Conquest Ch. 02


[All characters appearing in this work are over the age of 18. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]

Chapter 2

Sasha finished pulling the left thigh high stocking onto her leg. Her supple but muscular thighs were so pale but they contrasted perfectly with the black silk fabric she slipped over them. She stood up from her bed and admired her reflection in the mirror. Her red shirt ended just below her belly button, showing off just a little bit of her pale, smooth tummy. Her black skirt ended just below her ass and revealed an exciting amount of skin before her black thigh highs squeezed the soft flesh of her long, slender legs. She had exchanged her previous skirt for something a little more revealing in preparation for her meeting with Professor Sterling.

She ran a hand through her silky black hair and tossed it to the side as she stepped over to her desk. She pulled the flash drive with all her project data from her laptop and placed it in the small purse sitting in the chair. She picked up the purse and walked out of her room.

She could hear Maria’s shower running as she walked out of the dorm room. A ghost of a smile passed over her face as she remembered the little show that minx put on for her earlier that afternoon.

It was a quick walk from the student wing of the main building to the smaller satellite building on campus where the faculty offices were located. While the building was small in comparison to the large building lurking just south, the postmodern architecture was beautifully designed and surrounded by beds of flowers and large oak trees. The professor’s offices were as luxuriously well kept as the student’s living spaces. The Institute had money to spare, after all.

Sasha strode through the front sliding glass door and walked down the right hallway to the door at the end of the corridor. Beside the door, a matte black nameplate reading “208 – Jason Sterling, Ph.D.” shone with a clear polish. The door was already open, and she saw her professor sitting at his desk facing the door. He was busy poring over a research paper, probably from one of his freshman classes she imagined. He hadn’t noticed her approach and she took a moment to admire his concentrated features before knocking twice on the door panel.

He looked up with wide eyes. “Ms. Blackwood! Please come in, have a seat.”

She stepped into the room and shut the door behind her. The walls were lined with bookshelves packed to the brim with a variety of texts. His desk was littered with books and papers strewn here and there. His disorganization made him seem almost more human to her. She fought back a grin as she sat in one of the two soft leather seats in front of his desk. “I hope now is a good time?”

“Oh, it’s perfectly fine.” He said, gesturing to the paper at his desk. “This one is still having trouble remembering to use APA citations.” He grinned, rolling his eyes.

She laughed, a hand coming up to cover her wide smile. “Well I don’t envy you at all then.”

“So, what do you have for me?” asked Jason.

She reached into her purse and pulled out the light purple flash drive. She reached over the desk and placed it in his outstretched palm, her thumb lightly brushing against his index finger as she withdrew her hand.

“Let us take a look then.” He said, standing and walking towards the back of the office to his multi-monitor computer station. His standing desk had several notebooks and research articles strewn about but it wasn’t entirely unkempt. He plugged her USB into the CPU and waited for the window to pop up with her files.

“The spreadsheets with our pivot tables are under the JPS 348 folder.” She said, sidling up beside him to see the monitors.

He closed his eyes for just a second, enjoying the scent of her perfume and shampoo. She was standing closer than was appropriate for this situation.

He cleared his throat. “Found ’em.”

As he pulled up her group’s data, a subroutine installed on her flash drive—programmed to activate upon its next connection—started fulfilling commands. It began to copy and store all of Jason’s files, metadata, emails, passwords and essentially everything else stored on the hard drive. She grinned to herself and placed a hand on his bicep.

“You know,” he said, trying to keep an even tone, “Everything you have here seems to be more than enough for your presentation to the community partners.”

She gazed up at him innocently. “Maybe you can print off those spreadsheets and we can take a closer look? I can show you easier if I have something in my hands.” She squeezed his arm just a little.

“I don’t see why not,” Jason said, antep escort a faint tremor in his voice. He selected the appropriate data she wanted him to look at and sent the command to his printer. He printed out copies for each of them.

He handed her a copy and guided her to the loveseat located on the side of the room. It was the perfect size for two people and a glass coffee table sat in front of it. Sasha sat down and crossed her legs. She felt her shirt drifted up just a little higher exposing her cute belly button. Jason let out a small sigh and ran a hand through his hair, thoroughly distracted at this point.

“Do you want something to drink? Water…tea?” he asked.

She cast her eyes sideways as her lips turned slightly upwards. “Honestly, a beer would be great right about now.”

“Fuck, you’re telling me,” he replied before realizing. His eyes flashed open in surprise at what he said before chuckling to himself and shaking a finger at her. “You’re going to get me in trouble, aren’t you?” She said nothing but grinned at him mischievously.

“Do you mind if I take my shoes off?” she asked.

“Not at all,” he replied. “Please, make yourself comfortable.”

She smiled at him and slid off her black heels, placing them to the side of the couch. She curled up on her side of the couch and folded her deliciously toned legs beneath her. She saw him force himself to take his eyes away from the part of her thighs that were exposed.

He walked over to his main desk and sat in his chair. He spun around to face the micro-fridge that was hooked up beneath his desk. He pulled two Red Stripes off the bottom shelf and popped the cap off with the bottle opener magnetized to his fridge.

When he turned back around and walked towards her with the beers, she could see the look of smug satisfaction on his face when she opened her mouth in surprise. She was honestly kidding when she suggested beer, but was more than happy that he’d taken her seriously.

He handed her one of the opened beers. “Nobody outside this office knows about this. Understand?” said Jason.

“Don’t worry Dr. Sterling,” she said in between sips. “I won’t tell on you.”

The two of them sat together on the couch, drinking beer, flirting and occasionally and going over specific points of her research. Thirty minutes passed before they both realized it. They found themselves deep in a philosophical discussion about the finer points of her project. Both beers were finished and the two slowly inched closer and closer together.

“Except, I don’t think the point is that we’re making an effort for these people,” she replied to his argument, her big blue eyes staring down at him.

“It’s…not?” he raised an eyebrow. “Why do you say that.”

“Because,” she said, sitting up on her knees. She moved closer to his body. “The point is that we do something for them that actually matters.”

She moved her hand to stroke his chest. Her breath was hot in his ear as her hand glided over his chest and hard abs. She could almost feel his heartbeat hammering through his shirt.

He looked up at her and saw that familiar hungry gaze staring back down at him. “S-Sasha, come on. What are you doing?” he asked in pleading voice.

Her toes curled up as she inched closer and closer to him. “You know exactly what I’m doing,” she whispered, “and that’s whatever the fuck I want.”

He threw his papers on the ground and gripped her waist to lift her up to straddle his lap just as she pulled him in for a kiss. Their lips met and the heat rushed to his head, washing out any other cogent thought he might have had at the moment. She sucked on his bottom lip and her hands wandered up and down his body. His hands moved back from her waist to get a nice and firm grip on her succulent ass. She moaned as she felt him spreading her cheeks apart and ground her panty-clad pussy against his crotch…Her eyes went wide when she felt his dick grow hard against her.

“Jesus Christ, Professor Sterling. If I knew about this…” she squeezed on his hardening dick through his pants.

He smirked. “You know, as much as I like it when you call me professor, maybe just Jason is okay?”

“Actually, I kind of like boundaries. I’m thinking I’ll stick with ‘professor’ or ‘doctor’ for the time being.” She grinned, and stepped back off of the couch. She pulled her top off revealing her bare breasts tipped with small, perfectly pink nipples. Her right hand grabbed her breast as her left reached behind her waist and unzipped her skirt, causing it to fall to the ground, leaving her in only a pair of black panties and thigh-highs.

His conscious mind was gone. Looking at the beautiful creature displaying herself before him, he was driven purely by wanton lust.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” he said, still sitting on the couch. “Get the fuck over here.”

She carefully dropped to her knees, crawled back over to him and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. She tugged them and his boxers down at the same time. His hefty dick flopped out onto her face and she breathed in his scent.

“Oh my god…”

His smell was making her panties wetter by the second. He heaved a heavy sigh of relief when she gripped the base and took his dickhead into her mouth, sucking tenderly on it like it was the best thing she’d ever tasted. He quickly shed the rest of his clothing, tossing them to the side on top of hers.

She peered up, looking him in the eyes while she sucked. She then proceeded to force his dick deeper down her throat, taking him down and down until his balls rubbed against her chin, and her nose sank into his hairless crotch. She did her best to suck while his massive dickhead was lodged in her throat. She ended up gagging a little before pulling off, leaving his cock slick with spit.

He gave a low growl and stroked her hair while she continued to suck on him like her life depended on it. After deep throating him several times, he felt his balls tense up on the verge of cumming. He grabbed her hair in a bunch and his breathing rapidly increased while he felt the oncoming pulses.

His dick was halfway in her mouth when he finally busted his first load. His gooey seed splashed into her mouth at an alarming rate, shooting down her throat and quickly filling up her mouth. She did an excellent job at swallowing everything he gave her.

Finally, she pulled his dick out of her mouth with a loud suck, using both hands to continue milking the last of his cum out of his rock hard dick. “How was that, Professor Sterling?”

The flash drive behind him changed from a blinking blue to solid green LED, indicating that her program had finished collecting all the information on his hard drive. She recognized its signal of completion with a small beep. Two birds, one stone, she thought. She didn’t take her hands off his dick and continues to lick up a little leftover cum from his dickhead.

“Little girl, if you think that was enough to satisfy me, you better think again.” He flashed a hungry grin at her while his turgid dick continued to throb in her hands. “Take your panties off and sit on my desk.”

“Yes, Doctor,” she cooed.

She quickly discarded her panties and gracefully pushed all his notes and books off the desk before climbing on top. She sat with one hand back, her feet flat on the desk and her legs spread wide for him revealing her pink pussy. It was evident how wet blowing him had made her. Her other hand started to rub her pussy as he strode towards her, dick still hard.

He sat at his desk chair and pulled it forwards towards where she sat. He kissed her thigh just above where her legging ended, working his way down with small kisses until he was just above her pussy. She squirmed in anticipation as his warm breath caressed her outer lips. Finally, he stuck out his tongue and licked from her wet opening, all the way up to her clit before latching on and sucking hard. He gripped her legs under the knee forcing them wider while he sucked on her clit, flicking his tongue back and forth over it.

“Fuuuuck, you’re so good at that,” she said.

In response he simply slipped his tongue into her as far as it could reach, dragging it alongside her upper walls before pulling it out and sucking on her clit once more. Her pussy was practically gushing at this point.

Jason was finished waiting. He stood up suddenly and looked her in the eyes. She stared back up at him, one hand still on her breast pulling a nipple. Her eyebrows turned up in a pleading expression. He spat onto his hand and covered his dickhead with more spit to help ease his entrance. He lined himself up with her opening and playfully teased and prodded with his dick.

“Tell me,” he said.

“Please, Professor,” Sasha replied in a soft voice. “Please shove your big dick deep inside of me. I want to feel it stretch me out.”

Without any hesitation he prodded at her tight opening before the head finally pushed through and his thick member sank in about four inches. They both gasped in pleasure. She was tight and her pussy immediately clamped down on his girth and rippled along his length. He began to softly fuck her, pushing more of his cock into her with each thrust.

He gained a rhythm and her juices naturally lubricated his cock, she could feel his thick penis was stretching her pussy delightfully wide, and when he finally hilted inside of her he practically bottomed out.

“Shiiiit, yes please,” she whined.

He saw how her abdominal muscles flexed with every deep penetration. She was such a tiny girl, and he was so far inside her he could clearly see her stomach bulge a little bit when he was balls deep.

“Don’t worry sweetheart,” he replied. “I’m gonna take good care of you.”

He reached down, grabbed her legs and pushed her knees back, close to her shoulders. She was spread all the way open for him now. He began to gradually fuck her in earnest. As he found a rhythm with her, his balls made soft slapping sounds each time thrust his full length into her.

Her perky little breasts bounced with every thrust. The sight of her young, pink nipples moving in time with his thrusts only served to make him even harder. Her pussy gripped his dick each time he pulled out, and her breathing became more and more shallow. Her pussy started throbbing and pulsing around his cock even more.

“I-I’m gonna fucking cum!” she said, her voice breathless.

He kept pace and steadily plowed her while she convulsed around him. When he felt her reach the peak of her orgasm, he hilted inside her, grinding while his cock bottomed out and nudged the opening to her cervix.

“Oh, fuck!” she cried. “You’re gonna ruin my pussy.”

Seeing this young girl (his student no less), almost totally naked and splayed out on his desk squirm from the pleasure was almost too much for Jason. Between her beautiful body, the nasty shit she was saying to him and her pleading face, he was about ready to shoot his second load. A small shiver ran up his spine.

He released his grip on her legs and leaned over his desk to give her a kiss. The small movements from his torso made his dick grind around even more inside her. Sasha gently hugged his body into hers while they kissed.

His hands eventually found their way to her waist. Suddenly, he stood up, taking her body with him. Her knees were supported in the crook of his elbows. Her arms were wrapped around his massive shoulders, but her weight was almost entirely supported by the dick, planted firmly in her guts.

His arms took complete control of most her body, then he really started to pound the shit out of her. The flesh of her ass and breasts rippled as gravity helped him slam her onto his dick. All she could do was whimper and gasp in pleasure as Jason had his way with her.

“Now it’s my turn,” said Jason.

She clearly felt his dickhead begin to swell up deep insider her pussy She wrapped one hand on the side of his face, and pulled his ear close to her lips. “I-I wanna feel you fucking explode in my pussy. Please cum in me,” whispered Sasha, her breath cut short every time he pulled her down onto his cock.

She felt his body temperature go up a couple of degrees. His dick hardened even more before he finally slammed her down for the last time. He growled deep in his chest and all his muscles tensed up simultaneously as his dick shot a massive load of cum into her.

Sasha cried out a little and her pussy pulsed in a small orgasm as she felt his warm seed splash deep inside of her. She bit his shoulder to keep from moaning too loud. His warmth spread deep in her belly. She was so tight, and he was so deep, not a drop escaped her pussy.

They were both breathing heavily. He walked over to the couch next to his desk, gently knelt down and laid her on it sitting upright. Slowly he pulled his dick out of her pussy, leaving it gaping just a little bit. She saw his eyes admiring his handiwork. He saw some of the massive load gush out of her pussy, dripping down onto the couch and then the floor.

“Oh god, that felt so good.” She said, slightly out of breath.

“Well,” Jason chuckled, “I’m glad I was able to help with your project Miss Blackwood.” She closed her eyes and basked in the post orgasmic bliss. He stood up and slipped his pants back on, still breathing heavily.

“What’re you doing after this?” asked Jason.

She looked up at him with heavily lidded eyes, a grin slowly forming. “I don’t have any plans. Why?” she replied.

“I’m craving some Thai. Do you like stir fry?” he asked.

She laughed. “Of course I do!”

“Well, stop being lazy and put your clothes back on! We’re going on a dinner date,” said Jason.

He strode over to his computer station. The overhead lights reflected the sheen of sweat on his muscular back. He pulled her flash drive from his CPU and tossed it over to her lying on the couch. She reached out and caught it with her left hand, her right still rubbing her clit.

She gave a contented sigh. “Whatever you say, Jason.”

As they both gathered their things and pulled on the rest of their clothes, she stashed her flash drive in her clutch. She’d have plenty of time later that night to flesh out her plan, now that she’d acquired access to the system.

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