Create Your Fantasy

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The heading at the top of the screen simply reads: “What is your ultimate fantasy?” I don’t know how I found this website but I have been staring at the screen for the past ten minutes too afraid to start filling out the survey.

On the home page it states that once you fill in all of the blanks the company will write a personalized story based on what you have described as your ultimate fantasy.

The cursor keeps blinking but I am staring at the empty boxes. “Type, type, type …” I read the first part of the questionnaire.


– Submissive.



– Three.



– Yes.



I can feel a lump building in my throat as I watch the cursor blink at me. My face is getting flushed. It’s not too late to clear my history and erase the cookies from my browser.

– Fur


As I continue to fill out the remainder of the questionnaire I am surprised by the amount of detail that I am being asked to provide. The parameter engine for the survey is very intuitive and is continuously modifying itself to ask me the questions that are appropriate to my particular fantasy.


– Yes.


My erection and the blinking cursor have been my two constant companions since I opened the home page and began thinking about what my ultimate fantasy would be. I have answered just over half of the questions and have begun to take short breaks to touch myself.


– Yes.


I am nearing the end of the form I have started typing with one hand and jerking myself off with the other. After a dozen or more questions and one final click a progress wheel has appeared on the screen.


My hand is sliding very easily up and down my aching shaft. I have filled in my personal details and move the cursor across the screen and hit the submit button and lean forward on my chair as my cum squirts onto the plastic mat underneath my chair.


After thinking about what I did the other night it is safe to say that there are many things a person will do when sexually aroused that he or she would not normally do when, say, standing in the vegetable aisle trying to find the perfect head of lettuce. Filling out that questionnaire falls into the first category.

The fact that my mind was clouded by what I think would be the most intense sexual experience of my life and that my hand was adding some action to my mind play made me very susceptible to spilling my guts out the other night. ‘Hi, I don’t know you, nor do I know what you are actually going to do with this information but here are my most personal desires.’ Maybe not such a great move on my part.

Why am I worrying about this now? Well, I am walking downtown and since the weather has gotten rather brisk over the past couple of days I am beginning to notice more and more people wearing fur. Collars, cuffs, jackets and coats that would either fall into the ‘A for effort’ category or into the ‘I am masturbating tonight because of you’ category are scattered throughout the masses bustling about. Normally I would enjoy the eye candy but every time I look at someone wearing fur I can’t help but think that they have read my questionnaire and they know why I am looking at them.

As I take one last glance at the crowds before pushing through the main doors of my loft I notice a woman wearing a full length coyote coat on her cell phone. ‘Nice try,’ I say to myself. The coat seems to fill the doorway she has ducked into. Coyote always look massive and inviting. ‘Looks good on you,’ I think as I reach for my keys.

Work has been fairly steady over the past few weeks; corporate headshots, real estate, the usual bread-and-butter photography never seems to take a day off. I have an appointment tonight to scout an old hotel/ long-term residence in the west end for some abatement photos. It sounds like a really nice old building on the inside. I have passed it a few times over the years and it has a great art deco exterior that sets it apart from the other buildings on the block. I hope they don’t ruin the exterior.

I have been warned that I should dress well for my meeting tonight as the client doesn’t believe that starving artists should dress like starving artists. I hope he appreciates navy blue and paisley.

Five minutes before seven. I am usually a bit earlier for my meetings but traffic was a bit tricky tonight. Eskort Bayan After checking in with the concierge I hop on the elevator and press the button for the eleventh floor. The mirrored doors shut and the car starts with a bit of a jolt. The poorly lit interior and the low buzzing of the ceiling fixture in the car only add to the charm of the building for me. The temperature inside the elevator is unusually cool – I guess the heater must be as old as the building.

At the sixth floor the elevator stops and the doors slowly slide open.

“Are you going down?,” asks a casually dressed woman with a suitcase.

“Sorry,” I answer. “I’m going up to the eleventh floor.”

“Well,” she says and she gets in, “we may as well get on and ride it out. The elevators in this old dear take forever.” She steps in followed by her friend who is wearing the most gorgeous silver fox fur coat I have ever seen – full pelts, fabulous colour, and the way it sways as she walks into the elevator car is just glorious.

I am glad the lights in the elevator car are fairly dim as I can feel all of my blood rush to my head. As I try to maintain my composure I notice that they are continuing a conversation they must have been having before they got in the elevator.

“We should try The Capitol. I heard the concierge say that the latest Coen brothers movie is playing there.”

The two of them had moved to the back of the car when they got in but the woman with the lovely fur coat has stepped in front of me to push the button for the ground floor. As she talks she is fixing a few fly-aways and giving herself a cursory once-over in the mirrored paneling.

“Their last one was great,” she says. “At the end of it the whole audience just sat there stunned. I love movies that do that.” She has turned to look at me. “Did you see it?,” she asks.

“Yes.” I am so lucky my voice didn’t crack. “You’re right the ending. A lot of movies try to parcel everything in a nice neat package – I prefer to have a few loose threads at the very end. It makes you think.” I have been so enamored with this woman that I didn’t even notice that the car had stopped.

Without changing her expression the woman in the silver fox looks right at me, her fur collar frames her face and seems to spill down the back of her coat. “It looks like the power is out.” She looks over at her friend. I turn my head and see that she is opening the top of her suitcase and is pulling out a mass of pink fur.

“Maybe we should call someone.” She looks at me as she slips into an enormously thick Tibetan lamb coat. The entire corner of the car where she is standing is now filled with fluffy, curly pink curls. “Do you think we should call someone?,” she asks me.

My penis swells immediately and before I can answer her it hits me – the questionnaire!

A hand falls on my left shoulder and gently pulls me to face the front of the car. The woman in the silver fox coat is just a few inches away from me. God, she smells incredible.

Without taking her eyes off of mine she says to her friend “I think he is beginning to get it.” Her hand slides from my shoulder and begins to loosen my belt.

In a whisper she tells me to take my shoes off. I slip them off and she kicks them to the other side of the elevator car. In my periphery I see two thick pink arms reach around my chest and grasp the lapels of my jacket. I move my arms behind me as my blazer falls away. The rest of my clothes end up in the pile by the empty suitcase.

“I thought someone was going to email me a story.” My mind is swimming as the two of them slowly and thoughtfully undress me. “Someone was just supposed to write about this …” My voice sounds weak as I begin to feel fur brush up against my bare skin.

The woman in the silver fox pulls me close and my penis plunges into the fur. “Where is the fun in only writing about this.” Her fur clad arms rub up along my sides and across my chest. “Sometimes the company decides to make someone’s fantasy a reality.” She takes my hands and places them in the small of her back, in her resplendently thick fur, and kisses me. “After reading your questionnaire we volunteered to come here tonight. Besides, we have fantasies, too, you know.”

Out of the corner of my eye I can see a few more articles of clothing being tossed into the pile by the suitcase and realize that the woman behind me is naked underneath her coat. As my penis sways back and forth across the fox fur I hear another low buzzing sound barely audible over the ceiling lamp. The woman in the silver fox slides her hands on either side of my face, the fur skimming across my cheeks.

“We want this as much as you do but if you would like to back out at any time just let us know.” There is a casual sensuality to her that is impossible to resist. She kisses me, her tongue pressing past my lips and filling my mouth. She tastes so sweet and I kiss back. I feel KY being squirted into the crack of my ass followed by the finger-width strap-on vibrator. It slips into my anus and immediately makes my penis twitch.

The woman in pink moves to insert the pulsing plaything completely inside me. The Tibetan lamb feels so supple against my back and legs, and I relish its softness as it brushes against my ass and envelops me with every tender thrust of her hips. With each stroke I am pushed into the fox fur, my penis finds bare skin, pubic hair. I am swaddled in fur, being fucked in time with the swishing of the pelts.

I feel lubricant being slathered all over my cock and look down to see a sheath cresting off the tip of my penis, my taut skin glistening in the dim light of the elevator. Pre-cum seeps from the head of my dick. The woman in the silver fox turns, reaches around the back of her coat, and pulls open a three-foot long slit in her coat. Her bare cheeks look exquisite contrasted against the dark fur. Her fingers pull her cleavage apart, she drops her chin and looks at me in the mirrored wall.

Two furry arms reach around and surround my chest. “Move forward, lover,” the woman in the lamb coat murmurs. “Slip inside her and we can all stand for this.”

With a gentle push from behind me and a well-timed bending of my hips I glide effortlessly into her ass. She takes in a quick breath and coos, and braces herself with her arms against the panel in front of her. I can feel the pre-cum dripping into her as I tenderly move back and forth. “Put your hands on my waist,” she says. “I want you to hold me.”

I move my hands to her waist and watch as my fingers bury themselves in the pile of her coat. It’s so silky, so soft, and as she clenches her ass I have to use every ounce of my being not to scream with delight.

Looking into the mirrored wall beside me I see us fucking. Three undulating figures moving as one in the darkened elevator. The rustling of fur is barely noticeable over the sounds of our humping; love murmurs, lingering breaths and shallow gasps with each minor upsurge of pleasure. In the mirror I watch as the grey and pink hair flutter in time with the exertion of our bodies.

The vibrator sends swells of delight throughout my body as it massages and pulsates inside me. The pink fur feels like fluffy waves crashing against my body. Her hands have reached around my waist and she has begun to rub my belly and she is running her fingers through my pubic hair. Her mouth drops to my neck and she sucks on me. Her arms move up to my chest and surround me completely. I feel small in the vastness of her coat, like a child in a mound of candy floss coloured tresses being lightly bounced inside a fluffy cocoon.

“Don’t be afraid,” she says. “Fill her.” And just as she says that she lightly pushes me forward so that my entire cock slips inside her friend. The two of us moan with ecstasy. I reach up her fur shrouded arms and lock my fingers with hers.

“No one can hear us,” one of them says. I begin to move faster inside of her. Engulfed by fur, swelling inside of her, I bring our arms around her chest and hold her close. With my cheek pressed against the back of her fox coat I peer into the mirror and watch the pink fur puff around my torso like a huge wooly jellyfish. The vibrator speed increases and my ass tightens around it involuntarily. I stifle a grunt and bury my face in the plush shoulders in front of me. I grope for flesh through the deep fur, but the more I search the more my hands get lost in the lavish coat.

“I think I’m cumming,” the woman in pink whispers, the vibrator built for her pleasure as well as mine. She takes in a few more hurried breaths and fucks me with short, even strokes. “I’m cumming, I’m … cumming …” She begins to fuck me harder as she climaxes, and when she turns up the speed on the vibrator as high as it can go I can no longer hold back.

As I ejaculate the woman in the fox coat tightens her grip around my penis causing me to cry out and thrust myself deep inside her. With each twitch of my penis I thrust myself as far into her as I can. The cum gushes from me in long, hard streams. The vibrator is still trembling against my prostate and makes it feel like my whole body is being shaken to the core.

The three of us are pushed into a corner, and with all of the fur around me I don’t know where one of us begins and the other one ends. She grips my cock with her ass a few times as the last of my cum spurts into her. I sob with delight, surrounded by fur. The vibrator gently slips out of me and is shut off. I slide my shaft out of her ass and the both of us let out a deep moan. My whole body is quivering and I am lucky to be sandwiched between these luscious furry forms or I fear I might fall to the floor.

After a few moments of basking in our euphoria we find ourselves facing each other in the faint tungsten glow of the overhead light. The woman in the silver fox has pushed the button to get the elevator going again.

“Come with us,” she says. Anticipating my next question she tells me not to worry. “There is no one on the eleventh floor.”

Without a word her friend has already put her vibrator and all of our clothes into her suitcase, and when the doors open they open to a hallway lit just as dimly as the inside of the elevator car.

They lead me out into the hallway and down to a room halfway to the stairwell, and open the door. I follow them in and close the door behind me. As soon as I am inside the room the woman in pink takes my face in her hands and kisses me with her full, wet tongue.

“You were lovely,” she says with her forehead resting against mine. “You were just lovely.” The woman in the silver fox has come up behind me and has put her arms around me and is squeezing me and has buried her face in my neck.

“My mind is still racing,” I say. “I don’t know what to make of all this.”

The woman in the pink lamb coat drapes her fur across the back of a chair. “Maybe a shower would do us all some good.” The woman in the fox is laying her coat on the edge of a sofa, and as I watch it slip off the cushions and pour silently to the floor we head into the bathroom.

Even though I am too drained to achieve another erection I can feel the familiar ache in my crotch as we caress and kiss each other, soap bubbles flowing off our skin under the hot spray of the shower.

“Come lie down with us” one of them says as they put on their coats. They lead me to a darkened bedroom. The bed is covered with white fox sheets and a double-sided white fox comforter. We climb in and they cuddle me in the middle of the bed, making sure that their coats cover every exposed part of my body.

After a few moments the woman in pink speaks.

“You must have some questions.”

“A few,” I say, my eyes closed, my body floating. “What happened in the elevator?”

“We all came,” the woman in the silver fox says peacefully. “My how we came.”

“No, I mean this was just supposed to be a story.”

“It usually is just a story, but once in a while the company will set up something like tonight.” A pink furry arm drapes across my chest and hugs me securely. “After writing enough stories for certain clients and asking enough questions they can figure out which of us want to become volunteers for other people’s fantasies.”

I feel pubic hair rubbing deftly against my thigh as the woman in the fox fur takes up the story.

“We get to read the entire questionnaire, and if we agree to participate, the Company sets the whole thing up – the location, the pretext, the timing … and the wardrobe.”

“But what happens after this? I can keep a story on my desktop, put in a folder and open it up whenever I want to. But what happens after this?” The impact of the evening is beginning to sink in. I am elated, fulfilled beyond my wildest imaginings, yet with the thought of not being here like this, an emptiness is beginning to weigh on me. “I feel like I have dropped my most precious possession into an ocean only to watch it disappear forever.”

“Don’t worry, lover. That’s not going to happen.”

“Some fantasies we have volunteered for were easy to leave behind. After what we did for each other tonight that this one will be a part of us for a long time to come.”

“How?,” I ask, their hands moving down to my cock. I am already half-erect when a furry wrist strokes my balls.

“We know where to find you, lover,” she says as she straddles my chest. “And we are definitely going to want to do this again.” She reaches forward and puts her hands on the headboard, plants her knees on either side of my face, and lowers her sex to my mouth. I reach up and gently part her lips with my fingers and I begin to run my tongue down the crease of her vagina.

I moan into her as my penis is first licked, then deeply sucked, the lush collar cupping my balls and stroking the insides of my thighs and her head bobs up and down my cock. The woman in the fox fur shifts about behind the mass of pink fleece hovering above me. She grabs hold of my throbbing shaft, dipping its head into her and then pulling it out several times. Satisfied that she has teased me enough she drops her hips and fully engulfs my penis. I look up through the pink mane towering over me and see that she has leaned forward and is fondling her partner’s breasts.

My tongue nimbly flicks and swirls around her sweet spot – I plunge into her as far as I can, her juices slowly flow along my jaw. I find her clit again and trace it with my tongue, over and over again. I slide my hand around her back and start to play with her vagina, stretching her labia and moistening my thumb before I finally thrust it inside her. She gasps and begins to rock her hips over my mouth. I can feel the fur sheets puffing around my balls as the woman in the plush fox coat humps me harder, her slow, deep thrusts consuming my cock. I look up, through pubic hair, through plush pink fur, and as the orgasm begins to well up in my balls I begin to fantasize about what the three of us will do next time …

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