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Big Tits


Susie winced as she saw the name come across her cell phone screen…. Again. She hated her fucking job, and couldn’t wait to find something better. Then she would tell them all what she really thought. But no, she had to just grin and bear it for now, to act like a good little girl.

She pressed the button on the side of her phone, silencing the call. “Fuck it” she thought to herself. “I don’t owe them anything. Haven’t I given them enough?” She was so tired of the near constant calls, reminding her of her apparent incompetence. She had been the secretary, i.e. slave, for David for longer than anyone should have to endure. And for some stupid fucking reason, he thought it was appropriate to call her all hours of the evening after work, just to remind her of everything she wasn’t doing right. Each time, she’d have to grin and say through gritted teeth that she would promise to do better.

Susie got up from the couch and headed back to her bedroom, looking towards the closet. She wanted to go out, to do something fun. She needed some stress relief, and felt she had earned a treat. It was time to visit her old hangout, see if anyone she knew was there – anyone from her old glory days.

It had been at least a year since she’d been to Club Sapphire, and she felt a night out on the town was long overdue. She reached in her closet and pulled out a sexy red dress with a plunging neckline and short hem. “Perfect” she thought to herself, as she held out the dress and allowed her fingers to lightly graze the silky fabric. For a brief moment, she closed her eyes and saw moments flashing briefly in her mind, visions from the last time she wore it. Her breathing became faster as she remembered the scene, moisture beginning to develop between her legs.

Susie drew a hot bath and slowly stepped into the water before lowering her tan and toned, petite 5 foot frame into the steaming water. Her tattoo was clearly visible, stretching from just below the nape of her neck all the way down to her tight ass cheeks – a huge tiger, prowling for its prey. She laid back and closed her eyes, allowing herself to daydream, to think about better times. As she remembered, she found herself getting more and more turned on. She grabbed a bottle of shaving lotion that was sitting on the edge of the tub and began to lightly rub it over her pussy lips and slowly over her clit, very softly. Her mouth parted slightly and a soft moan escaped them.

She could feel the heat and tension building, and began to rub the bottle over her clit harder and a little faster, her breathing quickening to match the tempo of her strokes. She stopped and set the bottle back on the ledge of the tub, then placed her hand on her right breast, lightly squeezing her nipple and rolling it between her fingers, her head tilting back and eyes shut, biting her lip. Then she very slowly and softly trailed her fingers down her chest, feeling the bottom edge of her round, perky breast, then down further, across her tight, flat little stomach.

As her hand made its way down, she could feel the anticipation building, and her pussy tingled with excitement. She let her fingers lightly trail around the edges of her perfectly smooth, shaved little pussy, her hips moving slightly as she squirmed a bit. As she lightly trailed her finger tips around her hot little mound, she could feel her pussy quiver and twitch, begging to be touched. She finally gave in and let her fingers explore her cunt, lightly stroking them across the top of her baby smooth mound. She stopped when her fingers were just above her clit and just held them there for a moment, taking deep breaths in and out, each time feeling an orgasmic spasm deep in her pussy. It was ready to explode already. She closed her eyes as she continued the deep breathing and saw flashes of a hot, muscular guy, restrained and begging for release. He was on the edge of cumming, and she had kept him there for a while, denying him his orgasm, as he repeatedly begged for permission to cum.

She couldn’t wait any longer, she had to let go. She gave herself permission, to allow her body to be overcome by the pleasurable sensations of orgasmic bliss filling her body. But first, she would bring herself right to the edge, to ride that wave of pleasure just a little bit longer, for as long as she could stand it. She wanted to cum hard, and was gonna make sure she got it.

She positioned one finger at the opening of her sweet, wet cunt and slowly began to put one finger inside of her. She slid that finger all the way in, as far as she could reach, and wiggled it a little to stroke her G-spot, teasing herself and building anticipation. Her pelvis tilted forward slightly to meet the strokes of her finger, and she bit her lip and squeezed her left breast. This felt so good, but she knew it could be better. After all, there was no match for the real thing. She put a second finger inside of her, and began slowly sliding them in and out of her slippery wet snatch. She started moving faster and fingering herself güvenilir bahis harder, getting more and more excited with each finger thrust.

“Here it comes!” she thought to herself as she continued finger banging her tight, wet pussy. She felt that familiar feeling, welling up inside of her. A warm, tingling sensation that started at her toes, making them curl. It spread quickly up her legs, to her snatch and up her belly, to her chest and finally her face, giving her that just fucked, red faced flushed look. She began trembling slightly, riding right on the edge of orgasm. She felt the strong, rhythmic spasms begin deep inside her pussy, and she let out a loud moan, saying “Oh yes, baby, just like that. Oh, fuck me harder. Give it to me, cum inside me”. As she imagined a huge cock filling her up with sweet, hot juices, she lost all control and let her orgasm go, cumming over and over again for what felt like sweet eternity before finally regaining her breath.

Susie got out of the tub and dried off, taking her time as she lightly massaged each breast with the towel, paying special attention to her sweet pink, perky nipples. The water from the tub rolled down her tight body and dripped to the floor. She again lightly touched her pussy, she just couldn’t help it, she was still so turned on. She noticed she was still dripping juices from her finger bang, so she rubbed her fingers across her sweet pussy to get some juices and bring them to her mouth. She closed her eyes and lightly licked the juices off of them, making sure to get every drop. She then put two fingers in her mouth and closed her eyes, moving them in and out, imagining a massive hard cock was sliding in and out of her pouty lips, moaning softly to create some vibration.

She got dressed in her sexy outfit for the night, and stopped to check her appearance in the full length mirror in her room. She turned to face away from the mirror, bending forward a little while looking back. She could see that the dress was just short enough that when she bent forward, it showed the bottom of her perfectly round, tight ass cheeks. “Perfect” she thought. “Just what I wanted”.

Susie headed out the door to go to Club Sapphire, excited for what the evening might hold. She knew she would find somebody to play with her. And she couldn’t wait to play.

She pulled up to the club and got out, looking around the parking lot. It was already full, a good sign for the night she was hoping to recreate. Heading towards the entrance, there was a long line waiting to get in. A bouncer near the doorway noticed her and called over to her, saying “Hey beautiful, come here” while motioning with a wave of his hand. She approached him, and he said “Come on in, sexy – it’s on me” with a little wink and a grin that made his eyes sparkle.

Susie stepped inside the club and saw people dancing, chatting each other up, with a drink in hand, having a great time. The music was loud, and there were people dancing together on the dance floor in ways so provocative she was pretty sure that if they weren’t fully clothed, it would have been considered a sexual act.

She approached the bar and ordered a cosmo, settling in on a barstool and getting comfortable, waiting for the right partner to approach. It shouldn’t have surprised her that it didn’t take long before she had an interested suitor.


Chris approached Susie where she was sitting at the bar, noticing the way she straddled the barstool and that she had the perfect curve in the small of her lower back, her round, taught ass cheeks sticking out just to the edge of the stool, just begging to be smacked. He was intrigued when he saw her, and couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

He sat down on a stool next to her, deliberately sliding his stool a little closer to where Susie sat, perfectly perched with her elbows on the bar, glass in hand and sipping on her drink. “Hello” he said to her, giving her a wide smile and trying to look into her eyes, to meet her gaze. She looked over at him and their eyes met. She felt herself get lost in them and she suddenly realized she had been staring into his eyes for at least 30 seconds, trying to find her way back to reality.

She flashed him a mischievous grin and said “Hello to you. Do you come here often?”. He sat up a bit on his stool, straightening up and sticking out his chest a bit as he spoke and flexing his arm muscles, saying “Yeah. Well, I guess, sometimes. Maybe…” Susie started to softly chuckle, and he quickly joined her with his own nervous laugh, relieved to have broken the ice.

“Yeah, well, I just come here sometimes maybe too” Susie said with another chuckle. She then flashed him a grin, and he caught himself staring at her, unable to look away. He felt desire burning inside of him as he looked at her perfect smile, cute face, and sexy long, red hair. She had long legs that went on for days, slim and toned. Her stiletto heels made him fantasize about what she could do with them. He wanted to lick them before moving on to the güvenilir bahis siteleri rest of her, ravishing her body.

“I know a great spot, do you wanna check it out?” she said to him, flashing him a little grin, her eyes looking deeply into his. He felt his pulse quicken, his palms were beginning to sweat already.

“Yeah, sure!” he responded, not hesitating for a moment.

“Great, let’s get out of here” she said with a smile, holding out her hand to him. He grabbed her hand, palms sweaty but unable to control it – or his dirty thoughts.

She led him to the back of the club and up a long flight of stairs, sauntering slowly and seductively, swinging her hips side to side. He watched as her small, tight ass wiggled slightly in her tight red dress as she walked, and he felt his boner starting to grow already, his dick twitching in his jeans.

“Just a little further” she said to him as she looked back over her shoulder, giving him another little smile that made him smile back, excited to see where she was leading him.

“Here we are” Susie said, approaching a door and opening it slowly, leading him with her hand to pull him inside. “This will be perfect, you’ll love it”. He couldn’t believe what he saw.


He stepped inside and looked around, noticing the setup around the edges of the room. This was a large room with interesting decor choices – large contraptions that appeared to have straps and chains with handcuffs, a small bed in the middle of the room with silk sheets and no bedspread, handcuffs attached to the head and footboard, a whip, paddle and flogger hanging on a pegboard on the far wall. There was a wall with an assortment of sex toys such as dildos and vibrators, and a harness lying on the counter on the far wall.

“Wow, what is this place?” was all he could manage to say, before a lump caught in his throat, his nerves going at full speed, hands shaking slightly from the nervous excitement. “This – this is my favorite playroom,” she said. “What do you think?” She turned around and flashed him a seductive smile, a twinkle in her eyes. She walked up to him slowly and seductively, leaning in close and putting her mouth right up to his ear. “Do you wanna play with me?” she whispered softly, making his knees weak.

“Y-y-yes….” he managed to get out, before the lump returned to his throat, feeling like it was cutting off all ability to speak. He was at a loss for words. Here he was, with a beautiful woman, in a room full of sex toys, and she wanted to play with him. Who was he to tell her no?

“That’s a good boy” she purred in his ear before walking away towards the bed in the middle of the room. She sat down, crossed her legs and patted the bed next to her. “Come over and sit with me” she said, smiling a bit before getting a look of lust on her face, biting her lip slightly.

Chris walked over to where Susie was, his dick twitching with excitement. He couldn’t hide it anymore, and he didn’t want to. He wanted her to see what she was doing to him. Maybe it was the booze talking, but he was ready and willing to do whatever she had in mind.

Chris sat down on the bed next to her, and she purred slightly, saying “That’s a good boy.” She got up and walked around behind him, her red stiletto heels clicking on the floor as she walked. She put her hands on his shoulders and gave them a good rub. “Mmm….” he said, his head rolling forward a bit to give her more room to work. “That feels amazing”. She began to pull his shirt up and pulled it off over his head, revealing his strong muscles, his tattoos covering his back, neck, sides and arms. She traced them lightly with her fingertips, licking her lips and daydreaming about what she would do next.

She motioned for him to lie back on the bed, patting the bed next to where he sat. He laid back and she unbuttoned his jeans, unzipping them and pulling them down. He began to help her, to kick them off, and she giggled and said “Oh no, that’s a bad boy…. You’re not allowed to touch.” Then she walked to the head of the bed and grabbed his hand, pulling the handcuff around his wrist and securing it into place before moving to the other one.

He was now lying on the bed face up, his shirt off and pants halfway down, hands held securely in place above his head, handcuffed to the bed. She then returned to slowly pulling his pants off of him, noticing his dick twitching in his boxers as she worked. It had grown quite large, and her eyes grew larger at the sight of the growing bulge. It made her wet between her legs, imagining what his sweet cock would look like, what it would feel like, what it would taste like.

His pants now off, she went back to work, pulling at his boxer shorts. As she pulled on them, tugging slightly, he wiggled his hips a bit and his cock sprang free. She gasped at the sight of it, throbbing and hard, a little drop of pre cum already dripping from the tip. She placed one finger at the tip of his cock and then brought her finger to her mouth, tasting his juices. iddaa siteleri “Mmmm…” she groaned. “That’s a good boy”. She smiled at him, and bent over him, licking his cock and teasing it with her tongue. He let out a loud moan, his legs twitching and he brought his knees up a bit. “Tsk, tsk, tsk….bad boy,” she said, pushing his legs back down. “Hold very still” she said with both a softness and authority, all at the same time.

She fastened the cuffs around his ankles, so now he was completely restrained to the bed. She pulled off her panties and dropped them to the floor, climbing up on the bed to stand over him. She crawled up towards him, stood up a bit, then lowered herself on his face, putting her pussy just above his mouth. He was shaking with excitement, trying to move in his restraints, pulling at them and twitching. He was trying to thrust his hips forward, his dick standing rock hard at attention and throbbing, begging to be touched. He stuck out his tongue, licking her sweet, wet dripping pussy. “Oooooooh, that’s a good boy, lick it good” she cooed, rocking her hips slightly forward and back, humping his face.

She noticed he was starting to shake a lot, rhythmically thrusting his hips as much as his restraints would allow, and she was afraid he might cum too soon. “Don’t you dare cum” she said to him, looking him in the eye with that same mischievous grin. “You need to beg for permission to cum. You don’t fucking cum unless I tell you that you can cum”. At this, he began moaning even louder, shaking all over and whimpering a bit, saying “Please, I can’t hold back for long. I need to cum. It’s been so long”. “Oh no” she bent over and whispered in his ear. “We’re just getting started”.


Chris was so wrapped up in the moment, he didn’t hear the door open and close nearby. He suddenly saw movement out of the corner of his eye, and saw a tall, slim and incredibly gorgeous woman with long blonde hair approaching the bed. He wanted to rub his eyes to see if he was dreaming, but the restraints on the bed held him securely in place. He blinked several times, each time looking back over at the woman approaching. She was still there, slowly walking towards them, getting closer and closer.

“Mmm, this looks like a good one, not a bad boy like you usually bring home” the blonde woman said to Susie. Chris looked at her. She was standing right next to the bed now, and he noticed she was wearing only a bra and panties; a matching red set, which contrasted nicely against her pale white, milky smooth skin.

His cock was so incredibly hard, throbbing and straining for release. It was begging to be touched, and just one touch is all it would take to send him over the edge, he was sure of it. Susie was still squatted over his face, talking to this new woman that just arrived.

“Yeah, well, you know, he was just so sexy with his piercing blue eyes and his tattoos, I just couldn’t resist. I mean, you know me Candy”. The girls giggled together, and Susie gave this other woman a look he couldn’t quite decipher. Chris decided the blonde’s name must be Candy, but he wasn’t sure if that was a real name or a stage name. Either way, he didn’t really care. He just wanted a piece of that ass.

And what an ass it was. She wore thong panties, and had round ass cheeks that jiggled slightly when she walked, clicking her high heels on the floor with each step. Suddenly, Chris saw Candy come up very close to the side of the bed and passionately kiss Susie. Susie reached her right hand up and placed it on Candy’s left breast, lightly stroking it and running her fingers over her hard nipple through the thin fabric of her bra. Candy moaned softly through the kiss.

Candy stepped back and dropped her panties to the floor, sliding them slowly and seductively over her hips, turning away from the bed and bending over to slowly slide them down her long, toned legs. She stepped one foot, then the other, out of her panties and tossed them to the floor. Then she reached behind and unclasped her bra, and Chris watched as it dropped from her chest and two perfectly round, firm and perky tits sprang free, her small pink nipples hard and ready to be sucked.

Candy began to walk slowly towards them, her stiletto heels the only remaining article of clothing she was wearing. Chris was feeling wild with passion, his hard on begging to be touched, thrusting his pelvis forward and feeling a deep throb of passion in his cock and balls.

With Susie still squatting over his face, Candy walked over and climbed up on the bed. She stood over him, then slowly squatted, lowering her glistening wet pussy above his cock, hovering there for a moment and leaning forward to give Susie another passionate kiss, tongues getting tangled together as the girls deep-throated each other with their tongues, hands touching each other with a sense of urgency. Candy had her left hand in Susie’s long red hair, her right hand exploring Susie’s perfectly round and smooth breast and nipple. Susie had her left hand on Candy’s right tit, gently squeezing and massaging it, occasionally rubbing her thumb over her nipple. Her right hand was slowly sliding up Candy’s left thigh, between her legs and she lightly brushed her fingers over Candy’s tight wet snatch.

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