Cramped in the Closet


It seemed pretty obvious that today was more important to Mom than it was to Dad. It was his fiftieth birthday and as far as he was concerned it was just another day. Despite Mom’s insistence that he take the day off from work, he dutifully left the house early that morning, going through his usual work-day. Not to be dismayed Mom had planned a massive surprise party for when he returned that evening, streamers, balloons, huge cake, the works. She even conspired with friend and family to carpool and park a block away so that a suspicious increase in cars parked on our street wouldn’t give it away. What can I say? When Mom got into something, she really went all out. Most of our local family was set to arrive later while Mom, my sister and I finished setting things up.

“Nathan, go help your sister with the decorations in the living room, we’re running out of time!”

To Mom, three hours was cutting it close for putting up party decorations.

My sister, Rachel, was home from college that summer after things fell apart with a boyfriend she shared an apartment with. I think his name was Rob? He never came around and I heard enough from Dad that college romance never lasted, so I never really kept track of her boyfriends. I had just finished high school in the spring and had just returned from a Senior trip to Washington D.C. I had made it home just in time for the longest heatwave in recent history to sweep through the mid-atlantic. Where D.C was hitting triple digits, we were blessed with only the low-nineties. It’s the little things. It only took two days before my sister and I had given up on wearing normal clothes. The less we had on, the better. The central air had never worked all that well, so gym shorts and thin cotton shirts were the way to go. If it wasn’t for Dad’s party, and an earful from Mom, I wouldn’t be wearing a shirt at all. How Mom was wearing her blouse and slacks, I had no idea. Rachel and I didn’t share Mom’s penchant for modesty, preferring a mantra of comfort over convention. Nudity and wearing next to nothing didn’t phase us, though I guess she was right that we should dress, or at least be dressed, for the occasion.

Rachel and I had managed to resist her dress-code somewhat and wore what worked for the heat. Rachel stood up on a dining chair, reaching up to the living room ceiling to tack up one end of an all black streamer. At five foot four she had to perch up on her toes to reach high enough. She had on this pair of neon pink running shorts that seemed way too short to be at all practical. Her dirty-blonde hair was up in a ‘good-enough’ ponytail and as she stretched she called over shoulder,

“Why again am I doing this? You’re the tall one.”

“I’m afraid I’m afflicted with a chronic lack of ambition,” I quipped as I came over to help her

At six-two I grabbed the streamer from her and easily tacked in place.

“Oh, eat a dick, Nate” Mom was always getting after her for her foul mouth.

I chuckled as I turned away from her and was no more than two steps away before I felt her small frame hanging off my shoulders, she had kicked the chair over as she leapt off onto my back in another one of her only-fun-for-her forced piggy-back rides.

“Knock it off!” Yelled mom from the adjoining kitchen.

“Sorry Mom!” shouted Rachel in response, directly into my right ear.

“Gah! I’d like to keep my hearing past my nineteenth birthday. Shit.” I griped at her while I worked an index finger in my ear, trying to relieve the slight ringing. “Your tit’s out, by the way.”

In climbing down my back her tank top had worked itself around one of her breasts, pulling the ample globe up and out over the strap. Like I said, nudity wasn’t a big deal. I didn’t blame her for not wearing a bra on a day like today, anyhow. She readjusted herself without any hint of embarrassment and surveyed the decorations.

“I think we’re pretty much done here. Balloons, streamers, all the ‘over the hill’ tableware we could ever want.”

“That’s good because I think people are already here. Mom’s talking to someone in the kitchen.”

Mom’s sister had arrived and they were chittering over whatever meal Mom had planned for the event that Dad didn’t even want. Soon family friends began to stream in and we new everyone had made it when I spotted Dad’s brother, Frank, outside finishing his cigarette before coming in.

Mom had planned this party in such great detail that she had made up a diagram of exactly where each and every one of the twenty-something guests were going to hide. The whole operation elicited grins from some, exaggerated eye-rolls from others, and a disgruntled mumble from Uncle Frank. Rach and I knew better than to object when Mom got herself involved in something like this. Mom’s OCD dragged the process out over the better part of an hour and when everyone was placed perfectly behind curtains and couches, Mom instructed my sister and I to hide inside the closet. It was getting görükle escort close to the time that Dad would be home and we needed to hurry up. Only the closet in the living room was barely big enough to hold the piles of boxes and seldom-used jackets that were already in there, so there was no way this was going to work. Mom insisted despite our protest and opened the folding closet door and shoved us inside.

“Just do what you have to do to make room and don’t you dare ruin this surprise for your father!” She kept her tone low enough that no one else heard her, but it was clear that this was not the time to test her patience. We forced our way through miscellaneous ‘family treasures’ until there was enough space for the two of us to exist. I went in first so I was fortunate to have the clear spot against the left-hand wall, Rachel, however, wasn’t so lucky. Junk was piled up so that she had to stand with her legs straddling a box that came up to her mid thigh, a situation that was hardly comfortable and far from ideal.

“Hang on, Nate.” She said as she awkwardly bent forward to pick up the box, suddenly thrust her butt against my crotch. She apologized with a grunt as she lifted the box onto a pile of boxes directly in front of her. It was cramped, but at least she had room to stand. So what if it was directly in front of me with her butt wedged against me. My sister and I were close, but I’m not sure either of us was entirely comfortable with actively grinding on each other. It was hot in the house, this was an oven. The air was stifling and ninety degrees outside felt like one hundred twenty in here. In moments we were both sweating profusely. I was soaking wet, wedged behind my sister and the only way I could think this could have been any worse is if I did what virile eighteen year old boys do, so naturally, I started getting hard. Knowing what was likely about to happen I had to get myself a little breathing room.

“Rach, can you scoot forward a little bit?”

“Not really, Nate, I’m hugging a tower of boxes and standing on something as it is. Dad’ll be home soon, so just deal.”

Being the eldest at twenty, she always got the full bront of Mom’s wrath when things didn’t go her way, so Rachel was committed to make things go smoothly no matter how uncomfortable things were. I was stuck, trying to think the least sexy things possible. Of course the first thing I think of is Alison Fletcher.

Alison represented the entirety of my sexual experience up until this point, if an awkward hand-job and urgent tit groping in D.C. counted as experience. Unfortunately, though she lost her nerve and stopped before I came citing concerns that I was ‘gonna make a mess.’ I didn’t want to be overly-aggressive so I didn’t push it, hell, I was just thrilled that I had the chance to get her sizable tits out of her low cut tank-top. That left me with my first serious case of blue-balls and the slightest hint at what I was missing out on. Porn was a decent substitute for the golden promise of actual sex, but I wasn’t in any rush and the idea of being ‘too old’ to be a virgin anymore always seemed stupid to me. I hadn’t had sex yet, big deal. But there was no way any amount of porn, or school-sponsored exploration was going to prepare me for what was happening right now. Pressed up tightly again my sister, both of us soaked with sweat, trying so hard to be quiet until Dad arrived home while my cock nestled itself between her unexpectedly amazing ass. The thin material of my gym shorts clung to my thighs and I could tell that Rachel’s where doing the same the way she shifted slightly from one foot to the other, trying to pull the sticky fabric away from her legs. I grit my teeth as the slight motion of her ass rubbed my confused semi-hard dick. It didn’t know what to do any more than I did.

I had never entertained the idea of sexualizing Rachel. We were close, she was my best friend, and despite the usual sibling rivalry we got along more often than not. We were very laissez faire about modesty and we never grew up ashamed or interested in each other’s bodies. Co-ed bathtime was common until the dramatic differences between boys and girls came about and even then, I had seen her breasts often enough when she got out of the shower and I never thought twice. She’s my sister, so what if she has tits. And anyway I have more respect for her than to reduce her body to jack-off fuel.

Biological instinct, however, seems to trump respect as my cock did the only thing it could think to do under such circumstances, it got even harder. The slight caress of Rachel’s toned ass sent a rush of blood to my dick so sudden that, combined with the heat, I felt my face burn bright red in spite of how hot it was. A barely audible grunt, nothing more than a whisper escaped from me. My legs forgot that I had been trying to give Rachel what space I could and I half-collapsed into her. She was pushed forward into the tower of junk on the other side eskort bayan of the closet, shifting it precariously. The silhouette of her face turned towards me and gave me a curt “shush” and whispered,

“Quiet, Nate. I know this sucks, but I’m sure as hell not going to be the one to spoil this. Mom worked really hard on this and you know how obsessive she gets once she’s gotten an idea in her head.”

I nodded and whispered a weak apology, terrified that she could feel my cock straining at the front of my wet shorts prodding at the cheeks of her ass.

She turned back to the slats of the closet door, keeping an eye on the living room in anticipation of Dad walking in from the kitchen. After a moment we tried to settle back into the position we were in before and I did my best to keep myself at least a dick’s length between us but the pile of boxes in the corner had shifted and she had to back up against me further than she had before. There was nothing I could do about the iron bar in my shorts that Rachel suddenly felt slide up the crack of her ass as she moved back into place. She stiffened. I couldn’t help but wonder if she was more surprised that her brother was knocking on the back door, or at the size of it. I never bragged, but it does wonders for a guy’s self-esteem when the few girls that have seen his penis react in a way that is equal parts impressed and intimidated. It edged just over eight inches on a good day-despite the moral question of being aroused by your sister in a closet this was, in fact, a very good day- and it had pressed itself into the back of Rachel’s small running shorts effectively giving her a wedgie. A deep one in fact, because as I felt her tense at the intrusion, I swore I felt something twitch, then suddenly clench, between her legs.

“Nate…that’s not” she whispered hoarsely.

“No!” I squeaked, a little louder than I should have,”-it’s, uh-”

“You’re fucking hard?” She asked frankly. It was less a question than a statement.

I had heard her swear before and she had told plenty of jokes about dicks in the past, but the combination of her saying the word ‘fucking’ and describing an erection, specifically my erection, made my hips press forward involuntarily, sliding further up her ass and pushing the head of my cock out from the band of my shorts.

“Are you kidding me?” her exasperation brought the volume of her voice just above a whisper and we received a volley of terse shushes from various family members in the rest of the house.

“Sorry, Rach-I-” I stammered, trying to hold back the urge to grind against her, though I didn’t have an explanation as to why my hands gripped her by the hips, or why the thumb of my right hand gently squeezed at the firmness of the top of her buttcheek.

“Just hold still and be quiet,” she scolded, quietly, feeling the effects of the family’s admonishment, “We can deal with this after the party. Don’t fuck this up!”

At the word fuck I took another-semi-involuntary-stroke up and down the length of her ass and I felt a small spurt of pre-cum spray the small of her back. Despite the heat and the sweat already pouring off of her it must have felt like boiling water on her skin as she reacted with a short hiss through her teeth.

The teetering mountain of boxes and bags of clothes on the other side of the closet finally gave way, cascading through what little space we had left, knocking us into the coats and sweaters hanging at the back of the closet. When we got back to our feet I was forced against the opposite wall and Rachel could only footing was on top of years of family junk with no other choice to lie back against my chest, her head on my shoulder, almost raised up to my height.

“Be quiet in there!” Mom, barked in a whisper, more concerned with the her surprise being ruined than years of junk crushing her children.

“Sorry, Mom”, I called, with Rachel echoing an apology with a noticeable waver in her voice.

Rachel rested against me the best that she could, her abs straining to keep from putting her full weight on her pelvis. Unbeknownst to me, in the struggle to compose ourselves I had sprung my cock free from my shorts and it had gone straight up the leg of hers. She was fighting so hard to stay upright because bobbing and twitching directly underneath her pussy was the tip of my cock, brushing against the wispy hairs and dipping at her moist entrance.

Wait. Moist?!

It must be sweat. It had to be. She was so stern with me before, there was no way she wanted anything to happen between us. This was insane.

“Goddammit, Nate, help me” she pleaded, her voice reflecting the tears welling up in her eyes as she squirmed and closed her legs, trapping my cock agaisnt her pussy and forcing the head against her clit.

“Nope. Mistake. Bad idea. Shit!” she shuddered a whisper and I had just enough time to bring one hand up to her ass to help hold her place before altıparmak escort she slumped slightly, my other hand shot against the wall to keep us from falling over completely.

“Rach, what should I do?” I asked, ashamed that I desperately wanted to move my hands to her heaving breasts and let her impale herself on my in one sudden drop.

“Just help me stay up, Dad will be home soon enough and we can get out of here.” Her logic conflicted with the subtle way her thighs rubbed together around my shaft. “Mmm… and If you move that fucking thing, if you so much as think about doing anything with it, I. Will. Murder. You.” She was a bit breathless from the exertion of doing anything she could not to fuck me, but was that a moan?

We stayed that way the best we could, alternating between my arms and her legs doing the brunt of the work, I honestly could have held her there longer during my turn, but every minute or so I feigned fatigue so that I could enjoy the vantage point I have of her heaving chest. All the years I had seen her topless by the pool, or through the bathroom door opened just a crack, I had never fully appreciated how beautiful her breasts were. They were probably C’s though I never worried much about the size of a girls tits as long as they looked nice and Rachel’s were amazing. Her sweat-soaked tank revealed the sweeping curve of each breast as it stood out proudly despite her half-reclined position. The pinnacle of each poked under her shirt with an engorged nipple the size of my index finger. I hadn’t ever seen them hard before. Larger than I would of thought, but it only made me want to suck them more. It was my turn again and I placed my hands under her firm ass, wondering when Dad would get here, but secretly hoping he never would.

It had been close to fifteen minutes and sounds of restlessness could be heard from our aunt and little cousin with the impatient cough of uncle Frank, wishing he could sneak onto the back deck for a smoke. The longer we waited the less we held back from each other. The occasional twitch of my hips gave way to gentle rocking and Rachel no longer avoided squeezing her legs together, absentmindedly timing it with the moment my cock brushed her clit.

Neither of us acknowledged what was happening, instead we stared out through the narrow slats in the closet door, waiting, wondering-though no longer caring-if Dad was ever going to make it home.

“Nathan” she only called me that when she was being incredibly serious, or with a mock-sincerity reserved for a full name scolding.

“I can’t do this. I have to…just let me”

And as it registered what she was saying she gave one final push with her legs, lifting herself from me fully, her back pushing against my chest and sliding my aching cock from the leg of her shorts and sending it slapping against my belly in protest of its sudden loneliness. I expected her verbal assault to begin now that we’d be able to get ourselves before swiftly reaching behind her to grab my bobbing cock and pull her shorts down just enough to expose herself.

Then she relaxed.

All at once her ass rested on my lap and I felt the entirety of my cock engulfed in the slick warmth of her pussy, she bottomed out and bit her lip to hold back a scream. I was too shocked to moan, or grunt, or object. My first fuck was my older sister in the living room closet a few feet away from most of our family while we tried to avoid falling under a pile of useless junk. It was absurd, it was surreal, it was embarrassing and I was ashamed that I had let things get this far. I wanted to apologize and explain and brace myself for the verbal and physical beating that I knew I deserved and was certain she’d be happy to deliver.

So, naturally, I immediately came harder than I thought was physically possible.

I never had a chance. As soon as my head hit the very deepest part of her, nestled against her cervix and the fluttering warmth of her walls fully caressed my shaft, my balls pulled up and I pumped shot after shot of cum deep in her belly.

“Oh, fuck you!…too quick!” she panted and I shot six more times in response, finally uttering a low, rolling growl for every blast.

“So fucking hot” She talked like a stranger, like a nymphomaniac, not someone I had known my whole life. Least of all my older sister

She didn’t even give me a moment to apologize before she began to rock back and forth working, my faltering cock the best she could considering our positioning.

“This is your fault” she muttered, as she flex and rolled her hips, stirring my cock against the front wall of her pussy, coaxing it back to full hardness. I wanted to apologize, but there didn’t seem to be the right way to say it. ‘Gosh, sis, I’m sorry you’re hot as fuck and grinding your ass made me hard and then we sort of started fucking’ didn’t feel like it fully covered things, you know? Still, I had to at least say something.

“Rach, I’m sorry, I di-” I was cut off by the sudden sensation of her pulling herself up and off my cock. She realized she could push off of the pile she had been standing on and raise herself off of my cock a few inches before settling back down to the base with a roll of her hips.

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