Cowboys Four


Saturday night in Fort Worth offers plenty to do. Laurie’s my best friend and we love to go out and have a good time on the weekends. We’d decided to go out on the town and hit a couple of the country western nightclubs. Although Laurie’s deaf, she loves to dance and have a good time. One of the guys where Laurie works suggested we try a place called the Blackwater Saloon. He told her it had a country western atmosphere and a large dance floor. He was sure we’d like it. It was one of his favorite hangouts.

On our nights out on the town, Laurie and I like to dress sexy, hoping there’ll be plenty of guys around to take notice. This night was no different. Laurie’s got a great pair of legs and she wears her skirts plenty short. I opted for a black velour jumpsuit, cut low in the back, down to my waist but not quite as plunging in the front, just enough to show plenty of cleavage.

We decided to stop in at the Blackwater Saloon. The parking lot was crowded but we managed to find a spot clear at the far end. I wheeled the pick-up in the spot before anybody beat us to it. We walked across the lot passing a couple of guys wearing cowboy hats talking by their truck. The turned their heads watching us as we approached. The looks on their faces displaying their approval.

Although Laurie can’t hear a thing, she can read lips so she can pretty much understand what people are saying to her. The guys waved and we waved back. Don’t think either of us were really interested in them but it doesn’t hurt to be friendly.

The Blackwater was packed, didn’t see a table available anywhere so we made our way to the bar when we spotted a couple of empty seats. The Blackwater didn’t have live music, just a DJ playing the music. The music sounded great. Well to me it did anyway. Laurie could have cared less. We ordered drinks, red wine. I’m not much on beer. Laurie was surveying the crowd looking for “hot” guys, one of her favorite pastimes. Other than couples it looked like there were more girls than guys in the club. Laurie noticed it too but we decided to stay awhile and see how we’d fair against the competition.

We didn’t have to wait too long. Laurie was approached by a neatly dressed guy wearing a cowboy hat and asked to dance. Laurie didn’t quite understand what he’d said. She looked at me and I said, “dance” in a more pronounced manner. Laurie and I had also worked out a series of gestures so we could communicate better. She got the message and followed the guy out onto the dance floor. The guy hadn’t realized Laurie was deaf. He held Laurie close; I could see she was enjoying being in his grasp. The guy had a big smile on his face, probably happy that Laurie had agreed to dance with him. He was taller than Laurie’s 5’7” height. I’ll have to admit, he did have a cute butt on him. I’m a “butt” girl in case you haven’t guessed. The song stopped and another slow dance song followed. Laurie and her cowboy continued dancing, seemed they were hitting it off pretty well.

I noticed a several guys sitting at a table staring at me. Don’t know if they were just looking or trying to build up enough courage to approach me. I lit up a cigarette, a bad habit I’d picked up from Laurie. The music stopped for a minute and Laurie and the cowboy returned to the bar.

“She can’t hear you, she’s hearing impaired,” I told him.

Laurie prefers hearing impaired instead of deaf. She said it didn’t sound quite as drastic. The guy looked a little startled but he seemed to handle the news alright.

“She can read your lips but you have to look right at her” I said.

“That’s cool. I thought she just didn’t want to talk to me on the dance floor” He replied.

“Would you two like to join us? I’m with some friends at the table over there.” He pointed to the table where I’d noticed the guys watching me earlier. I asked him if he was sure it would be alright with them. He readily assured eskişehir escort me, we’d be more than welcome.

We picked up our glasses and followed him over to the table where his friends were sitting. They all rose from their chairs as we approached. Such gentlemen! Darren, the guy Laurie had danced with, introduced his friends to us. Rick, Michael and Dan, all in their mid-20‘s I guessed.

I introduced us to the guys. Darren mentioned to his friends that Laurie was hearing impaired but she could read lips. The all smiled at her, guessing it didn’t seem to bother them. Rick asked me if I’d dance with him and I quickly accepted his offer. On the dance floor he held me close, just the way I like it. I could smell a hint of his cologne. It was very intoxicating, not overbearing. His right hand was on my bare back just above the waistband to my jumpsuit. He was a fantastic dancer, our bodies melted together as we danced. One of the other guys had asked Laurie to dance, think it was Michael. He was closer to Laurie’s size and I could see they were chatting as they danced. She was smiling and speaking back to him so I assumed she was able to read his lips without much problem. The music changed to something faster paced. Rick and I returned to the table along with Michael and Laurie. We all got to talking, Laurie was trying to carry on two conversations at the same time but she was having a little difficulty. Not so much on Laurie’s part as the guys. The music was loud where we were seated and the guys couldn’t hear Laurie when she spoke. Laurie’s very soft spoken and the music was drowning her out. The guys ordered more drinks, they all drank beer. I ordered another glass of wine for Laurie and myself, the last one I’d drink for the evening since I was doing the driving. Figured I’d slip it slow and make it last. When Laurie gets to drinking, being behind the wheel is the last place you’d want her. The guys were all very nice, not rowdy or obnoxious. Laurie and I both noticed them checking us out. Darren and Michael seemed to pay plenty of attention to Laurie’s legs. I caught Rick and Dan trying to get a peak down the front of my jumpsuit.

As the evening wore on, the Blackwater started really filling up. There were people standing around waiting for a table to open up. The guys noticed it too and said it was a lot more crowded than usual. With all the noise, it was getting hard to carry on a conversation. Rick suggested we all go to his house and party there where it wasn’t so noisy and crowded. I was a little hesitant but Laurie liked the idea of getting out. We agreed to go with them to Rick’s house, which was just on the outskirts of Fort Worth. Figuring we might get lost, Darren asked if he could ride with Laurie and me in case we got separated. It sounded like a pretty good idea.

We made our way out of the nightclub and into the parking lot. The guys were parked not far from us so we all walked together. The night air had turned cool and refreshing. Michael put his cowboy hat on Laurie; it came down to her ears, a few sizes to big. Darren put his arm around Laurie as we walked to the truck. Darren helped Laurie step up into the track, her short skirt riding far up, giving him a generous look at her legs.

The traffic on I-20 was moving swiftly. It didn’t take us long to get west of the by-pass and the exit we needed to take. We drove south on the two-lane highway for a few miles then onto a narrow county road. The house was an old farmhouse the guys were renting together. The said it offered them a place to get away from the city and party without bothering any close neighbors. I assumed they liked to party a lot. The guys turned on the lights in the livingroom and the kitchen. I asked to use their bathroom. I needed to answer the call of nature.

Everyone was standing around in the kitchen. Dan handed escort eskişehir me a beer, I sipped it even though I’m not a beer person. Everyone was having a good time. Laurie’s smile told me she was really enjoying herself basking in the attention of Darren and Michael. We drifted back into the livingroom where we could all sit down. Michael and Darren sat on one of the couches with Laurie between them. I picked out a nice comfortable chair. Rick and Dan sat on the floor in front of me.

Michael lit some candles and turned down the lights. Rick went over to the stereo in the corner and put on some cd’s keeping the volume low so we could all still talk. I noticed Darren and Laurie weren’t doing any talking. Darren had his arm around her waist, pulling her to him for a kiss. Laurie’s hand on his shoulder, pulling herself into him.

“I think Laurie’s really enjoying herself,” Rick said.

“Laurie’s been enjoying herself all evening” I joked laughingly.

Darren’s lips parted from Laurie’s, Michael turned her chin towards him and he kissed her hard and passionately. In the candlelit room I could see they were almost chewing each other’s lips off. Michael’s hand was massaging one of Laurie’s small breasts, she wasn’t protesting his advances. Darren’s hand was lightly rubbing her leg, slowly easing her short skirt up. Laurie was aware of what the two were doing.

Rick and Dan suggested we leave the three of them so they could have some privacy. Rick pulled my arm, leading me towards the stairs to the upstairs bedrooms. Dan was right behind us. We entered the far bedroom with its king-size bed in the center of the room. Besides the bed, there were only two chairs in the room. The only light in the room came from the security light outside. The windows were wide open and it chilled the room. Underneath my black jumpsuit I could feel my nipples grow erect.

I just stood there looking at the bed. Rick turned facing me, his hands at my waist. He kissed me softly and passionately, his tongue slipping between my lips. I felt it swirl around my lips before darting into my mouth. I didn’t feel Dan behind me, undoing the button on the top of my jumpsuit. His hands then went to the zipper at the waist of my jumpsuit and pushed it down. When Rick stepped back the front of my jumpsuit slipped down revealing my breasts with both of my nipples erect. I attempted to cover myself but Rick held my hands to my side. Dan’s came from behind me and cupped my firm breasts in his large hands, massaging them. His fingers flicked my nipples and tugged on them slightly. I moaned as he worked my breasts over. Rick stood in front of me watching Dan work my breasts. He had a big grin on his face and he was licking his lips.

“Oh God……!!! I moaned. “Don’t stop!”

Dan’s hands cupped my breasts offering them up to Rick. He leaned down and sucked on one nipple pulling it between his lips. Rick then went to the other nipple and gave it equal attention. I felt my legs quiver. Dan released his grasp on one of my breast and put it down over the front of the jumpsuit. His expert hands rubbed my pussy sending hot flashes. My hands remained at my sides not wanting to protest.

I felt the jumpsuit being pulled down. Dan lifted my legs one at a time until he had it stripped off. I stood in front of the two men in just my panties and high heels. Rick was grinding his lips on mine and I was grinding back even harder. It seemed like we were trying to chew each other’s lips off. The room didn’t seem cool anymore. I was so hot I was panting. Dan guided me over to the bed. He slipped off my shoes tossing them in the corner. Dan and I kissed passionately, his tongue swirling inside my mouth. He had my arms pinned over my head, which caused my breasts to rise. Dan’s left hand squeezed and fondled my breasts, my nipples still erect from being suckled eskişehir escort bayan on by Rick. I felt Rick get on the bed with us. He was completely naked, his huge thick cock erect. Rick’s hands were at my panties pulling them down my legs. He tossed them to the corner of the bed.

My body had taken control of itself. Rick pushed my legs apart exposing my pussy. He kissed my sandy blonde pubic hair then ran his tongue down between my legs. I moaned loudly as his tongue flicked over the lips of my pussy causing them to flower out. Dan was still probing my mouth with his tongue. I was letting it happen, I wasn’t going to stop either of them.

Rick’s tongue slid up and down the opening to my pussy causing my hips to lift. He flicked his tongue on my clit and I jumped. Rick spread my legs farther apart and started tongue fucking me. He had a long hard tongue and he knew how to use it. I could hardly move just writhe side to side. Dan stopped kissing me and got up off the bed. He walked over to one of the chairs and started to take his clothes off. It didn’t take him long to get naked. He was wearing black briefs, the light from outside, gave him a sexy aura. He stripped his briefs down and his cock sprang out. He was huge, not only long but thick. I knew I couldn’t handle a cock that big but I couldn’t stop what I knew was going to happen.

Rick kept nibbling at my clit bring me to orgasm. He knew he’d gotten me off. Rick kept working my little clit till he got me off a second time. He raised up and smiled at me not saying a word. His cock was still hard. He crawled up the next to me on the bed, his hard cock coming close to my face. He held it at the base as I raised my head to suck on it. It felt so good in my mouth. I worked my tongue all over the shaft and head. Rick moved it in and out between my lips fucking my mouth. I sucked on it, my lips clamping down on it as he stroked it back and forth. I didn’t notice Dan putting on a condom. He was ready to give me a good hard fucking; he knew it was what I needed.

Dan climbed on the bed, positioning himself between my legs spreading them apart, bringing them up to his waist. I knew I was going to have a hard time taking it inside me but I wanted it.

Rick pulled his cock out of my mouth. Dan leaned over me, giving me a long, hard kiss. He grasped his rock hard cock at its base guiding the large mushroom shaped head towards my wet pussy. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down my slit before pushing it into me. I gasped as I felt my pussy open up for him. He slowly worked the shaft in and out till he had it all the way in. He was stretching my pussy to its limits with his thickness. I felt his pubic hair meshing with mine. He slowly fucked his hard cock back and forth, my hot juices lubricating his cock. Rick was holding my hands above my head, watching the action. Dan would stroke his cock into me slow and easy and then hard and fast. He would grunt like an animal when he’d fuck me hard.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard you bastard……… an animal”, I shouted.

Dan just smiled, withdrew his cock from my pussy, let it wave in the air and then slammed it back inside me. He was fucking me so hard at times my ass was coming up off the bed. I was having one orgasm after another. My legs gripped him tightly, my heels digging into his butt, forcing him to plunge his hard cock all the way in. I felt his entire body stiffen as his hot cum erupted in my pussy. He shot off two huge loads as he slowly bucked his hips. I kept my grip around his waist with my legs. Spent, he fell down on top of me. His breathing came in short hard gasps. I could feel his heart pounding against my breasts. He was sweating and perspiration was running down his back. He looked down at me, smiled and gave me a hard kiss.

“Damn……..that was unbelievable,” He said. “You’ve got the best pussy ever.”

“You’re quite a fuck, I can’t remember when I’ve gotten off that much” I replied.

Dan grinned real big, wiping the sweat from his forehead. The brisk night air coming in through the open windows cooled us down. He got up off me and walked across the hall to the bathroom.

Rick released my hands. “Are you alright?” he inquired.

“I’m OK, just worn out.” I smiled.

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