are the enthusiastic one, aren’t you?”

Then he lifted up and lowered his mouth to mine and we kissed again, with his hand slowly caressing my dick which, though, was too spent for the moment to do anything but suggest it might harden sometime in the future.

He pulled away.

“I have to clean up,” and I watched his ass leave the bedroom.

After a minute, I followed him out. Peter stood by the bar with a ginger ale next to Eric. I heard two guys going at in one of the bedrooms, and I saw Barry was plowing Jerry doggy style. The sight triggered a twinge in my dick, but I headed over to Peter.

He said he and Norm enjoyed a 69. I looked without embarrassment at Peter’s dick, and he seemed proud to display himself, running his hand beneath it. I didn’t need to be asked, and I was on my knees running my tongue up and down, my right hand stabilizing it and my left rubbing his balls. I heard him put the glass down as his dick grew. I put it in my mouth, my second dick there, and his hands were behind my head and mine were pulling his ass.

It did not take long, and he was rock hard before I knew it. I imagined how I liked to be sucked, and tried to do it to him. He seemed to like it and just as Tim began to encourage me—”You’re a natural, you are”—I felt Peter shutter and after a warning I gripped him tighter and tried to swallow his load, with mixed success.

Norm had joined Tim and said, “If he’s never done that before I got to enjoy that mouth.”

I got up, and Casibom Giriş Peter offered me a sip from his ginger ale, which I took, and we kissed. I took Norm’s hand and led him to one of the beds in the open. I felt like a slut, and loved it. As we went, I asked, “69?” and he said, “Love to.”

When we reached the bed I got on my side, my head to the foot and he did the same in the opposite direction. I looked up, and Eric and the others, including Barry and Jerry, were arranged on either side of the bed, several in their robes. Yeah.


Norm was a few years older than me, I think. He had maybe twenty or thirty pounds over my 170, so a bit of a paunch, beer or whisky probably. His hair was thinning, but he had plenty around his dick which was, really, all I cared about as I reached over to it. As I touched his, his hand was on mine and at virtually the same moment we were sucking each other. Of the five others, this was third whose dick I had in my mouth and bolstered by Tim’s praise I didn’t care that everyone else in the room knew I was a cocksucker.

It must be true since with a dick in my mouth my universe was dependent on my servicing him and he was fully in my mouth. I knew I was in his, but I didn’t care. I wanted to make him come. Until I suddenly felt myself responding to his mouth. I was fighting to concentrate on him but he was skillful enough that it was like trying to carry a tray of drinks during an earthquake, and I lost all sense in my mouth until suddenly it was being filled by cum and when the first bit hit the back of my throat my own orgasm began.

We’d both come too often in the last few hours to have much in the way of volume, but it was still wonderful, with the benefit of being able, finally, to swallow every drop.

When we pushed away, lying next to each other, me suddenly aware of his feet and trying to catch my breath. I felt lips on mine, and they were Jerry’s. I opened my mouth so he could lick what remained of Peter’s cum. I was spent, but he climbed atop me, his hard dick touching my soft one, and kissed me with a passion, a passion that I tried to return, exhausted as I was.

The bed moved, and someone was doing the same to Peter. I didn’t care who. I was with Jerry.

It didn’t last long. Jerry rose and reached his hand out for me to follow. I was led into one of the bathrooms. He sat me down on the toilet’s lid.

“You are beautiful, and let me clean you up.”

With that, he turned on the shower, and when he was satisfied with the temperature, he bade me follow him in. His dick was hard, but not an I-need-to-come-soon hard. Just the sign of an aroused man pleased to be with me, a naked one.

In the shower, he turned me so I faced the controls. After he kissed me on the nape of my neck, he reached to a dispenser and pumped some soap onto it.

“Let me do this,” he said, and from somewhere I said, “Please.”

His soapy hands went down my sides and then around to my chest, scrubbing away. He refilled from the dispenser and ran down my legs, bending as he did so. After running his fingers across the tops of my feet, he lightly kneaded my calves and then ran them up the back of my thighs and up my ass cheeks. As he passed my crack, I shuttered, fearing I would get excited but be unable to do anything about it given the orgasms I’d already had.

I need not have worried, as he had me turn. He got more soap and ran it along my dick, reaching around and running a finger through my crack and grazing my anus. But he did not go in, and he did not pump my dick. Instead he simply cleaned me. It was strangely perhaps the most intimate thing that was ever done to me.

He grabbed the nozzle and turned down the water so he could rinse me off, and when the soap was gone he gave himself a quick dousing before turning it off. He opened the glass door and I stepped out on the bathmat, and he followed me.

“One last thing,” he said. He took a large terry-cloth towel from a stand and began Casibom Güncel Giriş to dry me, including my dick and my crack, instructing me to turn this way or that as he did. When he was done with me, he quickly dried himself off. Both of our dicks were soft. I was naked in a bathroom with a beautiful, older man, and my dick was soft, as was his. It was as if I’d crossed some line, of being comfortable with another man, or at least this other man, though I was completely exposed to him.

He leaned to me, and his lips touched mine briefly. No more.

“I saw what you did and how you did it,” he said. “And I’d like to see more of it. But not in this circus. No promises, but how about dinner tomorrow night?”

I agreed, of course. We left the bathroom. The clock said it was 10:25, and everyone looked exhausted. A few others took showers, and the six of us, with Eric, sat in our robes chatting, this time about more personal stuff than in the nervous chit chat we had when we arrived.

Eric said he was glad we all came—ha! ha!—and he hoped we would return for one of the parties he held. He handed each of us a card with a website and a user ID to explore the options offered. He said if we wanted to follow up with anyone, we could exchange info now or we could go through him. He said he’d see if the other person was interested and if so would provide contact info. Otherwise not.

Then he left us. We looked around. It was strange that we were more nervous wearing robes than we were when we were naked. Awkward, too. Barry was the first to get up, heading to get his stuff out of his locker, and Norm stood and got his as well.

We watched Barry get dressed and when he was done he said, simply, “It was fun, gents. Hope to see you again,” and he was gone. Each of us then got changed, quietly but each of us remained when we were done. Norm shook my hand, said he’d contact me through Eric if I was interested, and was gone.

As for the rest of us, Tim, Peter, and Jerry each asked me for my information, so we exchanged it. I already had a date with Jerry. He lived about ten miles from me so we found a place between the two and enjoyed ourselves and went to his place afterwards and enjoyed ourselves even more. We dated for about a month, but I think he wanted someone more submissive than I turned out to be. Yes, I was a cocksucker and I loved being fucked by Tim, but I also loved fucking Peter. We left on good terms, the chance of it being anything more being so slight to begin with.

I attended several events at Eric’s. With the larger crowd, one needed to book an Uber to go lest the neighbors get more upset than they already were about the Thursday night cars. While some events were well regulated with an even number of tops and bottoms, wearing black and white wristbands, respectively, the ones I went to were plain vanilla, much like that first one. Guys open to doing any number of things.

I went on post-event dates with two or three men I met at those, well, orgies, plus one with Tim. They’d all entered the world through Eric’s “Curious?” ad and were never going back. But nothing clicked with any of them, so I continued looking.

I didn’t tell any of my friends or work colleagues—I am a lawyer at a small firm—that I was gay, and I doubt any suspected. There was no question, though, that I was. The first outsider to find out was Steve. He was a co-owner of a business that one of my firm’s clients was buying. A real estate deal, and I was the firm’s point person. I saw Steve at a few inspections and at the closing.

About a week after title passed, I received a call from him. He said he liked my work and was interested in speaking to him about possibly doing some legal work for his company. I should have been suspicious since there was nothing deficient in the law firm that had long done the legal work, but I was intrigued.

The details are boring, but, no, he was not interested in my legal skills. He was taking a chance that I, who he learned was a long-divorced single guy, might be intrigued about developing a more personal relationship. And I was and I am out and married to him. As I say, that’s for a different story, a more boring one of making love on a regular basis.

Curious? Not anymore.

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