Craigslist Adventures 05


I arrive at my new place and lug the gurly things suitcase inside and into the bathroom. Daddy messaged me that he’s about 30 minutes away, he had to take a business call. He mentions in the message he would really love to see me in full passable makeup when he comes over, he’s so horny and can’t wait for me to finish him off.

I guess I do owe him big for helping with the movers and I left him with a huge hard on, and we’ll have plenty of time this time.

I take off all the boy clothes and smooth down my tight skirt, and pull out all my makeup items and start with concealer, then heavy eyeshadow. I’m doing a sexy pink to black smokey eye finishing in a wing tip, then heavier eyeliner and cat eye. Putting eyeliner on the bottom lid too with some extra pink eye shadow, then gluing on super sexy fake lashes and a double dose of mascara to finish the look. WOW!

I finish with foundation and blush and contouring to make me look so feminine and sexy. I use lip liner and fill in my lips with more pink, then topped with pink sparkly lip gloss. Another WOW!

Lastly I glue on fake nails with a french tip and pull on my wig and fix into place.

I look so fucking hot!

I cant stop staring at myself in the mirror, daddy is going to be so pleased. I walk to the bedroom so I can look at myself in the full length mirror. Again I can’t stop staring at how gorgeous I’m looking.

Daddy messages that he’s arriving. I have this naughty urge to go outside and meet him, broad daylight dressed up so sexy. I hesitate and I hear a knock at the door so I go to let him in. I then realize there’s no curtain on the entry door which is half window so daddy is standing there staring at me, jaw open in awe, as I walk to the door, I feel that butt plug still inside me, feels so nice.

Daddy comes in and closes the door, without a word he kicks off his shoes and takes off his pants. There’s no furniture so he hops up on the counter top, spreads his legs and pulls me to him.

“You are so fucking gorgeous sweetie,” daddy says, “suck my dick, I need to cum.”

“With pleasure, daddy,” I reply.

He’s already hard so I take his cock all the way inside my mouth and suck him slow and deep, my sexy lips wrapped tightly around his bulging cock.

I pull away, stroke the head while gently sucking on his balls, then take his cock back inside. It doesn’t take much longer and he tenses and explodes in my mouth. Yum, I swallow every drop of cum.

Daddy has to go back to work, he takes a couple pics of me dressed up, he hugs me, tells me he can’t wait for next time, and he’s going to send me another gift to try on for him. He reaches down under my skirt and pushes on the plug, he tells me to wear it all day and not to take it out until tonight.

“Ok daddy,” I tell him.

I really wanted to stay dressed but the movers are coning so sadly I can’t. I do take a couple more pictures and send them to Mark who I told I would contact when I moved here, I let him know I’m moving in and we should hook up soon.

Its been a busy couple months. Mark’s been emailing me, he’s so excited to see me completely passable after I sent him those pics, to meet up and daddy wants to hook up again too. I’ve just been busy and nothing has worked out. Then Mark suggested another parking garage meet up like last time and the days he mentioned worked for me so we picked Thursday the following week around 6. I was so excited, I wore my butt plug all week, I wonder if he’ll want to fuck.

The night before I painted my nails a pretty pink and glued on long fake nails, and painted them to match.

It’s Thursday and I started drinking wine early afternoon and started a hot bath, I’ve been keeping myself regularly shaven but wanted a nice super smooth shave for tonight. After my bath I pour more wine and glue on my fake silicone breasts, then add a little foundation to the edges so they blend in to my skin and look very real.

Next on to my makeup, this takes me the longest, plenty of layers Pendik Escort of concealer and foundation, I went with a black smoky cat eye, heavy eyeliner, fake lashes and extra mascara to make my eyes so damn sexy, then finish all the contouring and blush and lips, nice sexy pink lips to match my nails.

I put on all black sexy lingerie. First, an all lace unlined bra, black satin thong panties, a satin and lace waist cincher with garters, then lastly lace top sheer stockings that I connect to the garter straps. Oh my God I look so sexy. I put on my wig and stiletto high heels, go in front of the full length mirror and take a pic to send to daddy. Lastly I put on my dress, a purply/red satin slip dress lined by sexy black lace, long sleeves all lace only, a deep V in back covered in lace, the front goes up to the neck like a choker and the skirt ends mid thigh, the lace goes a little longer. One of my sexiest dresses. I take another pic for daddy.

I’m ready and I look amazing. I am super nervous to go outside, it’s still light out, and I need to walk to my car across the street to drive to the meetup spot. I drink more wine to calm my nerves, then just go for it. I get into the car to leave and text Mark that Im headed there.

I pull into the parking garage he picked and go to one end, its a long rectangular garage, 5 stories high, I park where he told me, on the other end is where all the stores and shops connect to the garage. It’s pretty full which is adding to the butterfly’s in my stomach.

I park and wait, Mark talked so much about how last time was so hot, so I expect the same this time. Again, he opens the passenger door and gets in. Mark just stares at me.

“Holy shit!” he proclaims. “Damn you look so amazing!”

He gets out and comes around the car and opens my door, he grabs my arm to pull me out. Im resisting a little, he says he wants to see all of me so I give in and get out of the car. He slams the door, and after looking me slowly up and down, he takes my hand and says to follow him.

Wait, what, I stop, he turns and says he has a surprise but I have to come with him. My heart is racing, good thing I had plenty of wine, I follow. He walks hand in hand with me down the parking garage towards the other end and halfway there is an elevator.

Theres plenty of people walking around, cars driving past, we go up to the 4th floor, we walk out and proceed to the side opposite of where I parked, to a van, Mark opens the side door, to my amazement there is a man there, watching porn and slowly stroking his cock wich is pulled out through the zipper of his jeans.

Mark says, “This is Edgar, get in the van and suck his cock!”

I do what he says.

Mark gets in the van and drives it up to top floor as I get down on my knees on the floor in front of Edgar, I take in the view of his huge cock, he’s definitely bigger then Mark.

I’m so turned on right now, I take his big, beautiful cock into my mouth, slowly start sucking up and down and with my hand I stroke the lower part of his cock, I’m so into sucking this big dick I don’t notice Mark has parked, sat next to us, and pulled out his big cock and started stroking it.

I’ve been sucking for a while and finally notice, so I switch and take Mark’s cock, all the way down my throat, I stroke Edgar’s cock and suck Mark’s, then switch. Oh my God this is so hot, I’ve been craving this. Two big cocks just like I had asked Mark for when we first fucked.

My best guess is Mark’s cock is about 9 inches, and Edgar’s cock has to be about 10 or more. I go back and forth to each big dick, sucking on one and stroking the other.

This is so fucking hot, it’s such a turn on. I’m sucking two big beautiful cocks in this van in a parking garage.

I’m now sucking Edgar’s big cock, my right hand stroking the bottom of his dick, my left hand stroking Mark’s big cock. I lift my head away to switch and I notice now Mark has his phone out and is recording me, wow, that turns Anadolu Yakası Escort me on even more.

“I’m close to cumming, keep sucking me,” Edgar demands.

I immediately put my mouth back on his cock, wrap my lips tightly around his shaft and take him deep, while still stroking his shaft and Mark’s shaft, then slowly keep sucking Edgar, his dick got harder and started to spasm as he groaned and shot loads of cum into my mouth and down my throat, I swallowed so much cum. As he finished, I went back to Mark, took his whole cock in my mouth, down my throat, looked up at him as he continued filming. I slowly sucked him up and down.

“I’m so close to cumming,” Mark exclaimed.

I continued slowly sucking, his cock got harder, and harder still, my lips wrapped tightly around just his cock head as he spews his cum into my mouth, I swallow all his cum while looking up at Mark.

Edgar gets in the driver seat and drives back down to the second floor where I had gotten into the van, its where Mark’s car is parked and near the walkway over to all the shops and the opposite end of where I’m parked and 1 floor above. I was wondering why Mark had me park so far away.

Edgar says goodbye, he says nice to meet me and hopefully he’ll see me again soon. We get out, I’m hesitant looking around to see if people are around. There’s nobody. Mark wraps his arms around me, giving me a big hug. He tells me how amazing I was again and hoped I liked his surprise. I said I loved it. He said this is the second part of the surprise.

“I’m getting in my car to leave, and you’re walking all the way back to your car. Do you think anyone will see you?” Mark says.

Oh my God! My heart drops, I get so nervous. I just stare at Mark, and I do just as he says. He gets in his car and drives away. I’m standing there all alone. After the initial shock, and nerves, there is some excitement too.

I start walking, in those 4.5 inch stilettos, towards the elevator. Theres random cars driving past, just a few. No people yet. I get to the elevator, take it down to the first floor, and walk back to my car. I did see a few cars and a couple people walking. I wonder if anybody looked at me, as I sit in my car, legs shaking a little, still nervous from that.

I’m also rather excited Mark made me do that, also that amazing experience sucking two huge cocks. Oh my, what a day! There’s a message from Mark waiting on my phone.

“Hi sweetie, message me back when you get back to your car.” Mark’s message read.

As I sit in my car and ponder messaging him back, not sure if I’m a little mad at him or just really turned on, let me take a break and back to reality.

(As i’m writing this story, it’s getting later at night, I’m drinking wine, watching porn, I just got a delivery from Kohls for 7 thong panties from Candies, 1 lacy pushup bra, 2 dresses, 4 inch high heels, 2 pairs tights. I’m wearing a pair of maroon thong panties while typing. I also have newly bought bananas, still not close to being ripe, but they are nice and long and gently curved. It’s probably the wine but I’m feeling horny, I get my asspussy wet with saliva, suck on one of those bananans, measuring 8.5-9 inches, slide it up inside of me, laying down watching porn, I keep slowly pushing it until it has slipped all the way inside me, my hole closing around it, just the stem sticking out. I slide my thong back into place and leave it there as I go back to typing my story. I also posted an add asking for a cock to suck.

I continue writing, drinking wine, watching porn, wiggling my ass to feel the banana inside me, and after 30-40 minutes I’ve gotten about 12 replies so I start messaging. Most are flakes, and 3 or 4 were promising. I’ll save the details but 1 guy said he can be over at 11:30, you still never know, so another guy who told me he was new to this and didn’t have a big dick could make it by 11. I asked how big is it and he said about 5.5 inches. I said it’s ok.

Anyways I was still İstanbul Escort working on the story but watching more porn and drinking more wine when his message says he’s parking.

Oh my. I get my glass of wine and go wait for him by the door, that huge banana still all the way inside me.

“Just come in I’m waiting for you,” I message him.

He comes inside, it’s completely dark, just a chair in the middle of the room, a dim night light giving off just a hint of light. He follows instructions and pulls his pants down and sits.

“I’m not sure I’ll get hard,” he says.

I don’t say a word, I kneel down and take his whole flacid dick into my mouth and start playing with it, swirling my tongue around it, after only a minute or so it starts growing. My favorite! He gets fully erect in my mouth, I keep it inside my mouth and suck it, wrapping my lips tightly around the shaft, sliding my head up and down, he’s moaning, “yes, yes,” he says. He only lasts a few minutes before he’s cumming, and I swallow it all. He leaves. I pour more wine, half expecting the next guy not to come through. But, I then got his message, he was on his way and had 15-20 minutes. This guy also follows directions and drops his pants, sits down, but he’s already hard. He has a much nicer cock and lasts much longer, I have to work harder to swallow his cock down my throat, then again swallow all his cum. He sent me a thank you message afterwards.)

What a nice, naughty break from telling my story.

So where was I?

“That was mean and naughty,” I messaged back to Mark.

“But you loved it! I bet you’re so turned on?” Mark replied. “I’m just down the street having a drink at a dive bar, my dick is hard thinking about you walking all alone back to your car, are you still parked? I’ll come pick you up.”

“Yes I am.” I said.

I am so turned on. I want more.

It didn’t take long and his car pulls up in front of mine, I get out of my car and in to his car, I’m like not even thinking, just doing.

His cock is sticking out of his zipper, it’s rock hard. I lean over and take it into my mouth and start sucking it. He starts driving away with me.

Next thing I know he’s parking, but then says to me, “We’re here, come inside with me and have a couple drinks.”

Oh God! We’re at that dive bar. I look at him in fear. He said, “Don’t worry, there’s only like 6 people inside and I have a table tucked into the corner, I’ve already talked to the bartender. Come with me. He puts his cock away and gets out.”

Time to just do and not think. I’m so fucking turned on.

So I get out and follow. The table is out of the way, and about 6 people, townies, the bartender was checking me out as I walked with Mark to his table. I asked for vodka soda, splash of cranberry, double please.

Mark came back with drinks, he took my hand and put it down to his cock, I pulled it back out of his open zipper, licked my hand and put it back and stroked him. He told me how fucking hot I was.

My heart is beating a mile a minute. I can’t believe I’m here. We finish our drinks and he gets one more round. I’m looking around when he’s gone but nobody is really paying attention.

He pulls his hard cock back out after he sits down, tells me to put it into my mouth. I pause, look around again, then bend into his lap and take him into my mouth, I’m so turned on I take him all the way down my throat, pause and keep him there as I go up and down. Oh my God!

We’re in public. I pull away and look around again, I make eye contact witht the bartender, but nobody else is paying any attention, my heart still drops again.

He puts his cock away, “drink your drink and lets go, I need to cum!” Mark says. “Don’t worry the bartender already knows everything.”

We finish our drinks and get back in the car, he drives to the back of the parking lot, which is dark and secluded. He turns to me and says, “make me cum now baby!”

I take him back into my mouth, long, deep, strokes as I gently play with his balls too. He cums a huge load after a short 5 minutes. He must also be really turned on. I swallow it all, we ride in silence back to drop me off at my car, I get in and drive home. I’m so amazed at what just happened to me.

To be continued again…

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