Creating a female Slave


I had seen her walking the quiet lanes in her tracksuit or leggings numerous times over the past Month or so and decided that she will be the one that I would abduct and train for the upcoming Societies event.

The Society is a underground club of like minded men who enjoy forcing women into becoming obedient slaves for their owners pleasure.

She who I have ***********ed looked in her late thirties to early forties. She wore a wedding ring, so was married. Was five foot sixish in height and had a half decent body, curves in the right places and obviously was trying to become fitter by walking. Her hair was straight, brown and short of her shoulders and almost manly styled. She also was attractive, not stunning but attractive. I thought she could easily be bracketed in the group of Moms you would fuck. She would be perfect to occupy my dungeon, and decided to abduct her the following day if it was possible.

She was walking along the lane wearing black sports leggings with pink piping running down the outside and white T shirt top. She looked fine in those leggings I thought as I viewed through my binoculars, they outlined her legs and bottom nicely and I felt my cock getting a semi on at the sight.

I scanned the lane in both directions one final time to ensure there was no others within view, and satisfied, I hurriedly went back to my van parked on the lane ahead of the direction my prey was coming.

I opened the side door, climbed in and pulled the black woollen ski mask with holes for my eyes over my head.

I felt my heart racing as I visualised how near she would be to the van by now and opened the bottle of chloroform and liberally put the liquid onto the cloth I held in my gloved hand.

I heard her footsteps and felt the adrenaline rushing through my body and heart pounding in my chest and waited till she was level with the open door an pounced.

I leapt from the van and she momentarily froze and my arm was around her upper body and the chloroformed soaked cloth over her mouth and nose before she had time to react.

She struggled and tried to scream but the cloth stifled her cries and she inhaled trying to gasp for breathe and her struggle weakened with every intake of the mixture.

Her body started to relax as she got more drowsy and I dragged her now limp body into the van and closed the door.

She was motionless on the floor of the van and I was panting and my hands trembled slightly as I picked up the syringe and injected the anaesthetic into her arm that would keep her unconscious for the journey. I then cuffed her wrists behind her back and tied her ankles and put a hood over her head and tied it loosely around her neck.

I looked at the prone body and reached down and put my hand between her legs and felt and stroked her groin. Yes she will be fun I thought and again felt my cock getting aroused. But now was not the time, and I covered her body with a bursa escort tarpauline , stood and pulled off the ski mask and wiped my face of the sweat and opened the door and stepped down onto the lane and looked around. Still no one about. Good I thought and climbed behind the wheel and set off feeling elated that the most dangerous part of the plan, the kidnapping had worked out exactly as planned and on the floor behind me now was my soon to be sex slave.

I sat on the black leather office chair outside the cage that would now be her world. I had resisted the temptation of stripping her naked and instead left her dressed as she was when I had abducted her with the addition of the leather collar and chain around her neck, even though how the leggings contoured her body had made it a temptation.

She began to stir. Slowly sat up confused and dazed and I pressed the remote in my hand and the strong light from the spotlamps around the cage drowned her with light.

“What…what,s happening?” she shrieked feeling the locked collar and chain.

“What is this…why am I here…what are you doing with me here…let me go…get me out of here now?” her voice raising higher through her anguished sentence to me.

I pressed the remote so the spotlamps either side of me turned off so that she was not blinded by the light and could see me.

Her face took on a slightly incredulous look as she saw me, face masked to conceal my appearance sitting naked fondling my semi hard cock.

A fear she had never felt before went through her very being.

I stood and walked several steps forward letting my now erect cock sway slightly with my movement smiling beneath my mask that she was seeing my nakedness.

“I am your Master, from now forward that is how you will address me. You are now my property… slave…… I own you….you exist for one thing, and one thing only, to satisfy my desires,wants and needs”.

The pleasure I felt seeing the horror on this womans face as she took in what I had just said made me grip my cock and slowly wank myself infront of her.

“Time to see what you look like, strip for me” I asked of her

“Go to bloody hell, your going to get locked up for life if you don,t let me go NOW” she screamed.

I said nothing and just walked round to the rear of the cage and slowly started turning the winch handle that was attached to the chain locked to the collar of my slave. The chain started to get taught and my slave was slowly pulled towards the back of the cage at a upwards angle till she was against the bars and on her tiptoes. I released the tension a couple of inches so her feet were flat on the ground then walked around to the front again collecting a set of handcuffs and the key to the cage door and entered.

She was struggling against the collar as I approached. I looked at her taking in how she looked in those tight leggings and again stroked my cock which bursa escort made her struggle more. I grabbed one wrist and cuffed it then slapped her face hard and forced her wrists behind her and cuffed them together.

I then slowly moved my hands down her torso to her round arse cheeks and gripped them firmly and she spat at me. Her spittle ran down my masked cheek and I laughed and moved one hand round to her groin and roughly gripped her cunt.

She struggled writhing her legs but I forced my naked lower body between them nd my hard cock rubbed against the tight material. She swore and struggled as I continued rubbing the tight material over her cunt which resulted in the leggings forming a cameltoe of her cunt. I stepped back to look at it knowing the cameras would be able to catch it clearly.

I moved in again avoiding the kick she tried to use and smelt her sweatiness and grabbed the top of her now stained T shirt and ripped it violently off her and grabbed her tits through the off white bra she had on.

She continued struggling and swearing at me fondling her which turned me on more, and I pulled the bra straps from her shoulders and I pulled the bra down releasing her breasts from the support and protection the cups had provided.

Her expression altered slightly knowing her tits were exposed to another man other than her husband.

I smiled beneath my mask knowing that I am going to enjoy every moment of the next few weeks as I slowly break this woman,s spirit and alter her from the woman she is now to a docile pliable slave for my enjoyment.

Her round ample soft tits hung slightly and her dark pink areolas and slightly proud largish nipples contrasted erotically to me.

I again grasped her tits weighing them in my hands and once again she swore and attempted to kick out and again I pressed my naked body against her to suppress the strike and looking her in the eyes, I gripped the waistband of her leggings and slowly started to pull them down. She struggled more but I got them down to her knees so they acted as a shackle preventing her from kicking. I moved back admiring the new sight.

My new middle aged slave, a wife to a husband, the mother of a kid or kids as I saw the scar of a caesarean scar above her groin was before me tits bare and her pale blue panties no longer covering her as they were pulled slightly down as I was taking her leggings down and thus showing some of her dark curly pubic hair.

“You will begin to enjoy this in the near future slave and you will hear yourself begging for my cock whenever I am here….today however perhaps not….but you are not trained….yet” I told her.

“Never you bastard” She spiritedly answered.

I smiled, lifted the lower part of the woollen mask to my nose line so that I could use my mouth on her.

She watched me lick my lips moist and I again grabbed her luscious motherly firmish bursa eskort tits hard. She gasped and struggled as I lowered my mouth to her left nipple while pinching the other between my fingers. She yelped with pain and I suckled her nipple till it became hard in my mouth involuntarily to what she would of wanted. I slowly bit the nipple and she started screaming with the pain and I again started kissing the nipple and again started biting it. She screamed again and again as I worked on that one nipple. Kissing and licking it and the rest of her left breast and biting the flesh so that her tit was red with bruising.

I raised my head to admire my handiwork. My slave was sobbing from the pain I caused her tit which she was unable to prevent in any way. Her anguished face was tear stained.

I looked at the bruised tit I had caused and fondled it. The tenderness of the flesh made her squeal and cry out and I put my left hand into her panties feeling her curly pubes on my palm as I shoved two fingers into her wet cunt and grabbing the now sensitive bruised nipple I twisted it roughly making her cry out with pain and simultaneously started roughly finger fucking her.

She was screaming and crying with the pain from her nipples shooting through her body and also felt her body being brought towards a forced orgasm. Pleasure and pain hitting her body and brain simultaneously. She started squirting over my fingers and and I finger fucked her faster harder and she started cumming , her body spasmed and her thighs trapped my hand as the involuntary orgasm spasmed through her. Her sweaty body began to limpen from the exertion and I grabbed her hair with my right hand and took my fingers from her cunt and put them to her nose for her to smell her own cum then I licked them as she watched.

I then with the same hand frantically wanked myself forcing her to watch by pulling her head down slightly and after just seconds I started to cum…spurting the pent up semen from my balls onto her belly and pubes. My warm man seed was now on my slave and I grunted in satisfaction and wiped the tip of my penis along her belly and enjoying her attempt to avoid the contact.

I turned and exited the cage locking the door and walked around to the rear of it, my cock now swaying as I walked as it began to slowly get less hard and I uncuffed the slaves wrists and released the winch brake on her collar chain.

She moved away from the bars, her knees bent and her body arched forward and she slowly almost timidly crossed her arms over her breasts and went to her knees.

I looked at the cameras with their active red dots lit and was satisfied I had enough footage to edit for streaming to my fellow Society members.

I picked up my bathrobe and casually put it on.

“Slave” I called to get her attention.

She slowly raised her tear stained face timidly towards me.

I continued off handedly “ That bucket is your toilet, there is some toilet paper on the mattress and a plastic bottle with water to keep you hydrated” and then I turned leaving through the soundproof cellar door, locking it behind me.

To be continued.

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